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July 6, 2018 updates are in RED.

15.0 These laws are in our marriage laws document because narcissists cause great harm to the institution of marriage and the family in society. First we must differentiate between those with narcissistic personality disorder and those who are predators (as defined by Joe Navarro). All Loree McBride Jesuits who have narcissistic personality disorder AND WHO ARE NOT PURE PREDATORS are required to get mental health treatment. A Loree McBride Jesuit who has narcissistic personality disorder and who is not a pure predator will be called a NARCISSISTIC Loree McBride Jesuit. Those who are more like a predator (as defined by Joe Navarro, see link in this paragraph), will be called a PREDATOR Loree McBride Jesuit. Those NARCISSISTIC Loree McBride Jesuits who refuse to cooperate with mental health treatment will be immediately executed. All PREDATOR Loree McBride Jesuits must be executed at once. Our scanners can do mind reads to determine the difference between a PREDATOR and a NARCISSIST. All Loree McBride Jesuits will be classified as either a PREDATOR, NARCISSIST or one with NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER and treated according to the classification given them.

15.1 From personal experience, we have learned that some of those with narcissist tendencies can be redeemed. An example of this is Zack Knight, who was a narcissist, but did not have a serious case of narcissistic personality disorder. It is more difficult to redeem someone who has full blown narcissistic personality disorder (, but it can happen. Predators, on the other hand, usually are hopeless, at least in this life, and need to be executed for public safety. A Loree McBride Jesuit is defined as any person who willingly and knowingly supports the goals of Loree McBride, who is the leader of a band of rogue Jesuits who have rebelled against their former leader Zack Knight and whose goal is to serve Satan and undermine true love in the world.

15.2 Those NARCISSISTIC Loree McBride Jesuits who are required to get treatment, will be apprehended by law enforcement and taken to mental health facilities where they will be confined and forced into treatment for their narcissistic personality disorder. Because of the potential for harm from these patients, they must all be kept in solitary confinement and their treatment will be mostly psychotherapy. For the safety of the therapists, the psychotherapy will be conducted online and not person to person. We must be allowed to do brain and emotion reads on the patient to determine if we are making progress or the patient loses their right to stay alive. If, after treatment, it is determined, that the patient still poses a danger to life and health of innocent persons and that they are more like a predator than a pure narcissist, they will either be executed or placed in solitary confinement for life. The decision to execute or place them in solitary confinement will be dictated by the amount of threat they are to life and health of innocents and if they are pure predators in their hearts, it may be best to execute them to save money in the mental health facilities and to do justice. If it is difficult to decide whether to execute a Loree McBride Jesuit or to place them in solitary confinement for life, Gerard Butler, psychiatrist at Church of Gail, will make the final decision. Gerard will also coordinate and lead the group of psychotherapists who treat NARCISSISTIC Loree McBride Jesuits and will write out the treatment plans for these patients. He is allowed to get help from other therapists in this duty. He is probably best qualified to determine the difference between NARCISSISTIC or PREDATOR Loree McBride Jesuits and will have the final say on which Loree McBride Jesuits must be executed. In the event that Gerard is incapacitated or unavailable for this job, the men on Gail Chord Schuler’s marriage list will chose another mental health provider to coordinate the treatment for NARCISSISTIC Loree McBride Jesuits in treatment for their narcissistic personality disorder.

15.3 If the treatment is successful and those Loree McBride Jesuits with narcissistic personality disorder are cured of their dangerous narcissistic tendencies, they will be allowed back into society and the damages they incurred may be forgiven, depending on their level of cooperation with us as we deal with evil Loree McBride Jesuits still on the loose. Those who have been forgiven, but who take advantage of our generosity to forgive them and who turn again to predatory behavior will be executed or flung out to Satan’s ocean using a mini-Seroquakke without any more chances to escape the death penalty.

15.4 Any willing and knowing attempt or action to misdiagnose or offer treatment for a Loree McBride Jesuit in order to promote anarchy, injustice, or the goals of evil Loree McBride Jesuits who are predators at heart, will bring the death penalty as a Loree McBride Jesuit to that violator.

