Silver Skies Characters Keane Horton & Rachel Ben Habbakuk (Myers-Briggs)

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KEANE HORTON CHARACTER ENTP (somewhat like Zack Knight):

Here is another Silver Skies antagonist/villain, who experiences a major character arc. He is Keane Horton (who shares the Antichrist role with Rachel), who chases Brianna around and tries to convince her to marry him. His goal is to destroy Dor’s true love, so that Dor cannot carry out his divine mission for God. He is the debater personality and he always confronts Brianna and Dor about their hypocrisy in their religious service for God. He tries to pose himself as the solution to Brianna’s romantic woes, saying Dor is a weak man not worthy of her. He ends up truly loving another antagonist character, who has the same personality as New Ager Franz Wilhelm (Brianna’s father).

Keane Horton is very much like Zack Knight, ex-Antichrist. The woman he loves truly is very much like Rule 13. Can’t say more or I’ll ruin the book for you. He only became a physician to cover up who he really is, so he’s not your ideal physician, though he’s a genius. He chose to be a surgeon, cuz he likes being inventive with surgery.

This will be a subplot that will mirror the main plot in many ways and help reinforce the theme of the novel about love conquers all.

I think I’ll use this character for comic relief. It gets pretty intense at the end! Click on images below for larger view.
Keane Horton Myers Briggs1Keane Horton Myers Briggs2Keane Horton Myers Briggs3Keane Horton Myers Briggs4Keane Horton Myers Briggs5Keane Horton Myers Briggs6Keane Horton Myers Briggs7Keane Horton Myers Briggs8Keane Horton Myers Briggs9Keane Horton Myers Briggs10Keane Horton Myers Briggs11Keane Horton Myers Briggs12Keane Horton Myers Briggs13Keane Horton Myers Briggs15Keane Horton Myers Briggs16Keane Horton Myers Briggs17Keane Horton Myers Briggs18Keane Horton Myers Briggs19Keane Horton Myers Briggs20Keane Horton Myers Briggs21Keane Horton Myers Briggs22Keane Horton Myers Briggs23Keane Horton Myers Briggs24Keane Horton Myers Briggs25

RACHEL BEN HABAKKUK CHARACTER ESTJ – turbulent (like Loree McBride):

It is important for me to have a three-dimensional antagonist/villain in Silver Skies. The antagonist is Dor’s wife Rachel, who married him to destroy him, knowing in advance that he would be God’s instrument to take down the Antichrist. She plays the role of Antichrist, though I spread this role across several characters at the beginning. Rachel is very much like Loree McBride or Angelina Ballerina (deceased).

She is brutal and only cares about results and meeting her goals. She has the heart of Satan. Her true husband is a Dor clone who will have the same personality profile as Keane Horton: Debater/Inventor. Will use those with the same personalities to contrast those who follow light versus darkness in the same personality profile. Rachel is a combination of the executive personality and the sociopath. Myers Briggs does not address sociopathy that much. To make Rachel believable, she will have an honor code that she abides by when dealing with those she respects. But to gain her respect, you have to be a lowlife and have a sociopath mindset. Click on images below for larger view.

Rachel Ben Habakkuk Myers Briggs1
Rachel Ben Habakkuk Myers Briggs2
Rachel Ben Habakkuk Myers Briggs3
Rachel Ben Habakkuk Myers Briggs4
Rachel Ben Habakkuk Myers Briggs5
Rachel Ben Habakkuk Myers Briggs6
Rachel Ben Habakkuk Myers Briggs7
Rachel Ben Habakkuk Myers Briggs8
Rachel Ben Habakkuk Myers Briggs9
Rachel Ben Habakkuk Myers Briggs10
Rachel Ben Habakkuk Myers Briggs11
Rachel Ben Habakkuk Myers Briggs12
Rachel Ben Habakkuk Myers Briggs13
Rachel Ben Habakkuk Myers Briggs14
Rachel Ben Habakkuk Myers Briggs15
Rachel Ben Habakkuk Myers Briggs16
Rachel Ben Habakkuk Myers Briggs17
Rachel Ben Habakkuk Myers Briggs18
Rachel Ben Habakkuk Myers Briggs19
Rachel Ben Habakkuk Myers Briggs20
Rachel Ben Habakkuk Myers Briggs21

ENTP & ENFJ relationship between Keane Horton (ENTP) and his true love Jackie (an ENFJ much like Rule 13):

ENTP in love:

ENFJ in love:

Will use Keane Horton for comic relief. He will be a one-of-a-kind ENTP doctor!

