Why the Establishment Media Ignores Tulsi Gabbard (from an ex-Trump supporter)

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Loree McBride, MASTER LIAR, controls the polls, folks. Loree does NOT like Tulsi who does not share Loree’s GREED and LUST, even though Loree touts herself as a die-hard Democrat. Loree, who meets with Satan at least once a week, has decided that to give Tulsi the SILENT TREATMENT is her best course for now. Loree knows if Tulsi gets in, Tulsi will destroy her plans for a world takeover. But if Loree attacks Tulsi, it will expose Loree for the Democrat hypocrite that she is, so she hopes to make Tulsi a nobody.

This is a very effective strategy, which Loree has used on ME. So I know all about it, Tulsi. Loree basically controls the Internet right now and she controls the search engines. She gets this technology from Satan and the UFOs (the fallen angels). Nevertheless, despite Loree’s controls, truth manages to seep in, in bits and pieces. We should all do what’s right and leave the consequences with God.

If Tulsi manages to beat Loree’s controls and becomes viable as a Presidential candidate, Loree will probably make a clone of Tulsi who will really discredit Tulsi. In fact, the clone may be in the works right now. When that happens, I may need to make videos to expose the clone. Loree has used a Donald Trump clone to discredit Trump during his campaign. Unfortunately, Loree no longer needs to use a Trump clone, cuz the real Trump has become more like Loree and Loree actually likes some of what Trump is doing right now. You won’t hear any complaints from Loree about John Bolton, Pompeo or Trump’s war machine, cuz it’s really Loree’s war machine. She makes a ton of money from the military-industrial complex.

GREED is what Loree is all about. This is why she has created a Brent Spiner clone to discredit the real Brent who would die for me. Though she doesn’t love Brent, she loves his money and loves having the REPUTATION of being the wife of a famous person. The Brent Spiner clone, shares her greed and ambition and lust, so that’s why they get along, even though Loree has sex with thousands of men besides the Brent Spiner clone. Loree likes to portray me as a hussy because I have a marriage list of men. But the marriage list was never my idea, and I have limited my brain-to-brain sex to only men I have bonded with emotionally. I have only had actual physical sex with my ex-husband David. I prefer monogamy and I most definitely prefer sex (brain-to-brain or for real) with a man I’ve bonded with. Loree doesn’t care if she’s bonded with the man, because she sees lust, love and sex as all the same thing. And, apparently, the men who used to be on my marriage list, thought I had Loree’s mentality. This is where Brent Spiner and Gerard Butler made a serious mistake by allowing these shallow celebrities onto my marriage list.

Gerard and Brent were so genuinely in love with me, they assumed that any other celebrity who wanted sex with me, felt about me like they do. You see, a lot of the celebrities fell in love with me because they knew they were “safe” with me, that I would never love them for their fame or money. They had all been involved with women who only wanted their money and destroyed them in the process and definitely wanted a woman who would not do this to them. They loved me for this reason. They assumed that any man who was a celebrity and wanted sex with me, felt about me like they do. You know, felt “safe” with me not to love them for their fame and money. They never dreamed that the celeb would just be in pure lust with me. I’m actually pretty hot, so my men definitely need to take this into consideration when adding any man, celebrity or not, onto my marriage list. I am not interested a lust relationship. I need to bond with the man emotionally and mentally before I have sex with him. We all tend to project ourselves on others. So, they know better now, and realize that not all celebrities have the same priorities and values that they have, and are being much more selective about which men can be on my marriage list.

From what I’m hearing brain-to-brain, they are now adding men on who are not famous or sexy celebrities, but have the qualities I would admire and love in a husband, even some men who are overweight and not famous, but loaded with qualities that would cause me to bond with them. I believe they are also adding some married men onto my list, who have wives that love their husbands so much, that if the man were to lose his wife, the wife wants to be sure her husband will have a good wife to take his place if she dies. Just cuz a man is on my marriage list, does not mean I have current sex with him or will have sex with him. It only means that he is a possibility that I would consider for marriage. Of course, my men make mistakes and I will be the one to make the final decision about marriage to any man. Right now, I’m only fully committed to about ten, with Brent Spiner in first place and Vladimir Putin in second place. I have seriously bonded with both Brent and Vladimir.

My men created the marriage list because I’m such a target because of my King David and Catherine the Great genetic profile, and they wanted to ensure I’d get a good husband if anything happens to them and they die before I can marry them, or if they die after I marry them.

