Death Penalty to Support Convicted Brain Control War Criminal Loree McBride

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Gail has written new Conspiracy Law, denying convicted brain control war criminals due process as of July 27, 2017. In the video, Gail explains how Loree is alleging that Brent Spiner has raped her and that for this reason, he should be denied his license to practice medicine. But this is all irrelevant, since Loree used brain control on Brent to start her relationship with him and she continues to use brain control all the time. The issue is brain control more than it is rape, unless you are referring to BRAIN RAPE.

Gail described how Brent feels using first person in parts of the video and is NOT referring to herself, but to BRENT SPINER in these sections.

In fact, it is now a death penalty to attempt to give a brain control criminal (convicted under Conspiracy Law) due process, because it just makes it easier for them to continue their murders.

Here is the new law, read Sections 43 & 44:

I have also published it at my WordPress site:

Here are my latest updates to Conspiracy Law:

Try listening to this as a weapons video against Loree’s spacefleet:

Here is what REALLY happened to Brent Spiner the one time he knowingly had sex with Loree McBride: