Samples from Gabrielle Chana’s book project Jesuit Empire’s Secret History

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UPDATE: Gail is not sure she will write this book. But there’s some pretty interesting info in this excerpt. Zack Knight came to Jesus and Gail’s side in Sept. 2016. Hillary Clinton was not a clone, but just turned evil. A lot of this ended up in Jesuit Murder of Abraham Lincoln: Hillary Clinton is a Jesuit.

Jesuits are sinister because they appear devout, but scheme with stealth for power. They pretend to love God, but use murder and incite wars. They live with intrigue, secrets and phony holiness. Like the Pharisees and Sadducees of Jesus Christ’s time, they manipulate politics to persecute Jesus Christ’s true followers, like Gail Chord Schuler and her men. Jesus Christ, who epitomizes all truth and love, calls Gail Chord Schuler his favorite. Satan, who epitomizes hatred and intolerance, calls the antichrist Zack Knight (true Jesuit leader in 2016) his favorite. In fact, Zack is so confident that true Jesuit history has been covered up, and that his lies dominate worldwide news, that he’s installed a Jesuit pope Francis into power, and a Jesuit Tim Kaine (Hillary Clinton’s VP pick) into power, certain that Jesuit lies and murder will reign over the universe, because he has ensured that all truth about Jesuits has been “taken care of”.

The Jesuits have fooled the world into believing that Jesuits are merely a benevolent arm of the Roman Catholic Church, and not the scheming murderers and power mongers that they are! If Jesuits succeed in taking over the United States, making the U.S. their base to take over the world, the world shall plunge into a darkness the likes of which this world has never seen!

Jesus Christ made a personal appearance to Gail and her men on February 14, 2012 and stated that Jesuit leader Zack Knight is the Antichrist. After reading this book, one should next read The Forbidden Abyss Part One: Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin, Brent Spiner’s Flames; Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom; and The Shimmering Sea: Robin Williams Murder by Gabrielle Chana (Gail Chord Schuler’s pen name) to get the latest on the Jesuits. It would also be helpful to listen to Judge Terrance Jenkins YouTube channel’s recordings of the 2011 Quebec trial between Jesuit Loree McBride and Gail Chord Schuler.

Jesuits destroyed Canada using their semen nuclear bomb in December 2011, and wiped out most of the Canadian population, replacing Canadians with their Jesuit clones, and have succeeded in placing their Jesuit Justin Trudeau into power in Canada. Since then, they have launched more of these bombs, drowning millions in Jesuit semen tidal waves and replacing those killed with Jesuit clones. What a brilliant cover up of their murder of millions in the 21st century!

They are now trying to put their Jesuit Hillary Clinton clone into power in the United States. It appears that Donald Trump opposes the Jesuits as indicated by the massive Jesuit propaganda against Trump, filled with Jesuit lies, especially in regard to Trump’s refusal to “fall in line” with the Jesuits in their goal to destroy Vladimir Putin, who would die for Gail. We can only hope that Jesuits are not able to murder Donald Trump and replace him with a clone, as they’ve done to Hillary Clinton. Gail has heard brain to brain that Melania Trump has requested that Gail’s men put Donald on the list of men who want to marry Gail, hoping this will discourage Jesuits from threatening to kill Melania if Donald won’t capitulate to the Jesuits. Jesuits effectively used death threats on Laura Bush to keep Jesuit controlled George W. Bush in line, which explains why the U.S. went to war with Iraq (this was the Jesuits’ idea), and why Jesuits forced Vladimir Putin to parade with a Jesuit clone wife named Lyudmila (2001 to 2013), under threat of war with the U.S. if he wouldn’t. Jesuits murdered Vladimir’s real wife Larisa (1983 to 2000) in 2000.

Jesuits scheme to usurp and destroy Empress Gail Chord Schuler in the United States. They murdered Hillary Clinton in the summer of 2016, replacing her with a Jesuit clone, so they now have an evil Jesuit clone of Hillary Clinton running for the U.S. Presidency in 2016. With total control over the news media, that does not report the truth, no one knows that practically everyone on earth could be replaced with a clone, and that Jesuits only need to defeat Gail Chord Schuler and her men, to reach their goal of a worldwide dictatorship for the Catholic Church. Jesuits cannot make a clone of Gail Chord Schuler, with the genes of King David and Catherine the Great, who will live more than a couple weeks. All of Gail’s clones would rather die than serve the Jesuits. For this reason, Jesuits find Gail their greatest threat.

We shall go through Jesuit history to show that Jesuits use elimination, brain control and propaganda to accomplish their goals. They kill off their opposition. Even in the 21st century, they beheaded the real Barack Obama in April 2012 and Jesus had to replace him with an automaton (android). Then the Jesuits contaminated the Barack Obama automaton, so that half the time in the past several years Barack has served the Jesuits.

The founders of this satanic cult follow a religion based on Babylonian idol worship with Jewish and Greek philosophy added in, which they inherited from the Church Fathers of old. They attack the Bible, the source of all truth, by perverting it.

Ignatius de Loyola formed the Jesuits to bring the Roman Catholic Church (called the Revelation 17 Whore in this book) to universal political power and to make the Whore the universal church. This will fulfill the prophecies of Revelation 6, 13, 17, and 18, where the Harlot (Roman Catholic Church) will sponsor the antichrist Zack Knight (master deceiver and liar and Jesuit leader in 2016).

As we shall learn, when the Whore is threatened, she becomes deadly. The Whore’s Dominican priests murdered people by the millions during the Inquisition because they would not worship her. The Whore learned that killing the truth bearers (true Christians) was not enough, because her Inquisition only ignited the fires of the Reformation, almost destroying the Whore.

Ignatius de Loyola was a satanic genius. He realized that the best way to accomplish the Whore’s goals to defeat truth and love was through infiltration and penetration into every sector of life, even more effective than killing off true Christians, so he created the Jesuit Order to destroy Protestantism (which started off by exposing the Whore as hateful and intolerant).

Jesuits jumped into action, sneaking into all Protestant groups, including their families, places of work, hospitals, schools, colleges, etc. If not for Gail Chord Schuler and her men, they would have accomplished world control by now.

Ignatius de Loyola transferred the headship of local churches from their pastors (as the Bible instructs) to a denominational headquarters (knowingly violating the Bible), and then pushed all denominations into the arms of the Vatican.

Jesuits involve themselves with all world governments to weaken them and set up dictatorships through anarchy or deception in all segments of that nation’s society. This paves the way for worldwide Jesuit control.

Much of the information in this book comes from The Secret History of the Jesuits by Edmond Paris, a writer the Jesuits murdered. Jesuits have tried to murder Gail Chord Schuler, but Jesus Christ protects her, and even created Seroquel, which has cured Gail of the deadly yeast-bacterium infection that the Jesuits gave her. But the germ is so powerful that Gail must remain on Seroquel for life. Because this yeast-bacterium enables Jesuits to use brain control on those infected with it, Jesus had to create a drug (Seroquel) considered an anti-psychotic (it works on the brain to prevent delusional thinking). What Jesuits don’t let you know is that Seroquel is also a potent cleanser, cleaning out the toxins from the cells, which starves out the deadly yeast-bacterium, because it eats its own toxins. Jesuits have been dropping bombs filled with this yeast-bacterium and its toxins (its food) to assist them to use brain control on the population. It seems that only by taking Seroquel, can the population be protected against Jesuit brain control now!

Though writers have written thousands of books about Jesuits, Jesuits have banned most of these books. Jesuits have covered up history, leaving the masses in ignorance about the true nature of the Jesuit Order.

The Jesuits are the true leaders of the Roman Catholic Church (or the Whore) as she is called in this book. We shall be going through their history to show you their heart, and that though their methods have changed, they remain deadly and murderous. Jesuits have brainwashed the world in the 21st century, in that most don’t know Jesuit history (due to Jesuit control over educational systems and the media) and those who don’t know history will allow Jesuits to succeed in their deceptions and murders.

The Jesuits are the secret army of the Papacy.

Despite her many peaceful guises, Rome obsesses over gathering all, pagan or Christian, under her net. Jesuits honor their own, who serve the Whore without fear, and are skillful and persevering.

Throughout history, the Jesuit leader has been called the black pope, because he has had as much power, or more, than the pope. Today the black pope is the antichrist Zack Knight, who impersonated Jesus Christ to Gail in brain to brain communications, and impregnated Gail Chord Schuler telepathically, forcing Jesus Christ himself to abort the babies produced (February 2012). When Russian President Vladimir Putin was Gail’s main lover (2001 to 2006), Vladimir discovered that the Jesuit Order has mind and emotion reading technology where they use satellite signals to read hearts and minds. Vladimir borrowed this Jesuit technology to communicate with Gail from his brain to hers. However, Zack Knight has hacked into the brain to brain servers and this method of communication is not always reliable.

In all major events of history, especially as we near the end times described in the Bible, the Jesuits play a monumental role. Jesuits, behind most of the confusion and upheavals in recent centuries, desire to gain world power for the Catholic Church. They orchestrated World Wars I and II, resulting in death and ruin to Europe.

The Vatican and its Jesuits’ used Vatican billions, giving them power in many spheres, and thus their evil history they covered up.

The evidence for their evil ambitions and machinations comes from irrefutable archive documents, publications from famous politicians, diplomats, ambassadors, and Catholic writers and in the 21st century, their obsession with Gail Chord Schuler and her men. These past documents expose the Vatican’s secret actions to orchestrate conflicts between nations when it served them. In fact, the Vatican has played a role in the creation of many totalitarian regimes. Their current obsession with Gail Chord Schuler, who they consider their number one enemy, indicates they still retain dreams of world domination. We shall study their history to show that the brain control, propaganda and murders they used in the past continue to the present, where they now have weapons far more formidable and deceptive!

On May 1, 1938, the “Mercure de France” said this:

“The Mercure de France on January 15, 1934 said, and nobody contradicted it, that Pius XII ‘made’ Hitler. He came to power illegally, because the pope influenced the Centrum (or German Catholic Party). Does the Vatican regret that it did this? It doesn’t seem so.”

When Nazi aggressions multiplied, and the “Anschluss” caused Austria to join the Third Reich, the Vatican remained firm behind Hitler. And even today in 2016, Jesuit leader Rule 13, in charge of current Jesuit military operations, proudly wears the Nazi symbol on her armband. Though Gail Chord Schuler respects Rule 13 for genuinely loving her man (the evil Antichrist and true Jesuit leader, Zack Knight); she cannot support Rule 13’s admiration for Adolph Hitler.

In fact, on July 24, 1959, the successor to Pius XII, John XXIII, conferred on his personal friend Nazi Franz Von Papen, the honorary title of secret chamberlain. Von Papen was a spy in the U.S. during World War I, and one of those responsible for Hitler’s rise and the Anschluss.

Mr. Joseph Rovan, Catholic writer, stated on July 8, 1933, about an agreement between the Vatican and the Nazis:

“The Concordat brought to the national-socialist government, made up of usurpers, even brigands, an agreement with the Vatican, that was like a diploma of international honorability.” (Le catholicisme politique en Allemagne, Paris 1956, p. 231, Ed. du Seuil).

“In fact, the Pope was not satisfied to just give his personal support to Hitler, he had to give him moral support!

“When terror reigned on the other side of the Rhine, the Pope gave his tacit approval. The “Brown Shirts” put 40,000 persons into concentration camps. Nazis marched, inciting pogroms. Horst-Wessel-Lied, a Catholic writer wrote: “When Jewish blood streams from the knife, we feel better.”

Even worse things happened, but Pope Pius XII remained criminally silent. Germany’s Catholic heads even vied with each other to honor Nazi policies, encouraged by their Roman Master. Opportunist theologians, like Michael Schmaus, ranted and raved Nazi ideology, while Pius XII called him the great theologian of Munich in the publication “La Croix” on September 2, 1954.

