TREASON! Viggo Mortensen's Sex with Loree McBride

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Brent Spiner: 9:18 PM Good evening my love! I know it’s late. We’ve been receiving many suggestions from our followers since your latest video, and have been hard at work putting them to the test.

Gail: 9:19 PM Hello Brent. Have you been able to poop? I was in the middle of my exercise session, listening to a lesson on Biblical Hebrew.

Brent Spiner: 9:20 PM Not yet. However, we may be on to something. We should have some results by the end of the weekend at the latest. I’ll be sure to give you a full report, of course.

Gail: 9:21 PM Oh dear. Are you still in pain? Have they done a colostomy for you guys? Have you been able to help those 10,000 guys who were mad at me? Someone at Twitter said you all finally pooped. That was around 2 p.m. today.

Brent Spiner: 9:23 PM It’s quite painful, but I am soldiering through it. Some have chosen to get temporary colostomies, but they are almost just as dreadful!

Gail: 9:24 PM Have you been able to help those guys who got mad? I’d sure hate to see them die from sepsis over being mentally ill.

Brent Spiner: 9:24 PM They refuse any help. They have been a nightmare!

Gail: 9:24 PM I’m assuming they did not take their Seroquel.

Brent Spiner: 9:25 PM There have been protests recently. Their new motto is “If she yeasts, she’s a thot”. They have been holding up signs and yelling it at the church.

Gail: 9:25 PM That must be a fake Viggo who has been talking to me brain to brain then. This fake Viggo was apologizing to me for being so rude.

Brent Spiner: 9:26 PM I had to look up that word. It’s apparently millennial slang that refers to “THOT”, standing for “That Ho Over There”.

Gail: 9:26 PM Have they stopped their Seroquel? Can you determine that?

Brent Spiner: 9:26 PM Viggo has been the most atrocious, especially toward me. They have most definitely stopped their Seroquel.

Gail: 9:26 PM Are they on Church of Gail? So, it appears they may be victims of Loree’s brain control then, from a yeast infection to the brain. Can’t you Baker Act them?

Brent Spiner: 9:28 PM Most of them escaped in escape pods, and are running rampant on Earth. In addition, they are trying to expand their group. They are trying to recruit our followers and admirers, and get them to “go their own way”. They want the whole world to know that they are “over you”, that they’re not gay, and that they’re not mad that you rejected them, but instead they rejected you.

Gail: 9:29 PM I heard on Twitter that Loree has an underwater city and she and the Brent Spiner clone plan to live there while they nuke the earth above.

Brent Spiner: 9:29 PM They claimed they were never interested, and were simply brainwashed into being attracted to you or wanting to be your husbands.

Gail: 9:29 PM How are they doing physically? I mean in terms of their ability to poop? Do they have poop pooches like Terrance said you guys have? You know where you look like you’re pregnant? I don’t take anything they say personally. I see them as mentally ill. I’m worried about them.

Brent Spiner: 9:31 PM They are getting very poochy. I have offered to help them. They just kept chanting “if she yeasts, she’s a thot” and said they would rather die than have a “femgoid” help them.

Gail: 9:31 PM “Viggo” told me brain to brain that he was so sorry for what he said and I told him I forgave him. I wonder if that was really him and he’s turning schizophrenic or something. I even made some love to him to forgive him!

Brent Spiner: 9:32 PM Well my Hippocratic Oath stands strong. I don’t want to see anyone die. It’s my duty to save lives.

Gail: 9:32 PM I made love to you, too.

Brent Spiner: 9:32 PM Yes, that was wonderful my dear!

Gail: 9:32 PM Did you know that I thought Viggo was participating? Maybe that’s why he’s attacking you. He sees you as competition. I think he’s a bit schizophrenic.

Brent Spiner: 9:33 PM I think Viggo is very manipulative. He has declared himself the head of GMGTOW. I don’t trust him. I believe he wants me dead so that he can take the number one spot.

