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[09/23/16 7:06:03 PM] Zack Knight: Hey Gail, it’s Zack

[09/23/16 7:06:14 PM] Zack Knight: I can’t log in to Skype for some reason

[09/23/16 7:06:22 PM] Zack Knight: Is everything okay?

[09/23/16 7:06:26 PM] Gail Schuler: Is this an emergency? I need to go for my walk.

[09/23/16 7:06:46 PM] Gail Schuler: I’m fine, Zack.

[09/23/16 7:06:47 PM] Zack Knight: Nope, not an emergency. Just saying hi cause I saw your latest video

[09/23/16 7:07:02 PM] Zack Knight: You’re so hot, I love watching your videos

[09/23/16 7:07:15 PM] Gail Schuler: Okay, I’ll talk when I get back. Gotta obey those Gail Commandments! Thanks, Zack, you’re pretty hot yourself.

[09/23/16 7:07:28 PM] Zack Knight: Okay, I’ll talk to you soon!

[09/23/16 7:12:13 PM] Zack Knight: Have a good time on your walk!

[09/23/16 8:00:11 PM] Zack Knight: It seems like she (Angelina Ballerina) doesn’t have the full force of the Jesuits together yet either, because they couldn’t even properly patrol California

[09/23/16 8:00:16 PM] Gail Schuler: But Satan has a full grasp of GA1L technology and he advises her!

[09/23/16 8:00:56 PM] Zack Knight: Yeah, but GA1L technology is a threat to Satan too, and he doesn’t trust anyone with it

[09/23/16 8:01:07 PM] Zack Knight: that was why we had to team up when GA1L was loose

[09/23/16 8:01:22 PM] Gail Schuler: Could Satan be pulling your leg?

[09/23/16 8:01:46 PM] Gail Schuler: Satan knows how you think, Zack. He may be manipulating you.

[09/23/16 8:01:47 PM] Zack Knight: No, this was back when we were all on good terms

[09/23/16 8:02:08 PM] Zack Knight: Before there were any complaints about me and 13

[09/23/16 8:02:21 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh, so he started complaining about you and 13?

[09/23/16 8:02:42 PM] Zack Knight: yeah, I was warned a lot, and I just denied it to him

[09/23/16 8:02:50 PM] Zack Knight: but he could tell

[09/23/16 8:02:57 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh, you denied that you were in love with 13?

[09/23/16 8:03:17 PM] Zack Knight: Yeah, cause I didn’t want him to find out or act on it

[09/23/16 8:03:30 PM] Gail Schuler: Come on, Zack. You know you didn’t fool him for a minute.

[09/23/16 8:03:42 PM] Zack Knight: Yeah, it’s obvious now

[09/23/16 8:03:48 PM] Zack Knight: he was on to me

[09/23/16 8:04:20 PM] Zack Knight: I figured that if I could keep him happy with my random acts of cruelty, he’d stay off my back

[09/23/16 8:05:00 PM] Zack Knight: But back when the GA1L android got loose, there weren’t any issues

[09/23/16 8:05:18 PM] Gail Schuler: I think Satan manipulated you to send super nukkake to me with the intent to kill me because he knew it would bring you down and put you in a semen bubble. Satan figured out that the GA1L Shield, even though it was weak, would protect me any ways and that you would go down, which was what he wanted. If he fooled you then, he can fool you again. That buzzard has your number.

[09/23/16 8:05:18 PM] Zack Knight: it really only became an issue when you and 13 became bff’s

[09/23/16 8:05:39 PM] Zack Knight: and that was when you started getting her to be more bold about her feelings

[09/23/16 8:06:03 PM] Gail Schuler: I’m just curious, did my Gail Shield harm Rule 13 ever?

[09/23/16 8:06:13 PM] Zack Knight: I don’t think so

[09/23/16 8:06:38 PM] Gail Schuler: That’s just what I thought. I bet a lot of the Jesuits hated her for this, too, right? It probably made things difficult for you as the Jesuit leader.

[09/23/16 8:06:54 PM] Zack Knight: Yeah, I was covering for her a lot

[09/23/16 8:07:11 PM] Zack Knight: Like that time I shot the cat

[09/23/16 8:07:17 PM] Gail Schuler: Just curious. How did Rule 13 really feel about your attempts to kill me?

