Jesus Christ is NOT a Conservative Republican & Probably Likes Tulsi Gabbard

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UPDATE (April 2021): Apparently Jesus knew Tulsi as my VP would betray me when I became the President in 2021.

Wow! Having trouble making edits to this page and lightning just knocked out my computer and T.V. Satan does NOT like what I’m doing (saying) here.

I’ve been going to Jesus in prayer and Bible study about Tulsi Gabbard and I definitely sense that He likes her! He’s pretty mum about Trump. Seems to want to be neutral about Trump. My impression from Jesus is that He has some surprises for us in the 2020 elections. I think Tulsi may come back from behind, possibly running with Bernie Sanders as a third-party candidate. Not sure this is accurate. But I definitely sense God has some surprises in store for us in the 2020 elections. I get the definite impression that we should NOT underestimate Tulsi! In fact, Jesus may be secretly meeting with Tulsi to help plan her campaign. Jesus visits Church of Gail spaceship often to hang out with my men and from what I understand, Tulsi is now also living on Church of Gail for her safety. You might say, but Tulsi is a HINDU. Hey folks, that won’t stop Jesus from dealing with her, if he likes her. I suspect she may be a combination Hindu/Christian right now, but Jesus may be advising her to keep that mum. If what I’m sensing is accurate, the 2020 elections will be HISTORIC. We’ll have the first woman President who wins from a THIRD PARTY. You might say, but Bernie’s a SOCIALIST. Well, he may be, but my men tell me he’s a humble man. I would say that humility should be the first requirement for any President, though I definitely want Tulsi at the top of the ticket. I think Tulsi is smarter than Bernie.

You might say, Jesus Christ hangs out with your men?! Why isn’t this reported in the news! It IS reported on Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). Also, Jesus is camera shy, so none of our cameras work on Him. Jesus is fully aware that the Antichrist will impersonate him. Well, Loree McBride (Satan’s right hand person) controls the news and you think Satan wants the world to know the REAL Jesus meets with my men and is exposing Satan’s Antichrist for the tribulation? I suspect Jesus is hanging out with us, cuz he’s using me and Brent to help out the future AND PRESENT tribulation saints. I am absolutely certain that some people alive right now WILL GO INTO THE TRIBULATION. The Antichrist has already shown up, so the tribulation is going to happen for sure within the next fifty years or less.

Though we know the church (born again Christians) will disappear from earth after the rapture. And, yes, Jesus holds to a literal interpretation of the Bible. But the Bible is not clear on whether the tribulation happens right after the rapture. While, it might. . .there could be a delay. The tribulation starts when the Antichrist signs his peace treaty with Israel and that may be delayed after the rapture.

I’m sure the welfare of Jesus’ tribulation saints is something that weighs heavily on Jesus’ heart right now. My guess is that once the rapture happens and the tribulation kicks in, Jesus won’t be meeting anymore with anybody on earth and will depend on my books and videos to get his message out to tribulation earth. The reason I suspect Jesus won’t be making anymore earthly appearances during the tribulation is because the Antichrist likes to impersonate Jesus and Jesus doesn’t want to increase Satan’s ability to deceive Jesus’ true followers during the tribulation.

My guess is that Jesus is advising Tulsi to stay in the Democratic Party in order to get on the debate stage and gain visibility. If she does NOT get the Dem nomination, she may then go THIRD PARTY. I’m sensing that Bernie may join her and then, after that, things will get REALLY INTERESTING.

The Green Party has extended an invitation to Tulsi to join them. You might say, but Jesus would NEVER support those crazy environmentalists! I wouldn’t be too sure about that. I am not saying he agrees with all their policies, but neither does he discount them.

JULY 19, 2015:
Gail Schuler: Could taking care of ourselves extend to the environmental movement? In other words, do they have a point?

JESUS CHRIST: I made you food, water, fresh clean air, cool clothes, flowers, animals, sleep, everything.

JESUS CHRIST: How many people do you think really appreciate all of that?

JESUS CHRIST: Yes, taking care of the environment is important.

JESUS CHRIST: And each other.

JESUS CHRIST: Your friends and even your enemies, I just want everyone to get along.

