Dec. 7, 2011: 1,000 Jesuits Raped and Tortured Vladimir Putin Clone & My Men

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UPDATE: It was a Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Il clone, and not the real Vladimir and Kim, who were kidnapped and raped at that Jesuit compound. Read my book Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom for all the details. Bubba has come to Gail and Jesus’ side and is no longer evil in the year 2018.

Written Dec. 7, 2011: I received a Skype call from Judge Terrance Jenkins on Dec. 5, 2011, where he described how Jesuits captured my men and tortured them with homosexual sex. Judge Terry Jenkins did NOT know at the time he Skyped me that a Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-il CLONE were the torture victims and that the REAL Vladimir Putin had been captured and tortured by Jesuits in North Korea until we rescued him around December 16, 2011. Read my book Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom for all the details. Greatly outnumbered, my men could not fight back, though Hugh Jackman bit off some private parts to defend himself, which only angered the Jesuit rapists and made them worse. The Jesuit named Bubba, retaliated, and pooped on Hugh Jackman. The Jesuits tied these men to posts, and violated and humiliated them with homosexual sex and injections to direct their brain cell conversations to cause Vladimir and Kim Jong Il to commit acts totallly out of character for Vladimir and King Jong Il. The Jesuits raped and tortured Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Il, Matthew McConaughey, Brent Spiner, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman and judge Terrance Jenkins. It appears the Jesuits did this to get photographic “evidence” to use in a smear campaign to discredit these men, to minimize the exposure Jesuits are getting from my website and my writings and through my YouTube channel. North Korean leader Kim Jong Il just recently, through my testimony, became a born again Christian.

Screenshots of Jesuit websites: