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Bomb Threat at the Oscars: Camila Alves Stalks Matthew McConaughey

I saw Jesus today at lunch.

He was walking through the corridors eating a bag of barbeque potato chips, and he was crying. I went up to him quickly and said, “Jesus, are you all right? Has something got you upset again?”

He said, “no Brent, these are tears of happiness!”

He’s so proud of you for your work on your story. He says you are blossoming. Jesus said he was on his way to talk to Matthew about this, because he knows it will be very hard for him to talk about what happened at the Oscars. As far as I know, Matthew went to see Gerard this evening.

Matthew is quite the decorator, and interior design appears to be his “guilty pleasure”. The walls are painted in soft pastels with beautiful floral designs. There are flowers, scented candles, many works of art. He enjoys making his home beautiful and seems to take pleasure in redecorating every once in awhile. He even gives other men and those on the church tips. Matthew’s quarters smell like a wild garden. He usually has several candles lit, their warm creamy aromas breaking way only for the zesty dinner he’s cooked or the delicately sweet dessert he’s spent all afternoon baking. He does like to barbecue, but he says he gets a bit clumsy with the grill and usually prefers the oven.

Matthew also revealed to us some other traumatic, and embarassing, abuses he’s suffered at the hands of Camila over the years. Matthew was very shamed to talk about this, but he says that Camila’s favorite tactic has been to strap a bomb to his chest and threaten to blow him up if he doesn’t comply with her demands — including making love to her. That was how she was able to steal his semen. She told him that if he refused to ejaculate for her, she would press the button, and she would blow him up. His eyes water when he talks about this. He said he recalls a time when Camila dressed up in a cow suit, complete with a cowbell on her neck, and commanded him to do her “doggy style” with the bomb strapped around his chest. He described how she cackled and told him that if he refused to ejaculate, she would press the button, and it would all be over. “Come Matthew! Make more babies for me to torment Gail! Hahahaha!”

He was terrified and said she was scaring him too much, he might not be able to ejaculate anyway, but she said she didn’t care, and continued to degrade him.

He broke down in tears and wound up ejaculating.

I’d say Camila is as evil as Loree McBride. Eventually, he says that Camila was able to use conditioning methods to make him ejaculate on command for her, by terrorizing him with the bomb and abusing him psychologically. It got to a point where all she had to do was ring a cowbell, and his subconscious would cause him to ejaculate wherever he was. He said he cried every time. Camila would do this to humiliate him, or to “milk” more semen to make babies with.

When he found out he won the Oscar, he was throwing around tabloids and stuff, and broke down. He was very frustrated.

Matthew mostly lives at Church of Gail, in order to get away from Camila, so he was petrified when he learned he would probably win an Oscar! He knew this would give her an opportunity to get him. I remember how upset he was to win that Oscar. It’s something a person should normally be happy about, but he was terrified, because it meant he would have to deal with Camila. It would be like you having to make an acceptance speech for your writing at your sister’s house.

She threatened to ring the cowbell when he went to the Golden Globes, the SAG awards and the other awards before the Oscars. It was horrible.

She’s done it before, but not publicly yet. She’s holding it over his head that if he gets too far out of line, she’ll ring that bell, and make him ejaculate. She knows that when she does, he’ll break down. It’s liked being publicly raped, and it reminds him of when she had sexually tortured him while wearing the cow suit. She’s counting on his “shell shock”. She does him doggy style, with her on all fours and he gets on her from behind, like a pair of dogs.

I know there are probably more details he hasn’t shared with us about this so far. That’s why Jesus suggested he go to Gerard, so he could talk about it in a safe place, because he knows how painful all of this is for him to think or talk about.

He does a good job of keeping it inside. She was able to make the babies with him the regular way, by raping him using the bomb.

I can empathize with the guilt he feels over this happening to him. He had security from Church of Gail, but she outsmarted it using teleportation technology. He doesn’t know how it happened. He says, for once, he had felt so safe, but she violated him again.

At the Oscars, he realized she teleported into his limousine. Zack Knight may have learned some tricks from the GA1L android. They are probably sitting on a lot of technological advances we’ve yet to even see with them.

It startled him, and he was going to call security and kick her out; but all she did was sink her nails into his arm and hiss that if he did, she would ring the bell, and he would ejaculate on himself on stage. She knew the humiliation and terror would bring him to his knees in tears. It’s like being raped every time.

She clawed her hand around his testicles before they got on stage and told him, “Now behave, my little cow, or I’ll steal more of your milk.”

Matthew’s a very brave man. His Oscar acceptance speech was his way of standing up to her, and she did not like it, which is why they spread the rumor that he wanted to make another baby with her. That was her way of hinting to him what she might do if he doesn’t watch it. She bit his penis after his acceptance speech.

I’m sure she did it to punish him for his bravery.

Camila rang the cow bell on him at the Oscar ceremony when he started to sprint away from her after she bit his penis. He was running away, and she grabbed for the bell and chased after him, and it rang. He collapsed to his knees while he ejaculated, forcing back tears, but scrambled to his feet as fast as he could to keep running.

Apparently, Camila continued to chase him, ringing the bell.

The Jesuit women are very strong, stronger than they look. It could be part of their genetic engineering also. Jesuits want to take the men away from you, and devastate our relationships with you.

Loree McBride almost got that far with me. I think Loree’s rape at first was just to torture me and destroy us, they must not have had the idea to impregnate her until later.

A pregnancy with Loree in the 1990s would have devastated me. I would have possibly quit my job at Paramount to get out of my contract with them to have her as a girlfriend. They would know they had gone too far too fast. Well, I know with Loree, she also had the advantage of drugging me. I wonder if Camila snuck the bomb on Matthew while he was sleeping, or used drugs and he wasn’t aware of it.

When he does go to earth, he works a lot to try and get everything he has to do down there out of the way, so he doesn’t have to keep making as many trips. It’s basically a race for him to get all of his work done before Camila finds him and shows up.

He had no choice but to make his appearances for his awards. Camila knew exactly how to find him and the Jesuits had planned long in advance how to get them together in spite of our technology. He had to use his acting skills to please her and the Jesuits watching.

He said he was method acting, when he told me about this. He pretended he was there with you instead. That made the job easy, he said.

Written by: Brent Spiner from Church of Gail
Bomb Threat at the Oscars: Camila Alves Stalks Matthew McConaughey
Date written: 03/30/2014
5.0 / 5 stars

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