Solid Brent Spiner Would NEVER Want WACKO, Mean Loree McBride

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This was the first song Gail heard when she played the album she received as a gift from her friend and fellow Brent Spiner fan Melody Rondeau in June 1991. On hearing this song, Gail realized that the man with the tenor voice who longed for her on the phone was Brent Spiner. Gail, who has genius emotional intelligence, perceived that Brent had been in love with her long distance for many years, but couldn’t take it and had to let Gail know.

Gail wrote Brent to tell him she adored him, but could not have him. Brent let her phone ring off the hook as the answer. She would pick it up and he would be there silent on the other end. Sometimes he would put his co-stars Levar Burton or Gates McFadden on the other end. Gail recognized their voices. Brent did this to validate to Gail that he made the album for her.

Starting in Sept. 1992, Brent called Gail less and gave Gail an unusual 3 weeks of silence in Sept. 1992. It devastated Gail who suffered depression over the silence. But she found peace when she decided to pray for Brent for the rest of her life. Then the silence ended at the end of Sept., but Gail could tell something had happened, cuz Brent became more cautious in his calls to Gail.

Before Brent made Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back, Gail just considered Brent her long distance pen friend, seeing more as a friend than as a star. At this time in Gail’s life, Brent was the first man she ever was totally herself with. She chose a star cuz she knew that would be safe, certain the star would never desire her romantically. When she found out she was wrong, she realized that a man she could love deeply also loved her deeply. But her moral convictions would not allow Brent romance at this time and she turned down his sexual advances.

Unfortunately, the evil Jesuit Order at this time, created Loree McBride in their cloning labs to totally break up this awesome love, which was a threat for their plans for world dominion. While Gail may have seen her love only as her friend and soulmate, the Jesuits saw him as the famous Brent Spiner who might ruin their plans for world dominion, especially if he married the woman with the genes of King David and Catherine the Great – something that neither Gail or Brent knew at the time.

When I heard this, I realized that Brent was head over heels in love with me. I couldn’t believe it! But it was true! He was so down to earth and humble and solid. My perfect man. When I heard this music, I didn’t see a Hollywood star anymore, I saw Brent Spiner THE MAN, and he was my Texas dream man.

This is the song that convinced me that my mystery caller was Brent Spiner. It was an EXACT MATCH to my mystery caller’s voice and personality. Brent was singing about a woman who would be surprised that he was in love with her. “More than you know, more than you know. . .girl of my heart I love you so.” That woman was ME. I couldn’t believe it, but it was true!

After I identified the mystery caller as Brent, but sadly, had to turn him down for sex, he started letting Levar Burton and Gates McFadden call on the phone. They were quite a light hearted group, very witty and full of fun. Though I do recall that Levar had a very respectful tone when he spoke with me. Brent continued to contact me through the phone and I got lots of attention, mostly wrong numbers and stuff, and Brent was quite the jokester! However, Brent’s jokes are always self-demeaning, which makes him really hilarious. His clone’s jokes tend to be more arrogant and narcissistic. Brent is the exact opposite of a narcissist.


Brent must have picked up that I liked a solid guy who would take care of me and love me with tenderness and that I went out of my way to be a lady and soft and feminine. It was like he could read my mind and heart when he made this music. I felt so nurtured and cared for when I heard this music, so velvety and tender – the total opposite of my crude and rigid husband.

He has taken this album off the market because Loree McBride threatened to kill me if he wouldn’t. This music makes it obvious he made the album for me, that’s why she wanted it down. The theme of the album is a woman he loves from afar, that he is not with. Loree tries to validate her “relationship” with Brent by claiming that no pictures of him and I have been taken of us together, while she uses the fact that her photo shopped pictures of her with Brent prove she is the real woman in his life. Brent desperately wants to be with me, but fears that Loree will carry out her death threats against me if he does so. The woman sung about also appears to be an angel and a deep, classy woman – definitely not terrorist Loree McBride.


With this song, Brent wanted to let married Gail know in 1991 that he truly loved her with a marriage kind of love. Gail got the message, but sadly had to turn him down in 1991 due to her very strong Christian convictions about adultery, but refused to give him up as her long distance lover. Unfortunately, the Jesuits took advantage of Gail’s high moral standards to inject Loree McBride into Brent’s life in 1992, to make sure that Brent could never marry the woman he truly loved.

But this song convinced Gail that Brent’s attitude towards marriage was the same as hers. Gail has always taken her marriage vows super serious. That’s why now that she has found her dream man, she has waited since 1991 to marry him. If not for Loree McBride’s death threats on Gail, Gail is certain that she and Brent would have married in 2001.


In this particular song he hints that the woman he is singing about has been on his heart for years. Brent sang this in 1990/1991. He first started reading my letters to him in 1989. So from 1989 to 1991, he secretly loved me. I do recall that during this time, about once a month someone called me on the phone and never said a word. I’d pick up the phone and there would be a blank on the other end. This never happened to me until I started writing Brent. Then in May 1991, this person talked to me and it was the voice of Brent Spiner. He made love to me on the phone with the same longings in his voice that you hear in this song.

