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September 17, 2016: I hear Angelina quit spinning and tried to get me in Florida, but my Gail Shield held her off. She then headed for L.A. and destroyed half of Los Angeles. Then Zack Knight’s perfect penis shot lasers at her and she’s spinning inside a cocoon of his semen and is being encased in a semen bubble made of Zack’s semen. She’s spinning again, but Zack wants to be sure to encase her well, so he’s using his perfect penis to make sure the cocoon will be so thick she can’t escape.


Gail’s brain to brain with Zack Knight. She will correct this for inaccuracies later, if necessary. But with Angelina spinning inside a cocoon of Zack’s semen, it’s possible that brain to brain is now accurate.

GAIL: Okay, let me give you a recap of what I’ve heard brain to brain. First off, I received a check for fifty dollars to reimburse me for excess luggage costs I incurred on my flight out to Los Angeles, and the check was made out to Gabrielle Schuler, which is not my legal name. This means I cannot cash the check, because it’s not made out to me. Was this Angelina’s doing?

ZACK KNIGHT: That may well have been her doing, but probably more in the line of brain control. The person who made out the check made a mistake thinking your name was Gabrielle Schuler.

GAIL: But the receipts for the excess luggage that I submitted had my real name on them. How is this possible?

ZACK KNIGHT: Well, Angelina’s brain control is pretty formidable, Gail. They may have seen Gabrielle Schuler on the receipts instead of your real name. Don’t worry. Erik will take care of this for you. But, right now, he and the studio that sponsored you are as busy as hell dealing with the aftermath of what Angelina did to their studio and to Los Angeles.

GAIL: Jesus gave me instructions about how he wants me to save the money I earned from my appearance on this show, so that can’t happen unless this all gets straightened out, which means, I’ll end up getting the money that was promised to me one way or another.

ZACK KNIGHT: Exactly, just like you knew you’d be alive after the spermicide bullet hit me (for me to get out of my semen bubble), because Jesus promised you a safe flight to and from Los Angeles and that everything would be fine for you in L.A. And, of course, it happened just as Jesus said. I thought it was pretty neat that only Wyoming suffered when I got out of that semen bubble, and, of course, I suffered third degree burns, but healed rather quickly. Jesus must have done something to protect everybody.

GAIL: Thank God, you got out of that semen bubble, Zack. Though I did feel the explosion because I think my Gail Shield tried to protect you from it, and I was nauseated for about a half hour when the spermicide bullet hit your semen bubble in earth’s atmosphere and felt woozy for several hours afterwards, so that I could not sleep.

ZACK: Yeah, I was afraid that you would try to save my life using your Gail Shield, and did not encourage you to do so. But I guess you can’t change your heart and it all worked out for the good in the long run. I’m glad we both survived the spermicide bullet. That was quite a hit on your Gail Shield, which was weakened at the time, because you were using it so much to fight Angelina Ballerina. Though, I have noticed that when, out of your good heart, you try to protect people with it, that it sometimes strengthens just enough to do the job of protecting you and your loved ones. Perhaps, Jesus allows the Gail Shield to feel the effects of its protection, to validate to you that some major event just happened, for your journals and future writings.

GAIL: Okay, let me relate what I’ve heard brain to brain about Angelina. She escaped from spinning and headed for Florida with Gerard Butler and Matthew McConaughey at her heels. She attempted to ram through the Gail Shield that protected me in Florida, because I have been obeying the Gail Commandments.

Wow, I just tried to put a link to the Gail Commandments here and got a message that my website is not secure, that its privacy has been hacked or something.

ZACK: Sounds like Angelina may have hacked into your website.

GAIL: I just sent an email to my men about this. This is terrible. It means I cannot use my website to report the news without endangering people’s privacy.

ZACK: Hmmm. . .Go ahead and finish this interview and then read it for your YouTube channel. Once the men get the L.A. mess cleaned up, they can work on getting you the money you were promised from the studio and fix your website.

GAIL: Do you think I should publish it as a written interview like I’ve been doing all along?