The greedy Brent Spiner Jew clone doesn’t care that Loree has sex with thousands of men besides him, as long AS YOU DON’T TOUCH HIS BANK ACCOUNT. His “wife” could nuke the world, but as long as the Brent Spiner clone can continue to impersonate the real Brent Spiner and steal all his money, the Brent Spiner clone is happy. He fakes like he cares about social justice issues to make his criminal wife Loree seem legit.

You might say, what about those men who used to be on your marriage list and who now side with Loree? Well, with them, I think the problem is LUST. They love LUST and they thought I shared their vice, so when I insisted that I limit my sexual encounters to men I’ve bonded with, they thought I was too strict and they defected to Loree. They’ve made an idol out of sex and Loree has also, along with money and power.

Loree attracts people who are off-balance and have allowed either the sin of GREED, LUST, or PRIDE to be the Lord of their life. Trump’s problem is pride. The men who were on my marriage list and went to Loree had a problem with LUST; and the Brent Spiner clone’s problem is GREED. When you have overwhelming sin in your life and you decide to make a god out of it and give into it (rather than repent and ask God to help you overcome it), then you will go to Loree or start cooperating with her in her goals for world conquest.

Another problem for Loree McBride is that Tulsi Gabbard is FOR REAL, and Loree, like Trump, is a fake, who says what some dumb Democrats want to hear, but does the opposite. Gabbard’s authenticity exposes Loree’s Democrat talking points as just excuses to cover up Loree’s sociopathic and criminal heart. Tulsi genuinely believes what she says and Loree just talks Democrat Party principles to gain a following in order to continue her life of crime, living high on the hog off of stolen money. Loree actually believes that she is entitled to do whatever she wants, regardless of who she hurts, even if she must lie, rape, brain-control you, drop Candida Auris bombs, kill or steal.

Why does Loree feel this way? Loree thinks she is superior to everybody and THAT ALONE justifies everything she does. In Loree’s eyes, nobody is as hot as she is and THAT ALONE justifies everything she does. Of course, she knows better than to say what she really feels. She’s a SOCIOPATH.

Loree likes to surround herself with fellow sociopaths and narcissists, because they are so like her, they help her to blend in and not be exposed for the fraud she is. If she hung around with authentic people like Tulsi Gabbard, the contrast between Loree and Tulsi would make Loree’s fanatical talking points (IN CONTRAST to Tulsi’s intelligent and well thought out positions) seem a FRAUD, and so Tulsi GETS THE SILENT TREATMENT. Sociopaths use DISTRACTION (the Russia-gate hysteria) to get people to not deal with the true issues, and Tulsi REFUSES TO BE DISTRACTED. And so, Tulsi MUST BE SILENCED.

Loree controls the mainstream press and Internet. How does she does this? Because the corporations are run by sociopaths and they work with Loree to cover up their crimes.

Loree knows if she (or her cucks) ever got in a debate with Tulsi, it would expose her for the fraud she is because Loree does not believe what she says and Tulsi sincerely believes everything she says. Tulsi’s honesty and openness would contrast with Loree’s lies and fabrications and Tulsi would expose Loree as a Democrat SHAM, who actually does not honor what she says. Loree is behind the Russia-gate nonsense in both the Republican and Democratic parties. Like Trump, you never judge a sociopath by what they say, but by WHAT THEY DO.

Sociopaths are masters at reading minds and manipulating people by telling them what they want to hear in order to trick them into thinking they are your allies, while, in secret and behind-the-scenes, they do what is best for them and TO HELL WITH WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU. Also, mind and emotion reading technology is at Loree’s disposal, so this makes her brilliant as a sociopath. They’ll USE YOU TO GET WHAT THEY WANT and when they no longer need you or when you decide you no longer want to play their game, will treat you like garbage or just talk real pretty and IGNORE ALL YOUR NEEDS AND EVEN ABUSE YOU and treat you like you’re crazy if you complain about their ACTIONS. They will try to get you to deny reality, when you confront them about who THEY REALLY ARE by gas lighting you.

The gas lighting is already starting with Tulsi. Tulsi has been complaining that she is being ignored by the media. The media’s response? They say she’s crazy, that their polls are accurate and she’s not that important and that’s why she’s low in the polls. I, for one, don’t trust Loree McBride’s polls. Yeah, folks, these are Loree McBride’s polls. Loree is a brilliant liar and controls the press and Internet with Satan’s help.

