Divine Signs Around Tulsi Gabbard (Brent Spiner's BD Campaign Started)

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Update (April 2021): Not sure what to make of these divine signs, considering that when I made Tulsi my VP, she betrayed me.

I know I may be making too much of this. But I find it interesting that Tulsi Gabbard began her campaign on 2-2-19. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/tulsi-gabbard-kicks-off-presidential-campaign-at-honolulu-rally-2019-02-02/\

Brent Spiner, my husband’s, birthday is 2-2-49. Brent turned 70 on 2-2-19. Have you noticed that 7 times 7 = 49. Seven SEVEN times equals 49! Seven is the divine number.

Also, we’ve had a blue moon on the 17th, 18th and 19th of this month. https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/17/world/blue-moon-trnd-scn/index.html

The blue moon was officially on 5-18-19. It landed on 6 + 6 + 6 or the number of the beast or the 18th day of May. The Antichrist comes out of the Jesuit Order, cuz Zack Knight was officially the Antichrist on 2-14-12. Take a look at these numbers! Everybody knows that the Antichrist will be a Gentile of Roman origin. Many believe the Catholic Church is Rome. That Rome has never really died, just morphed into a political, religious conglomerate in the Catholic Church.

Yes, I led Zack to the Lord in 2016, but Jesus refuses to say who the Antichrist is right now, even though Loree McBride currently has Antichrist powers. Though he did describe Angelina Ballerina (Loree’s Antichrist predecessor) as the Antichrist 1,000 times over. I am wondering if Angelina is possibly a transgender Alexander the Great. She’s brutal in military conquest, just like Alexander and she LOOKS LIKE HIM TOO. He was short and she’s short. I am fiddling with ideas for my novel in progress right now. You might say, but Alexander was Greek, not Roman? Well, the Antichrist could be a Greek, who is of Roman origin cuz he’s the Catholic leader and the Catholic Church is ROME.

Yeah, I know Angelina was a janitor’s daughter, but that could be Satan’s trick to cover up who the real Antichrist will be. Perhaps Satan used a form of artificial insemination to implant transgender Alexander into the womb of Angelina’s mother.

You might say, you think that Satan knew all along that Zack Knight would defect? No, I don’t think Satan’s that smart. But I think he had several back up plans for Antichrist, in case Zack didn’t work out and God, in his foreknowledge, knew Angelina (actually Alexander the Great) would be the final Antichrist. And Jesus DID say Angelina is 1,000 times the Antichrist.

Okay, so how does this explain that Angelina is now dead and Loree McBride now has Antichrist powers? Either Angelina is ruling from hell and using Loree as her proxy, OR Loree is the transgender version of the False Prophet, who probably ALSO cannot be killed, because he has to fulfill Bible prophecy. I have noticed that Loree McBride is real good at religious doctrine. Satan has used her to create a “religion” that makes the wicked who enjoy their sin and don’t want to give it up feel justified and righteous. She is behind all the crazy new ideologies coming out now, like toxic masculinity and so forth. Angelina was more of a politician and more of a military leader. Loree DOES have a space fleet, but the reason we can’t defeat her is because of her religious genius. She’s able to get a following because she’s a charismatic RELIGIOUS LEADER and she attracts those who she can brainwash. She’s real good at brain control, like the FALSE PROPHET of Revelation.

You might say, why doesn’t God use Trump? He speaks more the Christian language than Tulsi. I think Trump is a false Christian and he has the evangelicals fooled. He’s like a tare among the wheat. He’s a “status quo” Christian, and represents Christian tradition, sort of like the Pharisees and Sadducees when Jesus showed up the first time.. Whereas people like Tulsi and me represent Christianity at a higher level, living a life of true love. I hope I’m wrong, but his actions contradict what he says. He’s broken about half of his campaign promises. Any ways, I haven’t seen any signs around Trump, like I have Tulsi. Interesting alignment of numbers with Tulsi!

Trump doesn’t seem to have an ideology. That’s why he’s broken half of his campaign promises. He’s a total pragmatist, only interested in winning more than being true to principles.

Tulsi seems to have some genuine principles. She seems like someone Jesus would like.

It’s like God’s saying he will use Democrat (BLUE) Tulsi Gabbard to work with my Brent Spiner to defeat 666 (Loree McBride right now). THERE’S SOMETHING GOING ON HERE!

I know that we baby boomers tend to disdain the millennials. But Jesus has a strong interest in them and has given me lots of advice about to reach them, like telling me not to make my videos longer than 15 minutes cuz today’s generation has a short attention span. Over and over he gives me advice about how to reach millennials. Jesus seems to be impressed with some of them. Tulsi is a millennial.

You know what I think Jesus likes about millennials? I think it’s because they aren’t close minded and more open to his plan for this time. Much of what Jesus has instructed me is contrary to what I’ve been taught from my Christian elders. I’ve had to unlearn a lot of incorrect teaching from them. This seems to happen every time Jesus appears on earth. He always has to correct those who claim to represent him. He, apparently feels that millennials are most open to His will for tribulation earth. We are very close to the tribulation.

I think Jesus is starting to lay out his plans for the millennium and how to be righteous as a saint in the millennium. He has used me and Brent Spiner to add more to his revelation, so that those who read Bible for Tribulation Saints are aware of his plans for the millennium and what he considers righteousness for the millennium. Whenever Jesus or God make a lot of earthly shows or appearances they are preparing people for his next stage in his plan, when the world is about to transition from one dispensation to the next. We are at that transition phase right now and Jesus has used me and Brent to reveal some hidden things that he has not wanted to reveal until now, and these things are related to how to be righteous in the future millennium.