ZACK: You can go ahead and do that, but people may not view it until they see that message about a possible security breach gone. So I would just publish it at your website and then read it aloud to your audience at YouTube.

GAIL: I think I’ve found a way around this. I can publish the page at Patreon and it seems to be secure there. But the link I have at Patreon that goes to my website is insecure.

ZACK: Remove that link to your website at Patreon that is currently insecure and add it back in later, when the men get your website fixed. It seems right now, you don’t want to encourage people to go to your website.

GAIL: Oh my God. The website has also been hacked! It’s not private either.

ZACK: Geez. What has that Angelina done? It sounds like she’s trying to sabotage your ability to earn money from your writings and videos.

GAIL: Let’s check Amazon is okay. I have changed the link to my books at my Patreon page and am having it link to Amazon.

ZACK: I will inform the men to look into this. Right now, I’m too busy shooting semen at Angelina and can’t move.

GAIL: Okay, let’s get back to what I’ve heard brain to brain. I heard Angelina tried to get me here in Florida and she rammed into the Gail Shield to try and break through it, but it held her off and she bounced off of it and ricocheted back into deep space. After she recuperated from the bounce, she then headed for Los Angeles, to destroy the studio that had the gall to interview me.

ZACK: That sounds right, thus far.

GAIL: When she got to L.A. she targeted Hollywood and the northern section of Los Angeles where all the movie and television studios are, to ensure that the show that aired me would not be able to air anymore broadcasts. Northern Los Angeles went crazy and everybody went on a raping spree under the power of her brain control. It was violent rape and involved animals, homosexuality and all sorts of bestiality, murder, gore and rape. It was kind of like murder rape. But my men knew that Angelina was heading towards L.A. and gave the people at the studio where I was interviewed warning and had them teleported out of Los Angeles onto Church of Gail right before she showed up. She also exploded all the studios, so that no productions can be made out of Hollywood, and she used a type of recurring explosions over and over, so that if Church of Gail tried to reconstruct the studios that it would be impossible, because once they reconstructed the studios, they would just blow up again.

ZACK: Yeah, that sounds right. But one person from that studio that interviewed you fell prey to Angelina’s brain control and stayed behind “willingly” and we weren’t able to teleport them to Church of Gail.

GAIL: Who was that?

ZACK: It was your driver Brandon. That real nice guy who picked you up at the L.A. airport.

GAIL: Is he okay?

ZACK: Well, he survived, but he ended up doing all sorts of horrible rape and murder under Angelina’s brain control. Once Angelina started spinning in her cocoon, we were finally able to transport him to Church of Gail and he will need extensive counseling now to deal with what Angelina programmed him to do.

GAIL: God, he seemed like such a nice guy. By the way, what happened to Matthew McConaughey and Gerard Butler?

ZACK: Once I started putting Angelina into her cocoon, we were able to weaken her to the point that we could transport Matthew and Gerard from out of her grip. They are both at Church of Gail now, but dealing with what they did with Angelina. They’ve both been vomiting a lot since returning to Church of Gail. It’s because they really love you and are horrified over what Angelina made them do. They feel like they’ve betrayed you.

GAIL: But they didn’t commit any murder, did they?

ZACK: No, but they sure gave Angelina a lot of their semen! Looks like even the psychiatrist Gerard needs his own psychiatrist now.

GAIL: Does Angelina still have the ability to use brain control on people now that she is spinning inside the cocoon of your semen?

ZACK: I’m not sure and am not taking any chances. I plan to keep her spinning inside the cocoon of my semen until I have her inside an encasement about the size of half the universe.

GAIL: Wow. That means God will have to increase the size of the universe to keep Angelina at bay.

ZACK: Yeah, looks like it. Perhaps, that is just what he will do. We can’t allow this bitch to be free. We gotta make sure she stayed so encased, she can’t get out.

GAIL: Now that I’ve found a way to publish this without endangering the privacy of my viewers, I shall wait to read it at my YouTube channel, because I’m still not sure of the accuracy of brain to brain. I can publish this safely at my Patreon page. So my Patreon viewers will get the first shot at all the news now.