[09/23/16 8:07:32 PM] Gail Schuler: I’m trying to figure Satan out.

[09/23/16 8:07:37 PM] Zack Knight: boy did that backfire… you posted her love note that fell out of my jacket pocket

[09/23/16 8:07:57 PM] Zack Knight: that might have been the event that made Satan decide to boot me out

[09/23/16 8:08:03 PM] Gail Schuler: I forgot about that love note. What did it say?

[09/23/16 8:09:11 PM] Zack Knight: It was 13 telling me how she loves me and was lonely while I was away in hell

[09/23/16 8:09:20 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh, I remember now.

[09/23/16 8:10:09 PM] Gail Schuler: Terrance told me that Rule 13 chose you over me in your war against us, because she loves you the most. She was in a very complicated and difficult situation. I bet she feels horrible about it now, but I don’t hold it against her. Her motive was that she loved you.

[09/23/16 8:13:57 PM] Gail Schuler: You still there?

[09/23/16 8:15:11 PM] Zack Knight: yeah, just a sec

[09/23/16 8:15:34 PM] Zack Knight: Everyone has extra duties with men being gone

[09/23/16 8:15:58 PM] Gail Schuler: Yes, I hear from Brent brain to brain that he really admires you as a very hard worker.

[09/23/16 9:54:40 PM] Zack Knight: I had to stop and help the other men for a second

[09/23/16 9:54:56 PM] Zack Knight: I’m not used to being this hands on.

[09/23/16 9:55:01 PM] Gail Schuler: I was working out on my glider.

[09/23/16 9:55:15 PM] Zack Knight: In my old position I was more of a shot-caller

[09/23/16 9:55:30 PM] Gail Schuler: Yeah, it’s quite a change for you. But you will learn.

[09/23/16 9:55:55 PM] Zack Knight: That reminds me, I need to do my penis push-ups

[09/23/16 9:56:13 PM] Gail Schuler: Are you losing some of your ability to read emails really fast?

[09/23/16 9:56:49 PM] Zack Knight: You know, I might be losing my edge a bit. It was mostly because I had to help Brent

[09/23/16 9:57:18 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh, I see. Rule 13 has been so quiet with me. How is she doing today?

[09/23/16 9:57:49 PM] Zack Knight: She’s doing well; she’s eating some miso soup right now

[09/23/16 9:58:14 PM] Gail Schuler: Glad to see that it appears she’s stopped her non-stop crying over you rejecting her love overtures.

[09/23/16 9:58:43 PM] Zack Knight: Yeah, she’s been really happy getting access to my penis

[09/23/16 9:58:53 PM] Gail Schuler: Have you married her?

[09/23/16 9:59:06 PM] Zack Knight: Not yet, we are still planning it

[09/23/16 9:59:16 PM] Gail Schuler: You haven’t married her yet?!

[09/23/16 9:59:28 PM] Zack Knight: We’ll get there

[09/23/16 9:59:36 PM] Zack Knight: She wants it to be perfect

[09/23/16 10:00:09 PM] Gail Schuler: Well, she’s probably just happy that you are alive and with her. Oh, I see. Yes, I remember how I felt when I had my first wedding. After you’ve been married, you don’t put as much stock in the ceremony as much.

[09/23/16 10:00:34 PM] Zack Knight: Yesterday, I gave her a surprise

[09/23/16 10:00:40 PM] Zack Knight: I have her flowers!

[09/23/16 10:00:50 PM] Gail Schuler: gave her flowers

[09/23/16 10:00:56 PM] Zack Knight: That’s my penis.

[09/23/16 10:01:03 PM] Zack Knight: She loves when I do that

[09/23/16 10:01:10 PM] Gail Schuler: What does that mean?

[09/23/16 10:01:32 PM] Zack Knight: Say it’s flowers and have her close her eyes

[09/23/16 10:01:46 PM] Zack Knight: and then when she opens my eyes, I’m giving her my penis

[09/23/16 10:01:55 PM] Zack Knight: I think its super romantic

[09/23/16 10:02:07 PM] Zack Knight: her eyes

[09/23/16 10:02:36 PM] Gail Schuler: I remember one time you promised to give her flowers and then cracked a lewd joke about how she could have your penis any time she wanted it, and she started crying. However, what you just described is very romantic.

