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THIS IS A HISTORICAL ARCHIVE. Zack Knight came to Jesus and Gail’s side in Sept. 2016. Google in 2018 seems to be working with evil Loree McBride though. But, apparently, in 2014 they were cool.


Brent Spiner communicated with Gail on August 25, 2014 to inform her that not all the thoughts she heard in her brain were from Robin Williams, that Jesus instructed Robin to stop talking to Gail around August 24, 2014, in order to protect everyone. Brent informed Gail that the reason he has not been able to communicate with her was because of a virus that Zack Knight introduced into Church of Gail’s computers. Whenever anybody tries to get on a computer at Church of Gail, all they see is a textbox, and they can’t get past this. This infection has travelled to Google and may be the reason that YouTube believes that Gail has made invalid clicks on her ads at her YouTube channel and have discontinued her AdSense for her YouTube videos.

Brent said that this virus is NOT affecting the men’s health, but just affects their computers. All lies from Zack Knight to Gail in her brain in the text below will be in RED.


From Jane Agni on August 22, 2014 (A journalist for National Report):

Gail! Last night a Jesuit attacked me! Fortunately I’m fine and was able to get away unscathed. While walking to the neighborhood corner store a nude Jesuit popped out of the bushes! Male, probably in his mid-40s, and built much larger than myself.

The Jesuit’s exposed penis was visibly erect, and what’s worse is that it was dripping and spurting semen the entire time. He leaped forward to grab me, presumably with the intention of committing non-consensual rape. I acted quick, though, and kicked him in his groin as hard as I could. The pointed toe of my boot ripped into his massively swollen testicles. The Jesuit fell to the ground, bleeding from his nether region and groaning. I stood there for a moment in a panick, when I noticed to my shock that the man continued to manipulate his injured genitalia and began rising to his feet. That’s when I took off running. I slipped into a nearby 24/7 diner, sat down and ordered a coffee. I felt somewhat safe amongst the small crowd of patrons. I waited for over an hour and never saw the man again. I left and took a shortcut back to my house. This all happened last night around two or three o’clock. Has anything unusual happened in your location recently? 5:19 PM

I’ll be on and offline throughout the day. Got some chores I need to do. I feel much better after telling you about it.

Reply to Jane on August 22, 2014

Dear Jane:

Good for you, for kicking that bastard in the balls! My men have turned off brain to brain and I am only hearing from Robin Williams from heaven. Let me copy and paste what I wrote my men yesterday:

Gail’s email to her men at Church of Gail on August 21, 2014

Dearest men:

Robin Williams has been talking to me from heaven and told me that we have a big problem with Google. Apparently, their entire computer system is infected with a horrible malware that is spreading like a cancer, and it literally gives you guys heart attacks, so you’ve had to go way out to Jupiter to get away from the computer signals associated with Google. 

You are unable to use the Internet, but can use the phone. He warned me NOT to upload any videos anywhere until I get the okay from you. He said if I upload a video, especially if I use Google or YouTube, it would cause a trigger program in your person program to give you a heart attack. 

He said there’s nothing I can do, but pray. He told me to just get real busy working on my story for him. He said that none of my men can be on earth right now, because getting near any computer that has the Internet on, is deadly for you guys. 

Until we get Google fixed, every signal directly or indirectly connected to Google can give you all a heart attack. Because Google is EVERYWHERE, just the mere action of turning on the Internet can give you all a heart attack. 

Any ways, Jesus told me not to up load any video until I get approval from you. So if I don’t hear from you, I’ll just take a vacation from uploading videos to YouTube until I do.

I’m not hearing from anybody brain to brain except Robin. Robin is not really brain to brain. He’s part of Jesus’ network. Apparently, even using brain to brain to talk to me is dangerous if any of the brain to brain signals are connected to Google.

Google is apparently resisting our law enforcement coming onto their computers to fix them, and so it may be awhile before we have this problem fixed. Maybe we ought to try sleeping gas on the Google workers and take over their company and force that company to build all their computers from the bottom up, like how we fixed the malware at Church of Gail.

Any ways, I have been taking Robin’s advice. He’s been keeping me a lot of company. What he’s been telling me seems right, cause I’ve noticed all your clones are going to town. Apparently, they realize that because of Google none of you guys can even walk on earth without risking a heart attack. Just being near any online computer, can cause the Google malware to give any of you a heart attack. Google must be fixed first, before any of you men are safe on earth.

Praying for you all,


I shall listen to Robin. Jesus did tell me NOT to upload any videos without your approval, Brent. So I just won’t upload any videos until then. I’ll just work on my writing instead.

Written to Jane on August 22, 2014

Dear Jane:

Robin tells me that brain to brain has been turned off, because even that form of communication uses satellites that also work with Google. The only person communicating with me “brain to brain” is Robin from heaven! According to Robin, my men can’t turn on any computer that has the Internet without being affected. Barack Obama and other world leaders are sending my men what I’m writing to them on email via CDs and on old fashioned paper and ink. They are not sure if it’s safe for them to respond. So even though I made a YouTube video for Brent’s approval (under Jesus’ orders), Brent has not approved of the video. The mere act of uploading any of my videos to YouTube, can possibly cause a heart attack in my men. 

Robin says that we finally executed all the Jesuits at Google and there were MANY of them. I also got a strange message from YouTube where they cancelled my AdSense for all my YouTube videos stating that I violated their policies and am no longer qualified to earn money from ads on my videos. I was stumped, because I haven’t done anything wrong. Robin says that the malware on the Google computers made it appear that I had violated Google’s policies and to not worry about ads at YouTube. That Jesus will take care of me without YouTube’s money. He said, “Work on your story, Gail. It’s going great!”.

My men are all on Church of Gail way out in space, around Jupiter, to be as far away from any computer that is online. They don’t have any computers on that have the Internet. Google is such a major online force, that any computer online is infected with the Google malware.

Now, the next project, after executing all the criminals at Google, is to rebuild their entire computer system from the ground up, like we did to handle the malware at Church of Gail.

Unfortunately, I am unable to inform the world what is happening, because Jesus instructed me NOT to upload any videos without having Brent approve first. But Brent is NOT approving, but giving me the silent treatment again. HOWEVER, Robin in heaven has been explaining everything to me.

This story I am writing will tell how and why Robin got murdered, but will end with Robin as a hero from heaven who saved my men and all of us by communicating with me from heaven to give me the information I needed to save my men. It will be an AWESOME story.

The Shimmering Sea: Robin Willams Murder

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