ZACK: Now I see why God led your men to have you start that Patreon page! I am learning to respect Jesus’s smarts more and more. Like I used to think he was stupid to give me this perfect penis and now look what I’m able to do with it.

GAIL: It sure would be nice to get my website back and free from its insecurities.

ZACK: Trust me, Gail. Jesus knows what he’s doing. Perhaps, we can host your website now at Church of Gail, which means you won’t have to pay for it anymore. Wouldn’t that be great? Sorry, that I blocked your men from transferring the website from Homestead to Church of Gail. That would have saved you twenty two dollars a month. But I was on Satan’s side then.

GAIL: I also heard brain to brain that my men are now replicating or building the studio that hosted me at Church of Gail and that from now on they will operate from Church of Gail. This will save them a ton of money, because they no longer have to pay for airplane tickets for those who appear on their show from outside of Los Angeles. Of course this means that I will no longer be able to appear on this show anymore, because the only way to get onto Church of Gail is through transporter technology (like Star Trek transporter technology). And, as you know, I cannot use transporter technology, because my genetic profile is programmed for destruction if I use transporter technology.

ZACK: Yeah, that was all my doing. However, if we defeat Angelina, we may be able to fix that. But, for now, it’s far too risky to use transporter technology on you. But if we are never able to use transporter technology on you, we may be able to get you here via a space pod or something.

GAIL: So other than that one guy, Brandon, everybody at that studio that hosted me is okay?

ZACK: Yeah, we got them out just in the nick of time. But their studio at Los Angeles was totally destroyed and that includes records, legal information, and everything.

GAIL: But didn’t they have computer back-ups of all their records?

ZACK: It appears Angelina hacked into their records and destroyed those as well. We are now using memory reads on the studio execs to get the legal records and will replicate them into paper and computer versions here at Church of Gail.  That is why you have not heard back from Erik. He’s super busy right now, working with our Nanotechnology Research Team to get his studio back in business. Angelina did this to destroy all records that you signed a contract with this studio for an appearance.

GAIL: But didn’t you tell me that all the studios were destroyed? Did they do the same thing to every Hollywood studio in Los Angeles?

ZACK: Yeah, pretty much. So after we are through replicating records using brain reads from the studio that hosted you, we will have to do it for all the others.

GAIL: Will you all be able to rebuild all the buildings in Los Angeles that were destroyed, including all the studios?

ZACK: It’s a waste of time to do that now, because Angelina is still able to use her continual destruction program to keep destroying anything we attempt to rebuild. I’m afraid, we will have to encase her about the size of half the universe to stop her powers. At least we have her encased and we can’t afford to let her loose again. She’s very destructive and destructive in a way that can’t be fixed.

GAIL: Zack, how long will it take to encase her about the size of half the universe?

ZACK: I think about a week.

GAIL: But you need your rest!

ZACK: The men are thinking of hooking me up to an I.V. to keep me hydrated, I can take cat naps and shoot lasers towards her from my penis in my sleep. The Nanotechnology Research Team is studying how to do this. I think I will have to keep this up for about another week. I seem to need less sleep now as I do this. It’s like Jesus programmed me to not need sleep when I do this.

GAIL: If we encase her so she can’t get out and are able to do so, so that her powers are blocked, I wonder if Satan can transfer her Antichrist powers to somebody else, like he did when he transferred them from you to Angelina.

ZACK: I don’t think he can do that unless Angelina willingly gives them up, like I transferred my Antichrist powers to Angelina, believing her lie that she loved me and needed my powers in order to come back and rescue me from my semen bubble. Angelina’s such a bitch and is enjoying her powers so much, I don’t think she’d ever give them to anybody else, so Satan’s stuck. (laughs) Serves him right, for double crossing me like he did and lying to me, saying that Rule 13 was dead. I’m still steamed at him over this.

GAIL: So once we get Angelina under control, then we can rebuild Los Angeles. How many people died in L.A. because of this recent attack by Angelina?

