Loree McBride and all RAPIST CLONE JESUITS required to undergo mandatory mental health surgery

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Loree McBride and all RAPIST CLONE JESUITS required to undergo mandatory mental health surgery to reprogram them to mentally healthy approaches to love, sex and marriage. Loree McBride, like most clone Jesuits is programmed to have a mentally ill approach to love, sex and romance. These are dangerously mentally ill people who must undergo mandatory reprogramming. Here is the law that American Empress Gail has written regarding this. See #71 of my Conspiracy Law updates. https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/05/07/gails-latest-updates-to-conspiracy-law/

Here is a video I made about this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEYB5ZlwbNY

17.13 CLONE PRACTITIONERs use all their energies to ensure that clones or half-clones are not used to further the goals of the Jesuits, because Jesuits love to trick or deceive us with clones or half-clones, to confuse us, so that they can undermine CONSPIRACY LAW. CLONE PRACTITIONERS must ensure this does not happen. CLONE PRACTITIONERS will create rules for their clones or half-clones that honor the guidelines of CONSPIRACY LAW, and that eliminates any confusion over clones or half-clones that would enhance the goals of the Jesuits. If a CLONE PRACTITIONER or any LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON willingly and knowingly creates any rules that cause confusion over who is or is not a clone or half-clone, or which clone or half-clone we are dealing with (if there is more than one), or who is or is not a Jesuit supporter, that practitioner will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.

17.13a As a result of Zack Knight coming over to Gail Chord Schuler’s side, there is a civil war inside the Jesuit Order. It appears that most of those who resist Zack are CLONES or HALF-CLONES. The problem appears to be that they are programmed to be competitive with Gail and to destroy her and try to wrest from Gail the men who love her. Their desire to be this way seems to stem from their mentally unhealthy programming, which gives them a mentally ill approach to sex and romance. If our scientists deem that reprogramming the RAPIST Jesuit may cure them of their criminal desires that violate Conspiracy Law, then that Jesuit must undergo genetic reconstruction to remake them into a law abiding citizen. If we are unable to nab that Jesuit and they are a threat to life and health, they must be executed, even if we think we can help them with genetic reconstruction surgery. We are assuming that they are criminal because of HOW THEY WERE BORN, but this may not be the case. We do not have to give them the option for genetic reconstruction surgery, if we feel that Jesuit will not change after the operation or that it won’t work or that it is impossible to nab that Jesuit to force them to undergo the operation. We are just being gracious and granting that it is possible that because they were created in cloning labs to be a criminal, that they are incapable of any other approach to life. If our scientists are certain that any Jesuit does have free will and is able to choose a law abiding existence but willingly and knowingly chooses to live a life of crime, then all parts of this Sect. 17.13 that pertains to mandatory genetic reconstruction surgery for that particular Jesuit will be NULL AND VOID. We are assuming that because certain Jesuits were created in cloning labs to have an evil temperament that that is why they are evil. If this cannot be corrected and/or if the evil temperament can be overcome by choices that this Jesuit is free to make (i.e., they can choose to live a good life and are not forced into it by programming that they have no control over), then all parts of this Sect. 17.13 that pertains to that RAPIST Jesuit is null and void, and we will have to execute that Jesuit.

Gail still encourages everybody to listen to her weapons videos (if they are still posted because they are necessary) at https://gabriellechana.blog/gabrielle-chana-fox-news-headlines/ to take out RAPIST Jesuits who have not surrendered to us for genetic reconstruction surgery to cure them of their criminal urges that they have no control over. BUT if we are able to nab some RAPIST Jesuits that we believe we can help to overcome their evil urges with genetic reconstruction surgery, we will spare their life as we attempt to do this surgery on them. If they won’t surrender, and they pose a threat to life and health, we are not responsible for their death if we must use the Gail Shield or Gail’s weapons video or other means to take them out. Any RAPIST Jesuits that we capture and who seem viable candidates for reconstruction surgery, will be forced to undergo this surgery to try and spare their life.

Basically, Gail has written this law to show mercy to RAPIST Jesuits who stand a chance for a new life as a law abiding citizen, if we can cure them of mental illness that they have no control over because they were created to be a certain way and cannot overcome how they were created. Those who definitely choose a life of crime and have the ability to choose otherwise (as determined by our scientists) will not have the option to undergo this surgery, but will be treated as death penalty violators of Conspiracy Law.