In fact, the book Katholisch-Konservatives Erbgut, states:

“This anthology brings texts from Catholic theorists in Germany, from Gorres to Vogelsang; showing that national-socialism or Nazism sprung forth out of Catholic ideas.” (Gunther Buxbaum, “Mercure de France”, January 15, 1939).

Because of the Concordat, German bishops, forced to obey Hitler, even tried to excel each other in devotion to Hitler.

“We find the bishops’ most fervent support for Nazism in all their correspondences with other Catholic leaders.” (Joseph Rovan, as cited before, p. 214)

Franz von Papen stated that in spite of differences between Catholic universalism and Nazi racism, the two doctrines were peacefully reconciled. Why? Because they said Nazism was a Christian reaction against the spirit of 1789.

Michael Schmaus, professor at the Faculty of Theology in Munich wrote:

“Nazism is entirely German and entirely Catholic. Our writings, called Empire and Church, explore and favor relations between the Catholic Church and Nazism. They open the way for a fruitful cooperation, as outlined in the Concordat. Nazism is the most fervent protest against the spirit of the 19th and 20th centuries. The focal point of Nazi teachings are a people of one blood. All Catholics who obey German bishops, admit this. Nazi and Catholic Church laws have the same aim.” (Begegnungen zwischen Katholischem Christentum und nazional-sozialistischer Weltanschauung Aschendorff, Munster 1933).

Jesuits arranged Hitler’s rise to power.

The French Academy’s Robert d’Harcourt, in his book “Catholiques d’Allemagne”, wrote:

“Following the triumphant Nazi elections of March 5, 1933, we found the first official document from the Catholic Church containing the signatures of all the German bishops. In this June 3, 1933 pastoral letter, all German Catholic bishops participated.”

With optimism and cheerfulness, it stated:

“The men at the head of this new government have, to our great joy, given us the assurance that they place themselves and their work on Christian ground. A declaration of such deep sincerity deserves the gratitude of all Catholics.” (Paris, Plon, 1938, p. 108).

There are good people inside the Catholic Church (not the leadership) unaware of the evil of their leaders. Many Catholic authors couldn’t hide their surprise and grief, because of Pope Pius XII’s indifference in the face of the worst kind of atrocities committed by those in his favor.

Jean d’Hospital, correspondent of “Monde” wrote a protest more moderate than most against the Vatican:

“My memories of Pius XII fill me with misgivings. First, every nation and even those inside the walls of the Vatican, ask this burning question, ‘Did he know about certain atrocities committed during Hitler’s war? He certainly received regular bishop’s reports from every quarter. Did he ignore what the German military heads never pretended to ignore, which was the civilians condemned to deportation and concentration camps, even the cold blooded murder of those who opposed these deportations? Did he ignore the terror of the gas chambers where, for administrative reasons, millions of Jews were exterminated? And if he knew about this, why didn’t he come out dressed in white, arms extended in the shape of the cross, to denounce these crimes with precedent, and to shout ‘No!’

“Pious souls will search in vain for encyclical letters, speeches and addresses of the late pope Pius XII. Nothing can be found from him that condemned the antichrist Hitler’s ‘religion of blood’. Neither is there any condemnation of Hitler’s racism, which is an obvious contradiction to Catholic dogma.” “Rome en confidence” (Grasset, Paris 1962, pp. 91 ss).

In Carlo Falconi’s book “Le silence de Pie XII” published by du Rocher, Monaco in 1965, Carlo wrote:

“The existence of such monstrosities (exterminations en masse of ethnic minorities, prisoners and deported civilians) overthrows every standard of good and evil. These monstrosities defy the dignity of individuals and of society to such an extent that we must denounce those who could have influenced public opinion, be they ordinary citizens or heads of state.

“To keep quiet in the face of such outrages is downright collaboration. Such silence encourages the criminals to more evil, stirring up their cruelty and vanity. Though every man has the duty to react when confronted with such crimes, this is doubly true of religious leaders and their heads, and, above all, the head of the Catholic Church.

“Pius XII never made a direct and explicit condemnation of these acts of military aggression, and even less about the horrors Germans and their accomplices committed during the war.

“Pius XII remained silent, even when he knew the gravity of the situation from the start, maybe better than any other head of state in the world.” (pp. 12 ss).

“Even worse, the Vatican loaned out its own prelates Monsignors Hlinka and Tiso to enforce Nazi policies. The Vatican sent legate R. P. Marcone to Croatia, who worked with Monsignor Stepinac, to monitor the ‘work’ of Ante Pavelitch and his Ustachi henchmen.”

The Vatican not only showed monstrous favoritism and complacency over Nazi atrocities, but played a decisive role in bringing about World Wars I and II.

Alfred Grosser, Professor at the Institute of Political Studies at Paris University, said:

“Guenter Lewy’s ‘The Catholic Church and Nazi Germany’ claims all documents agree that the Catholic Church cooperated with the Hitler regime.

“In July 1933, when the Concordat forced German Catholic bishops to swear an oath of allegiance to the Nazi government, the concentration camps were already open. . .quotations compiled by Guenter Lewy proves this overwhelmingly. Cardinal Faulhaber and Jesuit Gustav provided these quotations, giving us crushing evidence of Catholic guilt over Nazi atrocities.” Saul Friedlander: “Pie XII et le IIIe Reich”, (Ed. du Seuil, Paris, 1964).

We are stunned into silence over this stack of evidence proving the guilt of the Vatican and its Jesuits. In fact, they orchestrated Hitler’s lightning rise to power. The Vatican and its Jesuits manipulated Hitler, along with Mussolini and Franco, as pawns of war.

The Vatican must bow their head in shame, because an Italian member of Parliament, Laura Diaz at Ortona, on April 15, 1946, cried out: “The pope’s hands are dripping with blood.”

In fact, students at Cardiff University College chose as a theme for their conference “Should the Pope be brought to trial as a war criminal?” (“La Croix”, April 2, 1946).

In fact, Pope John XXIII praised his Jesuits. “Persevere, dear sons, in the activities that have brought you well known merits. In that way, you will gladden the Church and grow with untiring ardor. The path of the just is as the light of dawn. May that light illuminate the young people. In that way, you carry out our spiritual wishes and concerns. We give our apostolic blessing with all our hearts to your Superior General, to you and your coadjutors, and to all members of the Society of Jesus.”

Pope Paul VI, in his second year as Pope, said in Rome, near St. Peter, on August 20, 1964 said:

“Ever since the Jesuits have been restored, they enjoy the sweet help of God, and have made great progress, accomplishing many important deeds, all to the glory of God and the Catholic faith. The Church needs soldiers of Christ with valor, armed with dauntless faith, ready to confront difficulties, which is why we have great hope in the help your activities will bring. May the new era find the Jesuits on the same honorable path it trod in the past.”

On October 29, 1965, the “l’Osservatore Romano” announced this:

“The Very Reverend Father Arrupe, Jesuit General, celebrated Holy Mass for the Ecumenical Council on October 16, 1965. He announced as part of his ‘Papal ethics’ a project to beatify Pope Pius XII and John XXIII.”

Pope Paul VI further said: “To strengthen ourselves in our striving for spiritual renewal, we have decided to start the canonical proceedings for the beatification of these two great and godly pontiffs who are so dear to us.” (L’Osservatore Romano, November 26, 1965).


Spanish Basque don Inigo Lopez de Recalde, born in 1491 at the castle of Loyola in Guipuzcoa province, founded the Jesuit Order. He was the strangest type of monk-soldier ever concocted by the Catholic world. He inspired a “Jesuit type”, which has persevered through the ages, which the antichrist Zack Knight (2012 to now) exemplifies.


H.Boehmer, University of Bonn professor, in “Les Jesuites” (Armand Colin, Paris 1910, pp. 12-13), wrote:

“Because of a series of visions, he started eating meat again. These visions revealed to him the mysteries of Catholic dogma, helping him to truly live it. He would meditate upon the Trinity under the shape of a musical instrument with three cords. The mysterious creation of the world became ‘something’ hazy and light coming out of a ray of sunshine. He envisioned the miraculous descent of Christ into the Eucharist as flashes of light entering the consecrated water, when the priest held up the Eucharist while praying. The human nature of Christ and the holy Virgin took the form of a dazzling white body, and Satan’s serpentine and shimmering shape became sparkling and mysterious eyes. The deeper meanings to these visions were revealed to him through transcendental intuitions, special favors from on-high. Many mysteries of Faith and science became clear to him, and he claimed to have learned more in those short moments than in all of his studies. However, he never explained the mysteries that suddenly became clear to him. He only had hazy recollections, a feeling of something miraculous, as if he’d become another man with another intelligence.”

This often happens to drug addicts, where their ego is enlarged, and they have an illusion of soaring up beyond what is real, with flashing sensations leaving them with dazed recollections. In fact, Jesuits used brain control drugs on Brent Spiner in September 1992, to enable them to drug rape Brent using their agent Loree McBride, causing Brent to give Gail Chord Schuler three weeks of deadly silence in September 1992, when Gail sensed something horrible had happened to her long distance lover and soul mate Brent, and could not drive on the freeway without tears streaming down her face.


There is a certain Jesuitical “temperament” – a mixture of piety and diplomacy, severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence, along with worldly wisdom, mysticism and cold calculation. This was Loyola and these are his followers. The mysticism today takes the form of drug rape and other forms of rape, giving the Jesuit rapists ecstasy while they rape those considered heretics, like any “Protestant swine man or despised Jew” who loves Gail (Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin, etc.).

The current Jesuit Order practices this severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence by condemning human love as vastly inferior to love for the Church. Any Jesuit who sacrifices his love for the Church to honor any human love is excommunicated. Such is the problem of Jesuit leader Rule 13 in love with Zack Knight (the current antichrist and Jesuit leader). Though the Order allows Zack Knight to have sex with hundreds of women, in order to populate the world with Jesuit babies and use some women’s desire for lust to entice them to become Jesuits, Zack is forbidden true love in any form, as true love is considered a threat to his love for the Church. He dare not utter his love for Rule 13, or he is anathema.

Though people become Jesuits because they have a temperament like Loyola’s, they become a true “son” or “daughter” of Loyola after rigorous tests and systematic training lasting no less than fourteen years. However, with the advent of cloning technology, and the ability to transfer memories from one brain to another, the training period has lessened in the 21st century.


After four weeks devoted to these intensive Exercises, with a director as his only companion, the candidate is ready to be broken and trained. In the 21st century, Jesuits use brain control and violent rape as a substitute for these Exercises in those they want to induct, like they have done with the real Brent Spiner (Star Trek Hollywood star), using Loree McBride (Jesuit-assigned agent to Brent Spiner) to drug rape Brent with violence in September 1992, while giving Brent a comforting vision of making love to Gail Chord Schuler (the real Brent’s true love) during the Exercises. Their attempts on the real Brent have been unsuccessful, so they have used Brent Spiner’s Jesuit clone to impersonate the real Brent and steal his identity.


They tried to spread their network worldwide, infecting nations with turmoil, forcing their links everywhere to be forever torn and mended. In the 21st century, Jesuits orchestrated September 11, 2001; the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013 using Jesuit Sara Avery and Lyudmila Putina (framing the Tsarnaev brothers with their crimes); and created ISIS. Jesuits are behind 99% of the Muslim terrorist attacks in the world, and have created the Islamic militants as a branch of the Jesuit Order. This only discusses the crimes that are known. The worst of their crimes are the murder of millions, using semen nuclear bombs and the secret murder of millions replacing those murdered with their Jesuit clone (i.e., Hillary Clinton in 2016).

In 2016, they have drowned Florida with yeast bombs, containing their deadly yeast and its toxins to try and re-infect Gail Chord Schuler and destroy her (who lives in Florida). They are also dropping these bombs worldwide to enable them to use brain control on entire populations. Gail and her men are trying to get everyone on Seroquel, to make them immune to Jesuit brain control, but Jesuits are already using brain control to cause people to believe that Seroquel is poison.


