9-11-2001 Fuels the Vladimir Putin & Gail Chord Schuler Relationship

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September 10, 2001 I watched What About Bob? all day on my mother’s videocassette player–my way of honoring the sense of humor that both Brent and I share. Apparently, the Jesuits didn’t like this, because on the morning of September 11, 2001, I went to a doctor’s office and noticed as I walked into the office that all the radios were on.
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“What’s going on?” I asked.

“You haven’t heard? About 40 or 50 firefighters died trying to rescue people in the World Trade Center towers in New York City. We lost just about all the New York City firefighters. Jets crashed into towers at New York and maybe the Pentagon. The World Trade Center collapsed. Thousands of people died when the towers collapsed.”

Inside, I felt white with rage. Why won’t they leave us alone! I’m sick of these people! After this, Brent will never show up to get me. I knew they did this to stop Brent from coming to me.

I knew the Jesuits partied today and I determined not to give them any satisfaction. I refused to watch the news until at least 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I knew that the tragedy started around 9 a.m. I stopped off at Blockbuster video on September 11, 2001 on my way back from the doctor’s office and checked out the movie Gladiator, and watched the opening battle scene over and over from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. while the rest of the world was glued to the news channels. When I came home I didn’t tell anyone in my family what I knew about the World Trade Center, because I didn’t want the news on. I wanted to watch the Gladiator opening scene battle scene over and over. I told Brent (through the bugs that Brent through President Bush put in my mother’s house), “This is how we must respond to these attacks, like this battle scene in Gladiator.

Because I knew there were bugs in my room, I talked to Brent from my room. Over the next week, I told Brent, “Tell President Bush that I’m worried about Russia. The Jesuits will try to blame this on Russia or China and I know both countries are innocent of this. The Jesuits want a pretext to start a war against the wrong party, because a war between China or Russia against the U.S. would work to their advantage. Tell the leaders of both China and Russia that they need to take extra precautions to protect themselves from a crazy Jesuit-American assassin who may try to kill them (thinking they are responsible for these 9-11 attacks), and then this would create all sorts of complications that would help out the Jesuits.” I didn’t know who the leaders of Russia or China were, but I knew the Jesuits.

On September 25, 2001 my local newspaper printed an article about Vladimir Putin, that featured a photo of him with a scarf that swirled around his neck, making him look especially handsome and manly.

Vladimir Putin photo in Melbourne, FL newspaper on Sept. 25, 2001.

It appeared that President Bush contacted Vladimir and let him listen to me through the bugs in my room. Vladimir appeared to flirt with me in this photo. To my amazement, I couldn’t get the photo out of my mind and I actually fell in love with Vladimir from this photo. “This Russian President is so manly, so heroic and handsome. He must be sixty years old. But, my how manly and heroic he looks! He’s just like Brent, but with heroism and valor. Why do I dream about making love to him? And I’ve never seen him before this. I had no idea the Russian President was so handsome. This Russian President is flirting with me. He was curious about me because I told President Bush to warn him to protect himself and he did some research on me. I don’t think he’s married, because he’s flirting with me. He makes me feel like we can beat these Jesuits. I think this man will have the guts to show up and marry me.” By the end of the day, I made a statement in my bedroom so all the bugs and Vladimir Putin could hear me: “I’m going to marry the Russian President.”

Brent Spiner told me later that Vladimir himself was amazed at the feelings he had for me in 2001 when I first noticed him.

I thought, “How I admire this man for his stand against the Chechen rebels. The whole world criticizes him for doing this. And yet, I know the Jesuits are trying to use Chechnya as a base with which to attack and take over Russia. Vladimir is apparently aware of this and trying to save Russia from a Jesuit takeover.”