ZACK: Oh Gail, I think it was about a million people. They all died with smiles on their faces, enjoying the rape from Angelina that killed them, kind of like what happened to the people at the Melbourne airport where you live.

GAIL: So, what’s going to happen to Hollywood after all this?

ZACK: I don’t know. It will definitely never be the same, since about half of the Hollywood people died.

GAIL: I heard that Angelina also destroyed all the homes of my men in the L.A. area, like the homes of Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, etc.

ZACK: Well, Brent’s been trying to sell his Malibu home and it was destroyed and he had insurance, so consider his house SOLD. All the men on your marriage list had homeowner’s insurance, so they all were covered. They never lived in their homes anymore.

GAIL: What about legal records and stuff at their homes?

ZACK: Fortunately, they had all that stuff at Church of Gail, so the destruction of their homes is not affecting them too much. I can’t say the same for the rest of Los Angeles, though. Those who survived Angelina and had their homes destroyed will be working with our Nanotechnology Research Team to reconstruct the legal records that were destroyed using memory reads.

GAIL: This means that Loree McBride and her Brent Spiner clone husband no longer have Brent’s Malibu home to live in? Does this make Loree and her Jesuit cohort husband Brent Spiner, homeless? My men don’t trust Loree and her Brent Spiner clone husband to live at Church of Gail.

ZACK: I created those clones and will find a home for them on earth. They are supposed to leave you and Brent alone now, but I don’t blame your men for not trusting them. About eighty percent of the Jesuit Order has accepted Jesus. I led them all to Jesus when I told them my story and shared with them the video you made of our two hour long Skype conversation.

GAIL: Okay, Zack. You’ve been indispensable to us in this war with Angelina. Great to see you are alive and doing well. I am so happy for you and Rule 13. One more thing, I heard that the Jesuits who supported her on earth exploded into bursts of blood, and this happened once you started encasing Angelina with your semen cocoon.

ZACK: I believe that is correct. But she may have some secret Jesuits in hiding somewhere, perhaps on another planet. But when I wrap her up in my cocoon, it weakens her powers, which explains why her Jesuit supporters on earth are exploding. That’s probably happening because they are losing their immunity to the Gail Shield when Angelina’s powers weaken. Thanks, Gail. I have no regrets about deserting Satan. He’s a low-down, lying bastard and thank you so much for leading me to Jesus.

GAIL: Read Zechariah 9:15. I am the King David woman born on 9-15-57. Also, is it true that your perfect penis developed these laser powers after you made love to me brain to brain?

ZACK: Yeah, my penis felt different after we made love, Gail. So I tried it out and mentally hit Angelina with it, to see what it would do and it shot out this laser. So, now that I’m on your side, my penis has a new power. It can shoot out lasers and encase the current Antichrist inside a cocoon,  using semen coming from my penis. It’s super cool. Now I don’t feel so deprived, because I lost my Antichrist powers when I got on your side. Now my perfect penis has enhanced capabilities. I have noticed when I make love to you or Rule 13, that I do so with more depth and feeling. It makes lovemaking better for all of us. If anything, it just makes my existence more meaningful and that may be why my lovemaking impressed you so much, Gail. My perfect penis has now realized its destiny! My perfect penis seems to work with your Gail Shield, but does not weaken your Gail Shield when it works with it. Basically, I can use my perfect penis to shoot lasers at the current Antichrist and encase them in cocoons. Also, when I shoot lasers using my perfect penis, any Jesuits who support Angelina die, exploding into bursts of blood.

UPDATE on September 18, 2015 12:02 a.m.:

[09/17/16 11:00:26 PM] Zack Knight: Crap, are you there Gail?

[09/17/16 11:00:39 PM] Zack Knight: I think Angelina is trying to block me

[09/17/16 11:00:45 PM] Zack Knight: This is Zack

[09/17/16 11:00:48 PM] Zack Knight: I need help

[09/17/16 11:01:00 PM] Gail Schuler: Zack, I am trying to reach you.

