Ivanka Trump (2016 Gabrielle Chana FOX News Interviews)

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August 15, 2016 brain to brain interview with Ivanka Trump and Vladimir Putin regarding her alleged friendship with Vladimir Putin’s “girlfriend” Wendi Deng Murdoch:

IVANKA: Oh Gail, this really upsets me! (cries, and wipes a tear from her cheek) I have the utmost respect for you and would never hang out with Wendi Deng Murdoch and would never reinforce the Jesuit lie that Vladimir Putin could care less about you. I happen to know that Vladimir would die for you. I have been with Vladimir when he’s had meetings with my dad (Donald Trump).

GAIL: My dear Ivanka, I have been dealing with Jesuits for so long that I’ve become used to their trickery, lies and deceptions. With Vladimir, it started with Lyudmila, which was a shot gun wedding, by the way. Not that Vladimir has ever had sex with Lyudmila, because he hasn’t, but because Jesuit patsy George W. Bush threatened war with Russia if Vladimir would not legally marry Lyudmila in November 2001 and if he wouldn’t pretend that Lyudmila was his wife Larisa, who died. Of course, the Jesuits changed the name of Vladimir’s wife from Larisa to Lyudmila in 2001, and then used brain control, memory removal and their almost complete control over all the news and magazines and publishing industry to reinforce the lie that Lyudmila was the wife Vladimir married in 1983.

IVANKA: I don’t get how the Jesuits can get away with so much lying. It’s just unreal!

GAIL: Well, Ivanka, we’re dealing with an organization that has specialized in lying and brain washing since their very beginnings with St. Ignatius de Loyola. In fact, I am writing a book about their evil and deceptive history and their audacity in their lies has always been outrageous, but Jesuits never give up. They are sly fanatics who don’t retreat before anything.

IVANKA: I just started reading your books, because my dad recommended I do so, and I’ve been keeping up with Gabrielle Chana FOX News. You think this appearance of “me” with Wendi was my clone?

GAIL: I’m not sure, Ivanka. Let me check with Vladimir. In fact, we’ll bring him into this conversation. (To Vladimir Putin) Hey Vlad, what’s up with this appearance of Ivanka with Wendi Deng Murdoch?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: My love, it appears this is an Ivanka Trump Jesuit automaton. If you’ll notice the Ivanka automaton has a cold, icy look to her eyes, which is the typical Jesuit expression and Ivanka is a warm, lovely lady. So, already, we are seeing some discrepancies between the real Ivanka and her clone or automaton.

IVANKA: And further, I have never been to Croatia in my life! I mean I’m reading all these stories about me and my husband Jared in Croatia and I’m just laughing my head off. At first, I was confused over why anybody would want to cook up such lies, but dad (Donald) told me that Jesuits have been obsessed over the fact that Vladimir would die for you (Gail) and this is just part of their lying propaganda to discredit you (Gail) as crazy and to make Vladimir appear a womanizer, so that no one will believe the TRUTH that Vladimir Putin really loves you (Gail).

GAIL: Oh, my dear Ivanka, Jesuits have been obsessed with me from my birth, which really gives them a very unfair advantage over me. They can make clones of people; they have almost one hundred percent control over the Internet and media; they are masters at photo shop. In fact, I suspect that some of the photos they will be releasing about you and your husband with Wendi will be photo shop lies.

IVANKA: I feel so bad for you, Gail. I would never want to make it appear that your Vladimir is such a shallow and evil man, especially since my dad has been meeting with Vladimir.

GAIL: Well, Ivanka, you seem like a lovely and warm person to me. I have genius emotional I.Q. and it just doesn’t sound like you to be hanging out with some Chinese lady in the upper circles, when your dad will be going after China over bad trade deals (laughs).

IVANKA (laughs): Yeah, that seems kind of absurd to me, too. You think those Jesuits are trying to create the impression that my dad secretly sides with China and plays devil’s advocate?

GAIL: Folks, to be a devil’s advocate means you advocate an opposing or unpopular view, just for the sake of argument, or, as in Donald’s case, for fame. Yes, I have noticed that Jesuit News does try to portray your dad (Donald) like this, like he’s some shallow man who presents stupid arguments just to garner attention for himself. So that’s a very intelligent conclusion. Is it okay, if I post this article at Google Plus? That will give it some publicity to counter the lies the Jesuits are spreading.

IVANKA: Go ahead, Gail. I’m sure the Jesuits will come up with something to reinforce the lies, even if you do so, but I have no problem with this. (Kisses Gail on the cheek). Vladimir is so lucky to have you, you are so loyal to him. I really admire you for this.

GAIL: It appears Donald has raised a very fine daughter. To be honest, Ivanka, I just can’t see you as hanging out with Wendi Deng Murdoch. Those Jesuits have a good imagination. I just hope they won’t carry these lies as far as they have the lies about Matthew McConaughey with Camila Alves.