Gail: 9:33 PM Well, I won’t allow him to make brain to brain to me anymore, until I hear he’s sane. That’s terrible! Can’t you capture him and force him into treatment?

Brent Spiner: 9:34 PM That is what we are trying to do currently. He is hiding on Earth.

Gail: 9:35 PM How did these guys manage to get on the marriage list? Or did they just go crazy recently?

Brent Spiner: 9:35 PM I’ve been working around the clock in the lab myself. I keep having to remind myself to stop and do the Gail Commandments.

Gail: 9:36 PM Yes, be sure and do the Gail Commandments. Have the top ten guys on my marriage list been doing the Gail Commandments? And have the rogue guys been in contact with Loree McBride?

Brent Spiner: 9:36 PM My theory is that they became mentally ill after you mentioned that you didn’t intend to have sex with them. Gerard explained it to me. He said these men had high expectations, and the trauma caused their brains to misfire and short circuit. I told them this. I said, “you are all mentally ill! Many hormones moving in a different way!”

Gail: 9:37 PM Did you get my email about creating a rectum which uses part of the wall of the vagina-butt? You know, so you can have three holes instead of two, like we females do? Were they the same group that was beating everybody up to get me a Christmas present? I thought that was rather extreme.

Brent Spiner: 9:38 PM Yes. We have been implementing that in lab studies. So far, that’s caused a lot of problems.

Gail: 9:38 PM I studied my anatomy books and your penis and its “works” take up a lot of space in your bottom area.

Brent Spiner: 9:39 PM Many of them were the same group. They were desperate to please you, and their motive was that you were going to “pay them back” in sex eventually.

Gail: 9:40 PM I can tell you are in a lot of pain, because you’re having trouble staying on your thoughts. Your responses are a bit fragmented. Normally, your mind is sharp and focused.

Brent Spiner: 9:40 PM Yes, that’s part of the problem. After many experiments, I think we may have found a simpler way. I’m not sure if it will work yet, but we have a prototype that should be finished by the end of the weekend. If it works, nobody will need any invasive surgery and it shouldn’t make a mess or be painful.

Gail: 9:41 PM I shall pray for you all.

Brent Spiner: 9:41 PM Thank you my dear. This has all been very stressful.

Gail: 9:41 PM Yes, and you handle it so admirably. You are one of the strongest men I know.

Brent Spiner: 9:41 PM Viggo has been harassing me, calling me a “cuck” for allowing you to have loving with other men.

Gail: 9:42 PM Sounds like he’s jealous and competing for me and very manipulative. Was he like this six months ago? He sure puts on a sensitive performance brain to brain. How can he harass you if he is running away from you?

Brent Spiner: 9:43 PM From what he has told me so far, he says that he “slid in” while I was away on purpose, in order to “prove” that leaving you alone with your needs unmet would cause you to become unfaithful. He has been sending us messages. He uses a proxy so we can’t track where he is coming from each time.

Gail: 9:43 PM Are you able to determine how truthful he is in what he says? It sounds like he can’t separate fantasy from reality. I think I just heard Gerard say “righto, Gail.”

Brent Spiner: 9:44 PM We run all his messages through brain read scans. He believes what he is saying in these messages.

Gail: 9:45 PM It’s really hard to tell what the real Viggo is like. Do you know if he has been taking Seroquel this month?

Brent Spiner: 9:45 PM He has not been.

Gail: 9:46 PM Well, he probably can’t separate fantasy from reality. Our number one priority should be to capture any of these men that we can and Baker Act them and treat them. If, after we treat them, they are still despicable, then we can write them off as hopeless, I guess.

Brent Spiner: 9:47 PM How should we dispose of the ones who remain like this?

Gail: 9:47 PM Let me pray about this. (prays) If they are willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuits, we will treat them like we do any other Loree McBride Jesuit. The key to justice is to determine if they are WILLING and KNOWING Loree McBride Jesuits. You know, I’ve been thinking about this and I think we should make it law that the entire population in all Conspiracy Law honoring nations should be required to take Seroquel. This might be one way to get them. It might help solve a lot of political problems, too.