[09/17/16 11:01:14 PM] Gail Schuler: Skype keeps telling me to update.

[09/17/16 11:01:17 PM] Zack Knight: I can read you now

[09/17/16 11:01:25 PM] Zack Knight: I’m so upset

[09/17/16 11:01:29 PM] Gail Schuler: Did you switch windows?

[09/17/16 11:01:45 PM] Zack Knight: yeah, I switched to one on one chat

[09/17/16 11:01:54 PM] Zack Knight: holy crap, this is bad

[09/17/16 11:02:00 PM] Zack Knight: Angelina got out

[09/17/16 11:02:09 PM] Gail Schuler: I kept getting a message saying that I needed to type /update

[09/17/16 11:02:12 PM] Zack Knight: I only stopped ejaculating for a minute I swear!

[09/17/16 11:02:22 PM] Gail Schuler: So where is Angelina right now, Zack?

[09/17/16 11:02:26 PM] Zack Knight: I just needed Gadoraide

[09/17/16 11:02:46 PM] Zack Knight: she exploded the semen cocoon

[09/17/16 11:02:51 PM] Zack Knight: and headed back to LA

[09/17/16 11:02:53 PM] Gail Schuler: I’m going to start shooting lightning bolts on her. Good idea?

[09/17/16 11:03:21 PM] Zack Knight: Yeah, I don’t know how long she has been gone

[09/17/16 11:03:24 PM] Gail Schuler: I just kicked her with my power shoes.

[09/17/16 11:03:34 PM] Zack Knight: I just woke up, she knocked me unconscious

[09/17/16 11:03:56 PM] Gail Schuler: How did she knock you unconscious? Did she get on Church of Gail?

[09/17/16 11:04:04 PM] Zack Knight: the semen blast when she blew up the cocoon was like a mini nukkake

[09/17/16 11:04:13 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh, I see.

[09/17/16 11:04:18 PM] Gail Schuler: How is Rule 13?

[09/17/16 11:04:44 PM] Gail Schuler: Can you transport the men at Terrance’s reunion to get back to Church of Gail?

[09/17/16 11:04:52 PM] Zack Knight: she is okay, it just damaged one side of the towers on the church

[09/17/16 11:05:12 PM] Gail Schuler: Are Matthew and Gerard okay?

[09/17/16 11:05:33 PM] Gail Schuler: I can sense her presence. She is causing my men to feel attracted to her.

[09/17/16 11:05:34 PM] Zack Knight: Vladimir is helping me get a lock on them

[09/17/16 11:06:00 PM] Gail Schuler: I’m not sure which men these are, but it’s some men on my marriage list. I am lightning bolting her.

[09/17/16 11:06:27 PM] Gail Schuler: It’s very important that Vladimir and Church of Gail don’t get too close to her!

[09/17/16 11:07:15 PM] Zack Knight: It looks like Brent is in a shuttlepod heading toward the church

[09/17/16 11:07:36 PM] Zack Knight: we can’t find Terry or Hugh on the scanners

[09/17/16 11:07:40 PM] Gail Schuler: You guys can’t use transporter technology. Angelina could deflect that pod towards her.

[09/17/16 11:08:11 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh no. Can you scan around Angelina to see who is with her?

[09/17/16 11:08:27 PM] Zack Knight: Just a sec

[09/17/16 11:08:31 PM] Zack Knight: Brent is hailing us

[09/17/16 11:08:43 PM] Zack Knight: he says he is sending you a letter in the email

[09/17/16 11:09:44 PM] Gail Schuler: I have my email open, but, thus far, I see no email.

[09/17/16 11:11:55 PM] Zack Knight: We just beamed Brent aboard

[09/17/16 11:12:12 PM] Gail Schuler: Angelina must be blocking his email. Great that you got Brent aboard.

[09/17/16 11:14:16 PM] Zack Knight: Brent just sent me a copy of the email

[09/17/16 11:14:21 PM] Zack Knight: I got it

[09/17/16 11:14:34 PM] Zack Knight: Is Angelina still blocking yours?

