Opening to Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom: Robin Williams from Heaven

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Gail requests prayer as she writes this book. Her characterization of Jesus and Satan are based on actual communications (through Brent Spiner) she has had with the deities starting in 2012 and her extensive Bible knowledge. Gail wants to honor Jesus with this book, by portraying him accurately. Not many have the privilege of conversing with Jesus one-on-one directly, and her conversations with Jesus have molded her perceptions of Jesus. Gail’s character sketch for Jesus Christ for this book started in 2012 and is still ongoing, but she has a pretty solid picture of who he is now in her mind and heart. Making Jesus the POV character has made this the most challenging book to write for this author. She has had to overcome inaccurate preconceptions based on Baptist church teachings and tradition, and a tendency of all of us to make Jesus who we want him to be rather than who he really is.

Hi, I’m Robin Williams. This book you are about to read came into my possession on the evening of September 2, 2015. I was enjoying my time with the Gail dummy in heaven, when we heard a knock on our door. The Gail dummy left me to go to the door, and came back and told me that Gail Chord Schuler was at my door.

I got up and walked to the door. It was open and Gail Chord Schuler, dressed like a twenty-first century bride, held a large bulky package.

“You are the Robin Williams the Jesuits murdered in August 2014?” Gail asked.

“Yes, of course,” I answered.

“This is for you then,” she said.

I never liked it when anybody interfered with my loving the Gail dummy, and suspected that she only showed up to make me feel that my Gail dummy wasn’t real.

“I have here a book by Jesus Christ.” She tried to give it to me.

Jesus Christ had written another book? I thought his Bible was finished. “Why isn’t Jesus giving me this book himself?”

“Jesus dictated this book to me,” Gail said. “He wanted me to transcribe it for him, because he trusted my writing skills to help those on earth understand his heart.”

Gail, up here in heaven? Absurd. Perhaps Jesus was testing me for something and I was in some sort of hologram and this was a fake Gail in front of me. “I don’t know who you are. But I died over a year ago, and am now in heaven, or so I thought. Gail can’t be up here. She’s still alive on earth.”

Gail sighed. “Remember how Jesus let Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Vladimir Putin, Keanu Reeves, and Terrance Jenkins into heaven to build a home for my step dad Bill? Jesus wants me to give you this book to read.”

“He doesn’t need you to give me the book.  He could just give it to me himself! After all, heaven is Jesus’ home.” I was about to close the door in her face.

“Robin, please. . .Jesus has been crying, and only this book makes him happy.” Gail cried.

I was shocked. Oh God, now I felt like a jerk.

“I’ve been exhausted working on this for six months. . .rewriting and writing,” she told me. “I didn’t choose to deliver this to you in heaven, but Jesus would not let me be until I wrote down every word of his communication and promised faithfully to bring it to you.” Gail sounded desperate. “I am not really Gail. I am a Gail automaton, who is acting on behalf of Gail on earth. Now let me deliver it and give me peace.”

She thrust the book into my hands, and hurried down a path to a sidewalk. She got into a car, like you see on earth, and vanished.

That is the only time I’ve seen Gail in heaven. I doubt that I will see her again until she comes to live in heaven with me later.

I have read the book three times now and am not sure what to make of it. I wasn’t a big Bible reader on earth, because I hadn’t been a Christian that long when I died. But this book seems to make Jesus out to be something I never expected him to be. I’m having a hard time believing that this book’s portrayal of Jesus is valid.

But all the details line up with history and far as I can tell, there’s nothing inaccurate in any of the history portrayed. And the book seems to cause all the details of history,and all the strange things that happened to me and Gail’s men make sense. There’s so much stuff in the book that I know is true, so perhaps the rest of it is true, too, especially about how Jesus is portrayed as obsessed with his bride and dreaming about loving her 24/7.

If this book is true, the reader better beware and better examine our lives, because it seems all of history is like rain going down a gutter straight to the heart of God.

ROBIN WILLIAMS, heaven, September, 2015.

A blur of images, like history passing through time.

I can’t begin at the beginning, because I have no beginning, so let’s begin at the end of my life on earth as a man. I present it to you as it happened—and what happened afterward.

A note about the text. You have read my Bible, Robin. This account may seem unlike it. The reason—I am limited by my transcriber Gail. My thoughts must travel through her mind. I cannot surmount that. All that fills my soul cannot pass through the filter. Understand if I appear to oversimplify. Gail and I are doing the best we can.