I talked to the bugs in my room, “Tell President Bush to leave Vladimir alone about Chechnya. Vladimir’s doing the right thing. If Chechnya becomes a separate state, their goal is to takeover Russia. These Chechen rebels are Jesuits. I’m on Vladimir’s side. In fact, I don’t think Vladimir has been aggressive enough against these rebels. His country will go down, if he doesn’t stop these rebels. If Russia goes down, we all go down. Tell Bush to leave Vladimir alone! Vladimir is a hero. He takes a lone stand against the Jesuit Chechen rebels to prevent Russia from becoming the Jesuit-run Soviet Union or a Jesuit-run Muslim terrorist state, even though the whole world’s against him. I love him. How heroic he is! The Jesuit-run world makes up lies about him and says he’s a bully, just because he won’t cave in about Chechnya. This man will have the guts to marry me, if he’s like this. He’s David against the Jesuit-Goliath. That’s all Jesuit crap that he’s a bully. He’s fighting for Russia’s life. Tell Bush to stop criticizing Vladimir’s Chechnya policies.”

It’s funny. After I said this, President Bush changed his mind about Vladimir’s Chechnya campaign and quit criticizing Vladimir for Chechnya.

Within days, I heard on the American news that the Russian President planned a pioneer visit to the United States. “He’s not married. He’s coming here because of me.”

That’s how my relationship started with Vladimir Putin.

My mother (who I lived with when I first fell in love with Vladimir) moved me to Tallahassee at the beginning of November 2001. This was actually a Jesuit clone of my mother who did this, to assist President Bush (a Jesuit patsy at the time) by moving me closer to his brother, Jeb Bush, the Florida governor at the time, who would block all attempts by Vladimir to come and get me for his pioneer visit to the U.S. in Nov. 2001.


About this time (early November 2001), USA Today printed a short snippet that said Laura Bush would be happy to escort Vladimir and his wife Lyudmila around their Bush ranch in Texas. This confused me about Vladimir at first, until I noticed that Lyudmila’s name had uncanny similarities to Brent’s “cute blonde girlfriend” Loree McBride (LyuDMiLa–Loree McBRiDe). Vladimir’s arrival date was November 12, 2001. Glued to the news that day, an American Flight 587 crashed on take-off from New York on November 12, 2001 as Vladimir’s jet flew towards the United States. I fumed, “Those Jesuits did this to intimidate Vladimir from meeting me when he comes over.” The jet crashed around 9:15:57 a.m. (my birthday is 9-15-57). Turbulence from a Japan Air Lines jet nearby contributed to the crash. My mother is from Japan. Also note that the flight number is 587, a combination of my birth year (1957) with my son’s birth year of 1987.

Jesuits must have reminded President Bush, “As you can see, we mean business. Either Vladimir visits you with his fake wife Lyudmila, or your healthy wife Laura Bush, may suddenly become very ill. We killed Vladimir’s wife. Perhaps you’ll be the next widower.” The Jesuits crashed this jet to stop Vladimir from meeting me, because they knew he came to the U.S. to begin his relationship with me. The crash intimidated Bush, they got Bush’s cooperation (November 2001 to 2010) and now Vladimir’s wife Larisa never died in 2000, and got a new name: Lyudmila.

Vladimir got the news, that the crash occurred at 9:15:57 with a Japan Air Lines jet involved. My Japanese mother had given birth to me on 9-15-57. So Vladimir decided to go down the ramp of his Russian jet on worldwide news (November 12, 2001) with his fake wife, Lyudmila, by his side. He met with President Bush at the White House, though I believe he really wanted to meet me. He looked so nervous. I knew he feared he’d lose me. As he nervously went down the ramp from his jet, I laughed with hysterics for about a half hour. “My. . .my. . .what a performance he can put on with his fake wife. But how can he meet me with a fake wife by his side? How can he explain this?” So the Jesuits sabotaged my love life again. 

Gail Chord Schuler in 2001

I waited in Tallahassee for him to show up as he made his pioneer visit to the U.S., but he didn’t. He made a last stop at the World Trade Center site to see the damage from 9-11-01 and then flew back to Russia. The Jesuits won.

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