Kursk Submarine Disaster (Jesuit Deep State Murdered Russian Sailors)

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Can watch the video in its entirety here:

In August 2000 when I lived in Seattle, I saw coverage on news broadcasts about the Russian Kursk submarine disaster. At the time I thought the Russian government orchestrated the Kursk submarine disaster (in cooperation with the Catholic Church) to cause the United States to declare war on Russia, because an American submarine was near the Russian Kursk submarine. Then I thought it strange that when the Dutch offered to help the Kursk, the Russian government rejected their offer. At the time, I didn’t know how Vladimir looked.  And in September 2000, his name escaped me. 

Russia’s strange reaction makes sense if the AMERICAN SUBMARINE TORPEDOED THE KURSK SUBMARINE.

Jesuits wanted to maintain their supremacy in the world (through the Jesuit-run United States of America) and to keep Russia in submission to Jesuit-run America. To ensure Russian submission to Jesuit-run America, Jesuits orchestrated the 2000 Kursk disaster and used an American submarine to attack and torpedo the Kursk with the goal to intimidate Vladimir Putin to submit to the United States in all matters. This Kursk incident made Vladimir realize what a bully the U.S. could be and succeeded in intimidating Vladimir Putin into submission to the Americans. At the time of the Kursk disaster, I was not in Vladimir’s life and he was a widower. If you observe what looks like a wedding ring on his hand when he took the oath of office as Russian President in this video, this ring appears “grafted” into the picture. It does not look natural. I do not believe he wore a wedding ring in his inauguration as President in March 2000. When he fell in love with me in the fall of 2001, and the Jesuit newspaper USA Today printed the lie that he had a wife named Lyudmila, Jesuit President Bush laid down the law: either Vladimir cooperate with the Lyudmila lie or face another “Kursk”. The Jesuits used American extortion to ensure Vladimir’s cooperation and the Lyudmila lie started. But Vladimir secretly hoped he could work around this lie and somehow acquire me in spite of the obstacles.

I concluded in 2002 that an American submarine had to torpedo the Russian sub, because this was the only explanation that made sense to me. When I drew this conclusion, I deduced it from pure logic and deduction. I had no other evidence to support this conclusion, but I’ve always believed from 2002 to this day, that the Kursk suffered its fate because an American submarine torpedoed it, and I despise the Jesuits for how they operate.

Read about what REALLY happened to the Kursk submarine, a U.S. submarine torpedoed the Kursk and Clinton and Putin agreed to cover this up. Putin was extorted into silence.

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