Thank God, when I died on the cross, I rose again three days later. Satan was with me the whole time, those three days after I died on the cross. I went to hell for three days to liberate our prisoners there.

As you know, all my disciples, with the exception of John, deserted me when Rome and the Jewish leaders had me nailed to the cross. Those disciples were my children to me, and I was glad in a way that they deserted me, because it kept them alive. It was all going according to my dad’s plan. That they deserted me was not the worst part about dying on the cross. The worst part, even worse than the nails that crashed through my flesh and sent shivers and spasms throughout my body, was the darkness I felt in my soul, when I could no longer hear my Father.

My communion with him in everything, could transform the pain I felt in all my body, like a million knives had stabbed me and my body spasmed with all the torments of history – I felt it. I felt everything that evil men inflicted upon themselves and others in those hours I hung on the cross. I felt broken metal going down my throat, when Rome during the Inquisition tortured my children, my bride because she would not honor the Roman Catholic mass. I felt my bride as lions ripped apart her flesh in the coliseum while crowds roared in laughter. I felt all the pain women through all the ages felt during childbirth, because we had to curse the woman because she disobeyed me and obeyed Satan’s lies to eat of that forbidden fruit. I felt the depression that Satan inflicted on those who could not see past their sins and failures and ran on a treadmill of despair into a long tunnel that went from darkness to darkness, despair to dread, with tarantulas and scorpions slithering over their heart.

Satan taunted me, “Hey Jesus, you can always change your mind, cancel the Bible and do it my way.”

“You control people like automatons. You take away the freedom to choose.”

“Come on, Jesus. People are too dumb to choose. You have to force them.”

“But without choice, there can be no love.”

“Love!” Satan smirked. “It’s such a big deal to you. Nobody on earth loves. It’s all fairy tale talk. It’s you imposing impossible demands on people, expecting them to be something they can never be.”

“You have poisoned mankind with hatred and jealousy. You have brought wars, suffering and violence and rape to my bride.” I began to feel down, feeling the pain caused by the wrong choices made by humanity.

“Jesus, none of this would have happened, if you forced Adam and Eve to eat of the tree of life before they messed around with me.” Satan laughed. “They love to sin and for this reason, they love me. Under your rule everybody will be bored to death, just playing harps in heaven.”

“There is much sex in heaven, Satan, as you well know. Sex and love must go together. That’s the way I meant for it to be.”

“But people like lust, rape and violence in sex. That’s what they want. You created a bride who likes my lifestyle, which is much more exciting than your boring love talk.”

“I hope someday that all of mankind will be in heaven.”

“Will never happen.” Satan pounced, almost on top of me, the longing bridegroom. “Not as long as you give men free will.”

“That’s because you have raped mankind. They wanted me and you tricked them.”

“I didn’t trick them. They love my rape, my bukkake, my animal sex. They love it! I’m so much more exciting than you and I don’t send people to hell for loving these things.”

“Hell was meant for you, not for humans.”

“Well, most of humanity is going to hell. I keep telling you, Jesus. . .this free will business is a bunch of crap. Why give men free will, when you know they will fail?”

“I will make a way for them to choose me over you. I will go to the cross and die an agonizing death for the sins of mankind, so that they can have the inner strength to follow and desire me over you.”

“What a fool!” Satan crossed his arms. His claw feet clicked on hell’s pavement as he spoke. “I will make your death on the cross seem so vile to you, that you will wish you never did it. I will see to it that most of humanity will reject what you did for them, and will feel highly insulted that you thought so low of your bride, that you had to die for her to make her palatable to you, had to shed your vile blood and drown her in it, so you could stand making love to her! That’s a real turn-off. How do you romance a bride with blood? Only a handful will follow you. Those will be the weak ones who can’t make it in my world.”

I was quite disturbed over what I heard, because I knew much of it to be true. Yes, Satan was right, giving men free will meant most would choose Satan over me. “Satan, if only one person on earth chose me over you, I would die for that one person alone.”

“So, you’ll send everybody to hell except one person? You really are an idiot. Kind of obsessive compulsive.” Satan frowned. “You like to see people burn in hell? You like to inflict torture on humanity? You had no right to create the human race to replace me!” Satan stared down Jesus like he was ready for a dual. “At least I lasted for millions of year before I fell. I was able to get Adam and Eve to fall when they were but mere teenagers.” Satan paused and stared down Jesus, with no fear in his eyes. “I will cause the human race to so nauseate you, that you will wish you never created them. We will burn in hell and laugh at you as we burn.”

