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10.4a1 To ensure that eligible candidates (those that honor Conspiracy Law and are members of the Gabrielle Chana Independent Party) are not prevented from running in a general election (or elections involving more than one party), any candidate running for office (regardless of party) that garners at least 4 to 8 percent of the total vote (according to a poll that honors Conspiracy Law, meaning only those who honor Conspiracy Law are polled) in their state or area involved in the vote MUST BE ON THE BALLOT in that state or area.

10.4a2 It is illegal to require a certain amount of money to be raised before a candidate can be considered eligible to be on the ballot. All eligible candidates should be allowed on a ballot, even if they don’t have money. It is far too easy for the elite to block funds from reaching eligible candidates. Eligibility must be determined by polling alone (and the poll must honor Conspiracy Law). We can do brain scans of the population to determine who is eligible to be on the ballot and these should be the basis for our polls. Those who present poll results to the public must present them accurately as determined by accurate brain scans. We can tell by brain scans how people will vote. Those who willingly and knowingly present false polling information to the public, with the intent to assist Loree McBride Jesuits will get the death penalty as a Jesuit conspirator.

10.4a3 Also, any political party (Green, Libertarian, etc.) that has at least 4 to 8 percent of the voters in a state or area must also be on the ballot, if that party has a candidate running in that state or area. The way it will be determined if a voter or candidate belongs to a particular party, will NOT be by their voter or candidate registration but by what our brain reads determine that voter’s party to be. We will create profiles for each political party and then scan the eligible voters and candidates to see where they best fit on that profile. Those who create these profiles for each candidate, party or voter must pass a 666-Computer lie-detection after they make their decisions stating that they have created profiles that best describe the party and have placed voters/candidates where they best fit. If they fail this 666-Computer lie-detection, they must be sacked and their judgments don’t count and somebody else must do their job. No decision can be made about where to place candidates or voters as a party without passing 666-Computer lie-detection as outline in this section.

10.4a4 So, let’s say a Democrat, who is actually a Green (according to our profile) will be listed as a Green when we determine where to place that voter or candidate as a party. The Gabrielle Chana Independent Party must have at least one candidate in EVERY election that takes place. If no candidate is a pure Gabrielle Chana Independent Party believer, then we will choose the one who is closest to that as the one running on the Gabrielle Chana Independent Party for his/her area.

10.4a5 All decisions over where to place candidates or voters by party will be based on brain scans. This way all parties will get fair representation in every election and establishment parties (like the Republican and Democratic parties in the U.S.) will be prevented from having unfair monopolies.

10.4a6 We will determine where to place candidates or voters by party (by brain scans). The brain scan that matches a party’s profile is where the candidate must be placed on the ballot, regardless of how they are registered. Let’s say a candidate is determined to best align with the pure Gabrielle Chana Independent Party Platform, that candidate must be listed as a member of the Gabrielle Chana Independent Party on the ballot, regardless of how they are registered.

10.4a7 Let’s say a candidate best aligns with the Republican Party (according to brain scans), that candidate must be listed on the ballot as Republican, even if they are registered as a Democrat.

10.4a8 You might say, this is not fair. You are not allowing people to register how they like. To the contrary, it is very fair, because current voter registration laws limit some parties from representation that deserve representation, forcing people to register for parties that don’t align with their views, because they see no other options.

10.4a9 To ensure that all candidates who garner at least 4 to 8 percent support are represented fairly in debates. Let’s say a debate features all candidates for a country that have registered as Democrats. But some candidates cannot raise the required money or do not poll well (using illegal and inaccurate Jesuit polling methods). Those that garner at least 4 to 8 percent support in their party (using our brain scans) MUST be allowed to attend debates for their party (based on which party they actually belong to according to our scans). So, let’s say Tulsi Gabbard fails to meet the requirements to participate in the Sept. 2019 Democratic debates and we determine she’s really a Green. Those who garner at least 4 to 8 percent support (regardless of party) must be allowed to debate with others of their true party on national television, even if the only channel that gives them a forum is Gabrielle Chana FOX News. Raising a certain amount of money cannot be a requirement for eligibility for debates on Gabrielle Chana FOX News or whatever channel is chosen as the debate stage for the candidates who have been marginalized from representation on the established debate stage. A candidate is considered marginalized if they garner at least 4 to 8 percent in brain scan polling, but are unable to raise the require money or polling required (because of illegal and inaccurate Jesuit methods). Once the primaries are decided and each party has picked their candidate, the leftovers who didn’t make it, can all run as Gabrielle Chana Independent Party candidates on the general election ballot (as long as they garner 4 to 8 percent of the vote according to brain scans). These leftovers will also be allowed to participate in debates on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel, so this means that the debates, even for the general election, will have all candidates who garner at least 4 to 8 percent of the vote for whatever area that the vote encompasses. So, let’s say the Republicans pick Donald Trump and the Democrats pick Joe Biden, but other candidates get in the 4 to 8 percent range, those other candidates will be allowed to debate each other on Gabrielle Chana FOX News or whatever channel decides to be the forum for those who have been marginalized and Donald Trump and Joe Biden must join in on these debates, even if by Skype only. We must really get away from monopolies in political systems, because this only further entrenches the Loree McBride Jesuit Deep State. The candidate’s party will be decided by brain scans. This means the final election results should really be the VOTE OF THE PEOPLE and not the reinforcement of the ESTABLISHMENT CANDIDATES.

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