17.13b This civil war inside the Jesuit Order will not end because the clone leaders who oppose Zack seem to be MENTALLY INSANE. Programmed since birth to compete with Gail, they cannot abandon their programming, because this is how they are programmed. All such RAPIST clones must be taken into custody as dangerously mentally insane persons in emergency need of treatment if we can do so without danger to innocents. All viable candidates are ordered UNDER LAW to undergo an operation to take away their mental illness which makes them insanely jealous to the point that they know no other existence. All genetic programming they have which makes them want to compete with Gail, to undermine Gail and to steal her men must be REWRITTEN to make these clones have a mentally healthy approach to love, marriage, sex, parenthood, dating, etc. We will grant that these clones may be first and foremost mentally ill and in desperate need of treatment. Their mental illness may be why they are a danger to society and if we feel this is the case they are REQUIRED to undergo genetic surgery to remove aspects of their genetic profile that causes them to obsess with competing with Gail and to try and take from Gail the men who would die for her, just because they know of NO OTHER LIFE. It is INSANE or criminal to obsess with a man who does not love you, and to even get pregnant to force him into a loveless marriage, and to not even consider the option of finding another man who could love you for WHO YOU ARE. It is INSANE or criminal to think that physical attraction and sex alone should be the basis for a happy marriage and to think that raping a normal man is the way to win him as a partner. All Jesuits who have been programmed (by a programming they cannot overcome) to believe that rape is the way to love, MUST UNDERGO GENETIC TRANSFORMATION SURGERY TO CHANGE THEIR APPROACH TO LOVE, SEX AND MARRIAGE. All means must be taken to capture all Jesuits who feel this way (called RAPIST JESUITS) and to require them to undergo GENETIC TRANSFORMATION SURGERY to make them have a mentally healthy approach to sex and marriage. BUT we won’t risk the lives of innocents to save these “crazies”, and we won’t be held responsible for their deaths if we have to execute them to spare innocents.

17.13c Top psychiatrists will help in the creation of the programming for these RAPIST JESUITS to create a program which will remove the mentally unhealthy aspects of a RAPIST JESUIT’s programming and to transform these RAPIST JESUITS to have a mentally healthy approach to love and marriage, like many prime Jesuits (such as Zack Knight and Rule 13) are now learning. A prime Jesuit is a Jesuit who is NOT a CLONE or half-CLONE, but was conceived through sexual intercourse between a man and a woman via semen impregnation during natural sex.

17.13d A mentally healthy approach to love and marriage is defined as a desire to have a relationship with one’s sexual partner that is positive, reaffirming, non-competitive, non-controlling, filled with trust, openness, acceptance and love. It won’t matter whether the relationship is heterosexual or homosexual, the goal is to have a relationship based on trust, acceptance, affirmation, positiveness, and the good qualities described in this section.

17.13e If, even after genetic surgery, the RAPIST JESUIT still retains criminal desires in their goals for marriage, sex, love, etc., and they still violate Conspiracy Law, then we will have to execute them. BUT, we grant that this appears to be more of a mental illness problem than a criminal problem right now. These RAPIST JESUITS were created to be this way and if we reprogram their genetics, we may be able to transform these RAPIST JESUITS into law-abiding citizens.

17.13f In the meanwhile, all RAPIST JESUITS must undergo genetic reprogramming to give them the advantage that those who are born naturally (or prime) have. It is not fair they they may have been created to be this way and we punish them for how they were created. So we will grant that the problem may be how they’re programmed and will reprogram them to have a more mentally healthy approach to life.

17.13g All RAPIST JESUITS must undergo this treatment to rid them of mentally unhealthy aspects of their programming, if we can nab them safely. This is mandatory. They are dangerously mentally ill people in DRASTIC NEED OF MENTAL HEALTH INTERVENTION!!!

17.13h Any willing and knowing action (direct or indirect) to violate this Sect. 17.13 in a manner to violate the principles of Conspiracy Law will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

17.13i If despite our best efforts, we are unable to capture RAPIST JESUITS to force them to undergo mental health treatment and they conduct themselves in a manner that is life and/or health threatening to innocents, we have no choice but to execute them to prevent loss of innocent life or to prevent serious illnesses and injury to the population, the environment and the world.

17.13j If the mental health treatment is not possible or does not work, then this 17.13 that pertains to mandatory mental health genetic reprogramming will be null and void, and the only option left will be the execution of these dangerous Jesuits.

17.14 Any willing and knowing use of CLONES or HALF-CLONES that furthers the goals of the Jesuit Order (those Jesuits who desire to violate Conspiracy Law), and/or that violates the principles of CONSPIRACY LAW, and/or would bring harm to SIGNIFICANT PERSONs, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.

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