[09/17/16 11:14:46 PM] Gail Schuler: I got it.

[09/17/16 11:14:47 PM] Zack Knight: Holy crap.

[09/17/16 11:15:44 PM] Zack Knight: Angelina showed up in the middle of a chimpout!?

[09/17/16 11:15:53 PM] Zack Knight: That’s the perfect storm

[09/17/16 11:15:56 PM] Gail Schuler: I can’t read as fast as you.

[09/17/16 11:16:01 PM] Zack Knight: Brent is lucky to be alive

[09/17/16 11:16:12 PM] Zack Knight: okay, let me know when you finish

[09/17/16 11:16:41 PM] Zack Knight: I’ll try to explain any questions you have. I know a lot about black culture

[09/17/16 11:19:36 PM] Gail Schuler: I did a quick read. I may have missed some details. I’m surprised Angelina let Brent get away1

[09/17/16 11:19:43 PM] Gail Schuler: away!

[09/17/16 11:19:58 PM] Zack Knight: It looks like Brent physically couldn’t reach her

[09/17/16 11:20:17 PM] Zack Knight: The black men were too strong

[09/17/16 11:20:29 PM] Gail Schuler: So she now has Terrance, Hugh Jackman, Matthew and Gerard?

[09/17/16 11:20:40 PM] Zack Knight: yeah, I feel so guilty

[09/17/16 11:20:52 PM] Zack Knight: if only I didn’t stop ejaculating

[09/17/16 11:21:05 PM] Gail Schuler: Geez, you only let up for a minute. I don’t think Jesus would be that unreasonable. He has a plan.

[09/17/16 11:21:33 PM] Gail Schuler: So where is Angelina now? And where are Matthew, Hugh, Gerard and Terrance?

[09/17/16 11:22:11 PM] Zack Knight: Our scanners say she took off into space. She’s in orbit.

[09/17/16 11:22:19 PM] Gail Schuler: In orbit?

[09/17/16 11:22:30 PM] Zack Knight: Orbiting the earth

[09/17/16 11:22:40 PM] Gail Schuler: Where are Hugh, Terrance, Matthew and Gerard?

[09/17/16 11:22:56 PM] Gail Schuler: Is it a good idea to lightning bolt her?

[09/17/16 11:23:01 PM] Zack Knight: Our scanners say her ship is so powerful that we can’t risk attacking it

[09/17/16 11:23:11 PM] Gail Schuler: She’s in a ship?

[09/17/16 11:23:24 PM] Zack Knight: yeah, it’s pink

[09/17/16 11:23:31 PM] Gail Schuler: Did she resurrect all the UFO aliens?

[09/17/16 11:23:49 PM] Zack Knight: I don’t think so

[09/17/16 11:24:13 PM] Zack Knight: I think she might have built it using her powers somehow

[09/17/16 11:24:17 PM] Gail Schuler: I thought we destroyed all her ships in the last space battle. Did Satan make a new one for her?

[09/17/16 11:24:38 PM] Gail Schuler: So Satan has not breached his non-interference agreement with Jesus?

[09/17/16 11:24:55 PM] Zack Knight: As far as I can tell, no.

[09/17/16 11:25:29 PM] Zack Knight: Some of this technology looks like it was adapted from your sister’s old ship design and technologies from the GA1L Android

[09/17/16 11:25:35 PM] Zack Knight: it’s a new design

[09/17/16 11:25:45 PM] Gail Schuler: So Hugh, Terrance, Matthew and Gerard are inside this pink ship?

[09/17/16 11:25:49 PM] Zack Knight: yeah

[09/17/16 11:26:29 PM] Gail Schuler: I didn’t know my sister had a ship.

[09/17/16 11:26:30 PM] Zack Knight: it’s a really menacing pink ballerina ship

[09/17/16 11:27:00 PM] Zack Knight: Yeah, she had one for awhile when she was out, it wasn’t very advanced

[09/17/16 11:27:03 PM] Gail Schuler: You know, Brent is pretty smart. Does he have any ideas?