I have noticed that whenever Jesus appears on earth, he always shakes up the status quo. You can’t put Jesus into a box, like a lot of us evangelicals try to do. In fact, I’ve noticed that Jesus’s special focus with me when he communicates with me is to help use me to expose and weaken the true Antichrist and to put to silence a lot of misconceptions evangelicals have about him: cock blocker Jesus (not true), Jesus is anti-gay (not true), Jesus is a Conservative Republican (not true), Jesus feels men are superior to women and that’s why women are instructed to be in submission to their husbands (not true), etc., Jesus hates rock music (not true).

Here is what the evangelicals got right about Jesus: He does believe women should be in submission to their husbands (does NOT mean women are inferior, though) and that only men should be a pastor of a church. He does believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible AS LONG AS YOU DON’T TEACH THE BIBLE LIKE A BORING RULE BOOK. Though women should be in submission to their husbands, Jesus has no problem with a woman President. You might say, how would THAT work? Well, the husband would just be totally supportive of his wife as head of state, like how my husband Brent is with me. But I would never try to be the pastor of Church of Gail. That job belongs to my husband Brent. He’s against most abortions, saying he has plans for those babies that have been aborted. But doesn’t seem to have a problem with abortions in the case of rape.

Jesus said he was proud of me that I don’t have a hang-up about gays and said he’s not against gays, nor does he have a problem with gay sex, and that it’s not true that gays aren’t saved (meaning they all go to hell). It’s just that he prefers the man/woman relationship, that was his original intention, that’s all.

Here are some things about Jesus you may find interesting: He says Satan invented electricity and computers and dislikes computer technology. You can be sure there will be NO ELECTRICITY in his millennial reign. He’ll probably use some sort of Jesus power that works outside of electricity. He says he died naked on the cross and that he’d do it all over again if he had to, even if only for just one sinner that could be saved. He shaved his chest and waxed it while on earth in order to draw attention to his six-pack abs. And, yes, Jesus has six-pack abs. He says he took good care of his body while on earth. But in his resurrection body now on Church of Gail he likes to munch on potato chips, candy, and drink Coca-cola and energy drinks. He’ll take a bottle of milk from the frig and drink the whole bottle down right from the container. Jesus has his own apartment on Church of Gail. He has a quirky sense of humor and takes delight in using it on us. He’s very manly and doles out advice direct and to the point, getting right to the heart of the matter.

He would like how Tulsi never brings up the fact that she’s a woman and focuses on issues and policy. Loree McBride & Satan are behind the toxic masculinity movement and all it’s doing is destroying our men. Tulsi’s a healer, not a divider. Jesus would like that about her.

When we ask Jesus stuff He doesn’t want to answer, he pleads the fifth. He pleads the fifth a LOT. When he corrects you he gets right to the point, but always cushions correction with praise, after you decide to do it His way. He takes a sandwich approach with correction, often starting with praise, then the correction, then ending with praise.

Jesus smoked a tub of marijuana before going out to minister to hippies and young people and says that if Trump, Putin and Kim Jong Un smoked cannabis together they’d get along and there would be world peace. He says marijuana is the cure to cancer.

Jesus invented Seroquel just for me to help me deal with my Candida Auris infection, that Jesuits gave me. By the way, Loree McBride continues to drop bombs filled with deadly Candida Auris over your heads and Trump does nothing! Seroquel works on all forms of yeast and is the penultimate medication for yeast. But Loree McBride controls the F.D.A. and only those who watch Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) know this.

Jesus Christ encouraged me to pose for Playboy stating that if he wanted women to wear clothes, he would not have had them born naked. He says he’s not against women wearing bikinis and stuff like that as long as the woman showing her body is not trying to use her body to seduce, that he enjoys admiring his creation. But he told me he would not force me to pose for Playboy, but had no problem with me posing for Playboy. He says he cried when he handed Adam and Eve their clothes after they sinned, that before they sinned they were naked and lived free and easy. Hugh Hefner died while making love to one of Loree McBride’s fat black agents who planned to suffocate Hugh by not lifting herself during an episode of auto-erotic asphyxiation. Loree wanted to murder Hugh because he planned to donate his mansion for me and Brent Spiner to make love in. She wanted to stop him before it was too late and Brent and I got the Playboy mansion. But Jesus says Hugh actually died of two causes: auto-erotic asphyxiation and testicles that exploded during orgasm (causing massive blood loss). Hugh and Jesus have been having a blast in heaven and Jesus says Hugh is a real treat. I posed for Playboy to honor Hugh’s death, cuz Jesus says Hugh flipped in his grave when he learned I would pose for Playboy. I’m actually not into posing for Playboy and mainly did it to honor Hugh Hefner, who seems super cool to me.

