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August 22, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin & Brent Spiner regarding Gail Chord Schuler’s letters to them from 2001 to 2004:

GAIL: Well, I’ve been so busy reporting news, I’ve neglected talking about my letters to you. I wrote a really long statement to help out Brent Spiner in a court case he had going on with Jesuit Loree McBride in February 2002. I did not have the Internet at the time, or a typewriter, so I handwrote all my statements and put them in the mailbox without a postage stamp, trusting George W. Bush to give them to Vladimir and Brent.

BRENT: Gail, that George W. Bush was a first class creep. I never received this statement, and it would have helped me so much against Loree at the time, who was pregnant with my “baby”. As we both know, the Jesuits had kept my semen from their 1992 rape of me and used that to impregnate Loree McBride in September 2001, right after Sept. 11, 2001, when you sort of gave up on me and went for Vladimir. It would have also been a great morale boost to me, as I was beginning to feel at the time that you had forgotten me and it’s clear that you had not.

GAIL: If I had known that Loree was pregnant with your “child”, it’s very possible that I would have taken you (Brent) back AT ONCE. But as I did not have the Internet, I didn’t know. I also did not have brain to brain communications with Vladimir until 2003. Vladimir never told me that Loree was alive and had your baby. At the time, I was under the impression that Jesuits had murdered Loree in July 2001, when I figured out by reading inbetween the lines from watching television that a car in which Loree was in, had exploded and killed her, so I thought they tried to make Loree a martyr and make Brent seem a murderer, in order to intimidate him from coming to me.

BRENT: And as I’ve already mentioned to Gail, what really happened in July 2001 was that Loree blew up one of her clones in that car and told me it was Gail. I started crying and then she laughed and admitted it was her clone. The only reason I haven’t married Gail, is because Loree has threatened to kill Gail if I get anywhere near Gail. However, your long statement very accurately and poignantly points out what our relationship has been like under Jesuit torture. I can certainly use this statement in court now against my clone to prove that he is the clone and I am the real Brent. His stories about “my” past change every month, but what I and Gail say is consistent, because it’s the TRUTH.

GAIL: I would like to point out that I was not aware of Jesuit cloning technology until about 2008. So when I perceived that a car with Loree McBride in it blew up, I assumed she was dead.  When did you become aware of Jesuit cloning technology, Brent?

BRENT: I think I started suspecting it in 1992 when Levar Burton killed Loree in September 1992 to stop her from drug raping me at Paramount Studios, but at that time, I just figured she had power like God (when she somehow resurrected herself in late 1992 and showed up again to harass me), and I never really figured out that she had a clone until July 2001, when Loree admitted she blew up her clone, instead of Gail, in that car. Regarding Loree’s pregnancy with my “son” in 2001, I was devastated. It solidified the lie that Loree and me were a real item as a couple, when I’ve always been terrified of her and have dreamed about Gail as my lover from 1990 onwards. I only played the game Loree wanted to keep Gail alive.

GAIL: Vladimir did tell me that we gave to Brent two children, who had my genes, in order for him to have a part of me, while I strove to be Vladimir’s wife. I understood these were Russian babies, who had my genes and Brent Spiner’s. I believe Vladimir delivered these babies to Brent around 2002.

VLADIMIR: That is correct, Gail. He was thrilled to have them and while he played Loree’s game that he was the father of Loree’s child, he actually had YOUR CHILDREN instead. I did not tell Gail about Loree’s baby. I have to admit, perhaps I was being a bit selfish, because I feared if I did, that she would drop me and go back to Brent.

GAIL: Oh Vladimir, you mean you kept this from me?

VLADIMIR: Yes, I never brought this up in brain to brain conversations with you (2003 and afterwards).

GAIL: I thought perhaps Zack Knight blocked this from me in brain to brain conversations.

VLADIMIR: No, he did not block it. I just never told you. I felt by giving Brent the two babies, carried by Russian women through artificial insemination, that would suffice.

BRENT: I returned those babies back to Russia, when Gail reinstated me as her main lover in 2006, because she got tired of waiting for Vladimir to come get her when he wouldn’t even talk to her on the phone, as I had, and I never told Gail in our brain to brain about Loree’s baby either, because it made me sick to think about it, and I was so happy that Gail took me back. Gail found out about it in 2011, when she finally got the Internet. It only made her more devoted to me and that inspired her to go online and start her YouTube channel to get the truth out about us. Gail has always known that I despise Loree McBride.

GAIL: Yes, I remembered in 1996 when Loree tried to seduce Franco Nero and how devastated Brent looked about it. He would stare at Loree’s eyes like she was a viper. All those photos have been removed from the Internet.

VLADIMIR (starts crying): Oh Brent, not that I am jealous, but from 2006 until 2010, until Gail decided to reinstate me as her lover in 2010 and to have us both at the same time, I got very depressed. She had made me the President I was and without her, I felt all alone on a desert island with sharks around me and no support.

BRENT: I would have gladly shared her with you, Vladimir. And I don’t hold it against you that you did not tell her about Loree’s pregnancy. Perhaps, you were thinking of me, too.

