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To better understand this movie, I need to give you a little history. I got most information from The Secret History of the Jesuits by Edmond Paris, published by Chick Publications, a writer that the Jesuits murdered. The Vatican and the Jesuits were working together in 1894 to use Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary to conquer the world for Roman Catholicism. With three against one, France would be an easy takeover. This movie is pretty accurate, except it omits how the Jesuits were involved with the corruption in the French army that found an innocent man Dreyfus guilty, and how these Jesuits orchestrated the anti-Semitic outrage in France and Europe that resulted eventually in the Nazi holocaust against the Jews. Because the Jesuits are trying to cover up their evil history, it’s hard to find this movie online, so I’m presenting it at my website.

France became uneasy by a Germany over equipped with arms and formed an alliance with Russia in 1894, the same year that the Jewish army officer Alfred Dreyfus was (on December 22, 1894) proved guilty of treason for providing French military secrets to the Germans. Years later, we learned that a secret document had been given to the judges, without the knowledge of Dreyfus’s counsel. So they sent Dreyfus to Devil’s Island, off of South America. That Dreyfus was convicted the same year that France formed an alliance with Russia is no coincidence, but provides the motives for the Jesuits, using their French press to create an anti-Semitic outrage in France against Dreyfus.

The one who committed treason with Germany against France was Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy, but because Jesuits wanted to keep Dreyfus guilty, in order to weaken the French military against Germany, they promoted an anti-Semitic outrage in France that made it impossible for Dreyfus to have a fair trial. The Jesuit run press said, “The Jews hold the Republic in their hands, which is more Hebrew than French. God created the Jew to be used as a spy whenever treason is committed. Not only in France, but in Germany, Austria and Hungary, Jews must be excluded from the nation. Then the great harmony of former times will be re established and nations will find their lost happiness.” The Jesuits used their press and their strong influence in the French army to destroy Dreyfus’s reputation, even though he was rich, had a good reputation and led an orderly life. In fact, evidence against the guilty Esterhazy was covered up and forgeries were used in court to falsely convict Dreyfus. The Jesuits stopped the French public from hearing the truth, and succeeded in creating an anti-Semitic outrage in France that manipulated public opinion against Dreyfus.

Dreyfus was called back to trial in 1899, but it was all a farce, with the most bigoted and partial judges presiding over his case, the farce trial was only an attempt to continue to cover up Jesuit conspirators in the French army who were the real persons guilty of treason against France with Germany. The Jesuits at this time had strong influence in the French army and were part of a conspiracy that included Esterhazy (the one who should have gone to Devil’s Island, but fled to the United Kingdom, where he lived in the village of Harpenden in Hertfordshire until his death in 1923)..

There were so many forgeries used against Dreyfus, that history has lost track of them all, but the fact that Dreyfus was falsely accused eventually came to light, through courageous people, mostly Protestants, Jews (like Emile Zola) and laymen who were outraged over this miscarriage of justice against Dreyfus. Even Germany stated, “If after the declarations of the German government and the debates of the highest court of appeal in France, someone still believes Dreyfus guilty, that person must be mentally ill or wants an innocent to be condemned.”

To ensure public approval of this miscarriage of justice, the Jesuit-run press, using articles written by Jesuit Edouard Drumont called “Libre Parole” and “The Jewish France”, presented a carefully orchestrated anti-Semitic propaganda campaign against Jewish army officer Alfred Dreyfus.

General Raoul de Boisdeffre, head of the French army at this time, went to a Jesuit priest Father du Lac for confession regularly while dealing with the Dreyfus Affair. He had led the charge against Dreyfus and cooperated with the Jesuits to keep secret all evidence that could prove Dreyfus was falsely accused. When Hubert-Joseph Henry, the true forger, finally confessed to forgery, this General admitted that the Jesuit he went to for confession, Father du Lac, had scandalously deceived him about the Dreyfus Affair, and being a very honest man, he resigned. The Abbe Brugerette reported that he stopped “all communications” with his former confessor du Lac, “and even refused to see him again when dying”.

From Wikipedia about Hubert-Joseph Henry: In August 1898 Godefroy Cavaignac ordered Captain Louis Cuignet to examine the documents which sent Captain Dreyfus to his exile from France to Devil’s Island. This matter should have been brought before Parliament but due to Cavaignac’s nature the Minister threw caution to the wind. Cuignet soon learned that the most damning evidence brought to the court in 1896 by Henry was in fact a forgery using two separate documents, later known as “faux Henry,” to assure the sentence he and his supporters desired. Henry was called into questioning on August 30 by Cavaignac and managed to protest his innocence for only an hour before he confessed. This led to the resignations of Generals de Pellieux and de Boisdeffre, who admitted having been duped by the forgery. On the day of Henry’s arrest, Henry, in prison, committed suicide.

At Devil’s Island, where Dreyfus was from 1894 to 1899, he endured great suffering, confined to his hut, his feet chained at night until his ankles were covered with blood and bandaged because of two double iron shackles which encircled his feet.

As a result of courageous people, like Emile Zola, who published articles defending Dreyfus, Dreyfus eventually was publicly reinstated and given the Legion of Honor in 1906. By this time the French military had lost its credibility and had been seriously weakened. Esterhazy, in the end confessed that he was the true author of the famous “list” that had condemned Dreyfus to Devil’s Island.

To hush writer Emile Zola, the Jesuits used their Catholic deputy de Mun to bring Zola before the Assize Court of the Seine, the courageous writer was found guilty of libel February 23, 1898, and condemned to one year imprisonment, the maximum penalty, as the result of an iniquitous trial. He escaped to England to avoid imprisonment, not to return to France until June 1899.

The Jesuits accomplished their objective, and the Dreyfus Affair grew, became a political conflict, divided families and cut France in two. The Jesuits now hoped they could use Germany, Italy and Austria-Hungary to conquer a weakened France and then get Europe and the world for Roman Catholicism, which they tried to do with World War I. Their anti-Semitism came to full force in World War II, using their puppet Adolph Hitler, again trying to conquer the world for Roman Catholicism.

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