In 2016, the antichrist Zack Knight (from the United States of America) holds the position of general and of pope. Unlike Lainez, Zack is the true head of the Catholic Church, using Jesuit pope Francis as his puppet. Zack Knight is responsible to Satan only, who he meets with at least once a week. Zack Knight is in no way related to the British singer Zack Knight. Jesuits love to appear like famous celebrities, either in name or in physical likeness, to discredit those (like Gail Chord Schuler) who expose them as crazy.


It appears, in 2016, that Hillary Clinton, U.S. Presidential candidate has aligned herself with the Jesuits to help them obtain worldwide power for their pope, which means the Jesuits plan to install Hillary in the White House. Her Vice President pick, Tim Kaine, is a Jesuit.

From the 33,000 official members of the Jesuit Order in the 1970s to now, the Jesuit population has jumped to millions (thanks to cloning technology, which has gone secretly rampant). Jesuits can make Jesuit babies by the millions within days using UFO technology (using accelerated growth hormones). Their secret army infiltrates political parties, the Internet, the news media, all high offices (CEOs, for instance), generals, judges, physicians, medical schools, dental schools, university professors, etc. All these assist Jesuits to bring about “l’Opus Dei” or God’s work to make the pope (who is Zack Knight in 2016) the Christ of the earth. Pope Francis (2016) is merely Zack Knight’s assistant.


  1. Boehmer, as cited before, p. 82, commented about this:

“Italian history during the 16th and 17th centuries exemplified Jesuit ideals. Jesuits drowned Italy with their zeal. A Jesuit educated Italy embraced again the Church’s ordinances, with a new zeal for severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence and an emphasis on missions. Italy’s painters, sculptors and artists – educated by Jesuits – composed poems and hymns for the Church that exalted Jesuit ideals.

Childish simplicity, joy, vivacity and the simple love of nature vanished, because these Jesuit educated pupils were devout Catholics, obsessed with Jesuit ideals. They became drunk with ecstatic visions and illuminations, with paintings of frightful mortifications and the martyrs’ atrocious torments.”

Like the Jesuit agents of 2016 (Loree McBride, Jesuit wife of the Brent Spiner Jesuit clone & Camila Alves, Jesuit wife of the Matthew McConaughey Jesuit clone), they adored good theatre with all its pomp and glitter.

  1. Boehmer, as cited before, p. 82-83:

“From the end of the 16th century on, Jesuits had transformed Italian art and literature into restlessness, ostentation, and a type of shock and awe that made Jesuit creations seem repulsive rather than an admirable display of Jesuit ideals.”

In the 1990s, Jesuit Loree McBride gloried in ostentation, often eliciting criticism from Brent Spiner fans for her vanity. Loree McBride maintained her “relationship” with Brent Spiner by threatening to kill Gail Chord Schuler if he would not play her game. With complete Jesuit control over the media, she is considered to be Brent Spiner’s wife, when, in actuality, Gail Chord Schuler is the woman Brent has dreamed about since 1990. Jesuits created Loree McBride in their cloning labs to destroy Gail Chord Schuler and her influence (the famous men who love her). Jesus Christ revealed to Gail through prayer in December 1999 that Loree McBride was a Vatican agent. From that time forward, Gail offered Brent her hand in marriage, which caused the Jesuits to launch September 11, 2001 on the day Brent was about to board a jet to be with his Gail in Florida.


The struggle between Catholicism and Protestantism took place in France, Holland, Germany and Poland. Therefore, the Jesuits became obsessed with these countries. (H. Boehmer, as cited before, pp. 89, 104, 112, 114)

People like Gail Chord Schuler and true Bible believing Christians, are considered heretical Protestants to the Jesuits. In fact, Gail has led all the men on her marriage list to Jesus Christ, so any man on the list to marry Gail is a true Jesus Christ follower (or heretical Protestant) to the Jesuits. This explains why Jesuits murdered Robin Williams when he tried to marry Gail in 2014, and why Jesuits have totally used their Jesuit clones of Gail’s men (Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman, Vladimir Putin, Gerard Butler, etc.) to impersonate the real man in the Jesuit controlled news media, to promote the lie that these men do not love Gail and that Gail suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.


Jesus Christ told Gail in 2012, the Jesuits murdered Russia’s Catherine the Great by causing switchblades to spring up into her rear when she sat on a toilet. This caused a blood clot from her rear to go to her brain, which induced a deadly stroke. Catherine the Great opposed Jesuit policies, so she had to go. Gail Chord Schuler has half the genetic profile of Catherine the Great, so Gail has to go. Jesus said that Jesuits degraded Catherine the Great’s legacy by using her clone to have sex with horses. Jesuits get their cloning technology from Satan’s fallen angels (the UFOs), and the UFOs had this technology, even in the 18th century. With the advent of modern science, they are more public in the use of cloning technology in the 21st century.


Their only hope was to convert Sweden’s king Jean III Wasa, who was secretly in favor of Catholicism. Also, this king had married a Polish princess, Catherine, a Roman Catholic.  In 1574, Father Nicolai and other Jesuits came to the recently established school of theology where they became fervent Roman proselytizers, while they claimed to be Lutherans.

Jesuits use this tactic today to attack Gail Chord Schuler. They pretend to be atheists, while secretly promoting Jesuit goals, using groups such as The Drunken Peasants (allegedly an atheist comedy podcast) to mock Gail and to make her appear crazy for exposing Jesuits. Jesuits adopt the mantel of any popular movement to weasel their way into a society where they are not welcome as themselves, even disguising themselves in the garb of their enemies, if necessary, and donning fake credentials. For instance, Jesuit agent Loree McBride claims to be a Hollywood producer, which she probably is not, and all her producer work is more than likely done by another. But Jesuits find the producer title useful on their Hollywood agent, to make her believable as the wife of Brent Spiner (who is actually in love with Gail). It is interesting that the movie Loree produced cannot be seen anywhere now.


  1. Boehmer, as cited before, pp. 137-139, wrote:

“Under various disguises, Jesuits spread from county to county in England, from country house to castle. In the evening, they heard confession; in the morning, they preached and gave communion, then disappeared as mysteriously as they arrived; because Elizabeth on July 15, 1580 wrote a law outlawing Jesuits and their activities.”

 Gail Chord Schuler’s Conspiracy Law outlaws Jesuits and their activities in the 21st century, which Vladimir Putin enforces 100% in Russia.


The Jesuits retaliated against Elizabeth by sending their Spanish fleet, the invincible Armada, which made England tremble for a while and brought about the “sacred union” around Elizabeth’s throne. The Armada for today are the Jesuit semen bombs that have already murdered millions, with those murdered replaced with Jesuit clones. Gail’s men (Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler and Judge Terry Jenkins) experienced the first Jesuit nuclear bomb with semen, that hit Ontario, Canada in December 2011, devastating Canada. Gail’s men barely survived. For more on this, read Gail’s book Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom.


But Jesuits printed and distributed pamphlets in secret, with hostile accusations designed to create uproar against Queen Elizabeth and the Anglican Church.  Even today, Jesuits rely on hostile attacks against those who oppose them, so that Gail suffers from vicious propaganda directed against her by Jesuit agents who pose as others and as reviewers of her books and online presence.


Seventeen years after the Jesuits started at the chapel Saint-Denis at Montmartre, in 1551, Jesuits began establishing themselves in France.

They became effective adversaries against the Protestant Reformation which won about one seventh of the French population. But people mistrusted these soldiers too devoted to the pope. So Jesuit penetration on French soil was slow at first. As in all countries where general opinion is not in their favor, they became buddy buddy with the monarchy, and then, through them, the upper classes. This explains why Jesuits are obsessed with Gail Chord Schuler, who is the great niece of famous aviator Howard Hughes and has a hoard of famous men in love with her, and have forced their Jesuit agents as lovers onto the famous men who love Gail.


Despite this, the Jesuits were allowed to live at Billom, in a corner of Auvergne. From there, they organized a great action against the Protestant Reformation in the provinces of southern France. The famous Jesuit Lainez, who brilliantly defended the pope at the Council of Trent, distinguished himself as a debater, especially at the Colloquy of Poissy, as Jesuits were forced to try and make peace between Protestantism and Catholicism, when they would much rather kill Protestants.

Jesuits often play this game in politics in 21st century countries where there are democratically held elections, where they argue like the devil’s advocate positions they don’t really believe, but which will, down the road, serve their interests. Republican candidate Ted Cruz seemed to have this Jesuit tendency in the 2016 American political race for Presidency, taking positions against Russia’s Vladimir Putin, to assist Jesuits to weaken Putin, who would die for Gail. Jesuit supporters in the 2016 race for U.S. President constantly promoted Putin as the brilliant slime ball in Russia, forcing political candidates like Donald Trump, to be defensive about not going along with the Jesuit mania to destroy Vladimir Putin using a Jesuit-led N.A.T.O.


Henri Fulop-Miller, as cited before, p. 113, wrote:

“They hung Jesuit Father Guignard at Greve, and the king agreed with his Parliament’s edict to banish the Jesuits from France as ‘corrupters of youth, disturbers of public peace and enemies of the State and the crown of France.’

“France did not carry out the edict fully and, in 1603, on his Parliament’s advice, the king revoked it. Jesuit General Aquaviva, cleverly convinced Henry IV, that the new Jesuit Order in France would serve the best interests of France.

“Jesuits brainwashed him, using his confessor, to believe that Jesuits accepted the Edict of Nantes (1498), which gave Protestants rights in France, and that the Jesuits would support Henry’s attacks against Spain and the Emperor. Unfortunately, Henry’s confessor (Jesuit Father Cotton) was one of the most distinguished members of the Jesuit Order. Henry IV even allowed this crafty Jesuit to tutor his son – the heir to the throne!

“On May 16, 1610, on the eve of his campaign against Austria, the duke of Epernon made the king read a letter while the king’s assassin Ravaillac lay in wait. The duke of Epernon, a notorious Jesuit supporter, allowed Ravaillac to murder Henry. Ravaillac confessed that the writings of Jesuit Fathers Mariana and Suarez inspired him to murder the king. These two Jesuits in their writings sanctioned the murder of heretic ‘tyrants’ or those not sold out to the pope.

“Michelet did prove that the Jesuits and the duke of Epernon collaborated in the plot to murder the king. In fact, Jesuit Father d’Aubigny heard Ravaillac’s confession right before he carried out the act.

“Later, judges interrogated the Jesuit priest about this and the priest said, ‘God gives me the gift to forget immediately what I hear in confessions.’ ”

Parliament, convinced that Ravaillac was just a Jesuit stooge, spared his life, only ordering the executioner to burn Jesuit Mariana’s book.

Pierre Dominique, as cited before, p. 95, wrote:

“Fortunately for the Jesuits, their great General Aquaviva schemed well at this time. He condemned with passion all ideas or writings that promoted an overthrow of the king. Jesuits always have intellectuals who illuminate the world about the morality of positions that further their agenda, but also have politicians who, when necessary, can defend with brilliance positions they oppose to cover up their machinations.”

You can see this happening in the 2016 American race for the Presidency, where Jesuits label Donald Trump as bombastic and divisive, using their military generals and Donald Trump clones/automatons to enforce this perception. In the meanwhile, Jesuit clone Hillary Clinton is portrayed as having the temperament needed for the Presidency, while Jesuits try to portray Trump as an unstable warmonger. Actually, Jesuits love war (especially when it’s directed against those who block them) and hope that whoever comes into office will use N.A.T.O. to oust or murder Russian President Vladimir Putin, who would die for Gail. Jesuits know that the Hillary clone, a loyal Jesuit supporter, will use N.A.T.O. to attack Russia (a country that is no threat to the U.S., but does threaten the Jesuits).


As Louis XIV got older, he became a bigot, under the influence of his mistress and secret wife Madame de Maintenon (a devout Catholic commoner who won his heart and trust) and Father La Chaise, his Jesuit confessor. In 1681, they persuaded him to restart persecution against Protestants. Finally, on October 17, 1685, he signed the “Revocation of the Edict of Nantes”, so that any of his subjects who refused to embrace the Catholic religion became outlaws. Soon after, to accelerate conversions to Catholicism, the famous “dragonnade” started.This created a new word – “dragonnade” – which meant the use of fire and chains to create converts.