[09/23/16 10:02:59 PM] Zack Knight: I’ve always done it this way

[09/23/16 10:03:09 PM] Zack Knight: I do remember she cried one time

[09/23/16 10:03:16 PM] Zack Knight: on a valentine’s day

[09/23/16 10:03:40 PM] Zack Knight: Maybe she didn’t know that it was my way of being romantic

[09/23/16 10:03:41 PM] Gail Schuler: That’s because she thought you were trying to show her you loved her and then when you made out like that was ridiculous, it really hurt her.

[09/23/16 10:04:07 PM] Zack Knight: Oh… I was just hurt that she wasn’t happy

[09/23/16 10:04:23 PM] Zack Knight: I thought she didn’t like something about my penis and that made me upset and lash out

[09/23/16 10:04:41 PM] Gail Schuler: Rule 13 loves your penis because you use it to love her. You don’t use it to hurt her.

[09/23/16 10:04:50 PM] Zack Knight: What a huge misunderstanding that was

[09/23/16 10:04:59 PM] Zack Knight: I should go and say sorry to her

[09/23/16 10:05:48 PM] Gail Schuler: So when you hinted that you loved her and then made a lewd joke about it, it was like how DARE you insinuate that I could love you, you know I can’t love ANY WOMAN. I really lost respect for you when Rule 13 told me how you treated her on that Valentine’s Day.

[09/23/16 10:06:11 PM] Zack Knight: Oh wow

[09/23/16 10:06:18 PM] Gail Schuler: That woman would crawl half way around the world for you.

[09/23/16 10:06:37 PM] Gail Schuler: To her, it was like she would do that for you, but you didn’t feel the same.

[09/23/16 10:06:48 PM] Zack Knight: Calling my penis “flowers” was my way of telling her I loved her

[09/23/16 10:07:37 PM] Gail Schuler: Today is different, because Rule 13 knows you love her, but on that Valentine’s Day she was not certain that you loved her. She knew Satan forbade you as the Jesuit leader to confess it, but she secretly hoped you did love her.

[09/23/16 10:08:27 PM] Gail Schuler: In fact, Jesus knew that Rule 13 loved you and wanted you to love her back, and even consoled Rule 13 one time, telling her that you threw up secretly because you were scared to death over how Satan would react if he knew you loved her.

[09/23/16 10:08:58 PM] Zack Knight: That’s upsetting that she didn’t know what I meant about the flowers.

[09/23/16 10:09:19 PM] Gail Schuler: I have always rooted for you and Rule 13 to be lovers. Well, Zack, you did a pretty good job of hiding your love for her. Thanks to Satan.

[09/23/16 10:09:32 PM] Zack Knight: When she became upset, I just assumed she was unhappy with my penis

[09/23/16 10:09:40 PM] Zack Knight: and that hurt my feelings.

[09/23/16 10:10:41 PM] Gail Schuler: Oh no! Rule 13 has secretly loved you. I knew that if you accepted Jesus, that Rule 13 would do so as well. Rule 13 saw something in your eyes that indicated you had the potential to be a great man and a great leader. Now that you’ve accepted Jesus, what she saw in your eyes has been fulfilled.

[09/23/16 10:11:11 PM] Gail Schuler: She has always been in love with more than just your penis. Rule 13 loves your SOUL.

[09/23/16 10:12:10 PM] Gail Schuler: When you made love to her she accidentally discovered your “depths” and knew that much of how you behaved as the Antichrist was a performance.

[09/23/16 10:12:54 PM] Gail Schuler: That is why when I heard you were stuck in that semen bubble out in deep space, I put out the hook and reeled you in for Jesus. You were ready. You chose love over pride.

[09/23/16 10:13:59 PM] Gail Schuler: Well Zack, I need to vacuum and do more of the Gail Commandments. I’m so happy for Rule 13 now. Love has prevailed. I’m a very romantic woman in many ways. I love it when love wins over pride.

[09/23/16 10:15:34 PM] Zack Knight: yeah

[09/23/16 10:15:46 PM] Zack Knight: I should get to my penis push-ups too

[09/23/16 10:16:05 PM] Gail Schuler: I’m so happy for both you and Rule 13. Satan is such a douche bag. You’re on the right side now!

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