Gail's Sister Sandra Metcalf's 2012 LYING Statement about Gail Submitted to a Judge

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Can also watch the video HERE, with the recording that we got where Misao Fuller (Gail’s mother) admitted that Sandra wrote the lying statement that had Gail committed against her will to a psych ward in July 2012.

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UPDATE: Loree McBride turned good in Jan. 2022. Gail’s sister currently sides with Antichrist Lizzo and is a Lizzo Jesuit.

This is a lying statement that Sandra Metcalf, Gail’s evil and jealous sister, wrote for Gail’s mother in July 2012. Sandra extorted Gail’s mother into submitting this statement to a judge, telling Gail’s mother if she did not do so she was not a proper mother to Gail. She made Gail’s mother swear to secrecy that Sandra was the author, but Gail has a taped confession from her mother admitting that Sandra was the author.

Gail is still waiting for an apology from her sister regarding this. But rather than apologize, Sandra attacks Gail’s men and has become BFF with evil Jesuit leader Loree McBride in their conspiracies against Gail and her men. It appears that Sandra has even stooped so low as to allow Loree McBride to threaten the life of Gail’s mother now and to cooperate with Loree in trying to make it appear the fault of Gail or her men, that Loree’s germ bombs may have sickened Gail’s mother to a near-death state.

Sandra ExParte statement

This is the unadorned version that Gail received from the police on July 26, 2012, when they came to her apartment in Melbourne, Florida and “arrested” her for being crazy, carting her off (in hand cuffs) to the psych ward against her will. Misao made the audio confession that Sandra was the writer of the lying statement in August 2012.

Gail’s email to Brent on August 3, 2012 about her stay at the psych ward:

My darling Brent:

On July 26, 2012, a black female police officer banged on my door and showed me the papers that I will be sending to you as an attachment. When I opened the door she barged into my apartment, and handed me the paperwork that I am attaching to this email. The paperwork was from my mother. My mother went to a judge and got an ex parte order to have me taken against my will to a psychiatric unit. This order claimed that I was a danger to myself and others and needed to be taken by force to a psychiatric unit. When I tried to get to my computer to let you know about this, the police officer grabbed me, put me in handcuffs, and another male officer showed up beside her and they took me in the police car to Circles of Care. They wouldn’t even let me go to my computer to send you an email to let you know what happened.

My first day at Circles of Care was very stressful. But, it appears the brain to brain communications were good while I was there and Gerard Butler informed me that I needed to cooperate with them to get out, and he advised me to take the medicine they recommended for me. I don’t recall whether I was told about Loree McBride kidnapping you. The drugs they have me on are making my brain somewhat muddy, but they seem to be correcting some sleep problems I’ve experienced in the past year, and a bit of delusional thinking about how people would respond to my website. Gerard Butler was with me constantly brain to brain during my stay at Circles of Care and he kept me calm. He told me nothing about Loree kidnapping you. He just advised me to stay calm and to cooperate with them and have a good attitude. He told me that he just discovered that some of what you related to me about your 1992 rape was inaccurate, because we just discovered that the Jesuits induced a little bit of schizophrenia in you, so that you got confused over what really happened. He told me that the stuff about you at the zoo was not quite accurate, that nobody could survive an elephant penis penetration and still remain alive. He said the Jesuits used someone else’s bottom half, but you still felt the pain of the zoo animals doing all sorts of crazy stuff. To make a long story short, Loree did drug rape you, and all the stuff you said that happaned at the studio was correct. However, the stuff you thought happened at the zoo was not quite correct, and Jesuit brain control technology was used on you to make you believe you were at the San Francisco zoo, when you weren’t there. But the Jesuits imposed that memory onto you to make you believe you were there.

Gerard said my screenplay was excellent and did not need to be changed, because I am telling the story from your perspective and I will let viewers know that this is your perspective and what really happened only God knows for sure, that we have to take into consideration that so much brain control technology was used, that it is impossible to know for sure what really happened. Though we do know there was a drug rape and that you had sex with Loree at the studio while under the influence of this drug.

Gerard informed me that Jesus has communicated with him and told him I need to be on the psychiatric drug, because Jesus is using it to clear toxins from my brain, and that these toxins have induced in me a form of bipolar disorder, that primarily affects my sleep and some of my thinking processes. This psychiatric drug (Seroquel XR 200 mg tablets, once a day) will help to prevent a total Jesuit takeover of my brain, which, apparently, they had the ability to do before I got on this drug. Gerard says Jesus has educated the psychiatric and medical community about how this drug can help people, like myself, who have a form of bipolar disorder that mainly causes sleep disruption and mild mood disorder with no psychosis. This drug will help with sleep and with the mood disorder (trying to be superwoman and wearing myself and everyone else out). The form of bipolar disorder that I have can also cause mild delusions. The area where I am not into reality is in public perceptions. I noticed after getting on this drug, I seem to have an more accurate assessment over how the public will view some of my statements. I plan to revamp my website, but first need to submit five job applications before I lose my unemployment.

