Empress Gail Fires Donald Trump. Installs Tulsi Gabbard as U.S. President.

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UPDATE (April 2021): When I became President in 2021, I made Tulsi Gabbard my VP and she betrayed me.

I sent this email to my men on May 6, 2019:

Dear men:

I don’t like what I’m hearing in the news. I want you to put John Bolton in jail, along with all those who are trying to get us into a war with Iran, obviously under the leadership of Loree McBride. I think this is a ploy to ensure Trump gets a 2nd term. If Trump is complicit with this, he goes to jail, too. I make it death penalty to work with Loree McBride in any manner, especially if she is ruling Israel right now. Trump and his administration can no longer give orders to the military. I am the Empress and I fire Trump as U.S. President and install Tulsi Gabbard as my President. Trump can’t make any decisions without clearing them through Tulsi. If he or anybody in his administration tries to buck her, give them the death penalty. The only exception would be if Tulsi makes an order that violates my Conspiracy Law. In that case, I will then let Vladimir Putin and the top ten men on my marriage list make the decisions for the U.S.

I will make a blog post about this at my website. But get moving on this. I don’t like what I’m smelling with Iran.


To get the REAL NEWS tune into Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). I may add more to this page if complications develop. But, for now, just know that what you’re hearing in the news is a bunch of lies. I have been the U.S. Empress since May 2014. Trump was working with me, but he seems to be turning treacherous now that I support Tulsi Gabbard for U. S. President and I have to clamp down and exert my power. I actually prefer to work on my writing. But when I see the writing on the wall and can do something to stave off a disaster, I owe it to the American people to act.

Also, I need to make it clear that I AM THE U.S. PRESIDENT. On Nov. 8, 2016, Donald Trump was a prisoner on Angelina Ballerina’s spaceship and I won the election for him. I told the U.S. people that if they voted for Trump they were voting for me and I WON THE ELECTION FOR HIM. So I AM THE U.S. PRESIDENT.

On Jan. 6, 2017 when we defeated Angelina Ballerina, we learned that Trump was alive and was held prison on Angelina’s spaceship, and so I allowed him to be President in my place. However, I am the one who won the election on Nov. 8, 2016 and I now fire him and have the right to do so, because when the election took place everybody thought Trump was dead and I won the election. We have an emergency in our country right now and I have to exert my position as U.S. leader and fire Trump and hire Tulsi  Gabbard in his place. MAKE IT SO.

My views are mostly Libertarian and I’m a very strong Constitutionalist, but I am my own person and I lean towards some Green positions. I took a test and if you want to know my views, check this out: https://gabriellechana.blog/2019/05/05/gail-chord-schuler-is-libertarian-constitution-on-test/

I would like to make it plain that I’ve thoroughly analyzed Tulsi’s policies and I would like Vladimir Putin to make the economic decisions for the United States, like deciding on minimum wage and things like that. I don’t think a mandatory $15 minimum wage is a good idea and, Tulsi, you won’t get Republican votes away from Trump if you make this a key issue of your campaign. Many of those who voted for Trump voted for him because he seemed common sense in his foreign policy and anti-war stances. He has broken his campaign promises in foreign policy and lost me and a lot of his supporters over this. This is why we love you. However, I agree with you that Trump does seem to allow the rich and powerful to get away with a lot at the expense of the poor and helpless — and this MUST STOP.

Vladimir can assemble a team to help you in formulating viable economic policies, and I encourage him to choose Americans and to allow them to speak on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel so that Americans get a clear picture of Tulsi’s policies (as she works with me as U.S. leader) to know how she is leading us in all matters, including economics. I love Tulsi in all areas except for her economics and perhaps her energy policies. I’m all for green energy, but only if the current sources are truly a pollution threat. What we could do is increase green energy sources and allow them to compete with what we’re currently doing, only eliminating those sources that are truly a threat to our health or safety.