And so Loree has decided to give Tulsi the silent treatment. Hey, I’m not picking on the Democrats. Loree also says what some dumb Republicans want to hear, too. Loree IS THE ESTABLISHMENT right now, in all the political parties. Actually, Loree is worse than Trump as a liar, fake and murderer. But Trump is starting to catch up.

As an aside, I have reconsidered my position that a $15 minimum wage is unworkable. You have a point that in some parts of the U.S. it should be made so, like in states with high inflation like Hawaii, California and New York. Work with Vladimir Putin to decide on a minimum wage, state by state. So, like Florida’s might be $11 an hour and Kansas might be $9 an hour. Vladimir’s economists will analyze what would be a reasonable minimum wage for each state and each state will have its own minimum wage requirements. Tulsi, if you make a $15 minimum wage mandatory for all the states, you will put a lot of small businesses out of business in states like Kansas or Florida. It’s not just a simple matter of increasing the price for your goods to stay afloat, cuz customers will go online to get it cheaper. Also, if my national health care plan is put into effect, this will save businesses money and they can afford to pay their workers more, because their health insurance costs will go dramatically down.

Also, if we cut taxes on small business, because the military is scaled down, this will also save businesses money.

My national health care plan has already been implemented and my men tell me it saves everybody money. The way it works is that all doctors in the plan can only use the lawyers in our network and this saves doctors money on malpractice insurance, and frivolous lawsuits will result in fines against the litigators. Also, we reward doctors who do a good job with a pay increase, and we standardize the cost of prescription meds and what doctors are paid. The doctors don’t mind, because they don’t have to stress about paying expensive malpractice insurance and worry about lawsuits that could put them out of business. Pre-existing conditions MUST be covered and because all doctors must do a brain scan before they treat each patient, we can determine if their motives in their treatment is to do what’s best for the patient. This only encourages good doctors to join our network, so that patients will receive quality care and will be able to choose from an abundance of good doctors who are in medicine to help their patients and not stuff their pockets. We also cover veterinary, dental, and alternative medicine (like marijuana treatment, chiropractic, acupuncture and natural medicine).

I have not addressed the issue of abortion in our national health care plan, but this will be decided on a case by case basis and so I don’t think I should legislate too much here. I will say this, that most abortions happen early in the pregnancy and we will only cover abortion in our national health care plan if it threatens the life of the mother. I will let my husband Brent Spiner, who is a medical doctor and a Christian, decide on the policies you should follow for Planned Parenthood and abortion, and that’s all I want to say on this matter for now. Tulsi, you must consult with Brent Spiner M.D. in deciding how to deal with the issue of abortion as U.S. President and in how we regulate Planned Parenthood. I would like to say that Jesus has stated that he has plans for most of these babies that are aborted and is against most abortions. So let us honor Jesus in this matter. I think that if the mother does not want the baby, we should probably set up an international adoption network to help these babies find good homes and perhaps pay the mothers a generous bonus for carrying their babies to full term and allowing us to give their unwanted babies away for adoption.The international adoption network will work with all Conspiracy Law honoring nations to put the baby in a good home.

If my national health care plan goes into effect and Planned Parenthood works with me to only do abortions where the mother’s life and health are at risk, then we can make it illegal for people to protest at Planned Parenthood abortion clinics enabling the mother to sue them for harassment. Planned Parenthood and our national health care plan will cover the forms of contraception that Brent Spiner M.D. thinks we should cover. If we have to choose between the life of the mother and the child, we choose the mother, unless the mother chooses to risk her life to try and deliver the child. This is the mother’s choice and we won’t interfere. I don’t think we should make it illegal for a mother to get an abortion at a private facility where she pays for it herself, because this will probably just encourage the mother to go somewhere dangerous to get the abortion done. But I don’t think the government should be in the abortion business. So the national health care plan will not pay for abortions unless the mother’s health and life are at risk.

Tulsi, if you agree to honor my laws and edicts as U.S. President, I think you stand a good chance of taking the evangelical vote away from Trump, making you a very competitive candidate. I also believe that most progressives won’t find my abortion policies repugnant, because I don’t make abortion illegal and I allow mothers to sue anybody who harasses them at Planned Parenthood clinics, as long as Planned Parenthood only conducts abortions that are to save the life and health of the mother. The government just doesn’t pay for most abortions, that’s all. The focus of your campaign should be on your anti-war stance. I’m just bringing up stuff that I know Trump will attack you with and how you should deal with it, to make you a stronger candidate against him. So you can  honestly say you support Planned Parenthood on your campaign and everybody knows that Empress Gail only allows Planned Parenthood to do abortions in the case where the mother’s life is threatened.

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