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Back in June 1990, I was in my living room at my Miami, Florida home when I saw my son racing towards my open purse, and taking my medicines out of my purse. I ran to him and screamed, “No! Don’t swallow my medicine.” But he was too fast. I saw him gulp the pills down like a lightning bolt.

I personally believe that the Jesuits were monitoring my budding correspondence with Brent Spiner, who I had started writing about once a month in September 1989, and they use some sort of brain control technology on my son to manipulate him to race to my purse and take the lithium. Apparently, with their mind reading technology, they were able to determine that this celebrity was falling in love with me by reading my letters to him. They knew about my genetic profile and were very concerned that Brent Spiner was falling in love with me.

We took my son to the Homestead Air Force Base hospital at once that horrible June 1990. He had swallowed some of my psych meds, lithium, which could give him permanent heart damage. I had to watch the doctors induce vomiting, puking his guts out. It was horrible for me, to ensure all of the lithium left his system. Then they said he needed to stay in the hospital for several days, and put him on activated carbon to ensure the removal of all traces of lithium. Because I caught my son in the act and brought him to the ER immediately, he suffered no damage at all from the lithium.

When it was time for my son to be discharged, the hospital informed me that they wanted me to meet with the hospital’s social worker. They told me that because of the nature of my son’s hospitalization, the doctor had to report my son’s hospitalization to the state and that a worker from H.R.S., which was the Florida Dept. of Children and Families in 1990 would visit my home in a couple days.

This social worker, a Hispanic lady from H.R.S. came to my house and told me that I did not have to sign a paper to receive parenting education to ensure something like this would never happen, but that it would look bad if I did not sign the paper agreeing to allow the state to educate me about proper parenting. I asked what would be involved with this parenting education. She said, it would just be one visit and then it would be over, so I decided to sign the paper, agreeing to allow the state to educate me.

I didn’t hear from the H.R.S. for months. So, I didn’t give it much thought.

On December 15, 1990, I wrote Brent this: On Monday through Friday, I never know if the H.R.S. is going to show up at my door. Can you imagine what it must be like to wonder every day if someone will be coming over to your own home to INSPECT you and your child and see if you meet with their approval? While they’re at it, they’ll be inspecting your home also. You can’t ever relax and be yourself. You feel like the house has to look and smell respectable at all times. It’s awful! A wild three year old running around does not make housekeeping an easy matter. He’s been having a lot of accidents lately! I can’t wait to leave Florida.

On January 17, 1991, I wrote Brent this: This past week has been extremely stressful. The H.R.S. is bothering me again. Brent, I realize that you may have no power over this, but if you do, please expose the child abuse industry on national television. This may take considerable courage and I realize I am not asking an easy thing of you, but the child abuse industry in this country is doing tremendous damage to our nation. I know that if Pres. Bush were to read this letter I’m sending to you, that he would agree with me. There are many things that Bush would like to see changed in this country, but he is putting up with a very stupid Congress. Maybe you can do it in such a way that you can keep your name out of it. This is not a selfish request because the child abuse industry is doing tremendous damage to American children. Read the book called The Child Abuse Industry by Mary Pride for more information. It is a real eye opener. I won’t go into a lot of detail about what the H.R.S. is doing to me, but I will say that I shouldn’t have to tolerate this. My constitutional rights are being violated ad my freedoms are being violated. I have to attend 10 weeks of counseling sessions (AGAINST MY WILL). I’m the one who is paying the gas to go to these sessions. I suspect that they are really interrogation sessions. I plan on tape recording them. This will probably reduce any interrogation or intimidate it somewhat. I also found out that this nonsense CAN follow me to Washington state. In other words, our whole country is messed up. The laws need to be rewritten. It gives the families no rights. Dr. Ruckman’s tape called Cancer in the Constitution will also explain why so many injustices like this our going on in our nation.

The H.R.S. stressed me out so much, because I was worried about losing my son to the state, that I caught a stomach flu in February and was bedridden for a month. I called the H.R.S. and told them I was too sick to attend parenting classes, that I had a horrible stomach flu. I was not lying. The illness in a way saved me, because of it, I did not have to deal with the state, except when they called me on the phone. The H.R.S. stressed me out, because of the way they operated. They would call me up on the phone and without any warning would say they were coming over in a half hour. I felt they were looking for things to report on, to keep their jobs. The stomach flu made it that I couldn’t eat and had to go to the ER in February 1991, because I suffered withdrawal symptoms from the Dalmane, which was prescribed to me by my psychiatrist. I knew that because I had been labeled with a psych diagnosis that this made me even more vulnerable to the H.R.S.

