Finding Your Writer's Voice

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Those in red resonate with me and are stories I’d like to tell and would be part of my voice. All writers should ask themselves the following questions and answer them quickly without thinking too hard. Then study your answers and decide what you’d like to write about.

Ten things you believe to be true: Jesus Christ is Lord of the Universe, Brent Spiner would die for me, I have a list of celebrity men who love me and would die for me, clones exist, Loree McBride is the Antichrist, Satan meets with Loree McBride, Brent Spiner has never loved Loree McBride, Love will win in the end, Treachery does not pay, Truth is not popular.

What you’d kill for: To preserve freedom

The biggest lie you’ve ever told: When I told my ex-husband that I had stopped writing Brent Spiner in the 1990s. It was to protect Brent as much as me.

The biggest lie you’ve never told: That Brent Spiner never called me on the phone and made love to me.

What you’re most ashamed of: That I allowed my selfish mother, who was influenced by my criminal sister, to allow me to suffer a lapse of faith in Jesus that caused me to believe that the real Brent Spiner was a clone at one time. My mistake in judgment almost resulted in the real Brent being executed.

Your secret desires: I love it when Brent rapes me strong and hard in brain to brain sex.

What you’re most cynical about: The mainstream news media, which I’d call the lying propaganda machine.

The stories you tell over and over again: How awesome Brent’s love for me is.

The stories your parents/grandparents tell over and over: To be a respectable, functioning member of society.

Your guilty pleasures: Nuts and cheerios and Rice Chex. No moderation here.

Your favorite stories: About loners who persevere and triumph against tremendous odds, and make the world a better place.

Your worse nightmares: Loree McBride and Satan take over planet earth.

What you’re most optimistic about: My future as the wife of Brent Spiner on earth and in the millennium, where Jesus will give Brent and I His semen as a wedding gift.

Your biggest dreams: To write novels that change history.

Ten things you believe to be false: Loree McBride is the wife of Brent Spiner, Loree conceived Jackson Spiner by having sex with Brent, the news media, the Food and Drug Administration, my sister Sandra Metcalf, my mother, my ex-husband who plays like he’s straight when he’s gay, Hillary Clinton, most Democrats in 2018, anybody who follows and support Loree McBride

Ten things you hate: fakes, liars, murderers, tyrants, arrogance, censorship, greed, pride, narcissists behind the social justice movement, hypocrites who accuse others of what they do themselves (like Loree McBride and her insane liberals).

Ten things you love: courage, loyalty to love, idealism that expresses itself in courage against all odds, purity of heart, humility and love, sacrifice to make the world better,  a vast and forgiving heart (Jesus Christ), Brent Spiner, the men on my marriage list, the love of God

What you’re most proud of: that I’ve stayed true in my heart to Brent Spiner since he became my soulmate in 1991 and only strayed when Satan tricked me, which, fortunately, lasted only a couple years (1996 – 1999).