Tulsi Gabbard & I Lead the U.S. as Shadow (True) Presidents. Trump's FIRED.

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UPDATE: This is purely a historical archive. Tulsi Gabbard betrayed me as Vice President in Feb. 2021. But what she stood for publicly is very close to my positions.

Tulsi seems to have her heart in the right place and can do her job better as my appointed President behind-the-scenes, sort of like a shadow leader, who honors my Conspiracy Law. I made her Pres. and she’s Pres. Let’s just hope she doesn’t have a psychopath husband, like Trump has a psychopath wife.

I don’t think she’ll win the Dem nomination, but I’ll be voting for her because I hear brain-to-brain she loves me as Empress and gives me full support. I am just voting for her to let the world know that I have appointed her as President, which makes her the shadow President and the one you see on mainstream news is just for show. I actually don’t think I want her to be the real President, it will tie her hands too much. But if God wills it and does a miracle allowing her to beat the system, then so be it.

I am currently registered as a Dem and am not sure if I’ll go back to Republican or not. It will depend on how things work out with Tulsi. I am actually a Libertarian or Independent at heart.

Yes, I’m aware that Tulsi is a member of the CFR. I know she voted for Clinton. I know she has signed bills that paid for unnecessary wars because they were part of a package deal and she liked most of the package, even if she didn’t like all of it. I don’t expect her to be perfect, which is why she can’t pass any legislation without getting the approval of my men.

I know she believes in gun control.

You might say, how could you vote for her, when she has committed the unpardonable sin of being for gun control, voting for Clinton, being a member of the CFR.

I’m not sure how I feel about gun control. We live in a complicated world, and I can just give citizens citizen scanners, which are better than guns. As far as voting for Hillary, voters didn’t have much to choose from. The other option is to not vote and just pray, which I have considered doing.

I DON’T regret I voted for Trump, but I won’t be voting for him again. His wife rules him. It’s not his fault, but it’s a fact.

I just see Trump as part of the evolution I’ve gone through as U.S. leader and am getting closer and closer to finding the ones I can really work with.

My views are honestly a blend between the Dems and the Repubs. I hate things about BOTH parties. I am mostly a Libertarian, but I have some strong Green and Constitutional positions as well.

I’m undecided about climate change, but detest how Repubs don’t seem to give a flip about pollution. I’m tried of breathing Loree McBride’s bombs and germs. Not saying the Dems are any better, since Loree McBride is a Dem. I’ve lost all faith in establishment politicians and mainly look for someone I can work with, who thinks like me and that person is Tulsi.

I am an INFP and I like people who are like me. Tulsi is a lot like me. I understand how she has had to pass some laws she wasn’t too crazy about, because she wanted to get some things done. I think she’s happy that she can be the President she wants to be under my leadership. I think she’ll support me better than Trump has. Like I said, it’s not Trump’s fault, but he’s stuck with a very powerful, evil wife. Tulsi seems to be in a better position to support me as U.S. Empress and President.

I wasn’t planning on voting at all, but I think I’ve found a BFF in Tulsi. I actually don’t want her to win the Presidency. I think it would ruin her. I’m just glad I found her. She will be a GREAT SHADOW PRESIDENT. I don’t think Jesus wants her to win in the mainstream news as President. He just wants me to work with her as my assistant leading the nation. It’s a big job and I could use her help.

Trump is too bombastic for me. Trump tends to oversimplify problems. I like Tulsi’s style better. She seems to understand that governing a nation can be complicated and is better able at handling the complexities and how to weasel around them to lead with integrity. Trump’s all or nothing approach, and then how you never know from one month to the next what he’ll do, makes him a dangerous leader. It’s cuz his wife is ruling him. Tulsi is more consistent, even if a bit hypocritical at times. All world leaders are hypocritical, because we lead a world filled with sinners. I just try to find those who hate hypocrisy and really try NOT to be a hypocrite.

It seems once they get into power, they learn to like the hypocrisy and get obsessed with appearances rather than results. They learn to accept mediocrity and not be upset about it anymore. They GIVE UP. I don’t think Tulsi will give up. Trump has already surrendered to Melania. I need a fighter to lead with me and I think I’ve found her, unless Loree kills her or kills her husband and does clone replacements. That’s why she has to clear all decisions through my men.

I know all about it, cuz Vladimir Putin has been my lover since 2001. I’ve gone through so much with him, I know what Presidents go through. If not for me, Russia probably would have been destroyed. Because my love gave Vladimir courage, he saved Russia. My greatest gift is my ability to inspire those who love and support me. The key to effective leadership is to find those who love and support me, because that is what will save the world. Yes, Vlad has made mistakes, but he tries so hard. It helps that he has a great wife (me) by his side! That’s why Trump is a disaster, his wife is Jezebel.

George W. Bush was horrible too, because he put his wife first before the Presidency and the Jesuits always used death threats on his wife to force him to be treacherous. The reason Vladimir has been good, is cuz he has a GOOD WIFE – ME and I care that he leads with integrity.

Tulsi seems my BFF. She and I will make a great team. I’m not impressed with Bernie Sanders. He’s more of a quitter than Trump.

You might say, but Trump was trying to protect YOU. You know, I hate to say this, but I don’t respect him for this. I want someone who will do right though the stars fall. He should just do what’s right and if Melania kills me then SO BE IT. But then perhaps he felt it was right to try and keep me alive. After all, I did save the planet on Jan. 6, 2017 when that horrific Seroquakke almost annihilated the universe.

Any ways, I see things falling into a divine plan and I think Tulsi and I are the next stage in that plan. Perhaps Trump will get re-elected, but I think Jesus sees me and Tulsi as the real President. So Trump will get the credit for the work that Tulsi and I are doing. We don’t care. We want what’s best for the country, even if we don’t get credit for it. Tulsi, like me, appears to have a true humanitarian heart.

I’m just glad I found Tulsi. I don’t care if she wins or not, or even if she gets nominated for the Dems. I am beginning to think it might be better if she DOESN’T WIN. Being the mainstream news President is a joke. It’s like you get stuck in the cog and you can’t do what’s right and what’s best for the country. Better to be the shadow President. We’ll get our honors and rewards in the next life, where it matters.

They say behind every great man is a great woman. While that can’t fix everything, it IS important. The woman in a man’s life can make or break him. This is more true for men than for women. That’s why I feel good about Tulsi. The man is like the car and the woman is like the spark plug. Now if the car is bad, then even a good spark plug won’t work. Like those men who defected against me cuz I wouldn’t play their lust game. But a good car goes NOWHERE without a spark plug.

I seem to have the gift to inspire men to be truly great. My love for them makes them better, makes them achieve the impossible. I believe in them and so they don’t want to disappoint me. I see them as great men, with great vision and I respect them for being strong, masculine men. Melania has destroyed Donald Trump. She had the opportunity to be a real spark plug for him and has been a cancer to his heart and killed him basically. He’s actually dead as a man. He’s given up. This is what Melania has done to him. I think the only thing that keeps Trump going is that he hopes someday to win my respect, but, if not, at least he does not want to do anythihg to take me down as President, because he really did want to save America.

It doesn’t matter to me whether I get credit as the President, as long as I can lead the country in the right direction. Trump can get all the credit I don’t care. I just don’t want him to UNDO my hard work and the laws I’ve written and to enforce them. But he’s not the President, not even the mainstream news President, THAT’S THE PROBLEM. But if he wins, Tulsi and I will need to be sure he is unable to get anything done that would oppose my work. We need to NEGATE HIM, so that my policies will go through!