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10.0c1 Empress Gail will remove her declaration that Ukraine is a TERRORIST NATION, if Poroshenko is immediately removed from power. He is a Deep State Loree McBride cuck, and as long as he is in power in Ukraine, Ukraine poses a danger to the peace of the world. Poroshenko does not have the right to declare martial law. He must be immediately removed from power. Anybody who willingly and knowingly gets in the way with this will be considered a Loree McBride Jesuit and must be executed. Poroshenko has an 8% approval rating in Ukraine, which means Ukrainians want him removed. Who are we to deny the will of the Ukrainian people who are stuck with a Loree McBride dictator named Poroshenko, who is destroying their country? No military of any Conspiracy Law honoring nation is allowed to assist the Nazi Jesuit leader Poroshenko in any manner, and any military member that does so will be executed on the spot as a war criminal who assists Loree McBride in war crimes.

10.0c2 Empress Gail overrides Donald Trump and all the U.S. generals in this matter. Those who willingly and knowingly disobey Empress Gail and operate the military of any Conspiracy Law honoring nation in violation of her directives will be executed for treason and war crimes on the spot. Vladimir Putin assists Empress Gail in leading the United States. Russia is not to be treated as an enemy and Ukraine’s sovereignty is to be respected. Ukraine, working with Soros and Loree McBride/Angelina Ballerina, interfered in the U.S. 2016 elections and this must be reported in all U.S. news broadcasts. To fail to report this, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit conspirator to MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS in the United States, with MEDIA ORGANIZATIONS bombed (innocents cleared first) that neglect to report this. If this is not true, then the news media organizations will be spared. But Empress Gail has it from reliable sources, that the American people are not hearing the truth about the real election meddling in 2016, and this must be REPORTED ON. Empress Gail has HAD IT with FAKE NEWS. Loree’s lies must DIE.

10.0c3 We will respect the will of the Ukrainian people by ALLOWING LEGAL ELECTIONS TO TAKE PLACE. Poroshenko must be removed from power now, and the Ukrainian people must feel free to elect somebody else to be their Prime Minister. We invite Ukraine to be a Conspiracy Law honoring nation, and to conduct their election in accordance with Conspiracy Law. We will forcibly remove Poroshenko from power, because he is the equivalent of Adolph Hitler in Ukraine. Anybody who willingly and knowingly gets in our way, must be executed on the spot. Empress Gail appoints Yulia Tymoshenko as the interim Prime Minister in place of Poroshenko. Yulia has agreed to honor Conspiracy Law as Ukraine’s leader.

10.0c4 You may say, but you are interfering in the sovereignty of Ukraine by removing Poroshenko. No, not at all. Because Poroshenko came into power because the West INTERFERED in the 2014 Ukrainian elections! We are FINALLY CORRECTING THIS ERROR, which has resulted in terrible suffering for the Ukrainian people. The West orchestrated this 2014 COUP in Ukraine in violation of International and Conspiracy Law to put a Loree McBride CUCK Poroshenko into power AGAINST THE WILL OF THE UKRAINIAN PEOPLE. Empress Gail is right to oust this criminal, murderous dictator Poroshenko from power. With Yulia in power temporarily, we will conduct an election according to Conspiracy Law. Those in Ukraine, who honor Conspiracy Law, can run against her. If the elections are conducted according to Conspiracy Law, Ukraine will be considered a Conspiracy Law honoring nation and can enjoy the benefits of a Conspiracy Law honoring nation, including enlisting the help of Russia and the United States, who are both Conspiracy Law honoring nations to enforce Ukraine’s borders and help Ukraine be an independent and free nation.

10.0c5 Empress Gail does not like to interfere in the sovereignty of free nations. But we cannot sit back and allow Nazi dictators like Poroshenko to destroy an entire nation because of Deep State interference in Ukraine’s sovereignty in 2014, which has never been corrected. Empress Gail will correct this sin against the Ukrainian people now. Anybody who willingly and knowingly gets in her way, will be executed. May God grant peace and prosperity to the Ukrainian nation!

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