(2013) Jesuit Lyudmila Putin Behind Boston Marathon Bombings, so Vladimir Putin Divorces his JESUIT CLONE WIFE

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UPDATE on Oct. 13, 2021: I hear on Loree McBride’s mainstream communist news networks that they are going after the Thin Privilege Movement’s patsy for their murders in the May 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings. What really happened is what I’ve outlined in this article!

I, as the supreme monarch over the United States, order the U.S. Supreme Court and everyone to drop all charges against an innocent man named Tsarnaev. It’s possible that this is all fake news and that the U.S. Supreme Court is not really trying this case and it’s all made up. Regardless, because it appears the U.S. Supreme Court is trying this case, when the evidence for the truly guilty party (The Thin Privilege Movement) is overwhelming, I officially cancel the U.S. Supreme Court and only allow them to try cases approved of by my Cabinet. All Supreme Court cases cannot go forward unless approved of by Judge Terrance Jenkins and my co-President Brent Spiner. All cases tried by ANY COURT in my government must honor Conspiracy Law or that case will be considered TOTALLY INVALID AND ILLEGAL. Those who push any case forward that violates my Conspiracy Law will be executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. I make an executive order that Tsarnaev (and all Thin Privilege patsies falsely accused of murder) be given total freedom. Those who violate this executive order will be EXECUTED publicly on Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). Those who falsely report that Tsarnaev was behind the Boston Marathon bombings will also be executed.

THE FOLLOWING IS A NEWS ARCHIVE (Zack Knight and Rule 13 came to my side in Sept. 2016)

What you’re seeing on this video entitled TSARNAEV BROTHERS—PATSIES FOR BOSTON MARATHON TERRORIST LYUDMILA PUTIN is what Lyudmila Putin and Zack Knight did to me on May 6th, 2013.

Jesuits Lyudmila Putin, Sara Avery, and other obese Jesuit women blame me that they cannot get a man to love them and marry them or have sex with them. It is somehow my fault that they can’t control their appetites, they don’t have the discipline to exercise, and that they are obese. They even go so far as to claim that doctors who suggest that obesity is a health risk are full of crap and claim the doctors just say this because the skinny people of the world are in a conspiracy against the obese people. So these obese Jesuit women have created a group they call THIN PRIVILEGE, a group that glorifies obesity and strives to make lack of self-control, jealousy over anyone who looks better than them, and terrorism against skinny people or terrorism against those who promote lifestyles that encourage fitness or a lean appearance, a virtue. Lyudmila Putin, Sara Avery and the THIN PRIVILEGE group were behind the Boston terrorist bombings. They felt that because they were so fat and had to walk several blocks to hide the bombs under their huge breasts or in the folds of their fat that they suffered and deserved commendation. They dropped off the pressure cooker bombs, which they used because I cook with a pressure cooker all the time, left the scene and killed thousands at the Boston Marathon. In the meanwhile, even though they boasted that they were behind the Boston Marathon bombs , Lyudmila Putin fabricated an online presence for the Tsarnaev brothers, and even, with the cooperation of brilliant Zack Knight, arranged for one of these brothers to be killed, so that she could frame her Boston Terrorism bombings on the Tsarnaev brothers, to make them the patsies for her crimes. The sad part to all this is because Lyudmila and the THIN PRIVILEGE women have yet to be arrested for the Boston Terrorism bombings, and the world is going after the Tsarnaev brothers, who were set up, the real criminals are free to commit more crimes. So Lyudmila Putin, in combination with Zack Knight, used technology they probably learned from the GA1L android and which they have kept to themselves, to cause me to slip when I was returning from the mailbox on May 6th, due to a dip in the pavement. After I lost my balance, Zack Knight & Lyudmila used a force that hit me real hard and sent me crashing to the concrete below. I managed to spare my head and neck from injury by shoving my left hand down and landing somewhat on my knees. So my knees and left hand took the brunt of the fall. I believe Jesus cushioned the fall to save my life. I was wearing pants, so though I got a bad hit on both knees, so that my skin broke even with fabric between the skin on my knees and the concrete, the main injury to my knees was a hard hit on both knees onto concrete. The skin on my left hand hit the pavement hard and cause a deep cut on my pinky finger. You can see all this in the rest of this video. This, world, is the result of not arresting Lyudmila for the Boston Marathon bombings.

Vladimir divorced Lyudmila over the Boston Marathon, so she wanted to kill me. To her, that was my fault. He only married her to prevent a war with Russia, because George Bush told Vladimir under threat of war he better marry Lyudmila and pretend like Vladimir’s wife Larisa never died. Now that Lyudmila’s activities could bring war with the U.S., Vladimir has completely dissociated himself from Lyudmila. .Lyudmila feels she has the right to kill me, even though she interfered with Vladimir’s love for me, by forcing him into a political marriage he did not desire in 2001. Vladimir has never gone to bed with Lyudmila and she’s jealous of me because she claims that it’s unfair that I have all these men on my marriage list and she can’t get any man to love her. Vladimir has never wanted her and has always wanted me, even when I was slightly overweight in 2003 & 2004. So because I’m skinny, to her, she feels she has the right to kill me, even though her actions against me forced me to file for bankruptcy in 2002, because she used President Bush under threat of war with the U.S. to force herself on Vladimir. Vladimir never wanted to play the Lyudmila marriage game, and has never gone to bed with her, so she blames all her problems on me. She tried to kill me on May 6th with a slip and fall, that Zack Knight helped her with.

Zack Knight wants me dead because of a book I’m working on that will devastate his Jesuit Order and expose him for the fraud and killer that he is. Lyudmila wants me dead because her political marriage to Vladimir never worked and Vladimir never wanted her. To her, that’s my fault, so I deserve to die. Even though she cooperated with the Jesuits in the jet that crashed at Queens, NY in 2001 that intimidated both Bush and Putin into allowing her to become Lyudmila, in place of Vladimir’s real wife Larisa who died in 2000. That political marriage didn’t work and Vladimir has only dreamed about loving me since his Larisa died, so I deserve to die and May 6th was not the first time Lyudmila has damaged me. She damaged me by forcing herself on Vladimir, making him unable to marry me and rescue me from bankruptcy in 2002. Right now these brazen THIN PRIVILEGE criminals are actually suing the Boston Marathoners who got injured and who died for daring to sponsor that Boston Marathon in order to give me a Nobel Prize in physical fitness. Imagine that, the criminals behind the Boston Marathon suing the victims of their crimes. Only Zack Knight and his followers could go this low!

Jesus has allowed me to punish Zack Knight with lightning bolts and spermicide bullets for the southern CA wildfires, for the THIN PRIVILEGE group, that Zack works with to try to kill me, for increasing the pollen count in my town today, for trying to kill Rule 13 (possibly because I have made Rule 13 a character in my book), and for assisting the THIN PRIVILEGE group to cover up their murders by fabricating evidence to implicate the innocent Tsarnaev brothers, in order to protect THIN PRIVILEGE, so that Zack can work undercover through THIN PRIVILEGE to stop me, using death or whatever, from publishing the book I’m working on. Brent and I have challenged him to show up to prove to us that Jesus is not using me to punish him for the crimes I mentioned, and he has not showed up. That’s because he’s so damaged, because Jesus has used me to punish him with lightning bolts and spermicide bullets for all the crimes I mention in this video. He wouldn’t dare show up and reveal the damage he has received from my lightning bolts for the crimes mentioned in this video!

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