If it was not a psych med that my son had gotten into, I would not have been stressed out. I was very open with Brent and let him know about my psych diagnosis and about all of my life. I told him about my diagnosis with manic depression on purpose to ensure he would never be romantically interested in me. It didn’t work. At this time, my psychiatrist was weaning me off of all my psych meds because he said I didn’t need them anymore.

By the time I was well enough to attend parenting classes, I called the H.R.S and let them know that my husband had a military transfer out of state and that we were moving to Washington state. I decided wisely to be very nice to them and act disappointed that I couldn’t attend their classes. The last H.R.S. worker, a Hispanic man assigned to my case, just happened to be a nice person and he said he would close the case.

Looking back, I believe the Jesuits used the H.R.S. to try to destroy me because they knew Brent was in love with me. The H.R.S. seemed to forget about me all summer, after my June 1990 incident with my son, and then about two weeks in early October 1990, right after I got a letter from Brent, they suddenly got real interested in me and wanted me to attend ten weeks of parenting classes. I told them I did not want that extensive of parenting classes, that I was told one visit and then it was over. I went to several lawyers and she said that since I gave them permission to educate me, that was my mistake, that I never should have signed the paper to give them permission, because now they were going to town with it. The lawyer also told me that the H.R.S. worker lied to me when she said it would make me look bad if I didn’t sign it, then I should NOT have signed the paper giving them permission to educate me, but because I did, I was now in their system and forced to cooperate with them. I explained this all to Brent, that I got intimidated into signing that paper and the H.R.S. worker lied to me.

On March 9, 1991, Richard Arnold, a Paramount studios worker I was writing along with Brent, wrote me this: Hopefully things are working out well for your move to Seattle and I’m glad to hear things have worked out with the H.R.S. It will be nice to know that you left Florida on good terms with everyone. Well, mostly at least.

The ST:TNG episode called The Drumhead aired on April 29, 1991 about three months after I wrote Brent that January 1991 letter letting him know of my H.R.S. problems. I watched all episodes of ST:TNG because of my loyalty to Brent Spiner, who had written me a personal letter. When I saw The Drumhead, I realized that Brent Spiner was, indeed, reading all my mail and understood the pain and horror that the H.R.S. had brought to my life and how they threatened me. I believe the Jesuits manipulated my son to swallow my lithium in June 1990, because they knew that Brent was falling in love with me. In fact, Brent stated to Richard that he had sent me an autographed photo in 1990, but I never got it. I think the Jesuits sabotage that. When I finally heard from Brent in Sept. 1990, exactly one year after I first wrote him in Sept. 1989, I noticed the letter had no return address, had a regular postage stamp with an Atlanta postmark, so, it appeared, he went out of his way, to make sure I got it this time. The Jesuits, apparently, felt threatened by Brent’s growing love for me, they set things up, so they could attack me through their agents in the H.R.S., and allay any damage I could bring to them as a result of my relationship with Brent Spiner. I do recall that I received a phone call about once a month from about October 1989 to the time I arrived in Seattle in May 1991, I gave my phone number to Brent from the beginning of my correspondence with him in Sept. 1989. I’d picked up the phone, said ‘Hello?” and there was silence on the other end. This never happened to me before. I believe that was Brent, who just wanted to hear my voice. When I saw The Drumhead in April 29, 1991, knowing that Brent was behind it, is when I first started falling in love with him. My own husband laughed at me for letting the H.R.S. stress me out, and didn’t seem to understand that I was at the whims of the state and that my outcome with them was totally dependent on whether or not they liked me, that I had no rights. Now that they tricked me and lied to me about that paper I signed, I gave them the legal right to force me to attend parenting or interrogation classes against my will. This totally stressed me out. So, after The Drumhead, and knew that Brent understood and cared deeply about my H.R.S. problems, I worshipped the ground Brent walked on.

Even though, right after I moved to Seattle, Brent said to me on the phone (I gave him my phone number), “I want to rape you” in May 1991,. I already knew he was great because of The Drumhead, and once I got his music album Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back, I understood why he said what he did on the phone. It just came out from the depths of his heart and he just couldn’t find the right words, but I sensed what was in his heart and, at that point, he was my hero, and I only heard the tone of his voice as he said “I want to rape you”. It matched the tone of his voice as he sang to me his love songs in Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back. I could tell he was in love with me, and it was not a shallow fling with him. He worshipped the ground I walked on and from June 1991 to this day, his love has transformed me and given me the courage to be true to my genetic profile. This so horrified the Jesuits, that Jesuit agent Loree McBride raped Brent Spiner in 1992, to devastate his love for me. But the love between us was so deep and high, it rose above Loree McBride.

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