In the 21st century, Jesuits use agents such as Loree McBride and Camila Alves to drug-rape or bomb rape with violence Hollywood stars like Brent Spiner or Matthew McConaughey (who are in love with Gail Chord Schuler, the dreaded King David/Catherine the Great woman), in an attempt to convert Brent or Matthew to Catholicism, hoping the violent sex they experience will “convert” them to Jesuitism. Though this may work with vile men, who prefer sex over manliness, it has failed with the real Brent and Matthew, so that Jesuits have resorted to using vile clones of Brent and Matthew, who have totally stolen the identities of the real man, and who claim to be married to the vicious agents Jesuits have leeched onto them. But Jesuit rape does garner them some victories. Some Jesuit rape victims convert to Catholicism and become Jesuits.

So while the fanatics cheered in 1600s France, almost all Protestants fled the country. Marshal Vauban stated that France lost 400,000 people and 60 million francs. Manufacturers, merchants, ship owners, and skilful artisans went to other countries and brought them the benefit of their abilities.

  1. Boehmer, as cited before, p. 103, wrote:

“October 17, 1685 was victory day for Jesuits, the final reward for a war of one hundred twenty-five years without respite. But France paid for this.

“France’s depopulation and the reduction of its national prosperity put France into poverty, followed by a spiritual poverty that could not be cured even by the best Jesuit school. The Jesuits paid for this dearly later.”

In the next century, France and all European countries rejected the Jesuits, kicking them out. But, again, this was only temporary. These fanatical new soldiers for the pope were not finished devastating the world in the pursuit of their impossible dream.


Yagiro, being a native, managed to start a small community of one hundred adherents. But Francis Xavier, who did not speak Japanese very well, could not even obtain an audience from the Mikado (Emperor). When Xavier left Japan, two Fathers stayed behind who eventually secured the conversion of the daimyos of Arima and Bungo. One of them, who converted in 1578, took 27 years to decide. The daimyo were powerful feudal lords, who, until their decline in the early Meiji period, ruled most of Japan from their vast, hereditary land holdings. Subordinate only to the Shogun, diamyo were the most powerful feudal rulers from the 10th century to the middle 19th century in Japan. The Japanese emperor (or Shogun) often came from one of these lords. Daimyo often hired samurai to guard their land and they paid the samurai in land or food as few could afford to pay samurai in money.

Jesuits, who obviously knew Japanese history, knew that Gail Chord Schuler came from the royal Oshu Fujiwara family who ruled northern Japan like an emperor during the 12thcentury. From the Oshu Fujiwara family, Gail received her Catherine the Great genes, because the Abe clan who were Emishi and who became the Oshu Fujiwara royal family, were actually the descendants of Russia’s Vladimir the Great. These children from Russia came from the same Germanic gene pool which would later produce Germanic Catherine the Great who ruled Russia from 1762 to 1796. Gail also had Samurai ancestors and is descended from royal Genji families as well, which explains why Jesuits have targeted her since her birth and tried to murder Gail by giving her an allergy to her baby formula in 1957.


Lord Bertrand Russel: “Science and religion” (Ed. Gallimard, Paris 1957, pp. 84-85), wrote about Francis Xavier, the miracle worker:

“Xavier and his companions wrote many long letters which survived. They described their labors, but none of these mentioned any miracles. Joseph Acosta, a Jesuit much troubled by Peru’s animals, expressly denied that Xavier’s missionaries used miracles which helped them to convert pagans. But regardless of the truth, soon after Xavier’s death, stories about his miracles started to abound. Catholics claimed he had the gift of tongues, even though his letters alluded to his difficulties in mastering the Japanese language and his inability to find good interpreters.

“Catholics told stories about how, when his friends felt thirsty at sea, he changed salt water to fresh. They said when he dropped his crucifix into the ocean that crabs brought it back to him. A later fable claimed he threw the crucifix into the ocean to still a tempest. Xavier was canonized in 1622, and Vatican authorities claimed they had sufficient proof that he accomplished these miracles, because no one can become a saint in the Catholic Church without them. The pope gave his official guarantee that Xavier possessed the supernatural gift of tongues and was particularly impressed that Xavier made lamps burn with holy water instead of oil.

“This same pope, Urban VIII, refused to believe Galileo’s statements, such as Galileo’s belief that the earth orbited around the sun, when most believed then that the sun revolved around the earth. The stories about Xavier got better with time. Father Bonhours’s biography about him, published in 1682, claimed Xavier resurrected from the dead fourteen people during his lifetime. Catholic authors today still attribute to Xavier the gift of miracles. In 1872, Father Coleridge published a biography about Xavier which restated that he had the gift of tongues.”

Today, Catholic lies rule the news media and the Internet, such as the lie that Brent Spiner and Loree McBride are married, and that Loree is, in fact, a producer; the lie that Gail Chord Schuler is a paranoid schizophrenic and does not have the genetic profile of King David and Catherine the Great (when she’s actually the greatest threat to the Jesuits in the 21st century); the lie that Vladimir Putin married a woman named Lyudmila in 1983 and that his wife Larisa did not die in 2000; the lie that Matthew McConaughey finds his Jesuit bomb rapist Camila Alves attractive enough to marry her and that he willingly and knowingly had three children by her; the lie that the United States under Jesuit leadership has been a benevolent nation, in spite of the fact that the U.S. under a Jesuit-controlled Bill Clinton in 2000, torpedoed the Russian Kursk submarine, resulting in the murder of 118 Russians during peacetime exercises. And the lies go on and on, ad infinitum.


“Le Crapouillot”, as cited before, p. 44, wrote:

“Meteorology was their main work. Francis Xavier learned that Japanese did not know the earth was round, and found his teachings about this and other similar subjects fascinating. They became the official astronomers in China, and because the Chinese hated fanaticism, Jesuits had to go about their business peacefully. Italian Father Ricci became the first Jesuit astronomer in China. After arriving in Peking, he played the role of astronomer before Chinese scientists, because astronomy and mathematics played important roles in Chinese culture. These Jesuit scientists enabled the Chinese sovereign to date their various seasonal religious and civil ceremonies. Father Ricci brought scientific information deemed indispensable and he used this opportunity to speak about his religion. He sent for two Fathers who amended the traditional calendar, establishing the accord between the course of the stars and earthly events. Ricci helped with lesser tasks as well. For instance, he drew a mural map of the empire, carefully putting China at the center of the universe.”

Today Jesuits possess the latest in scientific breakthroughs, having invented human cloning, mind and emotion reading technologies, the ability to remove memories or install them, brain control, cures to cancers and AIDS and many other diseases deemed incurable (but they don’t want to advertise this, because they like to use their technology to give heart attacks, cancer and incurable illnesses to their opponents). Unfortunately, Jesuits primarily use the latest scientific breakthroughs to destroy their enemies, which explains why these scientific breakthroughs are not known to the general public. Gail has written Conspiracy Law to use this secret Jesuit technology for the betterment of mankind and to expose and condemn Jesuits, who use it for criminal purposes.


However, in China as in Malabar, the Catholic religion could not survive without some trickery and artifice. The Jesuits had to bring the Roman doctrine to the Chinese level, identify God with heaven (Tien) or the Chang-Ti (Emperor from on-high), blend Catholic with Chinese rites, accept Confucian teachings, the cult of the ancestors, etc.

Rival Orders to the Jesuit Order in China condemned and reported this sloppy adherence to Catholic doctrine to Pope Clement XI. As a result, all Jesuit missionary work in the Celestial Empire collapsed.

Emperor Kang-Hi’s successors condemned Catholic Christianity in China with legal decrees. The last Jesuit Fathers left in China died there, never to be replaced.

Today, Jesuits have infiltrated nations like China, by posing as atheists or non-religious people to gain entrance. Jesuits become all things to all men to gain a following; their only religious conviction is a lust for power over the entire world.

From the chapter entitled Assassination of American President Abraham Lincoln:

True story, condensed from the original hardback edition of “Fifty Years in the ‘Church’ of Rome” by Charles Chiniquy:

In 1879, Jesuits were after Charles Chiniquy. They made over 30 public attacks on his life.

Gail Chord Schuler has suffered as many (or more) attacks on her life as Charles Chiniquy in the 20th and 21st centuries, but Jesus Christ created Gail with a powerful Gail Shield that has protected her from many of these attempts on her life. This Gail Shield is an extension of her genetic profile that forms a dome over where she lives, and blocks Jesuit nuclear bombs from killing Gail and those about her. This Gail Shield has so strengthened in 2016 (because of Gail and her men obeying commandments given to Gail by Jesus Christ in March 2016), that it has literally saved planet earth from total annihilation by Jesuit nuclear bombs. The Jesuit Order in 2016 has a space fleet, which Satan helped them to build, and because the Gail Shield has killed off Jesuits, most Jesuits are staying alive by living on the Jesuit space fleet, while they launch bombs onto earth below. Jesuits will stop at nothing to win, even if they have to kill everyone on earth, because they know that they can replace everyone on earth below with a Jesuit clone, with the exception of Gail Chord Schuler, whose King David/Catherine the Great genetic profile seems immune to their cloning technology. None of Gail’s clones last longer than a couple weeks. Jesuits know if they can kill Gail, they can conquer the world. Only Gail, in 2016, stands in their way. But the mighty Gail Shield, created by Jesus Christ as part of Gail’s genetic profile, stands in their way. If they can kill Gail, they can defeat the Gail Shield, because Gail would no longer be on earth. The following true story about Charles Chiniquy shows how Jesuits will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals.

Before Charles Chiniquy was born, his dad was studying to become a Roman Catholic priest in Canada. But his father saw something happen in the Catholic Church that so upset him, that he quit, studied law, and became a notary.

As his dad was leaving the priesthood, a close friend gave him a beautiful French and Latin Bible. His dad remained a devout Roman Catholic, and married Reine Perrault in 1808. A little later Charles Chiniquy was born in a small village, called Kamoraska, in Quebec, Canada. Five years later his family moved to Murrays’ Bay. His mother taught Charles to read that Bible because there were no schools.

“Do you understand what you just read, son?” his mother said.

“Yes, mama.”

By the time he was eight or nine years old, he had memorized from that Bible the creation and the fall of man, the flood, the sacrifice of Isaac, the history of Moses, the plagues of Egypt, the hymn of Moses after crossing the Red Sea, the history of Samson, important events in the life of David, several Psalms, all Christ’s speeches and parables, and the entire history of Jesus Christ’s suffering and death as written by John. When it rained so hard that farmers couldn’t go to church, they would go to the Chiniquy home in the evening to hear little Charles recite portions of the Bible. They loved it. The farmers were touched.

One day, the parish priest came to the Chiniquy home. The Chiniquy family was thrilled and honored at what appeared a friendly visit.

“Mr. Chiniquy, is it true that you and your child read the Bible?” the priest said.

“Yes, sir.” His dad explained how much of the Bible his son had memorized.

“You are forbidden by the Holy Council of Trent to read the Bible in French. It is my painful duty to come here, to get the Bible from you and burn it!”

Mr. Chiniquy’s face became an inferno. The priest backed off in fright. The son never saw his father so furious.

A dead silence followed.

Mr. Chiniquy glared at the priest. “Is that all you have to say?”

“Yes, sir!” the priest said.

“There’s the door,” the father said. “Get out fast!”

The priest scuttled out. Little Charles beamed with pride over his dad’s courage to defend the Bible. He kissed his dad, jumped on top of a large table, and recited the story of David and Goliath.

“Then said David to the Philistine, ‘Thou cometh to me with a sword and a spear and with a shield. But I come to thee in the name of the Lord.’ ”

The son felt his dad was David against the Philistine – that evil Roman Catholic priest – who David struck down.

