Aug. 30, 2016 brain to brain interview with new Gabrielle Chana FOX News reporter Alex Jones

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August 30, 2016 brain to brain interview with new Gabrielle Chana FOX News reporter Alex Jones.

GAIL: Oh boy, have I been having a time trying to keep up with all the news I’m garnering from your news site. You are one of the best reporters out there and get out news stories that tell people what they really need to know.

ALEX JONES: Thank you, Gail. I’ve known about you as American Empress for a long time, and I’ve had your job as Gabrielle Chana FOX News correspondent ever since the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel started in 2012.

GAIL: As you know, we’ve had a rash of nukkake (nuclear bombs with semen) attacks worldwide, even some by Zack Knight attempting to annihilate planet earth and you have not covered these at all.

ALEX JONES: My darling, forgive the pun, but if I reported on this stuff at my news site, the global elites would forcibly arrest me and send me off to an asylum and mess with my brain and it would be over for me and my news site. I’m sure you understand this, as you are very bright.

GAIL: Yes, I can see that happening. But you do report on as much stuff as you can get away with and do it very well. I agree with you that the coming elections for U.S. President will determine a lot about the future of the global elitists, who I call the Jesuit Order.

ALEX: I totally agree with you, Gail, but prefer to call them the global elitists, which they are, because it helps me get a larger audience. If I narrowed it down to the Jesuits, as you do, some people would not be receptive to what I have to say and I’m very concerned about outreach. However, I’m thrilled that you started your news site. You are able to report on stuff that I cannot, due to your relationships with your men.

GAIL: Yeah, God has put me in a unique position. I do want to question some of what you have reported on. You state that North Korea now has a dangerous nuclear capability that can attack the western United States. As you know, Kim Jong Il was on my marriage list and Jesuits murdered him in December 2011, at the same time that they tried to murder Vladimir Putin. Therefore, Kim Jong Un, as his son, has been one of my supporters. Of course, there is a Jesuit Kim Jong Un clone. Brent Spiner told me that North Korea’s military arsenal is weak and that the Western press greatly hypes up his military capabilities and that much of the news reports about North Korea shooting missiles has been lies.

ALEX: Okay, I have mentioned that North Korea used to have a weak military arsenal, but that within the past six months it has been beefed up. Brent did not mention to you that their arsenal has been beefed up?

GAIL: No, he did not mention this.

ALEX: Hmmmm. It may be that he doesn’t want you to report on this, because it would give the U.S. an excuse to attack North Korea, especially with the possibility that a war hungry Hillary Clinton might take the throne. My guess is that Jesuit leader Zack Knight may have supplied the evil Jesuit Kim Jong Un clone with this new nuclear arsenal. The global elites are getting kind of desperate Gail, because of your Gail Shield, and they are pulling out all the stops. If not for your Gail Shield, they would have annihilated all of us by now. If we can get Donald Trump into the Presidency, then he will work with your men to beef up the Gail Shield and ensure it works with our military arsenal to take out the global elites.

GAIL: So Gabrielle Chana FOX News has promoted you to broadcaster on Gabrielle Chana FOX News?

ALEX: Yeah, they learned that by putting me on as a broadcaster, that they are able to keep the Gabrielle Chana FOX News at 00 on cable. It appears that Zack Knight came up with technology to remove the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel from 00 on cable in a lot of locations, but because you have links to my news site at your news site, if I appear on Gabrielle Chana FOX News and if Gabrielle Chana FOX News connects also to your site, we are able to defeat Zack’s technology and keep up Gabrielle Chana FOX News at 00 on cable. By you starting your news site and connecting me to your site, we have put the strength of the Gail Shield onto Gabrielle Chana FOX News and thwarted some of Zack Knight’s control over the media.

GAIL: Wonderful. Well, I need to go. I’m still watching lots of your broadcasts to keep up with all the latest, that my men have not been able to tell me about, probably because they are so busy fighting Jesuits. Great job as a reporter. You are doing a lot of good.

ALEX: Thanks Gail. We make a great news team.

GAIL: I’m back, Alex. Do you think the Jesuits plan to kill Hillary in the news, in order to put Senator Tim Kaine into the Presidency? And don’t you agree he would be worse than Clinton?

ALEX: Oh God, Gail, you have a point. I am aware that the real Hillary was murdered a couple months ago, and it’s her clone who is really sick.

GAIL: Why would the Jesuit substitute the real Hillary with a very sick clone? If they wanted, they could make her healthy in a day, right?

ALEX: Well, Gail. I think your Gail Shield is messing her up and if they can’t keep her alive, they plan to use automatons. But it looks like even that won’t work. This may explain one of the reasons Hillary hasn’t done any news conferences. She probably can’t take the power of your Gail Shield. They just want to have Tim Kaine as a President to make the Jesuits appear to be legitimate and morally responsible and help them prop up the George Soros regime.

GAIL: Well, George is working for the Jesuits. I imagine that because of my Gail Shield, this may all catch up on them, even if Hillary wins.

ALEX: Jesuits are very resourceful. It would be better to take away their ability to lie to the public. With Tim or Hillary in power, it will enhance their ability to work on the minds of the public and brainwash them to obey Jesuit powermongers.

GAIL: I think the Jesuits don’t want the world to know that Hillary, being a Jesuit, is having trouble functioning under my Gail Shield. They are probably hoping they can keep her together long enough to win the election, then after that they can use holograms and illusions of her or Tim Kaine to rule the country. If she totally falls apart under the power of my Gail Shield, then they will continue the illusion with Tim Kaine and/or his automatons or holograms of him.

ALEX: Sounds awful. Trump needs to win. Good point, though. To win an election through lies and deception and control people by keeping them dumb is never a good thing.

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