Brent Spiner: 9:49 PM Freely dispensed to the population? How can we track individuals to make sure they are taking their dosages?

Gail: 9:50 PM Maybe we can set up scanners in all the cities. Remember my idea for Church of Gail cities?

Brent Spiner: 9:50 PM That could work. We should also have auxiliary methods for ensuring compliance, in case our scanners are hacked or disabled.

Gail: 9:51 PM Have you noticed that everybody in all political parties, especially the Democratic Party (which Loree has control over) are all INSANE? I think they all have yeast infections to their brain! Loree’s the puppet master and she controls all their brains!

Brent Spiner: 9:51 PM The SJWs are the worst.

Gail: 9:52 PM Yeah. Absolute WACKO. It’s a waste of time to debate with them. It’s like trying to reason with Viggo. In fact, have you noticed that Viggo is behaving like a lot of these SJWs do? They play the blame game and their reasoning is very circular and manipulative. In fact, I think Loree uses brain control to make everybody narcissistic.

Brent Spiner: 9:53 PM Gerard calls this phenomenon an “echo chamber”. It’s when a group gets together and commiserates about a particular topic, and their only point of reference or experience with that topic comes from other members of the group.

Gail: 9:53 PM I wouldn’t take anything Viggo says seriously. I think he is VERY ILL. It’s more than an echo chamber. They are all LITERALLY INSANE.

Brent Spiner: 9:54 PM They are all insane, and they can’t test reality because they are only getting information from other insane people.

Gail: 9:54 PM Loree’s yeast bombs have produced a population of people who have narcissistic insane syndrome (my new label).

Brent Spiner: 9:54 PM This deepens their illness.

Gail: 9:55 PM Yeah, insanity reinforces insanity. I wonder if we can drop Seroquel bombs on the population every day. Maybe that’s not a good idea. Because the dosages would be so erratic. We really need to get them the pills.

Brent Spiner: 9:56 PM What if we have planes or drones fly over populated areas and spray an aerosol version of Seroquel? That’s how farmers treat their crops for pests.

Gail: 9:56 PM Hmmm. As a medical doctor, do you think that would help? It might make some of the crazies turn themselves in for treatment?

Brent Spiner: 9:57 PM Yes. We may also regularly play public service messages on television or on the radio, informing citizens that if they are experiencing any alarming symptoms to promptly Baker Act themselves.

Gail: 9:57 PM Maybe shoot Seroquel bombs at the space pods of the crazy men who left us. You know what? I feel good about this. This may be a way forward. I think trying to capture Viggo now would be like what Jesus showed us when Tyrone and Melanie tried to shoot a Seroquel dart into my rear and I devoured Tyrone’s penis instead.

Brent Spiner: 9:58 PM Symptoms may include but not be limited to a sudden hatred or resentment of Gail, feelings of retaliation, sexual frustration. We can list others.

Gail: 9:59 PM I think we are getting brilliant here. Symptoms would also include Trump Derangement Syndrome. I think Loree induces a lot of this with her yeast bombs, which have been TERRIBLE. I get symptoms almost every day. If I was not in Seroquel, I’d probably be just like Viggo or worse. Like right now my middle toe hurts from yeast trying to escape. Which reminds me. Time to take my Seroquel! I get yeasty symptoms all the time and I’ve noticed I have a harder time staying focused and even when I type I make a lot of typos.

Brent Spiner: 10:01 PM Yes, dear! I will take mine now too.

Gail: 10:01 PM Lately, Loree’s yeast bombs have been giving me horrible headaches and I’ve had leg cramps in my sleep, too. I have been drinking lots of water today and made a meatloaf, to give myself some iron. I haven’t had red meat in a while.

Brent Spiner: 10:03 PM Oh no, my dear. I’m glad you’re staying up on your nutrition at least, to help battle the yeast. Red meat can be very healthy.