The Russian President character in Silver Skies is patterned after Vladimir Putin, who is ISTJ:

Anyone of any personality type can be a narcissist (someone who lacks empathy and exploits others). And certainly, one’s Myers-Briggs personality type is not the end-all be-all of someone’s personality, though it can give some accurate insights into one’s behavior and motives. There are many factors that play a role in how personality is manifested in an individual.

But how would each specific MBTI type behave if they were void of empathyLet’s have a look:

INTJs and INTPs as narcissists would take their rational side way too far. They would be the epitome of what we call the “cerebral narcissist,” using twisted logic to rationalize any mess or situation they’ve created. They would be prone to dehumanizing others all in the name of reason. Their logical side would be so overblown that they would fail to have any empathy for victims of unfortunate circumstances or crimes – including the crimes they themselves committed!

INFJs and INFPs as narcissists would abuse their power as changemakers and would be ‘covert’ narcissists – wolves in sheep’s clothing. They would take their perfectionism and ability to cut off relationships to the extreme by frequently ghosting people and criticizing them to the nth degree. Rather than using their platforms to help support the populations they serve, they might attempt to use them to feed their grandiosity.

ENFJs are natural born influencers and ‘teachers’ that would demand that their ‘students’ worship them. As narcissists, they may become predatory and cross boundaries with those they’re ‘educating.’

ENFPs as narcissists would always be seeking validation and attention from others. These would probably be the more ‘vulnerable’ narcissists of the group, using their relationships with others to hide their core sense of shame.

ENTJs and ESTJs are known for their bluntness, business acumen and ability to lead. As narcissists, however, their leadership would become a dictatorship. They would micromanage people and overpower them – not for the purpose of organizational efficiency, but for the purpose of feeling superior.

ENTPs and ESTPs are natural-born devil’s advocates, so as narcissists, this trait would be exaggerated in their ability to provoke and demean others. They would argue in favor of horrific crimes or blatant inequalities just to get a rise out of the people they’re debating with. They would be hypercritical and abrasive, as well as emotionally abusive. Their cruel bluntness would be disguised as, “That’s just the way I am.”

ESFJas narcissists would create enmeshed relationships and have no problem violating the boundaries of others. As healthy individuals, they are empathic and giving. But as narcissists, they would ‘give’ only to get back. They may give the bare minimum to people and demand the maximum in return.

ESFPs are socialites who tend to be the life of the party. As narcissists, they would create harems of adoring fans that cater to their every need and ‘get off’ on all of the attention they’re receiving. They love to be the center of attention and would be perpetual spotlight-hoggers. They are also very into aesthetics, so they may present as a more ‘somatic’ narcissist – someone overly obsessed with their looks and appearance.

ISTJs as narcissists would stonewall their partners, shutting down arguments even before they’ve had a chance to begin. They would be extremely traditional in the way they view things and use moralistic thinking to control others, all while engaging in hypocritical behavior behind closed doors. In the realm of work, they would gravitate towards careers in power – such as that of law enforcement – just to abuse their power and get away with it.

ISFPs and ISTPs are gentle as non-narcissists, but as narcissists would present as pessimistic misanthropes. They would be the ones constantly griping about how unfair the world is, how they’re always the victim and how they never get their fair share. They would work to underhandedly sabotage anyone who has what they covet.

ISFJs are generous to a fault as non-narcissists. However, as narcissists, they would present as the quintessential covert, shy and introverted helper with a hidden entitled streak. Although they will appear humble at the onset, make no mistake, they will be taking note of everything they do for you and any time they feel they’re not getting the attention or appreciation they deserve. They will lash out in a terrifying display of narcissistic rage if they don’t get what they want.

Silver Skies Characters Franz Wilhelm & Paula Wilhelm (Myers-Briggs):

Silver Skies Characters Dor Ben Habakkuk & Brianna Wilhelm (Myers-Briggs):