Gerard Butler Interview (2016) about Morgan Brown

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August 21, 2016 brain to brain interview with Gerard Butler at his request about recent appearances of “him” with Jesuit Morgan Brown:

GAIL: Okay, Gerard, you wanted an interview with me about these recent appearances of Jesuit Morgan Brown with your clone Gerard allegedly strolling around London. We already know that you have an evil clone and that you do not give a flip about Jesuit Morgan Brown.

GERARD: I wanted to tell the world that these are automatons they are watching, which explains their stoic expression. Jesuits been having trouble getting these automatons to work right, because of your Gail Shield, my love, so they just excuse their unnatural stoic expressions as them being in some sort of strange mood.

GAIL: Why are Jesuits using automatons?

GERARD: It’s because none of the Morgan Brown or Gerard Butler clones can stay alive under your Gail Shield!

GAIL: Aren’t all the Jesuits out in deep space? So how do they get these automatons to land on earth?

GERARD: We think they’ve been using a wormhole to deliver their bombs and their agents to earth. This wormhole moves around like a tornado funnel.

GAIL: Just one wormhole?

GERARD: Not sure my love, because it seems to evade our scanners. But we think it’s one wormhole per Jesuit spaceship out there.

GAIL: What about all those crazy fires out in California? Are Jesuits still able to use Loree McBride and Camila Alves clones to start fires out there?

GERARD: Your Gail Shield is getting stronger, so I predict the fires will die down, unless they start using Loree McBride and Camila Alves as automatons to start fires. But several of these automatons fell apart as soon as they landed on earth, and the Jesuits be having a hell of a time keeping these automatons functional.  But they got to do something to keep their lies alive, and try to make their agents appear to be on earth, especially now that you be such a great news reporter star on Gabrielle Chana FOX News, and are exposing them as struggling to stay alive out in deep space on a Jesuit spacecraft while your Gail Shield be going after them.

GAIL: So you just wanted the world to be aware that these are pictures of automatons, who are like androids of Morgan Brown and yourself.

GERARD: Yea, I think they are such ugly versions of me-self. Makes me want to puke just lookin’ at them. And Morgan Brown looks like she just came out of the crypt!

GAIL: They’re always boasting about her legs.

GERARD: Yea, right, like I fall in love with a woman just for her legs. I’m not that shallow of a bloke.

GAIL: Okay, Gerard. I really do need to go. But I got the word out that these are automatons.

GERARD: Thanks, my love. Ye are the best newscaster I ever seen ever! Oh, and I forgot to mention the Jesuits been using tons of photoshop on pictures of these automatons to make them look normal. Take me word for it, lassie, that Morgan Brown looks like she came out of the crypt. That woman is more spooky now as a robot, than when she was a clone.

August 8, 2016 brain to brain with Gerard Butler regarding Jesuit agent Morgan Brown as his wife:

GAIL: Well, Gerard, now the Jesuits are calling Morgan Brown, your wife.

GERARD BUTLER: Despicable liars, my love.

GAIL: So what’s up with Morgan Brown?

GERARD BUTLER: She’s tried to rape me, but I always evade her. She does manage to stalk me and follow me around, but as I’m usually running away from her, she and the Jesuits have to resort to using my clone to make appearances with her for publicity purposes.

GAIL: Now, they’re claiming that you actually choose movie projects to please her.

GERARD BUTLER: Bunch of malarky. I am always running away from her. She’s worse than a fan stalker!

GAIL: I don’t get how Jesuits think they can get away with this. I think I’m much more attractive than her!

GERARD BUTLER: Of course you are! But you know how those Jesuits be. Humility is not one of their virtues, lassie.

GAIL: Well, as I will be publishing this at my Facebook, you got anything to say to your fans?

GERARD: Yeah, PLEASE don’t believe any lies that I would betray my wonderful love, Gail Chord Schuler, for a tramp Jesuit like Morgan Brown.

GAIL: Your fans might want to know why you are willing to be part of a marriage list, since you know that Brent Spiner has the number one spot.

GERARD: My love, to be on your marriage list is the highest honor. I would rather dream about you for the rest of my life than spend even one day in the presence of Jesuit ugliness in the form of Morgan Brown!

GAIL: Well, my awesome Gerard, as a psychiatrist how do you deal with Morgan Brown?

GERARD: Oh, as a psychiatrist! Well, when it comes to Jesuit harassment, it helps me understand better what Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey and what the rest of us guys have to deal with. Makes me more empathetic and understanding.

GAIL: You have always been that way, and exceedingly brilliant, to boot.

GERARD: Why, thank you, my love. Thanks so much for publishing this. I know some will think you are very delusional, but as your interviews with us read like a convincing narrative, some will believe. I suspect those who don’t, will be under Jesuit brain control.

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