So Jesus allowed me to go to this psych ward to fix that and to cure my yeast infection. Because while there, I could not take all those supplements I used to take, and being there, forced me to not take them and made it easier for Jesus to heal my yeast infection. Something has happened with that yeast infection, and I think the main reason Jesus allowed me to go to that psych ward was to heal my yeast infection. I believe it’s gone.

I’m very busy now, because I was at Circles of Care for a week. My mother picked me up and she wants me to take down my website, but I told her that I needed to think about this and wasn’t sure that would solve my problems over the website Crazy Gail Wiki, which I refuse to look at right now.

Gerard said that one good thing that came out of me being in the psychiatric unit is that they were able to show the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel while I was in there in FLORIDA, because I was very secure in there and well protected. Now that I am out, Floridians who want to watch the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel can do so only through paid cable and they have to promise not to talk about the contents or they lose their subscription to it, assuming brain to brain is accurate.

Mother wants me to take down my website. I told her about how you gave me the hundred dollar gas card and how you spent all day online helping me fill out unemployment and she thinks it’s okay if I email you, because I told her that. But she thinks I should take down my website.

Right now, I feel I should remove all things from my website about clones and anything that could make me appear crazy, and just send you any videos I make of these subjects through email only or you could access it from my online backup. I feel we should use the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel only for videos such as these. Gerard told me nothing about Loree kidnapping you, probably to protect me while I was in the psych ward, so I wouldn’t talk about it and end up at the state mental hospital. He did tell me that you were unable to talk to me while I was at the psych hospital, that he needed to treat you for something. Though I heard from you every now and then. I think I do recall you telling me that Loree McBride was causing problems. I don’t recall anything about being tied up or in a basement.

Any ways, I’m finally out and have to apply for five jobs so I don’t lose unemployment by the end of tomorrow, and I finally get to floss my teeth. I made friends at the psych hospital! Gerard Butler was awesome and kept me calm most of the time I was there. It appears brain to brain was great at the psych hospital. I did manage to bring my Bible and carried it with me to all the group therapy sessions and read it all the time. I think Jesus would be proud of how I stuck up for Him in all the group therapy sessions and how I shared that I believed Jesus had a reason for me to be there and that this all fit into His plan.

I am on Seroquel. I changed my admission to the psych hospital from involuntary to voluntary. I listened to Gerard on everything. I will be seeing a practitioner in two weeks for follow up on my medications, at Circles of Care, 2000 Commerce Dr., Melbourne, FL 32904. Though they are using the drug to cure me of my psychosis, Jesus is using the drug to cure me of my yeast infection and to make it so Jesuits can’t take over my brain with their brain control technology. Apparently, now that I am on this drug, I no longer need to wear a tin foil hat.

The first day at the psych hospital I tried to call out to let you know, but all I could get was channel two news here in Melbourne and I don’t know if they sent an email to judge Terrance Jenkins like I requested. I did not feel it wise to contact anyone else and let them know I was in there, though I did try to get a lawyer to no avail. I finally gave up and decided my best course of action was to work with my mother (since she put me in there) and let her know that her actions might cost me my unemployment paycheck because I can’t look for work if I’m in there. I had no Internet access while in there.

I won’t be able to revamp my website until after tomorrow. I have to submit job applications and create a new resume.

I adore you. I hope Loree did not get at you sexually, but if she did, I know that is not what you wanted. I have faith in you.


UPDATE Nov. 5, 2023: Not sure Gail had bipolar disorder, as she got this information from brain to brain with Gerard and Jesuits can mess with brain to brain. However, Gerard’s brain to brain with Gail was correct that the Seroquel would be the cure to her systemic yeast infection; so when Gail realized this, she had a good attitude about being put on Seroquel, which helped her get released from the psych ward in July 2012. Also, Brent was raped by an elephant. Jesuits have very advanced technology that enables them to do some pretty strange and bizarre stuff. They also choose to commit bizarre crimes so that if anyone tries to expose them, they can easily label them as crazy since mainstream news never reports a lot of the bizarre crimes Jesuits commit.

Jesus made a Romans 8:28 out of this by putting Gail on Seroquel and getting her off all her supplements. HOWEVER, it would have been better if her sister had not done this. But because Jesus made it turn out good, Gail decided not to make a big stink over it at the time. However, it is 2023 and Gail’s sister still persists in calling Gail crazy and Sandra Metcalf needs to be exposed for the dangerous criminal she is.