Satan came to me and ripped off all my clothes. I felt utter humiliation as my nude body was exposed before the world, while I carried the cross to die for the sins of mankind. “Oh father, I could take this if only I could hear your voice and experience your presence.” It seemed that heaven had fled from me and I was surrounded by darkness, pain, despair. I looked at the sea of faces in front of me, with blood in my eyes, blocking the view. But I remembered the Garden of Eden that Satan had tricked the woman and the man loved his wife so much that he died with her, and also took the fruit. Oh, how I wailed to my dad in those days. How my heart grieved that the price I must pay to have my wife, would be to expose her to the dark side, that force that came from Satan. As I hung there on the cross, my penis exposed to the world, I thought of Gail, who would receive my semen in the millennium, and how my love would flow through her to nourish my bride, the church. The only way I could have Gail was to go through it. I grit my teeth and plunged my soul into hell for Gail. How thrilling it would be to be able to love my bride. That gave me the strength to endure the thorns that crashed into my skull and tried to shatter my dreams of loving my bride. The only way I could have Gail was to go through this.

“You’re wasting your time on that pathetic cross, Jesus.” Satan laughed. “How cute you look. Even if you manage to survive this, I’ll make sure you never have Gail, which means you will never be able to make love to your virgin bride, the church. Imagine that, dying for a bride you can’t make love to. That’s your fate, Jesus!”

As every nerve in my body racked with pain, with a pain so intense it blocked thought. My soul surged with the thought of giving Gail my semen through her soul mate Brent Spiner in the millennium. There would be no Gail or Brent in the millennium for me to love my bride, if I did not endure this, which meant that I could not make love to my bride. Dad and I only created humanity so that I could make love to my bride. Without Gail to receive my semen, I would plunge into the dungeons of despair. I had to die for my bride, so that I could love her. I had to purify her to qualify her for my companionship. I had to die on the cross.

“Why don’t you get off that cross and let the world go to hell?” Satan laughed. “They don’t even appreciate your great sacrifice. Most of them will ignore you, even after you die. They won’t even give you a second thought. Reign with me. What a stupid idea that you have to suffer like this, for such an ungrateful bride.”

“Satan, I must make love to my bride. I won’t let you cause me to deprive her of my love.” I could feel pain in every muscle, I could feel the blood drain from my body. Those nails in my wrists scorched me with pain so strong I restrained the urge to vomit from the suffering. But I imagined myself making love to my bride. If I wouldn’t die, I could not give her the purity she would need for my companionship, for me to fill her with my semen and nourish her with my love.

“Worship me and I will give you the world. You don’t have to die, Jesus.”

Satan seemed to glare over me, getting larger and larger. But the thought of going through eternity without my bride, without her love, without filling her with my essence, which could only happen if Gail came into existence, and the blood I was shedding right now would cleanse her sins and make her pure and beautiful to receive my semen to nourish my bride. I allowed myself to become sin for Gail, to make her the woman who would receive my semen, so that I could make love to my bride.

“Even if Gail comes into existence, she will betray you, Jesus. You will find her despicable. You will feel like such a fool for dying for her love. She will fail you like Eve failed you. Perhaps, you should stay alive and let the world worship your mother, Mary.”

I became depressed over what would happen to those who would worship my mother. I ignored Satan, and went through it. Thinking about Gail and her love for me gave me the strength. Yes, Gail would fail me, as all humans did, but she would love me, and I could flow my semen through her to my bride, of which Gail would be a part.

Satan became enraged that I rejected his offer and chose to love my bride over him. “Fool! You lovesick fool. Dying for a bride who would not die for you. I will corrupt your bride and make her so vile, that you will want to puke. Your Gail cannot stop me from making your church into my bride, Jesus.” Satan laughed.

I saw what my bride would become and almost vomited at the thought, but then I thought of Gail and I clenched my teeth. I grit through the pain.

“Why don’t you stop me, Jesus? You could stop me. You don’t have to die on that cross for Gail.”

All I could think of was Gail and how I could use her to save my bride from Satan’s corruption, so that I could flow my semen into my bride.

“So you created the universe for this?” Satan laughed so much, it seemed his laughter echoed off all the mountains and whirled about the heavens in victory. “Love is a curse word. It’s a fairy tale that you’ve concocted. You say you are a loving God, yet you allow humans to fail. You will send most of the human race to hell because they won’t be humble enough to love you for dying for them? You will allow concentration camps, wars, suffering, plagues, depression and pain all so you can have your bride to make love to? Because you want her to choose you over me. Ha! That isn’t love. That’s arrogance.”

