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All the meteorites we’ve heard about on the news, these are actually the new King James only space fleet experimenting.  These King James Only fanatics tried to make their ships look like crosses, leather bound KJV Bibles, and WWJD bracelets, and one was made to look like a giant Peter Ruckman face.

Zack Knight is using his KJV ONLY JESUITS to downplay that a very important trial with the antichrist has been delayed.  The trial delayed is about the contract that Zack alleges I have violated, because I won’t give him brain to brain loving.  To cause a DISTRACTION, he has instructed his King James Only Jesuits to attack the world with their space fleet, so the world won’t realize that Zack can’t come up with a good rebuttal to my latest videos; therefore, he’s been playing sick and not coming to court.  Now he wants the world to just forget about this trial, so he leads his King James only Jesuits to make a major distraction, by having them attack the world with their space ships.  DISTRACTIONs, to downplay Zack’s delaying of this trial, is something Jesuits do a lot.

They did this in January 2000, when I asked Brent Spiner to publicize his court case against Loree McBride on L.A. news in January 2000.  I asked him to do this when I spoke to him through my wiretapped phone.  THE NEXT DAY, an Alaska Airlines jet headed towards Seattle (where I lived at the time) and crashed head down into the Pacific Ocean–all on board died:  https://www.gabriellechana.blog/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Flying-Inverted-Alaska-Airlines-Flight-261.mp4.  This event was so horrific, it eclipsed any other news–exactly what the Jesuits wanted.  This horror served to downplay Brent’s newscast over Los Angeles news, that he had taken Jesuit Loree McBride to court for her crimes against me.  The Jesuits did not want the world to know that Brent had brought Loree to court (to defend me against her), so they slammed a jet head down into the Pacific Ocean, killing all on board.  This served TO ECLIPSE THE NEWS COVERAGE OF BRENT’S COURT CASE AGAINST LOREE MCBRIDE IN 2000.

This favorite Jesuit strategy, to create a major news story, a headline maker, to deflect attention away from something the Jesuits want to downplay, happens often.  So, you may say, “How do you know that this is the reason for all these so called meteorites”?  Jesus told me that this is what Zack Knight was up to.  Jesus suggested I bring it up in a video.  Actually, it makes sense to anybody who has followed this case.  Zack has called in sick for over a week now and hasn’t showed up in court.  He doesn’t want the world focused on his case about his right to have brain to brain loving with me, because my latest videos about this case have devastated him.

Zack Knight and the Jesuits can’t deal with my latest videos, so they have developed a KJV only space fleet and attacked Russia with it on February 15th.  This attack appeared a major threat, but the guidance system on the ships failed, because the KJV only followers thought it a good idea to program all the flight controller software with KJV Bible code, so their ship over Russia crashed to the earth and all died onboard.  Lots of people were hurt in Russia.  The Jesuit news media is telling the world these events were a “meteor shower” to fool the world.

These “meteors” are Zack’s attempt to downplay the court case he’s brought against me, because he can’t deal with some of the issues I’ve brought up in my latest videos.  In fact, with THIS video, I can prove that he is the true leader of the King James Only Jesuits, who have attacked me and my men, even trying to kill us, which means he violated his peace treaty with us the first time the King James only Jesuits attacked us, sometime around December 2012, even before we destroyed the GA1L android.  So, because he’s already violated the peace treaty, by attacking us in secret through his King James Only Jesuits, I am under no obligation to honor him with brain to brain loving.  He says I’ve breached the contract because I signed an agreement that had a secret message embedded into the signature line, to give him brain to brain loving.  But why would I desire to give him brain to brain loving, when he has attacked my health, my men and even threatened our lives with his King James only Jesuits?  I am not obligated to make love to one who wants me dead.

You know, I am a very forgiving person.  That’s why when he offered himself, along with the Jesuits, to kamikaze himself into the GA1L android, and apologized for giving me this yeast infection, I told him it was nothing.  But actually this yeast infection would have killed me by now, if Jesus Christ didn’t intervene and put me on Seroquel.  In fact, right now as the Seroquel removes yeast from my intestines, the yeast escape to my right shoulder, and cause all sorts of symptoms.  This is a deadly germ.  I have had this systemic yeast infection for years, which Zack has used to help him direct my brain cell conversations, causing me, at times, to believe his lies.  I am very fortunate to meet with Jesus on a regular basis, because He corrects Zack Knight’s lies and puts me back on track.

One lie he corrected was my belief that the King James Bible is the only English Bible NOT from Roman Catholic manuscripts.  Jesus assured me that the Bibles King James only fanatics condemn as Roman Catholic, such as the New American Standard, NIV, and New Living in English are fine with him, and are not Roman Catholic Bibles.  Jesus said, “Gail, don’t be like the King James only people.  They are saying that you and Brent are Satanic and see a devil under every rock.  I’m getting sick of this.”

