Oct. 21, 2011: Gabrielle Chana tells Jesuit killers – To obey God's Word is better than sacrifice

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From my extensive experience in dealing with Jesuits, some amazing Bible verses come to mind. For more about this, go to my website https://gabriellechana.blog, especially my opening page. I have two bachelor’s degrees, one from a Bible college and have read the King James Bible from cover to cover over a hundred times.

E-mail to Brent Spiner (Oct. 2011): I must also address who is allowed to be near me, whether at my apartment or at my workplace or elsewhere, as I feel the Jesuit noose tightening around me and they are becoming bolder and more brazen, and quick and decisive in their attempts to “get me”. As I backed out of my apartment’s parking space this morning, I had a close call, as a Jesuit driver zoomed from out of nowhere behind me, and almost hit me. Also, at work today, the Jesuits flooded the store and came to my register and used confusion tactics and mind-reading technology in a quick and decisive manner to provoke me to say or do things to help them out. They are quite clever in how they approach me, and create no-win scenarios for me at the register. They know my job thoroughly and know how I approach customers and the only solution to stop them from damaging me, is to prevent them from entering the store in the first place.

As a result of what I experienced today, where I felt quite threatened by some of the Jesuits who came to my register, I feel we must implement the followings laws in the town where I live. We will create a shield around this town, so that only born again Christians can pass through this shield and be near me, and we will carry this even further and only allow born again Christians whose brain-reads indicate they have no history of past Jesuit dealings, and who don’t have portions of their memories removed (which indicates a dangerous attempt at cover-up) to pass through the shield that protects me and other SIGNIFICANT PERSONS (such as yourself and the men on my marriage list). This shield will kill ON THE SPOT anyone who tries to pass through it, who does not meet the criteria I specified in the previous paragraph.

My Conspiracy Law defines SIGNIFICANT PERSONS, basically they are persons who are significant to ME, and who are anti-Jesuit and assist me in my war against the Jesuits. These are persons like my son, my mother, yourself, Vladimir Putin, Hugh Jackman, etc.

Though we have scanning technology at my apartment and my workplace, Jesuits thwart this by sending in “innocent” people near me, and then switching that innocent person out with their evil clone when that person gets near me, so that I am confronted with an evil Jesuit who stares at me with their evil eyes. It’s quite unnerving. It’s like looking into the eyes of Satan himself. You should see some of the stares I get, and how they say or do things to provoke me, in order to try to get me in trouble. With some of these Jesuits, I felt that if I made a wrong move or said the wrong thing, my life would be threatened. They look really vicious and are unreasonable, unfair and dangerously and quickly manipulative, and do it so quick I don’t have time to think, to come up with an appropriate response. Often, while they confront me, I sense my brain cell conversations are also being manipulated at the same time, to discredit me and make me appear something other than what I am, so that I make “mistakes” that help out the Jesuits while their agent is dealing with me.

That’s why I feel it necessary to become very strict about who is allowed in my town. Even though we program the scanners to destroy the terrorist when they are near me, if the destruction happens within feet of me, it draws too much attention to me, which we don’t want. So we must stop these people from getting near me in the first place, so I have proposed a city-wide shield that only allows “safe” born again Christians to get near me, or live or abide or visit the town where I live.

This is extreme, but Jesuits leave us no choice.

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