Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary/Video Flash Cards

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I have a terrible memory and made these mainly to assist me in my Hebrew language studies to help me build vocabulary. It took me ALL DAY to make these, and I can’t get my GIMP (to make the Hebrew letters) to make the Hebrew ש (pronounced sheen) that has a dot on the upper right. It also does not do compound shewas very well, either. But it still helps me to learn my vocabulary. This 3 minute video took me ALL DAY. Wish I had a photographic memory! I had to download Biblical Hebrew fonts to my computer to pull this off.

I got my alphabet flashcards from this page, and then modified them with permanent black marker to make them suitable for Bill Barrick’s online Hebrew class:

I imagine this will bore most people. But for those who are studying Hebrew under Bill Barrick at the Master’s Seminary, you’ll probably love me!

I plan to make video flash cards of the vocabulary lists that Bill Barrick requires of his Hebrew Seminary students, since I have such a hard time remembering all this! Those who attend Master’s Seminary or who are studying Biblical Hebrew will love me! Like most professors teaching a difficult subject, he encourages his students not to give up, that it will get easier later if they stick with it.

I goofed on my spelling for Kadosh, and mistakenly used an R (ר) instead of D (daleth ד), but I will leave it cuz it’s too much work to take it down.


קָדוֹש CORRECT for HOLY