15.4a Due to the fact that Loree McBride has a band of criminal mental health practitioners who support her goal to infect the entire earth with her narcissistic abuse, we must write new law designed to make it clear who these criminal mental health practitioners are and to take away their license to practice any form of mental health therapy. First, it is mandatory that a correct diagnosis be made of those who are mentally ill. To help in this, Gerard Butler M.D. who has had extensive practice in dealing with all the major mental illnesses of today will review the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) to ensure that all mental disorders are listed, including new ones like yeast-induced schizophrenia, yeast-induced meningitis with depression, or insomnia, or so forth. He may also need to refine further some definitions for already existing disorders to make them more accurate and up-to-date. He is allowed to get help in this effort. Due to the fact that diagnosis is often very subjective for mental disorders with no verifiable clinical evidence used except keen observation of patterns of behavior, we need to make mental health diagnosis more objective. For this reason, it will be mandatory that no mental health diagnosis can be made without the use of mind/emotion computer reads or scans of the brain as part of the diagnosis.

15.4b Gerard Butler will work with other psychiatrists and clinical psychologists and mental health practitioners to come up with new criteria using MIND/EMOTION reads as evidence of which mental disorder a patient may be suffering from. This is an excellent way to separate fact from fiction. For instance, based on observation alone, we may deduce that a person has schizophrenia because they are hearing voices to their mind (which may actually be brain-to-brain communications via satellite). In this case they are hearing actual voices or thoughts from another person using 21st century communication via satellite signals to the brain. Hearing voices of this sort is NOT schizophrenia, it is a form of communication brain-to-brain. A scan over the patient 24/7 using computer/satellite technology can determine if the voices are the result of a true communication from person to person (brain-to-brain) or a voice that just pops up in the brain as a result of schizophrenia. Also, a scan can determine the identity of each person, separating authentic persons from their clone counterparts.

15.4c For example, the Donald Trump clone does have narcissistic personality disorder, whereas the REAL Donald Trump does not. The same could be said for actress Marina Sirtis, who, like the real Brent Spiner, suffers from an evil narcissistic clone who impersonates him/her online. So the first thing the scan will do is DETERMINE THE TRUE IDENTITY OF THE PERSON SCANNED. Let’s say Marina shows up for therapy because she suffers from depression. She undergoes psychotherapy and feels better. The next day the Marina Sirtis clone commits suicide. We immediately scan for the real Marina Sirtis and determine she is okay, that it was her clone who just killed themselves. You see why it’s necessary to have the true identity determined by the scan? It is, therefore, mandatory that for each diagnosis, the true identity of the person is established and each person will be scanned and given a name before each office visit or session like authentic Marina Sirtis, Marina Sirtis clone #2, etc.

15.4d Because clinicians get a history on their patients, this can get tricky. When a person dies and is replaced with a clone, the memories of the dead person are often transferred to their clone. To make matters more complicated, sometimes only a partial memory transfer occurs. Therefore, the second thing that must be established with each session is which memories the patient has and if they have changed since the last session or recently. This will also be determined by a scan. Sometimes memories can be removed, so if there is a change in memories from one session to the next, this must be noted and taken into consideration for treatment.

15.4e So before each session a scan must be run to 1) determine identity (clone, authentic person, or other counterpart), 2) determine which memories the patient has. Next, during the session, a scan must be run that scans the emotions and thoughts of the patient while they are in the session, this will greatly help in diagnosis and in treatment. When the session is finished and the clinician writes up his/her report, it must provide evidence from the computer/mind/emotion scan of the patient’s identity, their memories and their emotions/thoughts during treatment and the diagnosis and treatment plan MUST BE BASED ON THE EVIDENCE IN THE SCAN AND HOW IT AGREES/DISAGREES WITH THE DSM. If the evidence does not correlate with any diagnosis in the DSM, yet the patient is distressed or appears to suffer a mental/emotional disorder, the clinicians may need to meet with Gerard to add another disorder to the DSM, or perhaps determine if it is a physical illness masquerading as a mental illness.

