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On September 5, 2016 in the evening Gail Chord Schuler and Zack Knight had about a two hour long conversation, which she will post when one of her men gives her the okay to do so. If she posts it publicly now, it may help Angelina Ballerina to murder Zack Knight, that is, if he survived the spermicide bullet’s hit on his semen bubble, which was an attempt to release him from the bubble. A super nukkake is a very powerful nuclear bomb which releases tidal waves of semen so strong and toxic, that if they had hit the earth, they would have annihilated the planet. When the Jesuits launched super nukkake to the earth at the end of August 2016, they hit the Gail Shield, which then caused the super nukkake to ricochet and go back to their origination point, which was the Jesuit space fleet; and knocked out the entire Jesuit space fleet, so that the only Jesuits who survived were Zack Knight (then Antichrist), Angelina Ballerina and Rule 13. Though Rule 13 drowned and died, Zack rushed out to rescue Rule 13, did CPR on Rule 13 and revived her. Right after Zack revived Rule 13, she somehow ended up inside a space pod with Angelina Ballerina, who then knocked Rule 13 with a frying pan in the head and sent Rule 13 spinning away into space to die. As Rule 13’s space pod hurtled away into space, my men noticed the hurtling space pod, did reads on it and determined a human life form was in it and brought it to Church of Gail. My men brought Rule 13 to sick bay and took care of her. But Zack Knight got caught up in a semen wave and became encapsulated inside a semen bubble. Angelina Ballerina then entered Zack Knight’s space pod, lied to him and said Rule 13 was dead and then assured Zack she loved him and needed his Antichrist powers to be able to come back and save him from his semen bubble. Satan also showed up and told Zack Knight that Rule 13 had died.

While Zack was in his semen bubble and crying over believing that Rule 13 is dead, Gail was able to communicate with him brain to brain to let him know that both Satan and Rule 13 had betrayed him. Gail was able to lead Zack Knight to Jesus Christ and he prayed a prayer and asked Jesus to save him. Zack then contacted Judge Terrance Jenkins and Gail on Skype from a computer and microphone he built using his knowledge of semen engineering (from a course he took). He was also able to use his knowledge of semen engineering to create water and food while inside his semen bubble. But Gail’s men and Zack determined that it was almost impossible for him to escape his semen bubble, that is, unless they could come up with a way to transform the semen into another substance. Zack decided to risk his life to try and get out of the semen bubble, by allowing Gail’s men to hit it with a spermicide bullet, which would transform the semen into a gas. But because the Jesuit semen used to create the super nukkake from which the semen bubble had come was very deadly, when the spermicide bullet hit the semen bubble near earth the explosion could annihilate planet earth as well as Zack Knight. It was necessary to have the explosion occur near earth, in order to create this window of time from which Zack could be transported out right before the explosion burst out. Gail will release the video of her Skype conversation with Zack Knight, when, and if, her men give her the permission to do so. She does not want to risk harming Zack Knight by releasing this video, which could give Angelina Ballerina a voice print on him (if he’s still inside his semen bubble), enabling this evil bitch to kill Zack Knight.

Gail definitely felt something around 1:20 a.m. Eastern Standard Time in the United States, as she related in the copy of the email she sent to her men at that time (below). She is waiting to hear from her men. Until then, she will just continue to obey the Gail Commandments. Jesus did assure Gail that she would be traveling to Hollywood, California for an appearance on a major mainstream cable show, so she knew that one way or another she would survive the blast. She is not sure what happened to Church of Gail or Zack Knight yet. She has heard from them brain to brain she thinks, but because of interference from Angelina Ballerina (who likes to impersonate her men and/or Zack Knight to Gail’s mind brain to brain), Gail is unsure of the accuracy of her brain to brain at this time. She has heard brain to brain that Zack Knight nearly lost his life in the explosion and is in intensive care at Church of Gail. He is designed with a supernatural ability to heal and her men seem to have told her brain to brain that he is on the mend, but may need to some time to recover. They told her brain to brain that he whispered Gail and Rule 13’s name as he struggled to breath and stay alive after the explosion.

Further updates will be posted at this site, when Gail hears from her men on Skype. Here is the video she posted to the world to warn them to prepare for the blast:

September 6, 2016:

Dear men:

It is 1:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time and about ten minutes ago, I felt this sensation like I was woozy and that the earth was swaying, then I had a cough spasm so bad, I almost threw up. It took about five to ten minutes for the cough spasm to die down. Right now I feel very strange.

I think you all launched that spermicide bullet and I am having a hard time even concentrating to type. But I couldn’t go to bed like Zack suggested because I needed to vacuum, dust and shower to obey the Gail Commandments.

I am starting to feel better and am still alive! Not sure if I will get beauty sleep tonight. But it appears that Florida is still on the map unless I’m floating in space or something. I feel like I’m floating. It feels weird. But when I look outside, I’m kind of scared to look. I can see peeps of light through the blinds and it looks normal. But I can tell something happened.

I plan to upload a recording of my almost two hour conversation with Zack. I am creating the video on Windows Movie Maker and will upload it when it’s finished in about an hour or so. I can tell I won’t be able to sleep any ways, because of the radiation, so I am giving my body time to settle down. I want the world to hear my last conversation with Zack Knight, in case he died. I am wondering if the spermicide bullet went and if Zack and you all are still alive. I feel kind of radiation woozy right now.

Love you all,


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