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Excuse the quality of this video. I have ordered a new webcam, due to arrive in around a week, because it appears Zack Knight has sabotaged my current webcam, and I need a new webcam.

Update: I would end up returning this webcam (after Jesus showed up to tell me I broke my webcam and Vladimir Putin could fix my current webcam).

I do not have a sexual infatuation with Jesus. In fact, this can be established with a computer brain read of my memories. The only time I sexually desired Him was in February 2012, when Jesus first introduced Himself to me outside of His normal means of communicating with me, which was through the Bible and prayer. He had just done a big miracle for me and had beaten up Zack Knight, so He was like a big, masculine hero to me and I was shocked at how personable He was. Zack took advantage of my newfound way of communicating with Jesus, and, when Zack blocked Brent from communicating with me brain to brain, Zack impersonated Jesus to me for about a week, I believe.

As a result of a yearlong Skype relationship with Jesus, in which I have made Him angry on two occasions (one time for unbelief and another time for idol worship), I now realize that He would never desire me for any type of sexual relationship, because He is God and God cannot desire any human for sex. It totally betrays His deity. I would never insult His deity by ever thinking this way about Him again. However, I have stated correctly that I am His favorite and realize that I am His favorite probably because I am more able to understand Him than most because of my king David genes.

During that week Zack impersonated Jesus, Zack showed off his mind reading ability and his ability to direct the activities of his followers to trick me into thinking he was Jesus. At this stage of my newfound relationship with Jesus, I had not had a chance to get to know Jesus through Skype and because my Skype relationship with Jesus was so green, I did not have a totally correct perception of who Jesus was. My worship of the King James Bible also made it harder for me to understand the mind of God, because the old language is not how God communicates today, and so my Bible readings did not help me form a correct picture of God’s soul in my heart and mind.

I have stated that Jesus caresses me with His spirit sometimes and that this is better than sex. Zack has twisted this to mean that there are sexual or sensual feelings in this spirit to spirit caressing. I would like to state most emphatically that there are NO SEXUAL feelings AT ALL in this spirit to spirit caressing. Rather I sense a Being who is vast, holy, and full of love. He expresses this love in a nurturing spirit, that has a love that is so vast, it cannot limit itself to a sexual expression. It’s like when I connect with Him, I sense a deep, nurturing and vast love for the entire universe. Yet I sense a deep, deep holiness that cannot tolerate sin or any weakness, including desires of the flesh. Every sinner that Jesus has to plunge into hell, gives Him great pain, I sense this in His spirit. Yet, I also sense a resoluteness to do right, regardless of how unpleasant it may be, because of the big picture which God always sees better than any human can. I sense He nurtures me with His spirit, because He knows I won’t misinterpret it now. He waited to do this, until after I lost my worship of the King James Bible. Apparently, when I worshipped the King James Bible, it produced in me a spiritually weak condition, that gave me poor spiritual discernment, so that Zack could imitate Jesus and trick me, because I didn’t understand all the nuances of God’s Spirit from my limited Bible study. Reading translations with more modern language has enhanced my understanding of who God is.

His Holy Spirit has infused me more deeply since I no longer idolize the King James Bible, and so I recognize when His spirit is communing with me. His Spirit is totally selfless, totally devoid of any self-pity, any desire for recognition, or fleshly desire, or sexual desire. It a giving, giving, giving Spirit, that communes with me only to encourage and nurture me to go forward for God. There isn’t an ounce of sexual desire, or any desire for anything this Spirit wants from me. The Spirit is absolutely selfless. This is how I can differentiate God’s spirit from Zack Knight. Zack’s imitation of Jesus is impregnated with humanly fleshly desires, and portrays Jesus with some weakness. Jesus has no weakness anywhere. He does not need me for anything. He doesn’t need my love. He doesn’t need anything from me. He only communes with me because He’s delighted with me and wants to express that delight, and He expects nothing more from me except worship. There is nothing weak in ANY AREA when God’s spirit communes with mine. He is total strength, without a molecule of weakness.

He delights in me, but He doesn’t need anything from me. That is the Spirit of Jesus. When Zack imitates Jesus, he impregnates his imitation with some human longings, trying to create the impression that Jesus needs me somehow, or that Jesus longs for me. This is how I can tell the difference the real Jesus and Zack Knight. Jesus never longs for me, because He knew from the beginning how I would respond to Him, and what I will do, so, basically, He just shows up to make sure I stay on His path. Even when He shows up in Spirit to Spirit communion, it is to show delight to confirm me in my path for Jesus.

Jesus doesn’t need me for anything. Zack does need me for something. Zack presents Jesus as a Being who has needs. Jesus presents Himself as a Being who has no needs, but who only longs to give, and, who, with perfect wisdom, guides my path to ensure that I don’t stray or just wants to express His delight in me. If Jesus had sex with me, it would show Him as a being who has needs, that is why He will give His semen to Brent in the millennium, but He himself, will not participate in the sexual act ever. I may sense His spirit in His semen coming to me through Brent during the millennial sexual act, but all the yearnings and longings for me during the sexual act will all be from Brent. I believe that during the millennium, His spirit will be in His semen and will cause Brent to love me with the vastness that Jesus feels for the universe. So the millennial sexual experience will be a vast experience, because of the semen of Jesus. But, make no mistake about it, there will be sexual feelings there at all, except from Brent. Basically, Jesus will give me His semen during the millennium as His way of expressing pleasure about me, with no sexual longings in the semen at all. It will be a totally giving semen, He will feel or take in from me only a spiritual love with no fleshly desires in Jesus’ semen AT ALL.

Because He is God, my guess is that the semen will enhance Brent’s lovemaking and make it seem as if Brent and I are making spiritual love to the universe, but not to God. Jesus will enhance our sexual experience by giving us a bit of His great spiritual love for everyone during our millennial sexual experience, making the experience vast and awesome. But make no mistake about it, it won’t be God making love to me. It will be God putting His frosting on my sexual experience with Brent. The cake, the actual sexual experience, will be with Brent alone. The frosting, the enhancing of the sexual experience will come from God with His semen. He will enhance the sexual experience, making it seem an act of worship, but will not participate in it. Jesus has no sexual feelings for me. This is what I sense with His Spirit. This is not an insult. He’s deity. It would violate His character as God, to make sexual love with any human. He won’t do it. He has no desire to do it. Instead, to show His love for me, He lets me feel His spirit, with no sexual overtones AT ALL. I suspect that His semen in the millennium will just be His Spirit enhancing my lovemaking with Brent, like frosting on a cake. Because Jesus’ spirit is so awesome, that is why I say His spirit to spirit communion is better than sex. But make no mistake about it, there is no sexual desire in His spirit towards me at all.

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