15.4f Finally, at the time the clinician writes up his/her diagnosis or treatment plan, he must swear under death penalty under a scan of his/her own mind and emotions, that to the best of his/her ability he/she has given the most accurate diagnosis and come up with the most effective treatment plan for the patient’s disorder and that he/she is in no way trying to support terrorist Loree McBride or any evil conspiracy in their goal to spread mental illness and tyranny to the world. Also, to ensure that the clinician’s own possible mental illness is not influencing his interpretation of the data he/she receives, as he/she is making this statement, his/her own mind/emotions will be scanned for mental illness. Each scanner will be programmed to be alerted if the clinician himself/herself suffers from a mental disorder, and if so, an alarm bell will go off at our military headquarters that this particular clinician needs to have their license revoked and to undergo treatment for their illness.

15.4g Finally, AFTER the clinician has rendered his diagnosis and treatment plan and made his/her sworn statement that he/she has rendered the most accurate diagnosis and treatment according to their judgment after viewing the scans, the scanner itself will render its own diagnosis and treatment plan based on the readings it received from the mind/emotion reads during the session. If its diagnosis differs from the diagnosis rendered by the clinician, an alarm bell will go off at our military headquarters, that a re-evaluation needs to be made of the clinician’s diagnosis and another clinician must get involved to determine why the clinician’s diagnosis differs from the computer’s diagnosis. If it was an honest mistake and the clinician erred, the board of psychiatrists/psychologists at military headquarters have to determine if the clinician needs more training or other means to improve their ability to diagnose correctly. We will not move into this stage until it is first determined that the clinician themselves do not suffer from mental illness that would cause them to render an inaccurate diagnosis.

15.4h If it is determined that the clinician’s diagnosis was better than the computer’s, the computer must be analyzed for malware, viruses, etc. to determine why the computer erred. By pitting the computer against the clinician during clinician/patient sessions and getting both involved in these sessions, we hope to ensure that patients receive the most accurate diagnosis and the best treatment plan. The programmers who program the computers that render diagnoses and treatment plans must themselves have a good working knowledge of psychiatry and clinical psychology. These programmers must continually update the DIAGNOSTIC COMPUTERS (these are the computers that scan each patient and determine diagnoses and treatment plans) to ensure they are up-to-date and accurate and that these computers differentiate between clones and authentic persons and assess the memory state of each patient as well as the mental health of the clinician overseeing each session.

15.4i Finally, no action can be taken by any party without having the clinicians involved scanned for honesty, mental health fitness, motives during and after each session or evaluation. All clinicians need to be continually checking each other and the computer systems they work with to ensure accuracy in diagnosis, treatment and oversight of the clinicians involved in diagnosis and treatment. Any willing and knowing action or inaction that causes patients to be misdiagnosed or causes patients to undergo treatment plans not appropriate for their diagnosis with the intent to assist any conspiracy or evil person who desires to further mental illness or harm to innocents in the universe will bring the death penalty as an evil Jesuit to that violator.

15.4j The PROGRAMMER CORPS of Conspiracy Law honoring nations will regularly conduct audits of the DIAGNOSTIC COMPUTER systems involved in this Sect. 15.4 to ensure they comply with Conspiracy Law and ensure the maximum health of all involved. To willingly and knowingly allow any clinician to maintain their license to practice any form of mental health therapy who does not comply with this Sect. 15.4, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit conspirator to that violator. All mental health clinicians must use the DIAGNOSTIC COMPUTER system as described in this Sect. 15.4 to render diagnoses and treatment plans for their patients. This is the only way to ensure that we are going forward in mental health for the world and that mental health is not being sabotaged by criminals who have sordid goals for the world.

15.4k Finally, all mental health clinicians MUST use the methods described in this Sect. 15.4 to render their diagnoses and treatment plans. Those who willingly and knowingly fail to do so are guilty of malpractice and must lose their license to practice their mental health therapies in Conspiracy Law honoring nations. We have a mental health crisis in the world today and serious measures must be taken to overcome it.

15.4l Those countries who allow mental health clinicians to practice mental health treatment in their country that is in violation of this Sect. 15.4 will be considered terrorist nations under Conspiracy Law and treated as terrorist nations under Conspiracy Law. No licenses to practice mental health treatment granted by any terrorist country (as defined by this Section) will be honored in Conspiracy Law honoring nations and courts. This means that no court of law in any Conspiracy Law honoring nation will recognize any legal decisions made on the basis of an unlicensed mental health practitioner’s opinion, diagnosis or judgment. An unlicensed mental health practitioner is any mental health practitioner who does not honor this Sect. 15.4 in their practice of mental health therapy.

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