Prophecy Panorama

Like when God did a lot of miracles in the Old Testament (Moses) he was getting ready to go into the dispensation of law. You see what I mean? Whenever God’s about to go into a new part of his plan, or go to a new dispensation, he makes a lot of appearances and does a lot of miracles, like Jesus is doing now with me and my men. We are transitioning from the dispensation of GRACE (church age) to the dispensation of MARRIAGE/LOVE (1,000 year reign).

We are currently in the dispensation or covenant of GRACE. We are transitioning into the 1,000 year reign or MARRIAGE of Christ to his bride, the church, which I would call the dispensation of LOVE or MARRIAGE. To be a great lover, will be the ultimate form of righteousness for the millennial reign and Jesus is preparing us for that transition, dropping hints about how the rules will change somewhat or go to a higher level, to be righteous as a millennium saint. If you’ll notice with each move forward in God’s plan, we go to a higher form of righteousness. Grace (New Testament) is higher than law (Old Testament), and love (Bible for Tribulation Saints or righteousness in the 1,000 year reign of Christ) is higher than grace (New Testament), and then in eternity future God’s perfection and holiness is higher than love. So when God has an absolute reign after the 1,000 year reign of Christ, and absolute perfection and holiness reigns over the universe, we will be at our highest form of righteousness and all the wicked will be purged from earth at this point.

He did this in his first coming, when he surprised the Jewish nation by revealing that he would have a church and that grace would replace the law. Now he has shown up again and has more surprises and changes in his plan. Mainly he is revealing his true attitude towards love and sexuality that he has kept hidden up to this point, probably because the millennium is when he’s MARRIED TO THE CHURCH. So he really wants the world to know how he feels about sex, love and marriage. That is how you will be righteous during his millennial reign by honoring love and using sex as a way to express love. I suspect that the millennium rebels (who will side with Satan against Jesus at the end of the 1,000 year reign) will honor lust over love and that’s why they will rebel, kind of like the men on my marriage list who defected in Jan. 2019. 

The men on my marriage list are types of the millennium saints, and the ones who rebelled against me (Jan. 2019) are types of the millennium saints who will rebel against Jesus at the end of the 1,000 year reign of Christ. They’re mad cuz they don’t agree with Jesus’s rules about love and marriage, just like the ones who rebel at the end of the millennium! So Jesus wants us to really understand what is true love and why he considers it so important. Cuz those who fail as lovers in the millennium are the ones who go to hell. So he’s letting us know his attitude towards love and marriage to prepare us for how to be righteous as a millennium saint. He told me that I am doing his will when I tell the world about the love between me and my husband Brent Spiner and the men who love me!

Jesus keeps going up and up in righteousness in his requirements for each dispensation as we near the end of his plan for the ages. First, he gave us his LAW through the Jews (Old Testament). Next, he gave us GRACE though his death on the cross and starting the church, where we are saved by grace thru faith. The future tribulation is a purging period, where those who don’t honor love will take the mark of the beast and go to hell. Once the purge takes place, he is able to go to his next higher phase of righteousness, which is pure and high married love. So how to be righteous in the millennium is by being a great and high lover. Brent and I are setting the example for this, which is why he will give Brent and I his semen as a wedding gift for his millennial reign. Next, he gives us LOVE (the highest gift) during the millennial reign before we go into the next phase PERFECTION (like the divine number seven), eternity future.

This reminds me of the time in 2002, when God revealed to me that I am descended from King David. All this stuff about Tulsi. Tulsi is a very loving person. She epitomizes what Jesus wants people to be right now.

Blue is the color of the Democratic Party and it was on these days of the blue moon that I wrote my law overturning Roe vs. Wade, replacing abortion with transporter C-sections and my law mandating that all voters must be educated about Putin to vote. I’m seeing a divine connection to the Tulsi Gabbard run for the U.S. Presidency. LOTS OF SIGNS AROUND TULSI RIGHT NOW.

I can hear some evangelicals right now. But Jesus would NEVER use a Democrat! I wouldn’t be too sure about that. Jesus wanted me to write the story of the murder of Democrat Barack Obama. He specifically requested that I write that story in 2014.

I suspect Jesus may use Tulsi to perhaps defeat the Jesuit Order. I don’t know, but I find these numbers interesting. And the BLUE MOON right now?

I also happen to believe that the rapture will happen in the spring and perhaps the month of May. So perhaps Jesus likes to draw attention to May as the month of new beginnings or a new life. I based this on Song of Solomon 2:10-13. “My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away. For lo, the winter is past, The rain is over and gone; The flowers appear on the earth; The time of the singing of birds is come, And the voice of the turtle is heard in our land; The fig tree putteth forth her green figs, And the vines with the tender grape give a good smell, Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away.” If you’ll notice Song of Solomon 2 has 14 verses (SEVENs again). And it’s also CHAPTER TWO. And there are TWO sevens in FOURTEEN.

But’s it’s all these sevens and the fact that she officially started her campaign on Brent Spiner’s birthday that intrigues me. I think Tulsi is going to be VERY SIGNIFICANT in the 2020 elections. And then 2020 seems to match with 2-2 (Brent’s BD). Too many signs here. Something’s going on in God’s divine plan!

Though Tulsi is a Hindu, she is very pure in her belief and would be very open to accepting Jesus I think, especially the Jesus I have known since 2012 when he started speaking with me one-on-one. I KNOW this Jesus and he would love Tulsi! She has an open heart. Jesus would think she was super cool.

Now think about this. Red is the color of the Republican Party, kind of like how the BLOOD shed on the cross stands for grace. Blue is the color of the Democratic Party, sort of like TRUE BLUE or a loyal LOVER. Or LOVE IS BLUE. Jesus message for today is if you want to be cool with him, be a GREAT LOVER. That’s how you’re righteous in the millennium. Like the song LOVE IS BLUE. 

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