VLADIMIR: No, Brent, I was being selfish. I was afraid I’d lose Gail if I told her about Loree’s pregnancy. Gail would have known that Loree was made pregnant by artificial insemination, because Jesuits had done this to me many times and Gail always believed me when I told her about it. Gail is very loyal to her men. She would have rushed to your side to defend you against Loree’s lies, and perhaps would have ordered Loree to turn her baby over to the state, so that it could not be used as a weapon against your love for Gail. In fact, I believe Gail would have ordered Loree to have an abortion. I didn’t even tell Gail that Loree was alive. Gail thought she was dead. You see, when we found out about some babies conceived through artificial insemination, such babies are considered political weapons for Jesuits, and must be aborted under Conspiracy Law, UNLESS the pregnancy has gone on for so long that the baby is almost a human being. Of course, when we ordered the abortion of some Russian Jesuit women who were made pregnant with my stolen semen by Jesuit artificial insemination, we did not know that Jesuits had cloning technology and could make hundreds of babies at once, if they wanted. So, it was like a lost cause.

GAIL: Here is another statement I wrote, which shows that I was aware in 2002 that my true enemy was the Roman Catholic Church, and not Loree McBride per se. I was not aware of my King David genes until April 14, 2002, when God showed me I had King David genes in my devotions, by using numbers in the Bible to show me. You see, I became a born again Christian when I was 14 years old and check out the genealogy of Jesus Christ in Matthew 1:17. Also, 44 is a King David number, there are 44 kings of Israel and other places in the Bible showed Gail that 44 is a king David number, and I was 44 in April 2002, when God showed me through my Bible study that I had King David genes.

BRENT: I’ll never forget the day Gail cried for three hours on the wiretap I had of her phone in Seattle, telling me our enemy, was not really Loree McBride, but the Roman Catholic Church. Of course, I knew Loree was a Vatican agent in 1996, when Loree showed me a picture of Holocaust victims from Nazi Germany and stated that she was a Jesuit and that Gail would be her next victim. I couldn’t tell Gail what I knew, because Loree threatened death on Gail if I called Gail or talked to her using normal methods. But when Gail figured it out on her own in December 1999, and took me back, because Gail realized Loree was a Vatican agent, was one of the best days of my life.

GAIL: Here is a statement I wrote where I felt the Roman Catholic Church was trying to make my Vladimir appear to be a cold-blooded killer, which they have been trying to do a lot. They still try to do this. Vladimir is a very brave man and does not deserve the crap he gets from Jesuit news and Jesuit Internet.

VLADIMIR: Gail is brilliant and Jesuits have a hard time fooling her. Jesuits find Gail a major threat. She is Catherine the Great and King David and Jesuits have targeted her from birth.

August 18, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin & Brent Spiner regarding Gail Chord Schuler’s letters to them from 2001 to 2004:

GAIL: Brent and Vladimir, I have decided to start a new series for my news channel where we will discuss old letters or communications I wrote you from 2001 to 2004. This will give the world a real opportunity to see into our souls, and this may be the best way to erase Jesuit lies from the brainwashed world’s heads.

BRENT: As usual, my love, you are brilliant.

GAIL: Okay, let’s pull up some old letters I handwrote to you all in 2001. I handwrote them, because I was too poor to own a computer or typewriter at the time. Fresh out of a divorce with my ex-husband, I was literally on welfare and could not get a job above minimum wage. Despite my two bachelor’s degrees, Jesuits ensured I remained in poverty. Here are the four pages of a statement I wrote on January 18, 2002: ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR.

BRENT: Okay, my love, Vlad and I will take a look at these. (takes time to read them). My. . .my. . .We never got this!

GAIL: What!

BRENT: How did you try to give this to me, my dear?

GAIL: I would go out to my mailbox and put it in there inside a big, yellow manila envelope without a postage stamp, because at that time I thought President Bush would forward it on to you all for me. The next day, I’d pick up the envelope, knowing the mailman would not mail it because it lacked a postage stamp, and then I’d write more stuff and put in the envelope without a stamp for the mailman to forward onto you the next day or two days later.

BRENT: That explains everything. You didn’t know at the time that President Bush was a Jesuit patsy.

GAIL: Did you or Vladimir receive ANY of the statements I wrote and put in the mailbox? Let me print out a summary of what I wrote at the time. Here is the summary: ONE, TWO.

BRENT: (looks over the summary). My. . .my. . .I think Vladimir and I received about half of these. What about you, Vlad, you have anything to say?

VLADIMIR: President Bush is jerk! He only let us see about half of these. My guess is that the ones we did see, my lovely wife, may have been tampered with to make you seem crazy or less brilliant than you are, because I recall as I read some of them that they did not seem quite right, as compared to how you behaved when I spied on you through the bugs in your apartment.

GAIL: I was aware that you and Brent were spying on me through bugs in my apartment. I think the Jesuits have been doing it for far longer than you all have, though. I’d often talk to you in my apartment, knowing you were spying on me (laughs).

BRENT: Oh, we loved it! It was so wonderful to be able to see you and hear your voice. My love, when did you figure out that we put bugs into your apartment?