IVANKA: Have faith in your God, Gail. I hear your Gail Shield is getting really strong. I think the Jesuits’ days are numbered.

GAIL: Oh, I hope so, I really hope so. Jesuit lies just tire me out. It never ends, Ivanka. It never ends. All I have wanted from my youth is to have a great man in my life and to honor and support him with all that I have, and Jesuits move heaven and earth to destroy that, just because I have the genetic profile of Catherine the Great and King David.

IVANKA: Whew! What a profile to have. I’m truly honored to be interviewed by Catherine the Great and King David and that you support my father.

GAIL: Well, Ivanka, if they didn’t murder Hillary, I would have been neutral in this election, but now that Hillary has been murdered, I support your dad for U.S. President. It appears he and I will make a great team leading the United States of America.

IVANKA: Yes, I think so, too. Well, I guess we’ve said what we need to say. Let’s hope the American people will realize that you are not crazy and that Jesuits are just the biggest lying machine and empire on the planet.

GAIL: Jesus tells me that most people don’t think I’m crazy, unless they’re Jesuits (who think I’m crazy to think that I can defeat them) or those under Jesuit brain control.

IVANKA: It’s very sad how much power they have. I shall pray and hope that you and your men will defeat them. That will be the best thing that has happened to planet earth in centuries!

GAIL: Oh, my God, yes! The true Jesuit leader, Zack Knight, is Satan’s right hand man and even proud of it. Of course, clever dude that he is, he plays like he’s Jesus Christ. He is the Antichrist, after all. Well, let’s make this a wrap, Ivanka, and give those Jesuits more to stew and plot about. They hate it when I expose their lies. It makes it harder for them to reach their dream of world conquest for the pope. (To Vladimir). Vlad, you better have Ivanka and her family live on Church of Gail. The Jesuits may try to kill this lovely lady and replace her with a clone, and that would make it easier to use an Ivanka Jesuit clone or automaton to help out the Jesuits.

VLADIMIR: Brilliant wisdom, Gail. Ivanka, you and your family must live at Church of Gail for your protection. Gail, would you like for the world to see us execute Wendi Deng Murdoch as a Jesuit conspirator on Gabrielle Chana FOX News? I would like to carry out the execution myself!

GAIL: Vladimir, I’ll leave that up to you. Are they using the real Wendi Deng Murdoch or is this her clone or automaton?

VLADIMIR: It appears to be all three, so executing the real Wendi as a Jesuit conspirator on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel will show the world how I really feel about this Jesuit and her lies.

GAIL: Are you able to nab her? I hear all the Jesuits are living in deep, deep space out of our reach.

VLADIMIR: Evil, murdering Jesuits are getting brazen. They think the Gail Shield is going to kill them any ways, and so they may as well take more chances. In the meanwhile, it appears Zack Knight is meeting with Satan over ways to stay alive while the Jesuit spaceships live inside Satan’s ocean in deep space. Apparently, your Gail Shield is starting to kill off murdering Jesuits in deep space, even inside Satan’s ocean now. So, next time Wendi appears on earth. . .

GAIL: Wait a minute, Vladimir. I heard Jesuit clones cannot stay alive on earth under my Gail Shield.

VLADIMIR: They can stay alive for about five minutes. That is just long enough to take pictures, which is all they need, and then they transport out and go back to deep space. Sometimes, they can stay longer by using more than one clone. They send one clone and zap him back to deep space, then another clone switches out with that one, and if they use up to a hundred clones, then that “person” can stay on earth for even up to an hour or longer! When our scanners detect that Wendi is on earth, we shall nab her and execute her on the spot, and will film it. I can’t wait to take out this b—–. She is a very evil woman.

GAIL: Well, if you’re able to nab her, do mention that Jesuits can still lie and may still have use of other clones of her (as they often make more than one clone) and possibly automatons. I have to admit that if the world sees you execute her that will make quite a statement. Do you think that eventually, their clones won’t be able to stay alive, even for five minutes under the shield?

VLADIMIR: Yes, we think so. Jesuits are playing with fire. When they can no longer use clones, their lies will become obvious and they will be destroyed. Because of Gabrielle Chana FOX News, the world knows about clones and automatons. If I execute her in front of the world, they will figure out the truth. I will execute this b—-, and show it on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News. Those who read this, go to 00 on cable and if I find this b—- Jesuit killer Wendi, I shall judo chop her to death.

GAIL: For those who don’t know this about Vladimir, he could win an Olympic medal in judo. He often judo chops Jesuits to death. He’s bad ass when it comes to Jesuits, so you can see why they don’t like him and try to slander him with all these lies.

IVANKA (smiles): You know, Gail, I may be an American and a businesswoman, but I think you’re a pretty bad ass world leader. I can see Catherine the Great in you, and that’s just what our country needs. My dad would be proud to serve by your side!

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