Three years later, at age twelve, young Charles had been sent to a private school. He wanted desperately to see his parents when he arrived home. His father was delighted with the progress he made in school.

“Is my geometry correct, father?” he asked his dad.

“Yes, son. I’m so proud of you!”

It was a precious reunion. That night they had family worship and then all went to their beds to sleep.

At 4 a.m., his mother screamed, “Oh, no! God! No!”

The son jumped out of his bed to run towards his parents’ room. “Mama, what’s the matter?”

“Oh my dear sweet child,” she wailed. “Your father is dead.” Her body slumped to the floor in a faint.

While a friend took care of her, Charles limped to his father’s bed. He pressed close to his dad, smothering him with tears. He couldn’t believe his father was gone. “Oh father, father. Come back to us! Please God, save my father.”

But his body was already cold.

They buried him two days later. His mother, sick with grief, could not walk during the funeral procession. Now a widow, living among strangers; her strong, young husband was gone, leaving her with three little boys. She was without a dime and had no way to make a living.

The mother cried day and night on her knees. “Oh Lord, be kind to me and my sad three little boys.”

A few days after the funeral, little Charles saw the parish priest coming towards their house. “Mother, the priest is coming!”

“Oh, thank God.” She welcomed the priest as an angel from heaven, because everyone knew the priest was now rich. She expected help and comfort from him.

“Do you still read your Bible, little boy?” the priest asked little Charles.

 “Yes, sir.”

The priest blasted his mother about this until she broke into tears. After a long silence, he said, “Madam, you owe me for the prayers which have been sung, and the other services you asked for when your husband died. I will be very happy if you paid off that little bill.”

“Mr. Courtois, my husband left me nothing but debts. Please, do not take from us the little that is left.”

“Madam, your husband died suddenly and wasn’t prepared. Because of that, he’s in purgatory.” He paused. “As the church offers prayers and masses, you must join us, by giving all you can to get your husband out of purgatory.”

“I told you. . .my husband left me penniless. It’s impossible for me to give you any money.”

He pushed her harder.

“I will soon lose my house and land,” she said.

“You must pay for those masses we offered for your husband.”

The mother tried to recollect herself and remained silent for minutes. “Sir, do you see that cow out there? Most of the food my children get comes from that cow.”


“I hope you won’t take our cow.” She gasped. “But if the masses you offer will help my poor husband’s soul in purgatory, and will put out those flames, then take our cow to pay for those masses.”

“Very well, madam.” His face was cold as ice. He left the house and headed towards the cow.

“Mama,” Charles said. “He’s taking our cow! We’ll die of hunger. What are we going to do?”

Mrs. Chiniquy cried out in grief as the priest and their cow disappeared. She knelt with Charles, sobbing and trying to pray. “I didn’t think the priest would be that cruel.” Her sobs choked in her throat. She couldn’t speak and turned pale. A cold sweat came on her face, as she fell to the floor, overwhelmed with grief. After drinking some water, she revived and faced little Charles. “My son, if you ever become a priest. Promise me, you’ll always be kind to poor widows.”

“I promise, mother.”

Charles Chiniquy did become a Roman Catholic priest and never forgot his mother’s words, nor her tears on that fateful day. He recalled what the Bible said in Matthew 23:14. “Jesus said: Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye devour widows’ houses, and for a pretense (a big act), make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation.”

God heard his mother’s prayers. A few days later, some letters arrived from his mother’s two sisters. One offered to take in his mother and two younger brothers. The other, who just lost their own little boy, wanted Charles.

When they were selling the furniture, his Bible disappeared. Charles was sick about it. He went by boat to his new home.

His uncle and aunt Dionne welcomed him. They asked Charles what he wanted to be when he grew up.

“I want to become a priest,” he said.

They arranged for him to study Latin under the Vicar (an important priest in town) of Kamoraska.

A few months later, his teacher asked him to give a speech at a birthday party given by the parish priest (Mr. Varin, who was a Catholic pastor of the church). Varin invited all the town’s important people to hear it. Charles ended his speech by giving the pastor a bouquet of flowers. This moved Mr. Varin greatly. To this pastor,  Charles was the angel of the parish. They sang songs, and about fifteen gentlemen (including priests) and as many ladies participated.

They opened up the dining room where a long table was covered with the most delicious meats and wine you could ever find. Because of his speech, little Charles was allowed to join them.

After dinner, the ladies left the table and went to the drawing room, while the men toasted each other.

They shouted, “To the Rev. Mr. Varin! To Mr. Varin!”

After Charles finished a glass of wine, his uncle said, “No more! Or I’ll make you leave the table.”

It came time for little Charles Chiniquy to make a toast. “Let us drink to our Holy Father, the pope!”

After so many toasts, the wine started having its effects.

“To the pope? Haw haw haw.”

“Haw haw. Yes, to the pope.”

One priest got up from his chair and fell headlong to the floor. His two neighbors were too drunk to help. Everyone laughed.

“Haw haw haw.”

“Haw haw haw.”

Little Charles couldn’t believe his eyes. These men of God were drunk and falling on the floor. Charles Chiniquy, never forgot what he saw. One day he would become a priest who would cause Canada to pass laws outlawing the sale of liquor.

Chiniquy noticed that Roman Catholic priests take great care to prepare children for their first communion. The children go to church to learn the catechism and the explanation of all its teaching. Mr. Morin, who taught Charles Latin, instructed the children for their first communion.

During the catechism Jesus is removed from the child’s heart and replaced with Mary. It’s so cleverly done that most children involved are brainwashed into this.

“My child, when you have been guilty of doing something wrong at home, who was the first to punish you? Your father or your mother?”

“My father!”

“That’s right, my child. As a matter of fact, the father is almost always upset with his children, and more ready to spank them than the mother. Now, my child, tell us who spanked you the hardest, your father or your mother?”

“My father.”

“Still true, my child. The superior goodness of a kind mother is understood even in the act of correction. She doesn’t hit as hard as the father, even when you deserved to be spanked. Didn’t someone sometimes come between you and your father’s stick or belt, taking it from him?”

“Yes, many times my mother saved me from a real hard spanking.”

“That is so, my child, and not only you, but all your friends here. My children, haven’t your good mothers often saved you from your fathers’ spankings? Even when you deserved it? Answer me!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Yes, Mr. Morin.”


“One question more. . .when your father was coming to whip you, didn’t you throw yourselves into the arms of someone to escape?”

“Yes sir, when I was guilty of doing something more than once, I’d throw myself into my mother’s arms as soon as I saw my father coming to whip me. She’d beg for him not to hit me, and did it so well that many times I escaped getting spanked.”

The priest next used Jesuit logic, which violates the Bible’s teachings, to drive home his point. “You have a father and mother in heaven, dear children. Your father is Jesus and your mother is Mary. Don’t forget that a mother’s heart is always more tender, and has more mercy that that of a father. Many times you offend your father by your sins. You make him furious against you! Do you know what takes place in heaven then? Your Father in heaven takes his rod to punish you. He threatens to crush you with his roaring thunder! He opens the gates of hell to cast you into it, and you would have been damned long ago had it not been for your loving mother you have in heaven, who has disarmed your angry and irritated Father. When Jesus would punish you as you deserve, the good virgin moves quickly to get to him and calms him down. She places herself between him and you and keeps him from hitting you! She speaks in your favor. She asks for your pardon, and she gets it. Throw yourselves into the arms of that good mother. Turn to her for her help and protection because of her supreme power over Jesus, and be assured that you will be saved through her.”

From this moment on, the Jesuit trap is closed and Rome will control that child’s thinking about Mary for the rest of their lives. This is how the Jesuits have changed Bible teaching about Jesus, making him someone they are afraid of. Jesuits indoctrinate Catholics into believing that it is not Jesus, but Mary, who represents the infinite love and mercy of God to the sinner. It is as if Mary died on the cross, and not Jesus, for sinners.

Chiniquy said that for a Roman Catholic child, the day of his first communion is both beautiful and sad. So many joys and anxieties rise in his soul, when for the first time he is about to eat what he has been taught to believe is his God.

Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, pp. 38-39:

“The priest promised us that what we were about to eat was the true body, the true blood and the divinity of Jesus Christ. I was about to eat him, not like a symbol or a sign or in memory of him, but in a literal way – actually eat him! I was to eat his flesh, his bones, his hands, his feet, his whole body. I had to believe this or be cast into hell forever! While all the time, my eyes, my hands, my mouth and my tongue and my reason told me that I was only eating a wafer. Jesuit reasoning and the Catholic Church, as the most skillful human machine in history, guided this church in the dark paths this church followed. Jesuits knew very well the struggles of the mind in young children when they’re forced to give up their common sense and to put it into the hands of Rome. To prevent these struggles so dangerous to the Church, Jesuit overlooked nothing to distract the child’s mind and draw attention to the ostentation around the child.

So the children are dressed up as beautifully as possible. The Church is pompously decorated, with lovely choir and instrumental music. The whole parish is invited, with people from everywhere to enjoy the spectacle. Priests from neighboring churches participate, adding solemnity to the day. Religious show business at its best.”

Jesuits know how to put on good theatre. We see this in the spectacle of their agent Camila Alves with Matthew McConaughey, dressed up as the glamorous “knock out” while attending the 2014 Oscars with Matthew, while few realize she obtained his companionship at this event by threatening to blow up the Oscars if he would not cooperate with her. Camila has bomb raped Matthew into submission to her, to ensure he never marries Gail Chord Schuler (who he really loves) and who is considered Rome’s greatest threat.

Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, pp. 38-39 (continued):

“Now in the midst of that new and wonderful spectacle of singing Latin Psalms, not a word of which the child understands, with gold and silver ornaments that glitter everywhere before his eyes, the child is not able to think. He goes off into a sort of Jesuitic mystic trance, his mind wandering from one subject to another, until that moment arrives when he opens his mouth and the priest puts on his tongue a thin, flat cake of unleavened bread (the wafer God). To him now, this wafer becomes God himself. It goes down his stomach, just like the food he eats. He is amazed that the creator of heaven and earth could so easily pass down his throat.”

After that great and monstrous comedy is over and the children head home, they burst into laughter, delighted at their fine clothes, still in doubt over this ceremony they just took part in. This first communion is one of the most powerful links in that long line of slavery to Rome which the priest and the Jesuits put around that child’s neck. Ignatius de Loyola said, “If those children have made a good first communion, they will be submissive to the Pope. They will be in the hand of the Supreme Pontiff of Rome just like the stick is in the traveler’s hands. They will have no will, no thought of their own.” (“The Cosmic Conspiracy” by Deyo, p. 95, Emisary Publications, 9205 SE Clackamas, #1776, Clackamas, Oregon, USA, 97015).

Chiniquy said, “My soul has known the weight of those chains. It has felt the ignominy of that slavery.”

In the Roman Catholic college, while Chiniquy prepared for the priesthood, the strange things Chiniquy learned upset him, making no sense to him.

“What’s the difference between the religion of heathen Rome and the Catholic Church today?”

“The only difference is the names. Instead of calling this statue Jupiter, we call it Peter.”

“Right, and instead of calling that one Minerva or Venus, we call it St. Mary.”

They discovered the idolatry of the past was still with them, but with Christian names. They listened to fables from “The Glories of Mary.”

Fifty Years in the Church of Rome, p. 49, illustrated brilliant Jesuit brainwashing techniques:

“There existed in a city called Aragona, a beautiful and noble girl by the name of Alexandra, whom two men loved passionately. One day, maddened by the jealousy each one had for the other, they fought together and both died. Their parents were infuriated at the young girl responsible for this. So they cut off this young girl’s head and threw her into a well. A few days later, St. Dominic, passing by, came to the well and cried out, ‘Alexandra, come here.’

“Alexandra’s head immediately appeared on the edge of the well and begged St. Dominic to hear its confession. Having heard it, Dominic gave her communion in front of a great multitude, then commanded her to explain why she received so great a favor.

“ ‘Though in a state of mortal sin, when I was decapitated, I had the habit of reciting the Holy Rosary, and the Virgin preserved my life.’