Gail: 10:03 PM My eyes are always watering. Loree’s yeast bombs are RELENTLESS. I was thinking today that I think she is responsible for Trump Derangement Syndrome. I got this at Twitter from @Satan_Your_Mast: “Jew clone brent spiner deceiving and stupifying the masses so that he and Loree McBride can decimate the population with a nukkake and live in their underwater city with their army of clones!” @Satan_Your_Mast also sent me this: “THEY FINALLY POOPED!”

Brent Spiner: 10:06 PM It sounds like this person is trying to throw us off. He may be a GMGTOW “GAIL’S MEN GOING THEIR OWN WAY”.

Gail: 10:07 PM That makes sense. Somebody with the name @Satan_Your_Mast sounds like a Jesuit to me, though. But maybe I don’t know the kind of guys you put on my marriage list.

Brent Spiner: 10:08 PM GMGTOW “GAIL’S MEN GOING THEIR OWN WAY” are trying to recruit everyone they can, even men who were never on the list.

Gail: 10:08 PM We need to drop a Seroquel bomb over them all.

Brent Spiner: 10:08 PM They are spreading propaganda about how “sex with Gail isn’t that great anyway” and that “she takes more than she gives”.

Gail: 10:08 PM That will only work on crazies. It won’t work on sane people. Seroquel bomb these people to death. Unfortunately, thanks to Loree’s bombs, sanity has become the minority.

Brent Spiner: 10:09 PM I suppose we would have to outbomb her.

Gail: 10:10 PM Yeah! Her bombs are awful. We need to get more proactive. Drop Seroquel bombs everywhere. I have noticed when I go outside that everybody seems a little crazy. It’s much worse now than before Loree came to power. Hardly anybody is on Seroquel or doing the Gail Commandments. It’s much worse now than last year. Like even the cashiers at Walmart have this other worldly look to their face and their eyes seem in another world, like their brains are glazed over. Loree can congratulate herself on creating the American insane asylum. You know, Zack Knight would probably know how to create a good Seroquel bomb. I don’t think we should use his semen though. That might be risky. You know we could create a Seroquel bomb that works like Loree’s chem-trails. I have seen a lot of them lately.

Brent Spiner: 10:16 PM Chem-trails are a good idea. We can use planes, as I mentioned. How do you feel about adding Seroquel to the water supply?

Gail: 10:16 PM There are so many chem-trails in the sky no one would suspect they are Seroquel bombs. Yeah! They add fluoride, which I hear is bad for you. So why not something good for you, like Seroquel?

Brent Spiner: 10:17 PM That’s exactly what I was thinking.

Gail: 10:18 PM The problem is, folks like me don’t drink tap water. So maybe it needs to be added to bottled water as well. But then I’d get it in the shower. Getting a little extra wouldn’t hurt with all the yeast bombs Loree is dropping! But I use a shower filter. Not sure it’s working, cuz I don’t change the filter that often.

Brent Spiner: 10:18 PM We could also covertly add Seroquel to everyday products that citizens use and don’t think about. We can add small amounts to popular food and beverages, and include it in deodorants and common self-care products.

Gail: 10:19 PM Insanity caused by yeast infection is an epidemic and needs to be addressed. Loree is winning here. We have to stop her somehow. This may be the most effective way to deal with those rogue men, too. Cuz they’ll get some of it as well. It might be better not to announce we are doing this or Loree and the crazies may start putting up shields or something to prevent it or sabotage it. Serves them right, cuz I hear criminal bureaucrats are adding all sorts of crap to our food and water without telling us. Seems like adding Seroquel to food and water is a great idea.

Brent Spiner: 10:21 PM How about adding subliminals to television and radio broadcasts? We can have a message reminder that says “remember to take your Seroquel” and “I love Gail, I love Seroquel” and embed it secretly into broadcasts so that citizens can be subconsciously fortified.

