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Most information here obtained from Vladimir Putin himself, with brain to brain communications: In early 2000 as the woman that Vladimir married in 1983 (Larisa) lay dying, Vladimir learned that he would be the next Russian President. “My wife is dying. I can’t do it. I can’t be Russian President without her. I have no strength for this job. It’s overwhelming.”
Larisa learned that Vladimir refused to be Russian President without her. She called her husband to her side. “Volodya, you must become Russian President. Russia needs you. I can only die in peace if you’ll promise me that you will become Russian President.”

The husband and wife shed tears together. “I’m so sorry. I’ll be strong for you. I promise you, if you die, I will be Russian President.”

His wife died. Overwhelmed with grief, he could only cope by honoring what she whispered to him on her death bed. “Vladimir, for me–to honor my death, become Russian President.”

Vladimir became Russian President in March 2000. Each day he battled depression, but overcame it because he honored her death by becoming Russian President. But to be Russian President was not enough. He only took this job for her. She wanted him to become President to save Russia. To save Russia, he must make decisions that would bring on him public scorn. To honor her death, meant more to him than to please the crowds.

The Chechen rebels would destroy Russia. His wife would want him to deal with them. His wife would want him to be brave. To honor her, he scorned public opinion, he took on the Chechen rebels with fury and valor. “We’ll kill them, even if they’re sitting on the toilet.” His wife would not want him to be a coward.

But the days dragged on and his new job brought on more challenges. To make Russia strong, he must strengthen its military. He would make a grand show with the Kursk submarine, so that the world would not dare attack Russia, so that Russia could defend herself. 



An American naval submarine torpedoed the Kursk.

Oh, what should he do? Russia would surely lose a war with the United States. Vladimir lost his mind. Should he save these sailors? If they came up, and survived. They would tell the world the truth. That would mean World War III. Jesuit President Bill Clinton offered him a deal. Make sure no one knows the Americans did this to you. America will pay damages to the families. Just cooperate with us in the future when we need you– that’s all we ask. The thought of World War III overwhelmed Vladimir. He took the path of the coward, he agreed to the dirty Clinton deal. This new job had no glamour and try as he may, without a wife, he felt overwhelmed. He made the wrong decision, because he lacked the courage to take on the United States government. All sailors aboard the Kursk died, when they could have been saved.

Vladimir tried to make up for his failure to be great in this Kursk matter, he still tried to shove the Chechen rebels from their holes. The Jesuit-run world attacked him in the press with fury. This made him feel good. He felt he made up for the Kursk. His wife, if alive, would probably have wanted him to save the sailors. This haunted him. But try as he may, she wasn’t here. He had no wife.

A year and a half into his Presidency, a miracle happened. A woman from the United States, made a statement from her bedroom that he heard through the bugs in her room. “I want to marry the Russian President.” He couldn’t believe it. The woman seemed to be Larisa resurrected from the dead. Except this woman had traits that would make her a great wife for a President. She had heroism and valor–a perfect match for him. With a woman like this in his life, if another Kursk disaster happened, he knew he would be a better man next time, he’d have more steel, because this woman had the steel to reinforce him. And so Catherine the Great became his secret wife (to replace Larisa). Gail has made Vladimir the President that he was from September 2001 to now. When she stopped making love to him (brain to brain), 2006 to 2009, Vladimir realized how much he had grafted her into his life, he didn’t want to live without her love. He didn’t care at all to be President anymore without her love in his life. When Gail ignored him, Vladimir became depressed, and entertained thoughts of suicide. Vladimir only became President to honor a great woman, and without her, he didn’t want to live.

Gail will be a passionate Catherine the Great lover to Vladimir. She’ll honor her genes and this man that she loves (Vladimir Putin, her Potemkin).