“The head, full of life, remained on the well’s edge two days before the eyes of a great many people. Then the soul went to purgatory.”

Jesuits murdered U.S. President Barack Obama in spring 2012 by decapitation, keeping his head alive with blood-filled tubes. When Vladimir Putin found him in the African Congo, Barack begged to die, and so Vladimir dropped a nuke over the compound where Barack was. This devastated Vladimir, who required extensive counseling from psychiatrist Gerard Butler (who is also the Hollywood star Gerard Butler). Since the real Barack’s death in 2012, he has been replaced with an automaton (android). (Deep in the African Congo: The Murder of Barack Obama, Gail Chord Schuler, 2014)

The story continued:

“Fifteen days later, Alexandra’s soul appeared to St. Dominic, bright and beautiful as a star. Their teacher told them ‘that one of the surest ways of removing souls from purgatory was saying the rosary.’ ” (“Glories of Mary”, chapter 8, Sec. 2)

Chiniquy studied the works of Homer, Virgil and Socrates, but was not allowed to read the Bible. Knowing the Bible, Chiniquy told his instructors what he believed, which got him in hot water.

To graduate as a priest, he had to take this oath: “I will never interpret the Holy Scriptures except according to the unanimous consent of the Holy Fathers.”

The Holy Fathers were St. Thomas, Liguori, Bellarmine, Jerome and Augustine. But the only thing St. Jerome and St. Augustine agreed on was that they disagreed on every point.

Chiniquy challenged his instructor about this:

“The writings of the holy Fathers are nowhere to be found. It’s impossible to find them, to read them or to study them.”

“You are one of the most learned men in France and you can’t help us.”

“How will we know how to preach from the Bible? That oath stops us!”

“Throughout history, the Holy Fathers disagreed with the Holy Fathers previous to them.”

“Some Holy Fathers have denied the supreme authority of the Church.”

“Others have laughed at the ex-communication of the popes.”

His teacher said Augustine was referring to this Scripture, to show that the Catholic Church made the first pope Peter, the rock: “Thou art Peter and upon this rock, I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

Chiniquy protested. “St. Augustine said Christ was the rock! He agreed with the Protestants!”

“It is your evil nature that makes you question the Church,” his teacher answered. “If you don’t submit to Rome, be careful. . .”

Chiniquy bowed to the pope, lost his fight and surrendered his reasoning. When he became priest, he had to take that oath to not interpret Scriptures outside of the unanimous consent of the Holy Fathers. This kept Catholics from the Bible.

But that night in his sleep, these thoughts ransacked his conscience: “You rebel against the Holy Ghost. You deny the Holy Scriptures to follow sinful men.”

He cried to his Wafer God and to the Blessed Virgin Mary for help, with no response. He lay his head on his pillow to sleep, and became another, of billions of slaves, to the pope.

As a priest, for one of his assignments, he assisted the highly respected arch priest at the Parish of St. Charles in Quebec – the Rev. Mr. Perras – a pious and learned priest. This was a great honor.

A few months after he arrived there, Chiniquy heard of two scandals that agitated him.

“My dear Chiniquy, what’s the matter?” Rev. Perras said. “Please tell me. Perhaps I can help.”

“I’m sad about the fall of the two priests. I heard about things like this in the college. What will happen to our Holy Church in Canada? If her most devoted priests are so weak and have such little fear of God?”

“My dear young friend, our Holy Church is infallible. The gates of hell cannot prevail against her. The fact that the Holy Church keeps going on shows her infallibility. It does not rest on human foundations, or on the personal holiness of her priests. It rests on the promises of Jesus Christ. The sins and scandals of her priests would have destroyed her long ago, if Christ was not in the midst to save and sustain her. The very sins of the priests make the spotless wife of Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church, fly higher and higher towards the regions of holiness as it is in God.”

To build up Chiniquy’s faith, he told him a story to make his point. But Chiniquy learned that many priests were actually atheists and infidels. He learned that Pope Borgia, Alexander VI, publicly lived as a married man with his daughter and had a child by her. Rome was filled with murder, adultery and crimes.

But Church leaders told him that, “If our Holy church has been able to pass through such storms without perishing, it is living proof that Christ is her pilot, that she is imperishable because St. Peter is her foundation.”

But this only tormented Chiniquy. In one of his oaths, he had to promise to never to listen to his conscience or make a private judgment that opposed Catholic Church teachings. But he knew his Bible too well. His conscience was in torments for many years to follow. In the Bible he found that when Jesus was a child, he obeyed his mother, but in his public ministry, each time Mary asked for a favor, Jesus rebuked her. He realized that only by Jesus refusing Mary in public, could Jesus show the world that he was against praying to Mary. Chiniquy wept all night over this. His faith in Mary was shattered.

Chiniquy finally got a copy of the Holy Father’s writings and discovered that in the Catholic Church’s first 600 years, that no Holy Father ever pushed or taught the worship of Mary.

The Church then gave him an assignment where he saw the ravages of alcoholism and he became the only priest in Canada who would not drink alcohol. All the other priests turned on him. He got insults, sneers, and rebukes everywhere he went. To retaliate against him, in 1838, the Church sent him to Beauport, Quebec where almost everyone in the Parish was a drunkard. But Chiniquy wept with the families, and started a temperance movement (fight against liquor) that swept through Canada like a fire.

Jesus Christ, who has appeared to Gail and her men from 2012 and onwards, does drink wine with Brent Spiner for dinner, but Gail is certain he does not condone drunkenness.

Chiniquy spared many an alcoholic from ruin. He was called the “Apostle of Temperance in Canada”. Because of his popularity with the people, Chiniquy’s enemies in Rome kept growing. His fellow priests were filled with jealousy. Like Gail, Chiniquy did not desire fame, he only followed his conscience. However, both Catholics and Protestants loved Chiniquy. He became the hero of Canada.

In fact, Gail Chord Schuler has become so popular with many famous men in the 21st century because of her courageous stand against Jesuit tyranny, that she, too, has roused the jealousy of people, including Jesuit Loree McBride, who has failed to win the real Brent Spiner’s heart; Jesuit Camila Alves, who has failed to win the real Matthew McConaughey’s heart. Many other famous men would die for Gail, even though Gail has not encouraged these men to do so. Therefore, she suffers from people (mostly Jesuits and their supporters) who are jealous of Gail over this.

And then, when Matthew McConaughey, Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, and Judge Terry Jenkins appeared at Gail’s sister’s home (May 2012) to assure her sister, Sandra Metcalf, that Gail was not crazy; and that these famous men did, indeed, love her own sister (Gail Chord Schuler), Sandra raged with jealousy against her own sister, and from 2012 to now has been BFF with Jesuit Loree McBride. Sandra even coerced Gail’s mother (July 2012) to write a lying statement claiming Gail was running from police, because Gail believed that Vladimir Putin’s space pod would come and rescue Gail from the police who were chasing her. This was a total fabrication and never happened.

Sandra then urged Gail’s mother to submit this lying statement (which Sandra wrote) to a judge, who then issued an order for police to come get Gail in hand cuffs and put her in a psychiatric hospital (July 2012) to force Gail onto psychiatric medications.

Jesus Christ, knowing this would happen, arranged for the medication to be Seroquel, which has cured Gail of the deadly yeast-bacterium infection the Jesuits gave her.

While Gail was in the hospital, psychiatrist Gerard Butler spoke with her brain to brain assuring her that she needed to take the drug they wanted to give her (Seroquel) because it would cure her deadly yeast infection, which had gone systemic in her body.

So, because Gail cooperated and took Seroquel, the hospital released her in early August 2012 and Gail’s men later supplied Gail with a recording where she heard her mother admit that Sandra had written the lying statement (which Sandra used against Gail using Gail’s mother as her pawn). Though Sandra herself is not a Jesuit, she is BFF with Jesuit Loree McBride, and cooperates with Jesuits to destroy her own sister.

Sandra plays the game of advisor and benefactress to Gail’s mother; using money she has stolen from Gail’s men to bestow favors on Gail’s mother. Sandra has poisoned Gail’s mother against Gail, so that Gail refuses to deal with her mother until her mother apologizes for the lying statement submitted to the judge in 2012.

Jesuits, opportunists that they are, have taken full advantage of Sandra’s jealousy to promote their agenda (that Gail suffers from paranoid schizophrenia) and that it is only her delusions that cause her to believe that famous men like Brent Spiner and Russian President Vladimir Putin would die for her.

On December 15, 1850, Chiniquy received a letter from the bishop of Chicago, Illinois. The bishop told of rich and fertile lands in Illinois and the Mississippi valley that the Catholic Church wanted. They believed it would become the bread basket of the world and that those who controlled it would rule the United States.

Jesuits directed Catholic emigrants into the United States, but directed them away from areas where Protestants lived. Rome wanted them to come to Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, etc., while the land was still cheap. With their exploding families, wealth and unity, they could rule everything. The bishop begged Chiniquy to lead his Roman Catholic French Canadians to Illinois to take the land.

But Montreal’s bishop was jealous, feeling that he was losing his rich church members to the United States.

In Sept. 1851 a beautiful girl came to Chiniquy’s confessional and bragged about her sex orgies with priests. Chiniquy stopped her cold and ordered her out of the Church. The bishop had set Chiniquy up. The bishop of Montreal was a monster, but considered a saint by his flock. Chiniquy became guilty, without a trial, and was not told what his crime was. He felt he would lose his priesthood. But Chiniquy went to a Jesuit college for help. The Jesuits backed Chiniquy, found the beautiful girl, who was a close friend of the jealous bishop, and invited the girl to the Jesuit College. She was honored.

When the girl saw Chiniquy, she almost fainted. She broke down, confessed her part in the plot to destroy Chiniquy. The Jesuit director of the college made four copies of her confession and Chiniquy was saved.

In June 1851, Chiniquy arrived in Chicago, with a population of 30,000.

Chiniquy started works in the U.S. and again aroused the jealousy of U.S. bishops. They banded together to stop his work. They wrote vicious lies in letters to a Canadian bishop lying about this bishop, and forged Chiniquy’s signature to them. That got resolved and then more things happened. Chiniquy dealt with corruption after corruption in the Catholic Church, while he strove to build his St. Anne’s Parish Church in Illinois. He was becoming more and more disillusioned with the Catholic Church.

Another action was quietly going on across the seas. The Jesuits in the Vatican were planning the United States’ destruction by sending agents into the North and South to fan the red-hot issue of slavery. If things would go the way they planned, the United States would soon explode into Civil War and be destroyed.

Bishops managed to steal Chiniquy’s land and have him kicked out of his St. Anne’s Parish, and he moved to Bourbonnais. Evil leaders inside the Catholic Church used bribery and large sums of money to buy power inside the Church at Chiniquy’s expense, because Chiniquy would not play along with them. Chiniquy ended up going to court to fight for his land. His greedy and lying enemy, Bishop O’Regan, inside the Catholic Church leadership, warned Chiniquy that if he didn’t make the Roman Catholic people shut up and start respecting him, he’d make Chiniquy pay. Bishop O’Regan was very greedy and was even digging up Catholic graves to sell human bones. He also stole the land of many people.

The Civil War was getting closer. A little book called “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” that decried the evils of slavery, was selling all over the Northern United States. Packed with drama and emotion, those who read it were outraged.

Back in Chicago, Bishop O’Regan was doing his best to get rid of Chiniquy. He wanted to indict him, but had no grounds. He had Mr. Spink (a land shark) cook up phony charges against Chiniquy. If Chiniquy was found guilty, his career would be ruined. A jury found Chiniquy innocent on November 13, 1855.

The victory didn’t last long. Chiniquy’s lawyers told him the land shark Spink appealed for a re-trial in Urbana, Illinois in Champaign County.

Chiniquy could not afford to bring his twenty witnesses that great distance. Jesuits succeeded in isolating him – one of their prime tactics. He was alone in his fight.