Gail: 10:21 PM But isn’t it dangerous to take alcohol with Seroquel? How do we deal with that? For the alcohol consumers out there?

Brent Spiner: 10:22 PM There would need to be warning labels put on all the alcohol, at the least.

Gail: 10:22 PM Whatever will work! MK-ultra has been using subliminals. Fair is fair. We fight fire with fire.

Brent Spiner: 10:23 PM A glass of wine wouldn’t be life threatening, but moderate amounts of alcohol could be harmful. Alcoholism is a mental illness, anyway. Nobody should be drinking that much.

Gail: 10:24 PM So only the bad guys can use subliminals, put flouride in our water, put dangerous chemicals in our foods and drink, put aspartame secretly in foods and we can’t do Seroquel on the population? I say GO FOR IT. Yeah, put warning labels on the alcohol.

Brent Spiner: 10:24 PM THUMBS UP IMAGE ON SKYPE.

Gail: 10:24 PM We could say we have a mental illness epidemic caused by Loree McBride and must deal with it. I like your thumbs up. So proud of you, Brent. You are such a strong and generous person.

Brent Spiner: 10:25 PM Thanks! I accidentally discovered the thumbs up button. Haha.

Gail: 10:26 PM I can’t stand what your clone has done to your Twitter. He has ruined your reputation as an intelligent and deep person. Now people think you are a do do bird SJW. He gets in arguments with Conservatives and Republicans all the time. Such a narcissistic jerk. He parrots everything Loree says.

Brent Spiner: 10:27 PM Typical feminist cuck.

Gail: 10:27 PM Except he tries to come off slightly more intelligent and “celebrity” focused. Yeah. Talk about a cuck. That’s who Viggo should be going after. I wouldn’t take what Viggo says personally. He’s very ill. Remember that. Our first priority is to blanket the earth with Seroquel bombs. But if we tell people on alcohol about it, could Loree and Viggo sabotage our bombs? Stuck between a rock and a hard place here. But then if we drop enough bombs and do it with the intensity that Loree does, we should make some progress.

Brent Spiner: 10:31 PM Perhaps we’ll need to cut our losses and consider what we’ll need to sacrifice for the good of the majority. If some citizens on Seroquel die, we will have to consider it an opportunity cost of saving our nations. Loree must be stopped.

Gail: 10:32 PM How is Viggo able to get on the brain to brain servers? Yeah, that may be right, Brent. Loree is killing people with her bombs, too. And when people go crazy they end up harming themselves even to the point of death.

Brent Spiner: 10:33 PM Viggo is hacking in to the system using some sort of advanced technology. I asked Zack about this, and he said the Jesuits had this same technology before. That was his theory.

Gail: 10:33 PM In fact, I think Viggo is talking to me right now.

Brent Spiner: 10:33 PM Oh no!

Gail: 10:33 PM He’s calling you a cuck. I told him “Shut up, dickface!”

Brent Spiner: 10:34 PM That bastard. I love my wife, and she deserves to have her needs met. Especially when I am away and unable to make love to her. That’s not being a cuck, that’s being a real man.

Gail: 10:34 PM VIGGO: “How dare you talk to me like this!” GAIL to VIGGO: “Get LOST, dickface! You need to be on Seroquel. You are a LUNATIC RIGHT NOW. TOTALLY INSANE.” VIGGO: “Calling the kettle black.” GAIL to VIGGO: “Why’d you lie to me and tell me you were sorry.” VIGGO: “How’d you know THAT?” GAIL: “I got an email from Brent.” VIGGO (sigh): “Ohhhhh. Good bye. I think I’m bored.” He’s really sick, Brent. If he’s so bored of me, why does he keep talking to me?

Brent Spiner: 10:38 PM Exactly. If GMGTOW is about “men going their own way” then why don’t they shut up and “go their own way” already? They’re awfully obsessed about something they claim they don’t care about and never wanted. You should ask them all that.

