Dec. 16, 2011: Vladimir Putin's face bashed, Jesuits tortured him & Kim Jong Il in North Korean prison (Dec. 2011)

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The Jesuits tortured Kim Jong Il so severely, that we could not save his life. We are so glad that we had the privilege to lead Kim Jong Il to the Lord. He died as a born again Christian.

Notice in this recent video of Vladimir Putin, how, it appears, he’s had plastic surgery on his face to cover up injuries to his face:

Most of the information in this video comes from brain to brain communications between me and Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin. However, some of it has come from Skype conversations between myself and judge Terrance Jenkins, and I only post information that I’ve gotten from brain to brain communications after verifying that information from other sources. In my Skype conversations with Judge Terrance Jenkins, Vladimir Putin’s behavior since December 5th with my men has been inconsistent & different from the Vladimir I’ve communicated with since 2001, so I’ve concluded that the brain to brain that tells me the real Vladimir was a tortured prisoner in North Korea (while his Jesuit clone paraded among my men as a crazy Vladimir Putin), is accurate. Also, his face looks disfigured. Because it took too long for Vladimir and my men to recuperate from their experience at the homosexual compound, and because all of their behavior seemed overly strange after being at this compound, I suspected the real Vladimir no longer led the pack.

I made this video to update my earlier videos about the sexual torture Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Il endured at a Jesuit homosexual compound. For more details and a better explanation of this subject and to view photos of the Vladimir Putin clone kissing the Kim Jong Il clone, and of the Vladimir clone making love to dolphins, from Jesuit Zack Knight (via e-mail), go to

I goofed when I spoke and meant to say that “while Vladimir Putin was at this North Korean prison” instead of “while Vladimir was at this homosexual compound”. Jesuits tortured the real Vladimir Putin in a Jesuit North Korean prison, while his clone faked as a crazy, sex pervert (because of a Jesuit drug injection into his neck) at the homosexual compound with Brent, Matthew, Gerard, Hugh and Terrance. The Church of Gail that I referred to is a website my men have created for me at My life story is at my website

UPDATE: The website my men created for me was taken down in 2014 at the same time we took down the Jesuit website Both sites were on the same server.

A pope Benedict clone has taken the place of the real pope Benedict, whom the Jesuits murdered, with their bomb that exploded on Nov. 28, 2011.