GAIL: I think you started Brent, when I offered you my hand in marriage, from December 1999 onward. I believe you worked with then President Bill Clinton to get the authority to do so.

BRENT: Actually, I had the authority to do so because of the letter we received from your husband in November 1993, which caused Loree McBride’s attorney to write that nasty letter to you in Jan. 1994 accusing you and your husband of harassment, giving me the opportunity to claim I needed to spy on you to make sure you weren’t a danger. Actually, I’ve always known you are not a danger (laughs). I just loved being able to see you!

GAIL: So when did you put bugs into my apartment and how were you able to do it?

BRENT: Actually, I did not put bugs into your apartment in Seattle (August 2000 to May 2001). It was your husband who did (around August 2000), when you filed for divorce, but we got permission to latch onto the bugs and use them for ourselves. When you moved to Florida to live with your mother (May 2001 to November 2001), we then got cooperation from President George W. Bush, who had some workers, I think the maid service for your mother, to install bugs in your mom’s home so we could keep an eye on you. So, when you said in your bedroom that you would marry the Russian President on September 25, 2001 (I remember the date, because I was so heartbroken that you gave up on me), at that time I added Vladimir Putin to the bugs, so he could hear you. But I did get a wiretap onto your phone (Jan. 1994 to 2002) and was thrilled when you started talking to me on the phone through the wiretap. Once Vladimir discovered brain to brain communication in 2003, we no longer needed the wiretap, but we have continued the bugs in your apartment in order to watch over you. You have not had a landline phone since 2003. Also you did not have your own landline phone after you moved from Seattle. We did put bugs onto your mother’s phone, but you rarely used it. You mostly spoke to us through the bugs in your bedroom.

VLADIMIR: I would like to say that because of my work in intelligence, Gail, I actually saw you from the bugs the Jesuits put in your apartment starting around 1996! You see, the Jesuits have put bugs in your living quarters since around 1995. All intelligence networks all over the world have known about you since that time. We found it interesting that the Jesuit Order would go to the trouble to spy on you. When I finally put my picture in your local paper on September 25, 2001, hoping you’d notice me, I already found you attractive just from spying on you through the bugs the Jesuits had put in your apartments.

GAIL: Vladimir! How many naked women do you see as a spy?

VLADIMIR: (laughs) Everyone in intelligence is used to this. It’s part of our job. But I do recall that looking at you gave me an erection. Most women leave me limp. You are a manly and brilliant woman, and very passionate. You make me the President I am. I know no matter how difficult my life is as President, you will be strong and will sustain me. I like a manly woman. You are beautiful and passionate and manly, and like a man, you are direct, and give me no nonsense. You have never been a crybaby. You are a strong woman, like Catherine the Great, so I made you the Empress of Russia in 2003. Russia loves you. No matter what happens, I know that you will be strong and give me support. I normally don’t listen to women for advice, but have asked your advice many times.

GAIL: Vladimir, you are such a character! You are getting away from asking me advice, now, and are just focused on enforcing my Conspiracy Law.

VLADIMIR: You are one sexy woman. I don’t need to ask for advice so much anymore, because most of what you recommend is in your Conspiracy Law.

GAIL: You mean I gave you an erection, while you were still married to Larisa? Folks, his real wife, Larisa died in 2000.

VLADIMIR: Oh, Gail, you should not ask me such questions! I loved my wife, but all men get erections sometimes when they see naked women. This does not mean they will do anything stupid about it, or that they are in love with the woman.

GAIL: So, I guess you can say, that you “noticed” me.

VLADIMIR: Actually, I must confess, I think I was falling in love with you, but I keep this a big secret only to myself.

GAIL: Actually, if any of my men get erections from looking at an attractive woman, I don’t care. I understand the difference between an erection and true love.

VLADIMIR: You need not worry, my love. No woman gives me an erection like you do!

GAIL: (laughs hysterically) Oh Vladimir, you are a kick!

VLADIMIR: I think you and I will make very interesting news together? No?

GAIL: Well, I need to get some stuff done and obey the Gail Commandments. So we will leave this conversation for now. This will be a regular part of my news channel where we talk about my past love and friendship letters to you two men, who are the top two on my marriage list. I think if the world gets a glimpse of your souls, they will be better able to distinguish truth from fiction in the lying Jesuit News. I would like to say that my entire life I only just wanted an awesome love in my life and I found it with Brent Spiner in 1991 as a married woman. Being married and a devout Christian, I did not act on the love until it became clear to me that I had moral grounds to divorce my husband in December 1999. Jesuits moved heaven and earth to keep Brent Spiner from me and when they orchestrated September 11, 2001, I became very discouraged that Brent could ever marry me and tried for the Russian President instead (Sept. 2001 to Feb. 2006). But Jesuits messed that up, too. Eventually, other men, like Matthew McConaughey (November 2005) wanted me, and now I have a list of about 200 men who are in waiting as husbands for me. This was NEVER MY GOAL IN LIFE. But because the Jesuits opposed me and kept me from Brent, the marriage list sprung forth.

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