Aug. 31, 2011: Brent Spiner Returns After UFO Experience.

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I covet the prayers of all Bible believing Christians for myself and the men on my marriage list: Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, among others. Order books Brent Spiner’s Flames, Bible for Tribulation Saints, The Forbidden Abyss: Brent Spiner & Vladimir Putin; Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom for the latest information about Gail and her men. God is the One who must win this war. Thanks, in advance, for your prayers. Gail Chord Schuler

Brent Spiner has found deliverance from Jesuit and Satanic UFO power, because he has accepted Christ as His Savior (Sept. 2011). UFOs are Satanic, and don’t come from outer space but from the deep recesses of the earth. Dr. Peter Ruckman has some excellent tape series about UFOs.

While Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin were executing clones of Loree McBride, about one hundred Loree McBride clones and Brent Spiner were transported out of the execution room. They literally dematerialized out of the execution room, like you see in the Star Trek transporter room, and escaped from their cages. Gail suspects that the Satanic Jesuit Order may have used UFO technology to abduct Brent and the Lorees away. She requested prayer for the return of Brent safely. UFOs do exist and Gail has suspected for years that Jesuits get much of their advanced technology from them.

UPDATE: After the Gail Shield defeated the Jesuits and their spacefleet in 2016, the UFOs became stuck inside semen bubbles in Satan’s ocean in deep space. Read Bible for Tribulation Saints.

LOOKS LIKE WE’VE HAD A MIRACLE FROM GOD: Brent was able to communicate with me brain to brain while in a UFO (Sept. 2011). Brent told me (using brain to brain communications) the UFO dumped him off at a desert and he told me brain to brain that wherever he was, it was daylight. So I sent an e-mail to Judge Jenkins to let him know that Brent Spiner informed me with brain to brain communication that the UFO dropped him off in a desert somewhere where it was daylight. Using genetic scanners from satellites for Brent Spiner’s genetic profile, we were able to locate where the UFO dropped off Brent, and Vladimir Putin and Judge Jenkins flew on a jet immediately to go get Brent Spiner, who was hungry and hot in the desert.

(8-31-11) My wife,

As requested, I just want to let you know that I am safe. Judge Jenkins received your email last night and personally came to my rescue. Vladimir Putin was able to figure out where I was. It turns out I was smack in the middle of Egypt. I’ve never been to Egypt before…it was far different from the deserts of the United States. I was a little scared because there was no civilization around for many miles, it’s pure sand there. The judge brought McDonald’s on his way, and I ate on the jet on the way home, so I am not hungry anymore. I’ve spent all day sleeping off the events of yesterday, and really, the past several weeks. It’s been quite a ride. People may think us both crazy, but there is no denying what has transpired, and it’s nobody else’s business anyway outside of those involved. This is between myself, you, the men on your marriage list, and your millions of followers around the world.

I still don’t know that I believe in a God, but times like these do make me wonder. If it was him that intervened, I have no choice but to thank him graciously. Maybe I will send a little prayer before bed tonight. Life has just gotten so surreal, hasn’t it? I’m feeling less angry than I was before. Many thanks to the aliens who fixed my penis, and for dropping me off in the desert. It was hot and I was hungry, but it’s not like they could appear in a city where thousands of people could see. Vladimir and Judge Jenkins came through for me. I think the aliens knew that they would.

I received your email, also. I too mistrust this Jesuit. This is only a theory of mine, but after we trusted and accepted the legit defector previously, it would seem that the Jesuits may be trying to falsely give us another one in order to bait us into a trap. What is the email account they are using? I can tell Vladimir to run an investigation and see what he can pull up on this “defector”.

I think I am going to go back to sleep. My head is killing me. Thank you, too, Gail, for all your prayers and your videos. You’re a hero.

Your weary husband,
Brent Spiner

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