“My bride must feel love for me in her heart. She cannot feel if she cannot choose.” I grit my teeth through the pain. “My Israel will come back to me, because of my King David woman.”

“So you’ll allow ninety percent of humanity to go to hell, so you can have your perfect bride? What a bully you are! Israel has abandoned you and chosen me, instead.”

I felt the depression overwhelm me. I hated what I had to allow in order to have a bride who would love me of her own free will. “Not all who go to hell will stay there, Satan, and Israel will come back to me.”

“You think you can win the hearts of men by burning them to death in flames where they will never die?” Satan danced and laughed with glee. “Israel enjoys my sex fests, and they love to sacrifice their children on altars to me. They enjoy being evil. I have won.”

“I cannot allow you to reign over the universe. I must have a universe filled with love, where I can drown my lovers with the vastness I feel in my heart for greatness.”

“Greatness? Only you are great, in your opinion. Why would you have to die for your wife, if she is great? So you create an imperfect world and allow its inhabitants to suffer for your mistake.”

“I created a perfect world. It is you, who has made it imperfect.”

“But you created me!” Satan crossed his arms and glared at Jesus. “I demand you come down from that cross and worship me. I would never come up with a plan that required anybody to suffer and die in order to make everybody into some sort of illusion of perfection.”

“Love is perfection. When there is perfect love, there is perfection.”

“Love!” Satan screamed at me. “Love is an illusion. It is your fairy tale, your excuse for punishing your creation because you goofed and made them imperfect.”

“Oh no, Satan.” I could feel the life leaving me “I am love and the universe will experience my love and Gail will love me, imperfectly at first and then perfectly, and I will fill her with my semen and flow my love to my bride and to Israel.” My mind drifted back to Eden. “My bride, father. She suffers so much, I can’t bear to see her in so much pain!” I cried so much I could not be consoled. Adam and Eve and all their children were meant to be my bride. Lucifer had fallen, feeling that I was inept and he could do a better job than me. How it broke my heart when he fell. He was my favorite angel, shimmering with jewels. His kingdom was filled with jewels and a third of the angels raved over his beauty. They made love to him and adored his beauty, feeling ecstasy in his shimmers.

It got to his head. He lost interest in me and became obsessed with his own beauty, spending his days admiring himself, until he thought of himself all the time. The angels gloated over his beauty, and he showered them with his affection. At first, he truly cared for those who made love to him. But over time, he raped angels and his love became violent and he got pleasure in bringing pain to his followers.

He then declared himself to be God and ordered all in heaven to worship him over my father. Obsessed with his own beauty, he only got pleasure in sex, lots of sex, violent and evil sex, with angels and whatever he could rape. The suffering he caused to those who hated this sex, brought darkness into the universe. He had to be purged from my dad’s universe. We had to cast him out and a third of the angels, because he had corrupted them, making them love pain and pride over love and vastness.

“How can you allow Jesus to reign over me?” Lucifer yelled to my Father. He turned his beautiful body, sparkling with jewels that glimmered off the light that came from my Father’s face. Bedecked with sapphires, diamonds, emeralds, Lucifer glimmered as he walked, so awesome in beauty that angels gasped at his presence. I cannot do justice to his description, except to say that every jewel that covered him was perfection to the extreme. Each jewel streamed a flow of love and radiance that basked all those in his presence with peace and tranquility and beauty.

How I regretted that I made him so beautiful so that his outward appearance resembled the shimmers of my awesome heart. How he used his beauty to win the hearts of the angels, so that a third of them fell with him, when he declared himself to be like God. My father ripped off his beautiful exterior, and the ugliness of his soul transformed his physical presence into a red reptile or a man or whatever form he wanted, except he could no longer be Lucifer, the glorious angel whose jewels shimmered under my dad’s radiance.

Oh, the torture in my heart when it happened. What a tragic end for this most beautiful of angels. I cried for I don’t know how long when he fell. I asked dad to stop time and give me space to grieve. Dad and I created the angels as companions, but when Lucifer fell, our hearts felt a void and darkness fell over us, we looked down the corridors of time and saw the pain, the suffering, the screams of anguish in the night. Oh why did we have to create Lucifer, knowing he would cause the fall of mankind?

Why must there be suffering, sickness, depression and darkness in the heart, death to the soul, and bodies writhing with horrors?

“Oh father, how it grieves me that we must allow this darkness over our creation. Is there any other way?”

