Gail's Letter to Brent Spiner that Inspired ST:TNG's "The Drumhead"

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Mrs. Gail XXXXXX
8540 S.W. 212 St., #202
Miami, FL 33189-3393
(305) 232-6083

January 17, 1991

Dear Brent:

I am glad to report that I was wrong about my friends. I think I’ve figured out their psychology. They are willing to do what is best for me even if it means that I misunderstand them. In other words, they are really my friends. They have been acting around me. They are trying to keep me calm about the H.R.S.

The past week has been extremely stressful. The H.R.S. is bothering me again. Brent, I realize that you may have no power over this, but if you do, please expose the child abuse industry on national television. This may take considerable courage and I realize I am not asking an easy thing of you, but the child abuse industry in this country is doing tremendous damage to our nation. I know that if President Bush were to read this letter I’m sending to you, that he would agree with me. There are many things that Bush would like to see changed in this country, but he has to put up with a very stupid Congress. Maybe you can do it in such a way that you can keep your name out of it. This is not a selfish request, because the child abuse industry is doing tremendous damage to American children. Read the book called The Child Abuse Industry by Mary Pride for more information. It is a real eye opener. I won’t go into a lot of detail about what the H.R.S. is doing to me, but I will say that I shouldn’t have to tolerate this. My constitutional rights are being violated, my privacy is being violated and my freedoms are being violated. I have to attend 10 weeks of counseling sessions (AGAINST MY WILL). I’m the one who is paying the gas to go to these sessions. I suspect that they are really interrogation sessions. I plan on tape recording them. This will probably reduce any interrogation or intimidate it somewhat. I also found out that this nonsense CAN follow me to Washington state. In other words, our whole country is messed up. The laws need to be rewritten. It gives the families no rights. Dr. Ruckman’s tape called Cancer in the Constitution will also explain why so many injustices like this are going on in our nation. His address: P.O. Box 7135, Pensacola, FL 32534 (904) 477-8812.

I am very disappointed that Saddam Hussein is so terribly wicked that our country has had to go to war with him. I agree with what Bush is doing, but I feel that war is always a very sad thing. I’m sure Bush feels the same way, but he is being realistic and doing what he has to do. Sometimes duty is not a pleasant thing and it is not always a popular thing. I think Bush should have stopped Hussein a long time ago, but he had to wait for the approval of the stupid Congress. The only thing Hussein understands is weapons, diplomacy does not work with the likes of him. I hope that by the time you get this letter that the war will be over. I have friends over there and my husband is in the military. I feel for my friends in the Middle East and I hope my husband will not have to go there.

I feel to say anything more would be sacrilegious. At times of great sorrow like this, it is far better to pray and not be wordy. There is a lot of trouble in this world and I’m mighty glad that someday I’ll either be raptured or die and go to heaven. I’m glad this world is not my final home.


I signed my name.


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OVERWHELMING CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence from Star Trek: The Next Generation that Brent Spiner & Gail Chord Schuler had/have a relationship (1990 – 2018)