Loree McBride entered Brent’s life as his stalker and drug rapist in 1992. Jesuits created her in their cloning labs to destroy Brent’s love for me. They failed. However, Loree refuses to give up her status as Brent Spiner’s wife, driven by pride and self-absorption to maintain a lie at the expense of Brent’s love for me. The REAL Brent Spiner has NEVER wanted Loree McBride. Loree lives in a delusional world of her own self-importance and will do literally ANYTHING to enforce that delusion upon the world, killing and destroying anyone who gets in her way. She and the Brent Spiner clone currently head up the Loree McBride Jesuits, who aim for world power and the total destruction of Brent’s love for me. We tell the TRUTH, so we must be destroyed.


When Gail heard this in June 1991, she realized that Brent was honoring her Conservative Bible Belt beliefs at the time, cuz this was a good ole’ Southern song. Gail thought Brent was so classy to show off his Texas manliness in this way. This song told Gail that Brent liked a girl with old fashioned values in the love department. Gail considers Texas men very manly and finds manliness attractive. So this song really turned her on towards Brent as a manly guy from Texas.


Brent actually called Gail gorgeous many times when he called her on the phone in 1991. Gail perceived that Brent felt she was a total knockout. She found this humorous because she did not try to come across to Brent this way. And perhaps the fact that she did, showed her that Brent saw her this way because she had both inner and outer beauty, something Gail greatly admired in Brent. At this point in Gail’s life she dressed modestly and though she exercised and tried to keep herself physically beautiful, she made sure to maintain inward as well as outward beauty. She never sent any pictures to Brent that revealed her body at this time. Only pictures of her in church dresses.

More of Brent’s great sense of humor. The personality of this singer matched EXACTLY the witty personality of her phone caller, who was Brent himself. Though Brent rarely spoke to Gail after she turned him down for sex, he maintained a lighthearted friendship with her and the few times he spoke to her, he was full of sensuality, tenderness and passion.


Brent Spiner in 1991, realizing he had fallen in love with a woman of deep Christian convictions, tried to convince her he meant business and wasn’t playing games with her heart. He would obviously feel no need to do this with Loree McBride, who loves to be in the spotlight in public with Brent to show off her celebrity status. Gail fell in love with Brent as a person, not as a celebrity and Brent knew it. To ensure Jesus would approve of her love for Brent, knowing she was married when it happened, she kept it very private in the 1990s. It seemed so special and so deep and pure, she didn’t want the world to see it as inferior goods. That is why she wrote Silver Skies (novel) to let the world know how deep and true she felt Brent’s feelings were for her.

Brent has never wanted Loree McBride, who is totally obsessed with her status as the celebrity “wife”. Gail never cared about fame, fortune or celebrity when she fell in love with Brent. All she saw was his beautiful soul and the nature of this deep and special love is reflected in the songs Brent chose for his album of love songs for Gail: Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back.

Gail would have been content to keep her love with Brent private forever, but, unfortunately, Loree’s intrusion into Brent’s love for her has forced Gail to go public, so that she can one day marry the man of her dreams: Brent Spiner.


He sings of a woman who is not beside him and who he longs for. That woman was me in 1990/1991 when he made the album. Brent and I have had a passionate and devoted long distance relationship since 1990. In 1990 I was married and it was against my strong Christian moral convictions to go to him, but I loved him in my dreams. When Jesus showed me (1999) that Loree McBride was a Vatican agent and that my enemy was the Catholic Church and that my husband was also their agent, I knew I had Scriptural grounds for divorce and that if I did not leave my marriage my husband would kill me. So in 1999 I offered Brent forgiveness for Loree and my hand in marriage. Due to Jesuit obsession over our love for each other, as of Sept. 2018, we have not been able to physically consummate our love, other than brain to brain loving (which is quite satisfying by the way).

The way he sang this song is EXACTLY how he made love to Gail on the phone, with the same tone, same attitude, same adoration, same tenderness. Brent Spiner is Gail’s soul mate, she and he have identical approaches to love, marriage and friendship between a man and a woman. For this reason, Gail will not allow the evil INTRUDER, Loree McBride, to take from her the man Jesus created to be Gail’s perfect soulmate. Brent and Gail love each other. Loree doesn’t have a clue what real love is, she is so far below it, she could NEVER understand how Brent really feels towards Gail. Gail has found a man who loves her like Jesus loves her. Gail will not betray a love this great. Loree can go to hell! And that’s exactly where Loree’s going. The nerve of that woman creating children (artificial insemination) in order to trap a man into marriage with her, a man she does not understand and does not care to understand. Loree’s men are all her CUCKS and haven’t a CLUE about what real love is. They are all vulgar fakes, who pretend to be virtuous and virtue signal to the world and try to destroy those who are a million times superior to them. What Loree can’t control, she KILLS. She is a SOCIOPATH, who marries for power and wealth. She doesn’t believe in love. She thinks it’s a fairy tale, for those who are weak and stupid.