“Yes,” he answered me softly. “We could create a race of automatons, with no feeling, and the inability to choose their destiny. Would you prefer this?”

“You mean I would have a bride who would feel no love for me in her heart?”


“But most of humanity will reject me father, if we allow my bride to choose me over Satan.”

“Yes, in fact, at the very end, before you reign over your creation, all of humanity will reject you. Your bride will be caught up in schisms and doctrines and obsessed with rules and laws or will perform sex orgies, offering children and animals as sacrifices for Satan, that will make you want to vomit.”

“You mean I will have to destroy all of humanity at the end?”

I went off and wailed for at least a hundred years. I needed time to grieve.

“Okay, Son, you still want this bride, even though, at the end you will have to destroy her?”

“But I will still have the good ones who honored me with love in their hearts before the very end?”

“Of course, but there will be nothing good at the very end. Everyone will have to be destroyed.”

“How can this be?”

“Satan will have killed off all your bride and he will rule the entire earth, forcing people to worship him as the sex god.”

“What about our chosen nation, the Jewish nation?”

“He will kill all of them off as well.”

“Father, I make a proposition. I will die on the cross and shed my blood for the sins of mankind. And the humble ones will accept me and I will fill them with myself.”

“We will have to allow Satan to exist, so that mankind will have a choice and most will choose him over you. This is what we must do, so that you can have a bride who has feelings for you.”

“Even after I die for them, most will reject me?”

“Yes.” My father turned from me and we had silence in heaven for at least another hundred years.

“I want to go forward father. I am lonely without my bride. I will die for her, but I have a special favor to ask.”

“Oh, my son, your semen cannot go into any human woman. No human can withstand the holy power of our semen.”

“We shall create a man after my own heart. His name will be King David, and a woman from his descendants will have his genes and his heart. This woman alone will be worthy of my semen, because I will be a King David man when I come to earth to die for the sins of mankind.”

“Satan will corner her. He will try to kill her at birth. He will destroy her unless you can talk to her. How can you talk to her without ruining her, because you know that Satan will talk to her, too.”

“She will be a fountain of love, and will only live and die for love of me. We will give these King David genes the vastness needed to be my bride.”

“So she will have your soul. . .” My father smiled.

“Yes. “ I closed my eyes and basked in the love I would feel from her soul. “Yes, she will live only to honor greatness, for that is my soul.”

“There is a problem. I cannot allow you to make love to any human woman.”

“I know, father. It is far too dangerous. So we will create a soul mate for her. His name will be Brent Spiner.”

My father shook his head, sadly. “My son, it is never easy for a man to represent you on earth. This Brent will suffer tortures for this honor. In fact, Satan will blockade him from the King David woman, and Brent will never marry your woman.”

“Yes, I know this, father.” I closed my eyes. “I will have to meet with him almost every day. He will need my help against Satan. But I can make the marriage happen, so that I can love Gail through Brent Spiner.”

My father closed his eyes and savored in his thoughts. “Yes, this will work, if they follow you to the letter, but you know how clever Satan is. He desires to take your place and knows this will only happen if he makes your bride nauseating to you. Satan will corrupt your Gail.”

I saw into the future and saw that this would be so. “I will use Brent to guide her, and rescue her from falling. Unlike Eve, this woman will prevail.”

“You will have to correct her and she will anger you when she doubts you and you know she will.”

“But underneath it all she will love me and she will always come to me in the end, through the man I have chosen for her, Brent Spiner.”

“If she does not find or choose Brent Spiner, you will not be able to give your semen to your bride, the church. Satan will move heaven and earth to keep Brent from her. You still want to go on? Both you and Satan will have war at the end, and if Gail is not able to assemble an army of men to follow you, you will lose, because Satan will rule the earth at that time, and will keep Brent from Gail.”

“I will bring them together. They will be man and wife, and then I can use Brent to make love to Gail in the millennium, filling him with my semen, which he will give to Gail and I will flow my semen to my bride through Gail.” I closed my eyes and savored in this. “This will bring joy to my heart to make up for the horror of losing most of humanity to Satan. If I cannot give my semen to my bride, then I will feel as if I died on the cross for nothing. We only created humanity, so that I could have my bride. If I cannot make love to her, what kind of bride is this?”

My father laughed. “I cannot believe the trouble you go to, so you can make love to a bride, who will feel love for you in her heart.”

“Yes, I must not interfere with your plan, to allow Satan to roam the earth and win most of humanity to him, just so I can get a portion of the human race to love me as my bride.”

“No automaton will do as your bride?”