Gail: 10:38 PM Well, that’s part of being insane. Drop a Seroquel bomb on him BIG TIME. No, I won’t argue with him, Brent. It’s like Jesus once said, which I will reword. “Debating with an insane person, is like the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you’re still insane.” I think that’s funny.

Brent Spiner: 10:39 PM That’s true. I think you should still “ask” them in a video though. It’s a rhetorical question if anything. It might make them think about their broken logic.

Gail: 10:40 PM Are they capable of thinking about their broken logic? Think on that. I think I’m wasting my time, UNLESS you are able to drop a Seroquel bomb on them. . .But then if you drop the bomb, they might conclude they’re insane on their own. I might bring it up, not to reach Viggo, but some of those he’s trying to recruit.

Brent Spiner: 10:41 PM That would be a good idea. I hear he is building quite the army.

Gail: 10:41 PM Without Seroquel, Viggo is hopeless, as I see it.

Brent Spiner: 10:42 PM His goal is to build an army of men who “don’t care about Gail” so that you won’t have “power” over them anymore.

Gail: 10:42 PM Well, like attracts like. Loree may be programming all these folks to think the same way. We need to desperately drop Seroquel bombs on all of them.

Brent Spiner: 10:42 PM Even though all they do is obsess with you

Gail: 10:43 PM Is he able to get some of my men? Or are these just random males on the street? How many men are on my marriage list now?

Brent Spiner: 10:44 PM He is recruiting mostly younger men on the Internet. Some are our fans and followers.

Gail: 10:44 PM You mean Church of Gail members?

Brent Spiner: 10:44 PM There are ten men right now, and we are being very careful about adding any more. Viggo says we are being too picky. Yes, they are targeting our members as well.

Gail: 10:45 PM Oh wow! That means you dropped about 18,000 men! You can tell he’s under Loree’s brain control cuz he’s obsessed with me. If he was sane, he would just go and forget about me. Drop Seroquel bombs everywhere!

Brent Spiner: 10:46 PM That’s what ALL of these GMGTOW men would do if they were actually sane. We’re dropping bombs right now. We just dropped a major one over Florida. Can you tell a difference at all?

Gail: 10:47 PM It’s actually quite frightening how many crazies there are in the world right now. I think our first priority should be Seroquel bombs. I can try making a video to reason with them, but that’s like trying to reason with a schizophrenic. You know, I think I feel it. It makes me feel peaceful. Thanks! Maybe I’ll sleep better tonight.

Brent Spiner: 10:48 PM If anything, the message would at least reach sane viewers who may be receiving communications from these people.

Gail: 10:48 PM That’s true. But I’ll do it tomorrow. It’s getting quite late and perhaps we need to start getting ready for bed.

Brent Spiner: 10:49 PM True. We both need to make sure we do our Gail Commandments, and get adequate rest. It’s like keeping the Sabbath.

Gail: 10:49 PM Yes, we don’t want to end up like Viggo! I totally get what you’re saying, even though we Christians are no longer under the law. I’ve been studying Jewish culture a lot for my novels. Do you speak Hebrew?

Brent Spiner: 10:51 PM Jesus sometimes uses it as a metaphor to explain that we all need rest. All the time he says to me, with his hand on my shoulder, “Brent Spiner: even God rested on the seventh day after creating the world!” He knows when I’m working too hard. I don’t speak any Hebrew I’m afraid.

Gail: 10:51 PM You were raised as a Conservative Jew right? Most American Jews are very secular.

Brent Spiner: 10:52 PM It wasn’t too conservative, although many of my family members were very staunch. I’m thankful for that because it allowed me room to think more outside the box and consider different ideas. I became Agnostic, and now I’m a born-again Christian.

Gail: 10:53 PM I’m referring to Conservative Judaism versus Reform, Orthodox, Reconstructionists, etc. Yeah, I’m so happy for you and proud of you, too. You are more open minded than a lot of Jews out there. Was your mother Sylvia a Conservative Jew? You lost your brother Ron about 1998, right?

