Loree McBride Took Over FOX News, Held FOX News Hostage, Raped Executive

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Loree Antichrist

I’m hearing this brain to brain and it may not be accurate, but I think it’s accurate because brain to brain has been pretty accurate lately, I can tell.

Listen to this playlist to shoot lightning bolts on Loree. I can use my Gail Shield to shoot bolts on Loree and if we do this, we may be able to free Jay Wallace from Loree.

UPDATE: In the middle of Laura Ingraham’s show on FOX,  around 10:30 p.m. EST on Nov. 30, 2018, Gail’s lightning bolts incapacitated Loree and we were able to save the hostages, including Jay Wallace. Loree then blocked FOX’s programming and inserted her version of FOX from her own studio and it overrode the lawful FOX programming. This switch out occurred intermittently in the middle of Shannon Bream’s show, around 11 p.m. The broadcasters in Shannon Bream’s show look like their make up was put together fast and appeared to be Loree McBride Jesuit clones at times. Using clone versions of the Internet, shows are often switched out with Jesuit versions for part or all of a show.

UPDATE (Dec. 1, 2018): Hearing brain to brain that a clone of Pres. George H.W. Bush was working with Loree to extort the news media executives into doing Loree’s bidding. Apparently, the real Pres. George H.W. Bush was murdered by Jesuits about four years ago, when he decided to not be a Jesuit anymore. So he really died at age 90 and it has been an evil clone who has paraded as George H.W. Bush for the past four years. Apparently, when I shot lightning bolts on Loree, Loree grabbed onto George H.W. Bush’s clone and held onto him while the bolts hit her and the bolts killed the Pres. Bush clone that I aimed at Loree. So Loree did murder him, while trying to make it appear that my bolts murdered him, because she held onto him while my bolts hit her. The clone is certainly in hell now, even though Loree murdered him by forcing him to endure the bolts that were meant for her only. Not sure where the real Pres. George H.W. Bush is, who died four years earlier. I mean I don’t know if Pres. George H.W. Bush, who died four years ago, is in heaven. It would depend on the state of his heart at his death. My lightning bolts can hinder Loree, but as the Antichrist, she cannot be killed. This brain to brain about the clone of Pres. George H.W. Bush must be correct because Loree has been lauding him as a hero. She is trying to make a martyr of her agent.

Loree McBride took over FOX News on Saturday, November 30, 2018 in defiance of Gail’s law to make it death penalty to treat Russia as an enemy. She used a clone of Pres. George H.W. Bush to order all FOX News broadcasters to report bad about Russia or Loree would kill Jay Wallace, a FOX news executive in charge of programming at FOX. Gail dared Loree to take out Jay Wallace and encouraged the workers at FOX to defy Loree. If Loree killed Jay Wallace, Gail would report about Loree’s treachery on her website as a Gabrielle Chana FOX News correspondent. Gail has noticed that the coverage of Russia today on FOX has been obsessively negative about Putin and Russia, and the broadcasters seemed very nervous.

The broadcasters and workers at FOX, who are not Loree McBride Jesuits are safe in a Church of Gail city, but Jay Wallace was outside the Church of Gail city on some errand and Loree kidnapped him. She is probably raping and torturing him. Of course, if the broadcasters are extorted into disobeying Conspiracy Law, they are not executed. We make exceptions for those extorted into disobeying Conspiracy Law.

Unfortunately, we are unable to execute Loree because she has Antichrist powers, so that we cannot kill her.

Loree is cold and brutal. She enjoys raping and torturing men, as well as cats. Raping men into submission is her specialty. That’s how she got Brent Spiner to give her public girlfriend status in the 1990s. She also uses death threats a lot. It has worked for her in the past and it, apparently, is working for her now. She threatened to kill me in the 1990s, if Brent would not give her public girlfriend status.