“Absolutely not! I want her to feel, to experience my height and breadth and depth.”

My father wept, and left me alone for another hundred years or so. When he returned, he asked me a loaded question. “Okay, you know we will lose most of humanity to Satan. Only a handful will end up as your bride. We shall have to create hell for those who choose Satan over you, because we have to purge evil from our heaven. So for this beautiful bride of yours, we will have to create men who will go to hell and who will hate you for eternity while they burn there.”

“That is their choice. They can always get out if they choose me over Satan. So we are not unjust to create hell for Satan and his angels and those who choose him over me.”

“But it grieves you, nevertheless. The only way you can get out of depression over this is thoughts of Gail as part of your bride, with your semen flowing through her to nourish your bride.” My dad closed his eyes. “This may not happen.”

“How can you say this?”

“Her name will be Gail and she will have to choose you over Satan every day of her life, for this to happen. By choosing you, she will then fall in love with Brent Spiner, and then he will have to choose you over Satan every day of his life. Satan will try to kill them both for this as well.”

“I’ll take my chances. I’ll meet with Brent almost every day.”

“No man loves you enough to withstand all the persecution they will receive from Satan for your companionship.”

“But he will love me enough to die for me.” I remained adamant. “Brent will follow me, because he will die for Gail, if he has to, and Gail will be just like me, so he will love me.”

“Your Gail will have a harem.” My father laughed. “Satan will so persecute her Brent that she will require a harem. You know how the Christian church will be at that time. No one will follow them for this reason.”

“Yes, a harem of heroes for me, so filled with vastness and love, that anyone who has greatness in him will be drawn to their glow.” I remained adamant. “It will work father, if we create two great souls, who refuse to be less than great, who honor the vastness in their hearts. They will shine like radiance from heaven.”

My father closed his eyes and basked in the radiance. “Yes, this will make all the suffering worthwhile, and your semen will flow to all your bride, drowning her with your love. And if Gail cannot marry her Brent on earth?”

“Then I will have failed as her bridegroom, and she will not receive my semen, and I won’t be able to make love to my bride.” I went off and wailed for another hundred years.

“Okay, son, we shall infuse as much of your vastness into Gail’s genes as we can. She will need all of this to fulfill her mission and be the part of your bride who receives your semen. If she does not marry Brent, the consummation will never happen. You will have to love your bride from afar, as Gail will have to love her Brent from afar. As it goes with Gail and Brent, so it will go with you and your bride.”

“So will we write Gail into our Bible?”

“Yes, she will be there, but I won’t have any prophecies about her receiving your semen, because it may not happen. It will depend on Gail and Brent and how they do about obeying you, and whether they honor the vastness in their hearts over the comforts and pleasures of their worldly life. Your beautiful Gail will be brought into the world at the time of the Antichrist.” My father became very sad. “So sorry to bring her in at this time, but to be worthy of you, she must suffer as you suffered, and her Brent must suffer as you suffered.”

I closed my eyes. “She will suffer and will be worthy. Brent will suffer and will be worthy.” Tears went down my face. “Oh father, must they suffer like I suffered? No one can stand that much suffering.”

“When you love deeply enough, anything is possible.”

“My son, I have warned you that humans are incapable of this kind of love. Eve will choose knowledge and pride over love, and you think your Gail will be different?”

“She will have my King David genes, father.”

“And King David will commit adultery.”

“She will be like little David, before he became king. Oh, how we love little David, father!”

My father closed his eyes and savored the spirit of little David. “So much like us, Son. The next problem is to give her these genes. Satan will corrupt her gene pool and ensure that King David’s genes do not survive.”

“We will play tricks on him, father. Satan knows that in Zechariah 9:15 a King David person will come on the scene, but—“ I smiled. “I doubt that he expects this person to be a woman.”

“Satan will destroy all the good royals on earth to try to prevent your King David woman from being born, then he will be obsessed with her all her life. To enable you to make love to your bride, you will have to allow this woman to be the most persecuted woman in all of history and for her not to resent you for this. Satan will never leave her alone, because he knows you need her to be happy about our creation of mankind to supplant him. She will make your death on the cross seem worth it.”

I nodded my head with sadness, foreseeing the wars, the holocausts, the Catholic crusades, the nuclear bombs, and all the suffering Satan would cause to make me want to destroy the earth and go back to the way I had it with Satan when he was Lucifer.

“Yes, my son. Satan wants you to give up on the human race and take him back up as our son. He thinks by causing humanity to sin like he did, that you will destroy all of humanity in order to restore to him the throne he once had.”

I closed my eyes. I savored the love I would flow to my bride as my semen flowed through Brent and Gail to my bride, the church. “Oh father, it will be so awesome to give my semen to my bride. I have not given my semen yet to any woman because I am saving myself for her, for Gail, who will be the portal to receive my semen as a representative of my bride.” I imagined my semen flowing through Brent into Gail and then flowing out to all the church as we all experienced an orgasm together.

My dad smiled. “Okay, my son. But Gail must choose to love you or you will not be able to flow your semen. What if she chooses Satan over you?”

“But we know she won’t, because we know the future.”

“My Son, I cannot show you all the future. For instance, I cannot let you know whether we can eventually empty hell of its inhabitants and have everyone end up in heaven.” My father became very somber. “As long as hell exists, you will be depressed.”

“I believe that if Gail will be faithful to me, and will end up receiving my semen, that my love through Gail will empty hell of its inhabitants.”

“I have to be fair to you, son. Hell may never be emptied. It may exist forever and ever.”

“So you are saying that the love I give to the world through orgasms with Gail through Brent in the millennium will not cause those in hell to choose me over Satan?”

“They won’t get a glimpse of your glorious orgasm, if Gail never exists.”

“But she will exist! We know that.”

“Yes, but Satan will change her genes and make her inferior to what she was at birth.”

“Then I will fix her genes.”

“Then you will invite Satan to interfere with men more, and you know what this means. Your obsession with Gail will cause Satan to obsess more with his lover, the humans who follow him.”

“So if my Gail loses the vastness in her heart and becomes materialistic, shallow and vulgar or allows the glories of Satan’s worldly acclaim and honor to taint her heart, that I cannot give her my semen in the millennium?”

‘Yes, my Son. I cannot allow it. Our semen is too holy and vast. It must not be polluted with mediocrity.”

“I will interfere to try to keep Gail vast, so she can receive my semen.”

“Then I must give Satan permission to interfere as well, or else we have to remove free will from the human race.”

“I’ll take my chances. If I can just give to Gail my semen in the millennium, then I believe I can impress the human race with my loving to the point that no one will stay in hell.”

Satan bounced into heaven at that moment, and made a proclamation. “Alright, Jesus, the game is on. Nobody wants you. They want me. I shall prove it, by flashing my perfect beauty, my perfect wisdom before them, making you look like a filthy rag to them.”

I became depressed realizing that what he said was true, for the most part. It seemed whenever I displayed my vastness, my humility and my heart that wanted to serve and adore my wife, who loved me solely for who I was and nothing else, that it was all dreams.

“Love.” Satan scowled. “You have condemned me to a future Lake of Fire, because I’m too proud to love. But you’re wrong. I love myself.” Satan laughed. “Ha ha ha ha .People don’t care about love. They care about being ‘hot’. And I’m the hottest being in the universe.”

“But my twelve disciples on earth died for me, Satan. And some have died for me.”

“If I recall,” Satan scratched his chin. “Peter denied you three times.”

“I have forgiven him and he felt much remorse over this.”

“Yeah, and I’ve created my own bride, because of Peter. Oh thank you, for making him one of your disciples.”

The thought of the Catholic Church and all their crusades, murdering my true followers, and killing off my father’s heart, by murdering the Jews, made me want to vomit.

“Upon this rock, I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” Satan bounced about, and I wondered how long it would be before my dad would kick him out of heaven.

Yes, my Peter did cause me to say that, but the rock was me as the Messiah of the Jewsnot Peter. Satan always lied about what I meant to say. “You will be defeated, Satan.”

“Yeah, well, not before I break your heart into a million pieces. I tell you what, if you will worship me, and abandon that unreasonable dad of yours, I will give you all theworld to rule and your heart won’t be broken.”

I looked up at my dad and knew that we had created humanity for companionship, but if the price of that companionship meant to violate who we were, to violate our holiness, our vastness and our love, then we would rather destroy all we had created, including Satan himself.

My dad’s eyes began to burn with anger and Satan slunk away. “Okay, I’m leaving, but Jesus, I will compete for your bride and will prove to you that she wants me over you. After she makes love to me, will you still want her? Ha ha ha ha.”

Dad kicked Satan out of heaven and I went to him. “Father, unfortunately, much of what he says is true. Is it possible to have a wife who will truly love me as I am, when I bare my soul naked before her? If she cannot love me as I am, then it will not matter if I can use my semen to make love to her.”