Spink saw to it that Chiniquy remained a prisoner under bail in the hands of the sheriff until May 19, 1856 (for six months).

A stranger who wanted to keep his identity secret came to Chiniquy with valuable information. “I have followed this trial from the beginning. Your prosecutor, Spink, is only a tool for Bishop O’Regan. Because you are a priest, you are fighting all the bishops worldwide. Even though they hate what O’Regan is doing, they will unite behind him, using his wealth and influence at their disposal, to silence you. There is a good chance the jury in Urbana will believe those lies. There is only one lawyer who can save you, and his name is Abraham Lincoln.”

“Unknown to Chiniquy, he was at war with the entire Roman Catholic Institution, because in their eyes, he was a rebellious priest, fighting his bishop. It could not be tolerated. Spink was only a front man, a decoy. Rome has always used this technique, so they couldn’t be blamed for any of the crimes against nations or individuals.” (Dr. Alberto Rivera, ex-Jesuit priest, who Jesuits murdered in 1998).

On May 19, 1856, Chiniquy met Lincoln. Chiniquy said it was impossible to talk with him for five minutes without loving him. because Lincoln’s face emanated honesty and kindness. They became good friends.

Two lying priests testified against Chiniquy, and Lincoln demolished their testimony, as well as other phony witnesses who attacked Chiniquy. There were several ups and downs and Chiniquy ended up excommunicated. But the people of St. Anne, stood behind their pastor. They wrote a powerful letter exposing Bishop O’Regan’s crimes. They said if O’Regan would treat them as a father instead of a master, they’d respect him. Five hundred people signed that powerful letter and it was published in almost every paper in the U.S.

But a wicked, lying priest named Lebel, in a choking voice, implied that Chiniquy had tried to rape his sister. The performance was so brilliant, the jury believed Chiniquy to be guilty.

Then Abraham Lincoln broke the silence. He slashed at Lebel’s testimony. He brought in twelve witnesses from Bourbonnais who were in Rev. Lebel’s parish. These witnesses said Lebel was a drunken liar and they wouldn’t believe a word he said.

Lincoln told Chiniquy in private that Lebel’s testimony was devastating and that Lebel succeeded in getting everybody to feel sorry for the alleged victim, who was Madam Bossey (faking an illness allegedly caused by the crime). Lincoln advised Chiniquy to pray to God for help, that God was their only hope. Chiniquy’s own Catholic Church was destroying him with lies. Tomorrow he would be sentenced and found guilty of a crime he did not commit.

He got down on his knees and prayed.

At 3 a.m., he heard a knock on his door.

There stood Abraham Lincoln, his face beaming with joy.  “Cheer up, Mr. Chiniquy. I have those perjured priests in my hands. Their devilish plot has been exposed. If they don’t leave town before the sun comes up, they will surely be lynched. Bless the Lord, you are saved.”

But a newspaper reporter had already telegraphed Lebel’s lies in court to the Chicago newspapers, telling them that more than likely Chiniquy would be condemned and found guilty. The Catholics were so jubilant, the papers sold an extra ten thousand copies.

In 2016, Jesuits have cooked up lies about Donald Trump’s alleged evil alliance with Vladimir Putin. At the Democratic National Convention, when Jesuit stooge Hillary Clinton roared against Donald Trump, the audience roared back in response.

When Chiniquy was on his knees praying as Lincoln advised, God sent him friends by railroad at full speed to save him.

“Miss Moffat has just given me the details of that devilish plot against you. I told her not to show herself before the court opened,” Lincoln said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if those priests will be lynched. There is terrible excitement in town. Many people believe those priests lied to destroy you. Tomorrow, you will have the greatest triumph a man ever got over his enemies.”

The evil priest Lebel couldn’t sleep that night. He learned that one of the two people (Ms. Moffat) who knew the truth, would testify against him and had just arrived in town. He went to her (Philomene Moffat) and tried to bribe her with a hundred dollars to return to Chicago.

She said, “If you offered me enough gold to fill this place, I would not go!”

Lebel woke up Mr. Spink, the land shark, in a panic. “Spink, wake up! Withdraw your suit against Chiniquy! We are lost. Chiniquy knows everything!”

The next morning, Mr. Spink, white as a ghost, begged the judge to drop all charges because he believed Mr. Chiniquy not guilty. Lincoln explained what happened in a short speech. Chiniquy forgave them for their crime.

Mr. Spink ended up with tremendous bills for travelling and court costs. Spink tried to get Bishop O’Regan to pay the bills. But O’Regan refused to pay one penny, because Chiniquy was not in jail. The Jesuits were not happy, and Spink was financially ruined.

Abraham Lincoln was Chiniquy’s most noble and devoted friend. He had worked over a year defending him.

Chiniquy asked Lincoln for the bill.

“Mr. Chiniquy, your case is unique,” Lincoln said. “I have never met a man so cruelly and unjustly persecuted as you have been. Your enemies are devils in flesh. Their plot against you was the most hellish I’ve ever known. You owe me nothing.”

But Chiniquy insisted, and paid him.

Lincoln would only accept fifty dollars (after over a year defending Chiniquy).

Chiniquy trembled for Mr. Lincoln and wept. “Sitting in the crowd of that trial were twelve Jesuit priests from Chicago and St. Louis, who came to hear my sentence to prison. Nothing can describe the rage on their faces when you wrenched me from their cruel hands, and how you made the court house tremble when you exposed their diabolical plot to destroy me. But I saw in their fiendish eyes your death sentence.”

“Sign this ‘I owe you’ Father Chiniquy.” Lincoln did not smile. “It will be my death warrant.”

Mr. Chiniquy signed it.

Lincoln became solemn. “I know the Jesuits never forget nor forsake and never give up. But a man must not care how and where he dies, provided he dies at the post of honor and duty.”

Dr. Alberto Rivera, ex-Jesuit priest said, “The master plan for the United States’ fall was underway in the Vatican. The Jesuits and Pope Pius IX were preparing to send French troops into Mexico under Maximillian to back the South when the Civil War began.”

Chiniquy had attended a seminar in Buffalo, New York on “How the United States Could be Controlled” and he heard that he was part of Rome’s plan to control the United States’ breadbasket, Illinois and the Mississippi Valley, for the Vatican.

Jesuits planned to put poor, but faithful Irish Catholics from every corner of the world into major U.S. cities. They planned to use Catholics inside the U.S. to multiply their votes, silently and patiently. Their goal was that not a single judge, teacher, or policeman would be selected unless he was a devoted Irish Roman Catholic, and not a single U.S. senator or congressperson would be elected unless he submitted himself to the pope. Jesuits planned to elect the U.S. President, to fill the armed forces and hold the keys to the public treasuries. Then they could rule the United States and lay the country at the feet of their Holy Father, the pope. Then the pope would put an end to the Americans’ godless educational system, and impious (ungodly) laws that stressed liberty of conscience. The Jesuits despised the morals of those who founded the United States – the Puritans.

Abraham Lincoln knew all this was going on when he became President. He was moving up in politics. The one man Rome hated was nominated on May 18, 1860, by the Republicans to become President.

By the same token, the one man Rome hated, Donald Trump, was nominated on July 19, 2016 by the Republicans (the party of Lincoln) to become President. The Democrats nominated Stephen A. Douglas. Lincoln had many debates with him. Douglas would come into town in a private railroad car, with the sounds of a military band. He even had a flat car with a cannon which he fired to let the people know he was coming. Poor old, honest Abe usually walked into town. Sometimes he’d ride a horse or come in riding in the caboose of a freight train.

The issue before the people was slavery.

“I don’t believe the Negro is any kin of mine at all!” Douglas shouted.

“It is written in the sky of America that the slaves shall some day be free,” Lincoln said.

The Jesuit-controlled press blasted Lincoln with everything they had. The Democratic newspapers nationwide called Lincoln an ape, a stupid brute, a most dangerous lunatic, a bloody monster, a merciless tyrant, etc.

Does this sound familiar as we hear the Jesuit-controlled news media blast Donald Trump in 2016 using similar labels?

The Vatican ordered Lincoln stopped at all costs. In 2016, the Vatican (under Jesuit control) has ordered Donald Trump stopped at all costs.

God’s hand was upon the United States, and on November 6, 1860, he was elected President of the United States.

Now the Jesuits’ number one assignment was to kill Lincoln.

At the news of Lincoln’s election, the South was outraged. They rejected him as their President. Trade became paralyzed. The National Treasury was almost bankrupt. This was the condition of the U.S. when Lincoln became President.

One month later, South Carolina pulled out of the United States. Right before Lincoln became President, at a U.S. government post at Fort Sumter in South Carolina, they still flew the U.S. flag with the stars and stripes. But South Carolina found that flag offensive and ordered it down. Sixty-nine men, loyal to Lincoln remained in the Fort with enough food for two weeks. The North sent a ship with supplies so that the men could hold that fort. But cannon fire from nearby Fort Moultrie turned that ship around. Immediately, ten other states broke away (Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Arkansas). All this took place before Lincoln officially became President. Lincoln was on his way to Washington, D.C. for his inauguration (to be sworn in as President). Jesuit hit men waited for him in Baltimore, Maryland. His secret service found out, and got him to Washington, D.C. on a midnight train.

In 2012, it was Barack Obama’s secret service who betrayed him to the Jesuits, enabling them to capture, kill and behead Barack, whose head they shipped to the African Congo, where Vladimir Putin and Hugh Jackman found Barack later.

After Abraham Lincoln was sworn in, the new President of the South, Jefferson Davis, ordered Charleston, South Carolina’s Confederate commander P.G.T. Beauregard to attack Fort Sumter. He fired the first shot. Soon cannons blasted Sumter for thirty-four hours. The Civil War was on! Jesuits were elated. The North and South would drown in blood. In four years, six hundred thousand young Americans would die.

Lincoln chose a cabinet (a group of men to run the various departments of his government). Not one of these men was his friend. He chose them because they were the best for their jobs. Lincoln was a lonely man. The first battle of the war was called “Bull Run”. The North lost. He got the blame. Many asked him to resign.

Lincoln became acquainted with grief. He’d pace his room at night, asking God for help and guidance. He constantly turned to his Bible. His closest friend was his little son, Willie.

While reports poured in of boys dying on the field of battle, his little twelve-year old son became very ill and died in the White House.

Lincoln was crushed. He said, between sobs, “My poor boy. He was too good for this earth. God has called him home. I know he is much better off in heaven, but we loved him so. It’s hard. . .hard to have him die.”

Chiniquy heard of a plot to kill Lincoln, so he rushed to Washington to see his old friend.

Lincoln was happy to see him. “You see, your friends, the Jesuits, haven’t killed me yet.” He could only give Chiniquy ten minutes. “Will you join my Ambassador to France to investigate a plot?”

“I’m sorry,” Chiniquy said. “I can’t.”

Lincoln invited Chiniquy back the next day. “Something puzzles me, and you’re the only one I can talk to about it. A great number of Democratic newspapers, written by Roman Catholics, say that I was born a Roman Catholic and baptized by a priest. They call me a renegade and an apostate and heap a mountain of abuses on my head. At first, I laughed about that lie. I’ve never been a Catholic. But the way they keep repeating it, like it’s the gospel truth, must have some meaning.”

A renegade is someone who deserts his religion for a hostile one. An apostate is one who denounces his own religious faith.