Brent Spiner: 10:56 PM My mother was, but my father was less strict and didn’t force me to learn Hebrew or partake in anything I wasn’t inspired to do. I guess you could call the two of us “diet Jews”. Yes, my dear brother…

Gail: 10:56 PM You mean your step father?

Brent Spiner: 10:56 PM Yes.

Gail: 10:56 PM Cuz your read dad died when you were a baby. What’s a diet Jew?

Brent Spiner: 10:57 PM Yeah, so my stepfather was really the only father I ever knew. It seems odd to refer to him as “stepdad”, even though I have a biological father.

Gail: 10:57 PM I never see you as a celebrity anymore. I see you as the pastor of Church of Gail and a medical doctor and Jesus’s best friend.

Brent Spiner: 10:58 PM I was making a joke. We called ourselves “diet Jews” because while we believed in Judaism, we weren’t overtly strict or stuck up about it. We never saw ourselves as better than Christians nor did we try to force others to convert.

Gail: 10:59 PM You still studying at Dallas Theological Seminary? You know I think Viggo reads my Facebook posts cuz he’s been telling me that all the rogue men apologized and are studying at Dallas. Why would he say that to me? Well most Jews don’t believe in converting people to Judaism. They mainly see Judaism as a way to preserve the Jewish nation.

Brent Spiner: 11:00 PM Viggo has been trying to manipulate you. He has been telling me how he “knows all of Gail’s buttons” and it’s “so easy to win her love, all you have to do is be hot and rich and shower her with empty romance”.

Gail: 11:01 PM And yet, when he talks to me brain to brain, he gets philosophical and never talks about his celebrity or his money. Strange. He really seems schizophrenic.

Brent Spiner: 11:01 PM He says “all Gail needs is a pretty face and a man that she knows would make her look good, then she simply pretends he is what she wants him to be”.

Gail: 11:02 PM I’m wondering if perhaps it’s not Viggo talking to me but someone impersonating him to me. Cuz the person who talks to me doesn’t sound at all like the Viggo you are describing to me.

Brent Spiner: 11:04 PM Perhaps.

Gail: 11:04 PM Can you tell if he’s on the brain to brain servers?

Brent Spiner: 11:04 PM I’m looking it up now.

Gail: 11:04 PM I want to know who keeps talking to me. Whoever he is, he seems like a real con artist. Kind of reminds me the way Zack used to be.

Brent Spiner: 11:05 PM Aha! It’s confirmed! The real Viggo has been on the brain to brain servers this whole time. It IS him. What a con!

Gail: 11:06 PM I’m trying to talk to him now. Wow! He’s pretty clever.

Brent Spiner: 11:06 PM It just goes to show that not all celebrities are of good character. Most are, but that Viggo is a bad apple.

Gail: 11:06 PM GAIL: “Hey Viggo. Why do you talk to me so much if I’m such a bore?”

Brent Spiner: 11:07 PM He is a very good actor, I will give him that. He would win an Oscar for Jekyll and Hyde.

Gail: 11:07 PM I totally agree. He says he’s having fun. GAIL: “Do me a favor and find me a bore. And prove it by going away, since you are a fake and a fraud.” VIGGO: “You don’t believe that.”

Brent Spiner: 11:08 PM Go your own way already, Viggo!

Gail: 11:08 PM GAIL: “What you tell me and what you tell my men are total opposites. You’re a CAD.” VIGGO: “You hurt my feelings, Gail.” GAIL: “I will not be impressed with you until I hear you are on Seroquel. You are Loree McBride’s cuck right now, even if you don’t know it! SHAME ON YOU! Imagine how you will feel when Jesus has a talk with you!” I’m sensing his emotions. I hit a nerve. He’s getting nervous.

Brent Spiner: 11:12 PM We’re dropping more Seroquel bombs right now.

