Aug. 12, 2011: Removed Jesuit Website

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This is a link to a page from the removed Jesuit website:

I covet the prayers of all Bible believing Christians for myself and the men on my marriage list: Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, among others. Order my books Brent Spiner’s Flames & Bible for Tribulation Saints for the latest online communications between myself and Brent Spiner (Vladimir Putin) to get intelligent information about how to pray for us. God is the One who must win this war. Thanks, in advance, for your prayers. Gail Chord Schuler

Check out the new Jesuit website Jesuits have changed the content on their website to cover their butts, but what you hear on this video is what was on the site BEFORE THEY CHANGED IT AND BEFORE THEY REMOVED IT FROM THE WEB. This YouTube video discusses Catherine the Great. Jesuits claim that they murdered Catherine the Great as one of their targets. However, our intelligence has discovered that this is a lie that Jesuits created to make themselves appear omnipotent and invincible, so that they won’t lose followers. UPDATE: Jesus informed us in 2012 that the Jesuits did indeed murder Catherine the Great as they claimed. Blades came up out of the toilet into her butt, which released a clot that went to her brain and gave her a stroke.

Jesuits are losing followers, since a defecting Jesuit exposed this website Crazy Gail to me. Here is a link to what they said about Catherine the Great:

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