In fact, Vladimir Putin’s wife Larisa died of a systemic yeast infection in 2000.  The yeast infection I have is beyond the scope of present-day medicine, so I meet with Jesus and He advises me and my husband, Brent Spiner (a licensed M.D.) about my medical treatment.  Jesus told me He created Seroquel just for me.  But even with the Seroquel, I still suffer yeast symptoms.  The Seroquel is working, because I’ve lost most of my massive food allergies.  This yeast sabotages the immune system, causing massive allergies and other immune system disorders.  In July 2012, when I began Seroquel, the yeast was strongest in my brain.  After my brain, it had infected my heart, liver, gallbladder, stomach and the guts.  I always thought my guts the most infected area, because that’s where the infection started.  But, in July 2012, my brain had the strongest yeast concentration.  Because my guts were so saturated with the germ, the germ went upwards, attacking and infiltrating all the major organs above the guts to the point that they became more infected than my guts.  I would never want Zack as a lover, because even though I forgave him, if not for Jesus, this yeast would have killed me by now.

Currently, the Seroquel is purging my intestinal cells of yeast, so they are running away from the Seroquel, looking for new homes in other parts of my body.  The Seroquel bonds with the yeast and then passes the yeast bonded to it out of the body.  Jesus has given me strict orders to only take the medicines and supplements He has prescribed for me:  a multivitamin, Advil or pain killers, allergy medicine and Seroquel—that’s it.  That’s all I’m on, under divine orders from the divine Physician.  The Seroquel has been working from July 2012 to now, from my head on down.  It’s now down to my intestines, so some intestinal yeast escape from the Seroquel into my joints, causing joint inflammation in my shoulders.  My guess is that after the guts are cleared, Seroquel will eventually clear yeast out of my joints.  Guess who gave me this killer yeast?  Zack Knight.  And he thinks I’d want him to make love to me?  Just because I’m a forgiving person, doesn’t mean I want him sexually.  I’ve had this infection so long, I’ve actually developed a strong allergy to yeast toxin, which also exacerbates the treatment.  Killing this yeast actually helps it, because this yeast when it dies releases its toxins, which it then eats.  The toxin that the yeast releases when it dies, feeds any other yeast around it, acting like yeast fertilizer.  So, therefore traditional medical treatments don’t work, because they kill the yeast, releasing toxin, causing it to rebound and increase.  Even Chinese medicine herbs that help to pass the yeast out of the body WITHOUT killing it, have ingredients that feed the yeast.  Seroquel passes the yeast out of the body, and does not contain ingredients that feed the yeast, so it’s the best form of treatment.  Jesus said He created Seroquel just for me.

I suspect that Zack Knight may be using his brain control technology on some of these King James only criminals, and that he and Dr. Peter Ruckman meet secretly to destroy me and my reputation and to brainwash the King James only people who follow Dr. Ruckman.  So, because of Zack’s brain control over the King James only Jesuits, Zack is their true leader and directs their activities, which explains all the strange “meteors” we’ve been having lately.  Have you noticed these all started after I brought an onslaught of videos against Zack to defend myself against his charges that I owe him brain to brain sex?  He doesn’t want people to hear what I’ve said in my latest videos, so he leads his King James only Jesuits to attack the world with their space fleet, even directing them to commit suicide with the space fleet, to distract the world away from this trial.

Jesus is using Vladimir Putin to maintain my computer and has told me that He actually goes into Vladimir’s mind and guides Vladimir as he works on my computer.  Therefore, because Jesus Christ approves of Vladimir Putin, He would not direct anyone to attack Vladimir Putin’s Russia.  You must remember the evil Russia in the future who will attack Israel (Ezekiel 38 & 39), will not be Vladimir Putin’s Russia, because Vladimir, as a born again Christian, won’t be here then.  Dr. Ruckman knows that Jesus Christ meets with me. It was Jesus who told me to abandon King James Bible worship.  These King James only fanatics claim that the King James Bible is the only Bible NOT corrupted by the Roman Catholic Church.  So, to defend the King James Bible, which they say is the only Bible not corrupted by Rome, they work alongside the future Roman Catholic pope Zack Knight, the antichrist, to defend the King James Bible against Rome?  And now they attack the world with their space fleet, like a bunch of Roman Catholic Inquisitors from the Inquisition.  To be this stupid, inconsistent and hypocritical, you’d have to be under some sort of brain control.  I think Zack Knight has the ability to take those who are prone to idol worship and to use mind control on them to twist that idol worship into a worship of him, the antichrist.  He definitely plans to incorporate King James Bible worship, into a worship of himself in the tribulation.  See my comments about Revelation 19:  https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/06/08/2013-news-zack-knights-king-james-bible-only-jesuits/.

Dr. Ruckman thinks he’s smarter than Jesus!  To follow Dr. Ruckman over Jesus, in the matter of God’s Word, you’d have to be under Zack Knight’s brain control.  It certainly is not the spirit of Jesus Christ to crash space ships into Russia.  I think Zack Knight has used brain control on the King James only fanatics, to cause them to create a space fleet for the King James Bible.  See 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.  Zack Knight’s Jesuits murdered Pope John Paul II and we didn’t know it, and for years we had been dealing with John Paul’s robot the whole time!  Zack is very clever.

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