Gail: 11:12 PM GAIL: “You know what, Viggo? You might fool me, but you don’t fool Jesus. He can read your heart! Did you know all Christians will be judged at the Judgment Seat of Christ and you won’t have any rewards to give to Jesus. It will be like showing up at the reward ceremony NAKED. Jesus does not approve of what you’re doing and perhaps you are a brilliant actor, but you don’t fool Jesus a bit! I am so ASHAMED OF YOU, you WIMP, you Loree McBride CUCK. You should be ashamed of yourself for manipulating the heart of a good and generous woman who only sees good in you cuz perhaps I tend to see myself in others! Think on that you LOW LIFE!” He’s real quiet. Did you get his location? I’m trying to shoot lightning bolts at him, but I don’t think they’ll work unless he’s tied to Loree McBride.

Brent Spiner: 11:14 PM It seems like he is transporting around rapidly, in order to avoid capture. He is definitely working with Loree McBride and her technology.

Gail: 11:14 PM Wait! I think I hear a scream!

Brent Spiner: 11:14 PM We are dropping bombs everywhere.

Gail: 11:15 PM GAIL: “I’m shooting bolts at you, you bastard. I sense they’re working, so you must be working with Loree McBride. How DARE YOU WORK WITH THAT BITCH.” I’m aiming right for his penis.

Brent Spiner: 11:15 PM Do it! Go right for the penis! I’m cheering and fist pumping over here.

Gail: 11:16 PM He’s screaming bloody murder. VIGGO: “Oh my God!” I think Loree must be in the same room. Why else would my bolts work? VIGGO: “You’re killing me, bitch!” GAIL: “My bolts only work on evil people.”

Brent Spiner: 11:18 PM Maybe he recently had sex with Loree. He could have her vaginal juices on his penis, which makes it a lightning rod for your bolts.

Gail: 11:18 PM Can you see the bolts? If so, you know his location!

Brent Spiner: 11:19 PM I can hear the screams and bolts over the brain to brain servers, but I can’t see them. Either way, this is a good deterrent. No matter where he goes, you can bolt him.

Gail: 11:20 PM I’m throwing some bolts on Loree, too. Brent, she’s in the same room with him! I hear her screams.

Brent Spiner: 11:20 PM Good! Bolt her right in the vagina!

Gail: 11:20 PM My bolts are lifting her up into the air and slinging her around. Oh my God. She and Viggo were having sex together while he was talking to me. I can see it in my mind. They are both whirling together with my bolts slinging them both around. I’ve really damaged Viggo. I think he’s unconscious. Loree is wailing.

Brent Spiner: 11:22 PM The damage to his ego is probably worse than the lightning bolts.

Gail: 11:24 PM GAIL: “So Viggo. You were having sex with that bitch Loree while sweet talking me. You are so low. You deserve to DIE. I’m going to kill you with my bolts for having sex with the worst mass murderer in human history. If you live, then Jesus sees hope in a low life.” He’s not dead. But he’s in a lot of pain. Can you now get a location on him and bring him to Church of Gail? If anything, he needs to be arrested.

Brent Spiner: 11:26 PM Well, on THAT note, perhaps we can now rest easy tonight. Granted, their followers are still running around out there. We’ll continue to drop Seroquel bombs. Scanning now. He was just teleported away! I think Loree is protecting him.

Gail: 11:27 PM Yeah, it sounds like it. I think I shall only make brain to brain loving with you. But then, Viggo loves to impersonate you. I know what I’ll do. I shall pray and ask Jesus to protect you and shoot bolts at anybody who tries to make love to me, but in my mind I will direct bolts to Viggo. So if it’s you, you should be safe.

Brent Spiner: 11:29 PM Good idea.

Gail: 11:30 PM Okay. I guess we better head for bed. I’m totally disgusted with Viggo now that I know he’s bedded Loree.

Brent Spiner: 11:30 PM Same here. Let’s get to bed.

Gail: 11:30 PM Goodnight darling. You are so wonderful.

Brent Spiner: 11:31 PM Goodnight my love. You are gorgeous, inside and out.

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