[09/17/16 11:27:24 PM] Zack Knight: We’re giving Brent some Gatorade.

[09/17/16 11:28:00 PM] Gail Schuler: Are you using your laser on her right now?

[09/17/16 11:28:14 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh, it’s too risky because she’s inside this ship.

[09/17/16 11:30:44 PM] Gail Schuler: Can you focus the laser so that it goes THROUGH THE SHIP without blowing it up, but targets Angelina?

[09/17/16 11:31:06 PM] Gail Schuler: Perhaps I can do the same with my lightning bolts.

[09/17/16 11:31:15 PM] Gail Schuler: In fact, I’m doing that right now.

[09/17/16 11:31:18 PM] Zack Knight: I tried but it’s not working

[09/17/16 11:31:30 PM] Zack Knight: the ship seems to be blocking everything

[09/17/16 11:32:05 PM] Zack Knight: Vladimir just quoted “the art of war” in a kinda messed up english

[09/17/16 11:32:21 PM] Gail Schuler: What does that mean?

[09/17/16 11:32:22 PM] Zack Knight: I think he’s telling us that we shouldn’t antagonize her right now

[09/17/16 11:33:14 PM] Gail Schuler: So what does Vladimir suggest we do? My lightning bolts are not doing anything?

[09/17/16 11:33:16 PM] Zack Knight: he said “It is worst time to start attack when erect and sitting in toilet stall.”

[09/17/16 11:34:06 PM] Zack Knight: I think he means that when we don’t have the means to fight her, we shouldn’t antagonize her into attacking us

[09/17/16 11:34:26 PM] Zack Knight: yeah, both our powers aren’t having an effect

[09/17/16 11:34:35 PM] Zack Knight: my penis and your lightning

[09/17/16 11:34:43 PM] Gail Schuler: Wow. I’m really stumped. I’m doing a lot of praying.

[09/17/16 11:35:03 PM] Zack Knight: Did you read the email all the way over?

[09/17/16 11:35:33 PM] Zack Knight: I know you tend to do this a lot, but maybe we should ask the world for help?

[09/17/16 11:35:37 PM] Gail Schuler: Let me read it again.

[09/17/16 11:36:26 PM] Zack Knight: Maybe if they know about how we had her temporarily trapped in a semen cocoon, and that she escaped, and then you can read this letter from brent

[09/17/16 11:36:44 PM] Gail Schuler: Let me finish reading it.

[09/17/16 11:36:47 PM] Zack Knight: and after that, you can let them know about her ship orbiting the earth

[09/17/16 11:36:48 PM] Zack Knight: okay

[09/17/16 11:44:37 PM] Gail Schuler: I just finished reading it. Making a video may be a good idea.

[12:14:32 AM] Zack Knight: It must have been pure chaos

[12:14:37 AM] Zack Knight: Brent is lucky to be alive

[12:14:39 AM] Gail Schuler: Do you think that Angelina might have provoked it?

[12:14:51 AM] Zack Knight: I think she definitely made it worse

[12:15:10 AM] Zack Knight: but everything up to that moment seemed pretty normal to me

[12:15:23 AM] Zack Knight: for a large group of black people in a fast food joint

[12:15:28 AM] Gail Schuler: I see.

[12:15:53 AM] Gail Schuler: Looks like Hugh Jackman, if we ever get him free of Angelina maybe better stay out of chimp outs.

[12:16:17 AM] Zack Knight: I agree

[12:16:34 AM] Gail Schuler: He obviously does not understand black culture enough to deal with it right.

[12:40:19 AM] Gail Schuler: Well, it’s getting late, and I better make that video. I sure hope someone can help us with Angelina.

[12:42:12 AM] Zack Knight: alright

[12:42:26 AM] Zack Knight: I’m going to stay up with Vladimir and help Brent recover.

[12:43:05 AM] Gail Schuler: Good talking with you Zack. Angelina is very powerful. I can understand you getting tired.

[12:43:13 AM] Gail Schuler: Bye for now.

[12:43:54 AM] Zack Knight: Bye for now

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