Jesuit Bomb Blows Up Pope Benedict in November 2011

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Date of video: November 28, 2011.

Brent Spiner letter to Gail, after Vatican bombing on 11/28/11

My dear wife,

Vladimir has asked me to write you in the aftermath of the nuclear attack on the Vatican that you summoned this afternoon via YouTube. The bombing was a success. It obliterated the age old building and Jesuit death tolls were enormous. However, I’m afraid our victory was far from clean.

While the Vatican has been vaporized, our attempt to save the pope and teleport the baby elsewhere has caused an unfortunate accident. The pope exploded. Our church tower, which was transported briefly into space for the protection of the men inside it during the bombing, received the transported bomb which proceeded to take out several decks. We’ve lost 90% of our life support and we have many wounded. I want you to know that myself and the other men are safe. We are piloting the tower back to earth as I write you.

In light of this awful tragedy, there is good news. The innocent baby was transported, naked, into a field where it was retrieved by rescue teams. What I have to tell you about this baby may be hard to swallow. I hope you are sitting down, because I nearly fainted! In an attempt to identify the little one’s parents and return it to their loving care, Vladimir’s nanotechnology teams discovered that this baby appears to belong to both you and Terrance Jenkins. Our scientists probed and prodded but to our surprise, she is not a clone of any kind, nor has she been artificially engineered. Research indicated that your eggs and his sperm were stolen and used to artificially impregnate Rule 13, who then carried and gave birth naturally to what appears to be a completely unaltered, natural baby girl.

We were of course not going to return your daughter to the Jesuits only to have them raise her into a monster. Who knows what plans they had in store. As soon as we reach Earth I will be taking your baby with me to Gerard’s house where she will be safe with the three of us while she recovers from her ordeal.

I can see Earth. It looks like we are about to land. I will write more when I can. Let us know that you are safe.

Your husband,

Brent Spiner

UPDATE: Vladimir told Gail that there was a dangerous Jesuit military installation underneath the Vatican, which was not correct. Vladimir was probably very upset that the nude videos Gail sent to Vladimir in the summer of 2011 got confiscated by his Jesuit clone wife Lyudmila and she handed them over to Zack Knight (the Jesuit leader at the time) and Zack paraded the nudes around the Vatican. While parading the nudes, Jesuits were claiming that Gail was one of them, which is what upset Gail, who opposed Jesuit warmongering and rape. Gail would not have bombed the Vatican solely over nudes. She really believed there was a Jesuit military installation underneath the Vatican. Vladimir carried out the actual bombing, which may explain why Loree McBride hates Vladimir Putin and tries to make him appear evil. Zack Knight and Rule 13 came to Gail and Jesus’ side in Sept. 2016. Now it is evil Loree McBride who remains the evil, rogue Jesuit leader. She loves her rape, her money laundering, and feeling like a celebrity (a position she got handed to her on a silver platter simply by being a Jesuit). However, we tried to save Pope Benedict, but could not, due to the Jesuit bomb attached to him, which exploded right as Pope Benedict landed on Church of Gail. Any Pope Benedict you have seen since Nov. 2011 is either a Pope Benedict clone or automaton.

Baby Brianna Jenkins-Schuler (Nov. 28, 2011)
Brianna Jenkins-Schuler (~Jan. 28, 2012). Jesuit cause babies to grow fast using accelerated growth hormones. The accelerated growth stops once the child reaches the desired age.
Brianna Jenkins-Schuler (~ Dec. 7, 2011)

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