Dad’s eyes clouded over with tears. “My son, I cannot answer your question right now. She may love you as you are and she may not, but to have her, you must be willing to love her, even if she does not love you perfectly.”

“I will, father. I will die for her. But I would like for her to love me for who I really am. I know that people cannot look upon your face and live, because your holiness is so high that no one has the strength to bear it, but I would like for her to see my soul and adore me.”

“We will puts bits of you into some men on earth and test the women on earth for how they love these men. If we can find a woman who will love the men who are like you with honor to the death, then that woman will be chosen to receive your semen.”

I bowed my head and cried.

“What’s the matter, son?”

“I do not believe any woman will love me for who I really am. I can see into the future, father. They prefer someone with charm, looks and wit over love, vastness and honor. My vastness as the heavens intimidates women. My strength like the sun horrifies them. My manliness like steel is abhorrent to them. And worst of all, I cannot lie and tell them they are beautiful when they have disobeyed me. I am afraid I am totally lacking in charm.”

“My son, you are far too humble. We shall create a woman who will love you just as you are, and she will be the portal with which you give your semen to your bride humanity.”

My dad began to cry again.

“Father, what is the matter?”

“You will fare better than I will. I have had to divorce my wife, the Jewish nation.”

“Yes, I can see that father.” I looked down the road of history and saw it to be true. “Even the best of humanity will reject you. Will I fare any better? Oh father, I will try to win Israel back to you.”

“Son, you know that we always keep our word. We have written a Bible and all it says will come to pass.” My dad turned his face from me. “Son, Israel will never come back to me, if you cannot win the heart of Gail. Her love for you must be as true as gold for this to happen.”

“But though our Bible promises that I will get a bride and that I will love her, it does not promise that she will love me as I do her, or that by having her, I will find happiness, or that you will also find happiness, father.”

“If you love her, you will find happiness, son.”

“Love does not always bring happiness, if the love is not returned with the same depth of feeling.”

“We created mankind for companionship. Would you like it to be just you and me again, and no one else? Satan will greatly pollute your bride and he will try to kill off Gail and all her ancestors.”

“But when our vastness expands into the universe, into our creation, it seems to fulfill us, complete us and make us whole.”

“But in order for your bride to feel, we must give her the freedom to choose. Satan has the right to be the other option, so that you can have a wife who can love you, with feelings in her heart.”

“Yes, father. We shall go forward with our plan.” I bowed before my dad and hugged him. “I will try to keep from Satan who Gail’s ancestors are.”

“No, son. We cannot make copies of us. It is far too dangerous. We made Lucifer, Day Star, Son of the Morning, too close to us and you see what it has got us. You will love your bride very much, my son.”

“But will Gail love me? Or will she be the portal for my bride out of duty, because she is too scared to be otherwise? If the portal’s heart is not pure, then she will pollute the bride with her impure love for me, when my semen flows through her to my bride.”

“That will be up to you, my son. Unfortunately, the human race seems to prefer delusion over true grandeur. They enjoy the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.”

My dad let me take my leave, and I pondered over his words, knowing them to be true. I knew my bride, the church, would never love me as I loved her, and I tried to not be depressed about it. I would go forward. My father and I, we always kept our Word. The Bible would be true, even if it meant I had a broken heart.

Satan flew by me and shouted, “The Lord of hosts shall defend them; and they shall devour, and subdue with sling stones; and they shall drink, and make a noise as through wine; and they shall be filled like bowls, and as the corners of the altar. And the Lord their God shall save them in that day as the flock of his people: For they shall be as the stones of a crown, lifted up as an ensign upon his land. Zechariah 9:15. I’ll always be on the lookout for this Zechariah 9:15 woman. That verse only makes sense, if Gail is this Zechariah 9:15 woman. You don’t fool me, Jesus. I have memorized your entire Bible in the original languages and I understand every language on earth. Ha ha ha ha. Sling stones. She’ll be from King David! Ha ha ha ha.”

Sometimes I wished we had not created the Son of the Morning with perfect wisdom. I concocted a plan in my mind to have my King David woman away from Satan’s onslaught against her ancestors. In fact, I had already started, when some of the King David family went to Spain, after Israel’s Babylonian captivity. Gail’s ancestors weren’t even in Palestine when I showed up the first time. I made sure my Gail would not be descended from either Joseph or Mary. If her ancestors were in Palestine, it is very possible the Jewish nation would not have rejected me, and I had to be rejected. I had to die for Gail and my bride, to have the honor of her love.

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