Aug. 10, 2011: Jesuit Loree McBride's Sept. 1992 Rape of Brent Spiner (Part Two)

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In this video I discuss Loree McBride’s rape of Brent Spiner.

(8-10-11) From Gerard Butler:

My dearest lassie,

I told Brent not to fret and he said after getting emails from you with reassuring words, he feels better. Sorry if I didn’t include vital details in my last email. I can’t always remember to include everything, especially with such surprising information.

The incident was in Sept. 1992. He can’t remember the exact date as it was long ago, but it was around that time. I have councelled him a bit and he doing better already. He accepts that you don’t judge him harshly, which is good progress.

We can’t decipher what drug was used, as drug testing wouldn’t work this time, and Brent doesn’t know because he thinks his food or drink must have be laced.

He said the drugs put him in a very relaxed state, and even though he was not completely out of it, he felt he didn’t have very much control of his surroundings.

I can’t write much more as Brent is with me now. He’s having a nap because our last therapy session was pretty intense, but he may wake up soon and I feel he needs all of my attention right now.

Hope you’re doing alright, lassie. Trust me, we’ll nail this bitch in court.

Yours Truly,

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