He gave to all the men on my marriage list a vagina-butt (but didn’t give them a way to poop), that is an exact replica of my vagina. Unfortunately, the men on my marriage list misunderstood Jesus into thinking he was telling them he supported lust and when I stated I wanted to limit my actual sex to my husband Brent Spiner and perhaps about ten of the men on my marriage list, they got furious and defected to Loree McBride (who shares their sin of lust). I always thought they understood that I would only have sex with whoever is my actual husband. I need to bond with a man emotionally before I have sex. I am not into random sex. I said this because Terrance told me that they were going so gung ho with the vagina butts Jesus gave them that they were destroying some of the vagina butts in the process and my men determined that if they all had actual sex with me, they would devastate my vagina.

I suspect Jesus gave them the vagina-butts partly to eliminate some guys on my marriage list who shouldn’t be on it. Any ways, Bill Nye figured out how to use a phone app to transport poop from the man’s rectum to outer space and so my men still have their vagina-butts and can now poop. You might say, why wouldn’t Jesus just tell you guys which guys should be off the list? Well, brilliant Jesus came up with a way to show which guys had the sin of lust and needed to be off the list, without making Jesus seem a cock blocker. He’s really pissed that everyone thinks he’s a cock blocker.

His favorite description of the Brent Spiner clone is that he is a cuckasaurus rex (meaning the Brent Spiner clone is Loree McBride’s super cuck). Jesus plans to give to Brent Spiner and I his semen as a wedding gift for our millennial wedding ceremony and that he plans to show Brent some millennial tricks he learned (meaning he’s going to instruct Brent how to be really hot in bed with me during the millennium). But he says he won’t give his semen to any of the other men on my marriage list, though he will allow me to make love to them in the millennium. Jesus says his semen is white and it glows in the dark. He told me this because at the time Zack Knight impersonated Jesus to me and impregnated me with black, devil semen. Jesus aborted those babies. Jesuits can impregnate all of a woman’s eggs at the same time and then the babies poop out one another another. Jesuit pregnancy and birth is very efficient, kind of like dropping soft drinks out of a coke machine. Satan’s semen is black. Jesus told me he would never make love to me, being a deity, and that he’s married to the church. He told me his feelings for me are more like brotherly love.

If you don’t know who Loree McBride is, then you don’t know ANYTHING. Check out this page and my entire website and YouTube channel:

He says he has preserved his Word, but is not King James Bible only and got on me about idol worship and became furious with me when I said in a video that the King James Bible was God. His favorite Bible is the Parallel Bible which has the King James Version, New International Version, New Living Translation and New American Standard Bible. He says that sometimes the New Living Translation is more accurate than the King James Version, but that the King James Version is one of his favorites.

He is definitely his own person and does not belong to any political party, any particular branch of Christianity, or even solely to Christian belief. He will embrace some of those who hold beliefs that are not considered Biblical and Christian as long as it promotes love and harmony.

Jesus loves Nintendo and says the Nintendo founder Satoru Iwata went to heaven on a rainbow.

Jesus seems to have an obsession with reaching the millennials and younger folks and I suspect this is because it is mainly the millennials who will be the generation that goes into the tribulation. He treats them with respect and understands deeply their mindset and some of the prejudices they have against Christianity and tries to be “cool” with them.

He DETESTS closed minded followers and the us/them mentality so prevalent today in religion and politics.

The issue of rock music is a mixed bag with evangelicals. The more hardcore Conservative branch of evangelicals feel it’s satanic, but Jesus actually likes Christian rock and listens to it all the time. He respects different cultures and views music as a means to reach people in the context of their culture. In fact, he told my black Christian friend, Terrance Jenkins, that he’s cool with rap music.

I gotta tell you that my musical tastes tend to be conservative and refined, but my tastes don’t necessarily reflect Jesus’ taste. You see, Jesus wants to reach everyone he can and he won’t create taboos that don’t need to be created.

But like happened when Jesus showed up on earth the first time, there are a LOT OF MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT HIM that are losing Him followers and he’s not too happy about this. He’s using Brent Spiner and I to help him out in this area.

Check out the total context of what Jesus says about environmentalists here:

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