My Narcissist Mother to a TEE

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Jesus told me to cut off my communications with my mother. He told me she was off her path and had turned into an abuser. So he let a dog bite me to show me that my mother was bad for my mental health and he wanted me to separate from her. When I tried to help her after my step-dad died, she was like the dog that bit me. It doesn’t help that her golden child, my narcissist (possibly even psychopath) sister, is making her worse. I didn’t quite understand it all until I heard this video.

I told her I would not deal with her until she apologized for submitting my evil sister Sandra Metcalf’s lying statement about me to a judge that caused me to be taken against my will to a psych ward in 2012. I also told her I would not be dealing with my sister, either. That an apology is in order from both my mother and sister. But both refuse to apologize.

So Jesus says NO CONTACT. Jesus said that because I am financially independent, I do not need to be under her abuse. He said she was poisoning me. Jesus, apparently, does not want his children to remain in abusive relationships.

My ex-husband was a narcissist, too. And Jesus told me if I did not divorce him in 2001, when I did, that I would be dead in a couple years if I remained in the marriage.

But the REAL Brent Spiner is awesome. He is not a narcissist at all. He has helped me heal from my co-dependent mindset that I developed from my time growing up with my mother and my time with my ex-husband. Jesus told me that the real Brent is my soulmate and an awesome man.

As someone said underneath this video: “Criticizing your parents, especially mothers, is some kind of general taboo, although it is the living hell for so many of us. But somehow I do recognize people who suffered this drama. We are serving, pleasing, sensitive towards others and we feel worthless about ourselves.”


Jesus did tell me that my mother is going to heaven, so, apparently, she may get right or perhaps when she said the sinner’s prayer she was right. Jesus will not comment about my sister. He just pleads the fifth. But, for now, I need to have NO CONTACT with my mother. It is not safe to be with her now, because she is dealing with my sister, who, I think, may very well be a psychopath. My sister’s narcissism is so intense, she is consumed with jealousy against me and in her jealous rage (because I have a list of famous men who love me and want to marry me), she has been BFF with psychopath Loree McBride since 2012. I shudder to think what my sister might do, if I gave her the opportunity. I am NO CONTACT with both my mother and sister at this time.

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