As far as climate change, I am not convinced that this is a true reality. I would like our Nanotechnology Research Team to investigate the theory of climate change and see if it is a viable threat. If so, we will act to prevent climate change. If it’s a hoax, we will formulate policies that deal with reality, not fantasy. Vladimir can make this assessment. Vladimir Putin has a PhD in economics and, in economics, is even better than Trump in economics. He is number two on my marriage list and I know him in and out. He’s a good man. Loree McBride has to make him appear evil because he is her greatest foe. That’s why we suffer from Russo-phobia currently in American politics. If Loree can bring down Putin, she feels she can win the world.

However, Loree’s dropping bombs with candida auris, is our greatest environmental threat at present and we must take all measures to stop this. In fact, I’m hearing brain to brain that Trump has been secretly cooperating with Loree in this! Loree is such a hypocrite. She plays like she’s this staunch Democrat and actually carries out policies that are Deep State Republican in secret and behind-the-scenes, while playing to her Democratic constituents that she represents their interests. Loree is the biggest polluter and hypocrite on planet earth and, Democrats, Loree McBride is the true leader of your party! Loree is also the shadow leader of the establishment Republican Party.

Tulsi, if a miracle happens and you win the Democratic nomination and the Presidency in mainstream news, remember that I am the U.S. Empress. I love all your policies, except for your economic policies, that I feel may need to be reassessed into something more workable for the U.S. economy. You must work with Vladimir in economics as U.S. President. That is my order as U.S. Empress. I believe you will work with me as U.S. leader and will not strive to undermine me as Trump and George W. Bush have and to a lesser extent, as Barack Obama has.

I believe you will support me and my Conspiracy Law. I like you, because you appear very intelligent and sincere, and are willing to reassess your positions if they turn out faulty. Trump, unfortunately, allows his ego to override common sense and is now leading us down a bad path, allowing Loree to drop Candida Auris bombs all over the place and to pollute the hell out of earth and is working for the Deep State military-industrial complex and even secretly conspiring with the Deep State to eliminate freedom of speech. If  you’ve noticed, Trump has not protested the arrest of Julian Assange and many platforms have been unfairly shut down under the Trump administration. While he tweets in protest over Conservatives being shut down, if you are waiting for him to act, we will have a Stalinist rule in Russia here in the U.S. before he really does anything. It’s absolutely abhorrent what Trump is using the military-industrial complex to do in Yemen! Trump is truly Saudi Arabia’s bitch as you so well put it, Tulsi. Actually, Tulsi, Trump is Loree McBride’s bitch, because Saudi Arabia is Loree McBride’s bitch. People, unfortunately, Loree McBride is the shadow leader of Israel right now. So I would be leery of anything that appears to be an American-Israeli policy as long as Loree remains Israel’s shadow leader.

Tulsi, I actually like a lot of your green energy policies and agree with you that nuclear power may not be a good idea. I want my men to assess this and see if you are right. I know that when hurricanes hit the states, these hurricanes have the potential to cause nuclear power plants to become dangerous. So, men, assess this and decide if Tulsi is right and take actions that are appropriate.

You might say, are you sure you want to appoint Tulsi as U.S. President? Yes. She seems like a person who is the real deal and who won’t play games with the public or me and has a genuine care for those she leads. She is the only one running that I feel I can trust not to play games with me or the American people. She is free to carry out her vision for America, except in economics, where I appoint Vladimir Putin to work with her as U.S. President. Of course, like all politicians, she must always honor my Conspiracy Law. My Conspiracy Law is the law of the land, even overriding the Constitution in areas where there is conflict. But I have a lot of respect for the U.S. Constitution and we must honor it as long as it does not contradict my Conspiracy Law. I wrote Conspiracy Law to ensure that people have maximum freedom from tyranny, taking into consideration the science of our times (like human clones, brain control and computer technology), which, obviously, the Constitution did not deal with.

American Empress Gail Chord Schuler

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