“It does have meaning, Mr. President,” Chiniquy said. “I cried when I saw that article. It’s your death sentence.” Chiniquy collected himself. “An ex-priest told me these newspaper stories are to incite the fanaticism of the Roman Catholic murderers they hope to find sooner or later. They have invented this lie of you being born a Roman Catholic and being baptized by a priest, because they want to brand your face with the mark of apostasy. Don’t forget, that in the Roman Church, an apostate is considered an outcast, who has no right to live.” Chiniquy showed Lincoln a book. “In this, you will read how Jesuits feel about apostates. The author of this book is one of the most learned Jesuits of his time. He feels, along with many others, that the man who will kill you will do a good and holy work.” He handed the book to Lincoln. “In this book is a copy of Pope Gregory VII’s decree who proclaimed that the killing of an apostate or a heretic, or an ex-communicated man, as you are declared to be, is not murder. Instead, it is a good Christian act. That decree is incorporated in the Canon Law that every priest must study, and which every good Catholic must follow.” Chiniquy paused to consider his thoughts. “You must protect yourself. In the past, Jesuit assassins have killed many leaders! The Catholic Church has the same heart it had during the Inquisition. All Catholic leaders in the U.S. are on the side of the South, which is proof that Rome wants to destroy this Republic. My blood runs cold when I contemplate the day which may come sooner or later, when Rome will add to all her other iniquities, your murder.”

“Chiniquy,” President Lincoln said, “I feel more and more every day, that it is not the Americans of the South alone I am fighting. I fight the Pope of Rome, and his perfidious Jesuits and their blind and bloodthirsty slaves. This is more a religious war than a civil war! There are only a very few of the Southern leaders who are not more or less under the influence of the Jesuits through their wives, family, relations and friends. Several members of Jeff Davis’s family belong to the Roman Church. The majority of the Roman Catholic bishops, priests and laymen are publicly for slavery.” Lincoln paused and looked out a window.

The Roman Catholic Chief Justice at that time said, “Negroes have no rights which the white man is bound to respect.” (Dred Scott Decision from “Fifty Years in the ‘Church’ of Rome” by Charles Chiniquy, p. 288)

“There is a thing that is very certain.” Lincoln placed his hands on Chiniquy’s shoulders, and bowed his head. “If the American people could learn what I know of the fierce hatred of the greater part of the priests of Rome against our institutions, our schools, our most sacred rights, and our so dearly bought liberties, the people would drive Catholics away tomorrow from us, or they would shoot them as traitors. But I must keep those sad secrets in my heart. You are the only one to whom I reveal them. For I know you learned them before me.”

Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. That piece of paper freed four million black slaves. If the North won, they would be set free. But if the South won, with the backing of the pope, they would remain slaves. The number of dead boys was rising. Mothers were writing Lincoln in tears. After the Battle of Gettysburg, President Lincoln went to where the great battle took place. This is where he found Christ.

Lincoln told a clergyman, “When I left Springfield, I asked the people to pray for me. I was not a Christian. When I buried my son, the severest trial of my life, I was not a Christian. But when I saw the graves of thousands of our soldiers, I then and there, consecrated myself to Christ. I do love Jesus.”

In the White House, late at night, President Lincoln would go downstairs where the black servants were working, to read them the Bible, pray with them, and try to lead them to Christ. They dearly loved this man who was so kind to them. (“Abraham Lincoln, the Christian” by W. J. Johnstone, Abingdon Press, N.Y. 1913, p. 120)

When General Meade (a Roman Catholic) fought for the North, he defeated Robert E. Lee’s army, and was ready to pursue the beaten army to end the war. Lincoln learned that a disguised Jesuit (a stranger) entered Meade’s tent. After that Jesuit visit, Meade took so much time making arrangements that Lee’s army got away. Meade only captured two guns.

Lincoln’s enemies were all around him. Meade’s loyalty to Rome was greater than his patriotism to his United States. (“Fifty Years in the Church of Rome”, Charles Chiniquy, p. 298)

Chiniquy rode with President Lincoln to visit the 30,000 wounded who were picked up on the battlefields around Richmond, where General Grant was breaking the back of the Southern rebellion.

“Chiniquy,” Lincoln’s face became somber. “This war would never have been possible without the sinister influence of the Jesuits. We owe it to the Pope that we now see our land reddened with the blood of her noblest sons.” (“Fifty Years in the Church of Rome”, C. Chiniquy, p. 296).

Chiniquy gazed at the fields drowned in blood.

Lincoln nodded his head with sadness. “If the people knew the whole truth, this war would turn into a religious war, and it would become a war of extermination on both sides. The Protestants of both the North and South would surely unite to exterminate the priests and Jesuits.”

The horses galloped in the carriage in which they both sat and they arrived at the White House.

“What do you think of the letter the pope wrote to Jeff Davis,” Lincoln said to Chiniquy, “calling him the illustrious and honorable President of the Confederate States?”

“That letter tells the Roman Catholics that you are a bloodthirsty tyrant. Because you are fighting against a government which the infallible and holy pope recognizes as legitimate, that letter means that you will give an account to God and man for the blood and tears you cause to flow in order to satisfy your ambition.” (“The Vatican-Moscow Alliance”, Avro Manhattan, p. 271, Ralston-Pilot, Inc., 24 Ansdell Terrance, Kensington, London W.8, England)

That letter changed everything. It meant that for Roman Catholics, that for Lincoln to fight the South was to fight the Pope himself, and God and Jesus Christ.

“In the name of God,” Chiniquy said, “Pay more attention to protect your precious life and do not continue to expose yourself as you’ve been doing.”

President Lincoln knew his assassination was near. He read to Chiniquy out of the Bible about Moses, in Deuteronomy 3:22-28 where Moses talks about his near death and about how God forbade Moses to go to the Promised Land. “The more I read those verses, it seems to me that God has written them to me as well as to Moses.” Lincoln bowed his head in prayer. “Has he not taken me from my poor log cabin by the hand, as he did Moses in the reeds of the Nile, to put me at the head of the greatest and most blessed of modern nations. Just as he put that prophet at the head of the most blessed nation of ancient times? Has not God granted me a privilege which was not granted to any living man when I broke the chains of four million men and made them free? Now I see the end of this terrible conflict with the same joy of Moses, when at the end of his trying forty years in the wilderness. And I pray my God to grant me to see the days of peace, and untold prosperity which will follow this cruel war, as Moses asked God to see the other side of Jordan and enter the Promised Land. But do you know that I hear in my soul, God’s voice giving me the rebuke given to Moses? It is a solemn voice which tells me I will see those things only from a long distance, and that I will be among the dead. But just as the Lord heard no murmur from Moses’ lips, when He told him that he had to die before crossing the Jordan, for the sins of his people. . .so I hope and pray that he will hear no murmur from me when I fall for my nation’s sake.”

Chiniquy broke into tears, and prayed with him.

At the Ford Theatre on Good Friday, April 14, 1865 at 10 p.m., Lincoln was talking to his wife about his future plans. He wanted to see the Holy Land and those places hallowed by the footsteps of the Savior. “There is no city, I want to see as much as Jerusalem,” he said.

With the words half spoken on his tongue, the bullet of his assassin entered his brain, and the soul of this great and good President was carried by the angels to the New Jerusalem above. (“Abraham Lincoln, The Christian” Johnstone, Abingdon Press, N.Y. 1913, p. 182)

The killer, John Wilkes Booth, jumped to the stage below. His spur caught in the flag and he broke his leg. He shouted to a stunned audience, holding a dagger in his hand, “Sic Semper Tyrannis” which means, “Thus always to tyrants,” and he escaped.

Pope Pius IX and his Jesuits found Roman Catholics willing to kill the President. Headquarters for this operation was the house of Mrs. Mary Surratt, in Washington, D.C. Priests were in the Surrat home day and night.

John Wilkes Booth rode to Dr. Mudd’s home to have his broken leg set. He was killed in a shoot-out April 26th, around his neck was a medal of the Virgin Mary. In his diary were these words: “I can never repent; God made me the instrument of his (Lincoln’s) punishment.”  (p. 310, 50 Years in Rome).

Mary Surrat was one of the most devout Roman Catholic women in Washington, D.C. The day after Lincoln’s death, her daughter said, “His death was no more than the death of any nigger in the army.”

Lewis Payne stabbed Secretary of State Seward. Davey Herold was to assassinate Vice President Johnson (Johnson survived). George Atzerodt helped Booth to escape. Dr. Samuel A. Mudd was part of the conspiracy.

The trial was held. The high officials in the U.S. government were frightened. The Roman Catholic issue had to be avoided at all costs. The trial was a bomb, the Roman Catholic issue was played down. Eight were found guilty and four hung for their part in the crime: Mrs. Surrat, Lewis Payne, Davey Herold and George Atzerodt. The others were given prison sentences.

The poor slaves of Rome paid, while the Jesuits got off scot-free. General Baker said all of the conspirators attended Catholic Church services and were educated in Catholic schools. At the execution, the Jesuits asked three of their converts to conceal that they were really Roman Catholics (for the good of the Church) and be attended by Protestant ministers, to create the impression that the conspirators were Protestants.

John Surratt, with the help of priests and bishops of Rome, got out of the U.S. and ended up in the pope’s personal bodyguards called the Zouaves. He was discovered, and the U.S. demanded his return from Rome. He was brought back for trial. Rome saw to it that three of the people in his jury were Roman Catholics. They blocked the guilty verdict of the others and John Surrat had to be released. The Vatican and Jesuits won again.

Dr. Rivera, ex-Jesuit priest, was given the following information when he was under oath:

“After Lincoln’s assassination, the Vatican ordered Catholic writers to immediately write Lincoln’s biography and destroy his reputation, and his Christian testimony. Protestant authors influenced by the Vatican made the same attack. Some of their claims were that Lincoln was supposed to be agnostic, a Mason, into séances, a free thinker, an atheist, etc. They were successful! Even today, some public schools, and Catholic teachers are turning black students against Lincoln, calling him a phony. Rome never gives up.”

Chiniquy eventually found Jesus Christ as his Savior and left the Catholic Church. He told the people of his congregation how he found Christ and they all wept and accepted Christ how the Bible taught and not how the Catholic Church taught. Chiniquy was used of God to win thousands of Roman Catholics to Christ in the U.S., Canada and Australia. The plot of Rome to win Illinois and the Mississippi Valley for the Vatican backfired. Revival broke out and that area became alive to the Gospel, and the Bible Belt was formed. His church at St. Anne joined the Bible believing Presbyterians at a time when the Presbyterian Church was totally sold out to Christ. Chiniquy was Rome’s enemy until he died. He suffered attacks, lawsuits, and court appearances while he led his beloved Roman Catholics to Christ. God used Chiniquy in a mighty way.

Dr. Alberto Rivera, ex-Jesuit priest said, “Rome still controls governments of the world through her Jesuits and her intrigues. The U.S. is still her target and she still participates in assassinating world leaders who don’t go along with her.”

The only thing that has changed is that the great books, exposing Rome have disappeared. The Protestants have been lulled into bowing down to the Pope of Rome, even in the pulpits.

The Jesuits are so certain that their history has been covered up that they had the audacity to murder Hillary Clinton (summer 2016), and have replaced her with a Jesuit clone and used the clone to pick a Jesuit for her Vice President, Tim Kaine. Gail Chord Schuler has written this book, to resurrect some of this important history at a time, when the fate of the world may depend on who wins the U.S. Presidency in 2016.


  1. Boehmer, as cited before, pp. 204-205, wrote:

“The Jesuits never tried to develop in their ‘red’ children, the inventive faculties, the need for activity, the feeling of responsibility. Instead they invented games and recreations for their Christians, they thought for them instead of encouraging them to think for themselves. Those under Jesuit control were mechanically broken in, but not truly educated.”

How could Jesuits teach people to think for themselves, when they, themselves, were absolutely forbidden to do so?

Jesuit education of Paraguay’s natives followed the same principles that fanatical Jesuits have used everywhere. Mr. Boehmer quoting Jesuit R. P. Rouquette stated that Jesuits encouraged a renouncement of all personal judgment, no initiative and a blind submission to superiors.

In the twenty-first century, Jesuits rely on their almost complete control over the media to cultivate these same submissive qualities, hoping to turn the public into brain-controlled automatons with no true will or autonomy, who will carry out the will of the Jesuits (like Jesuit Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential race). In fact, it has gotten so bad in the twenty-first century, that almost anybody not on Seroquel (a medication designed by Jesus to combat brain control and Jesuit yeast infections), will become a Jesuit brain-controlled automaton whose actions and motives only serve Jesuit interests.

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