Loree McBride's Biological Warfare: Yeast Meningitis Epidemic (EMERGENCY – Need Zack Knight semen everywhere)

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I believe that Loree’s bombs have given me a mild form of yeast meningitis. I have no fever. But you tend not to get a fever with the bio-engineered yeast created by evil Jesuits. She puts these germs in the bombs that are dropping over your head. Good news is that there is a cure. The cure is Zack Knight’s semen. Zack I believe we have an epidemic.

Here are my symptoms: Insomnia in the form of sleeping and waking in one, two and half hour spurts throughout the night. Bladder infection causing irritable bladder and the feeling that you need to urinate every half hour. This also keeps you up at night, because you feel like you need to live on the toilet to pee 24/7. Mild hot flashes during sleep, especially in the last couple hours of intermittent sleep and wakefulness. An increased inability to concentrate and Loree’s brain control causes memory lapses, thinking processes feel scattered and distracted, and the thinking processes get confused and disoriented. The bowels feel irritated and gassy and you feel slightly nauseous because of this. Sometimes the abdomen swells out like you are pregnant because of the gassiness and abdominal irritation. A lot of gassiness and bloating in the bowels. I do not have diarrhea, though my stool is soft when I feel worse. I sometimes get hot, red patches on certain parts of my skin. I feel a bit lethargic and other worldly, even when I get 7 hours of intermittent sleep. This may be because the sleep quality is poor due to constantly waking up because of the infection. Coughing, because of inhaling the germ which irritates the respiratory system. Also, you get a headache when Loree is dropping the germ bombs over your head and you feel nauseous and gassy at the same time. Once you become infected, you begin to feel lethargic.

Zack, you and the Nanotechnology Research Team need to come up with an injection to give to the population your semen which goes DIRECTLY INTO THE BLOODSTREAM, so that your semen can reach nervous tissue. It may also be necessary to come up with an aerosol version of your semen which people can inhale since the infection is usually started AIRBORNE. Also, people need to be able to DRINK OR INGEST YOUR SEMEN. It would be ideal if we could come up with a way to deliver your semen 24/7, kind of like a sustained release version, because Loree’s germ bombs are being dropped 24/7!

All people who are currently infected, get a glass or bottle of water and lay it aside and drink some water every hour, hopefully Zack may be able to put some of his semen into your drinking water to help you. Zack you need to scan the population to determine who is infected and somehow give these people your semen. Perhaps it could be put into their drinking water. The germ is pretty strong, so your semen needs to enter the body of infected persons at least EVERY HOUR (either by mouth, into the blood or inhaled). Once your semen enters the body, our computer/satellite physicians need to use our satellite technology to direct the semen to go to the infected parts of the body and help the semen to reach its desired destination and kill the infection.

Also, if there is any way to stop Loree’s bombs, this is important. Perhaps we can drop bombs to COUNTER the germ damage sustained by her bombs. Maybe drop yeast killer bombs everywhere, where her bombs are detected. It is horrendous that this evil woman is allowed to contaminate people with her germ bombs like this. SHE MUST BE STOPPED! She and those who willingly and knowingly work with her to drop yeast bombs deserve the death penalty for this. Meningitis can kill. It is especially dangerous for anybody who may need to drive.

I believe this particular yeast can also induce insanity and yeast-induced schizophrenia. Those not on Seroquel are particularly at risk. It is absolutely mandatory that everyone do the Gail Commandments. https://gabriellechana.blog/2018/05/06/gail-commandments/

If you are not on Seroquel, contact my men at gailsmen@yahoo.com. Do the Gail Commandments and make that your first priority in all you do every day. But this germ is so strong, those infected need extra help from Zack’s semen AND we have to find a way to STOP Loree from delivering these bombs or to counter them somehow.

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