Movie Esther with Louise Lombard has Gail Chord Schuler in it

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When I first heard about this movie, I suspected that Brent Spiner was behind it because of the preview I saw in 2000. But He just didn’t strike me as one who could make a good movie about the Bible. When I watched it, I was impressed. Louise Lombard, I felt, really captured the spirit of Esther and I felt she was so true to Esther, that it was as if Esther jumped out of history and into this movie. When I first saw this movie in Seattle in 2000, this was the year I offered myself to Brent in marriage and had started divorce proceedings. When Mordecai beamed with pride over his Esther and her ability to learn languages quickly and her royal blood, I caught on that part of the reason this movie was made, was to honor me. You see, when Franco Nero was my man, I became half fluent in Italian within two months in 1997 and I knew I had royal blood from my mother, who sent me a Japanese movie called Homura Tatsu about my royal ancestors. In fact, sometimes on my wiretapped phone, I spoke all Italian to Brent and Franco, because I knew the Jesuits had added the King James only pastor of my church to my phone’s wiretap, to spy and report on my conversations with Brent and Franco to my ex husband.

I told Brent and Franco over and over that I could size someone up by the expression that came from their eyes, and that usually the first impression I got of a person by looking at their eyes, I’d be dead accurate. I told Brent that if I had followed my first impression, I never would have married my husband, because my first impression of him was that he was shallow, and church members talked me out of that and made me believe he was not shallow. My first impression of Brent was that he was a man of great depth and intelligence. Loree confused me about him temporarily. My men captured my compassion for the sufferings of the world in this movie. I’m a very others oriented person, often helping others to my own detriment. The king in this movie captures very well how Brent made love to me on the phone, with depths and longings and sensitivity. He said, Silence is a rare gift in a woman, because I never told a soul how extensively Brent and I communicated, until I had to, because my husband thrust Brent and Loree into the divorce proceedings, to make me appear crazy. It was very hard for me to turn down Brent, and this movie captures some of that sadness, that I had to turn him down to honor my vast and great Savior. Once I figured out Loree was a Vatican agent, I sensed that Brent’s feelings for me soared to the heavens. Jesus says he was very proud of us, for how we felt about each other.

From the very beginning of my relationship with Brent, I always tried to protect him and warn him about evil people. I told him that I did not trust Paramount and suspected that the cute blonde he hung around with was very bad for him. When God told me that Loree was a Vatican agent in Dec. 1999, I actually made some statements for my divorce trial to help Brent in a legal case he had against Loree at that time, to the detriment of my own divorce case, because some of the statements I used in my divorce case, Brent was using in his case against Loree McBride, where he charged her as a criminal against me, and she was claiming, like Zack is doing to me now, that Brent secretly wanted her all along.

Brent used the king and Esther in these scenes to show how much pain Brent was in, in Sept. 1992 when Loree raped him. Brent also understood that his silence distressed me in Sept. 1992, and Esther’s response to the king’s silence, was very similar to my response to Brent’s three weeks of silence against me in Sept. 1992. Haman in these scenes is a type of Loree McBride, because Haman acquires his high position through murder, stealth and cunning. Loree threatened to kill me if Brent told me about her rape of him, and Brent knew she meant it, because he had already been physically abused by her, where she took photos of her abusing him and sneaking into his house, when he didn’t want her, threatening to make it appear that Brent liked violent sex with her.

When I realized that Loree was a Vatican agent and that Brent was up against an empire, God told me that if I didn’t exit this marriage I would die. When I first learned about Loree, I prayed with my face flat down on the ground and my hands spread out before God, prostrating myself on the floor for hours and hours in July 1996. I realized that I needed to marry him, that ever since this Vatican agent, Loree, extorted her way into Brent’s life that he had devoted his entire life to protect me from her, that he had to put up with a criminal woman, in order to protect me from her. Even though I did not have rock solid evidence that he would marry me, I sensed in my heart that his love for me was vast, I courageously offered this celebrity, whom I had never met face to face, my hand in marriage, with a peace in my heart that a love this vast God would honor. My husband would never sacrifice for me like this.

As a result of my courage to be true to the vastness in my heart and in Brent’s, Brent and I have saved the world. The ending love scene between Esther and the king mirrors the emotional dynamics in my relationship with both Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin. This love that I have for the greatness in my men and our mutual passion for love, vastness and justness caused me to write Conspiracy Law, which we have used to try and prevent another Jesuit holocaust, like they did with the Nazi regime. I wrote Conspiracy Law, devoting hours and hours into this, knowing the law was brilliant and greatly needed. My only pay is the satisfaction of knowing that this law would bring more justice into the world, so that rapists and extortioners like Loree McBride, Camila Alves and Zack Knight could not use treachery against the innocent and the great to make them good appear evil and the evil appear good. I wrote Conspiracy Law, so that love and truth would prevail. I am so like the Esther portrayed in this movie, and am so honored that Brent obviously played a role in making this film, because too much of my relationship with Brent is in it.

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