After One Week, Deep Finger Cut Almost Healed!

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All these foods (in the article above) are my regular diet. My deep finger cut is healing miraculously well. A week after the injury, I have no infection and feel 75% healed. Doing the Gail Commandments helps, too.

I used wound powder the first five days. Then when it felt like the deeper parts of the wound healed, I switched to Neosporin antibiotic ointment. I have been using gauze to cover the wound, though it was only necessary about the first three days. I could have switched to band-aids after that, but I think I have latex allergy, so I’m still using a gauze covering cuz it doesn’t itch my skin.

The first night in the shower, I made sure to keep the finger dry. Starting the second night I allowed the injured finger to get wet in the shower, but quickly put on a gauze covering after I got out. I am still using gloves to wash my face and do the dishes. My priority has been to keep the wound clean and dry.

I make sure to do all the Gail Commandments and give myself at least 8 hours of sleep a night, am drinking lots of water, and exercising at least 1.5 hours a day. Sleep is important for healing, that’s when your body goes into regeneration and healing. Exercise gets the blood flowing, which is very important for wound healing.

I do NOT use hydrogen peroxide like I did with wounds I got in 2013. My physician husband Brent told me that hinders wound healing. He said antibiotic ointment is best for wound healing. He has not contacted me as I treat myself for this wound. Apparently, he thinks I can handle it on my own.

The wound has come together nicely. I suspect that in my sleep Brent may have sneaked into my apartment and put some sort of “stitches” on the wound. He told me he did this when he talked to me brain to brain. The wound is pretty close together and appears to have possibly been closed somehow with some sort of stitches.

Another thing I’m doing is drinking water only from the cup my men got me for Christmas. This way Zack Knight can put his antibiotic semen in there, which is even better than regular antibiotics. Zack’s super semen is the best antibiotic out there!

In fact, this is the fastest healing I’ve had from a deep cut in my entire lifetime.

The only money I’ve spent for this was to buy a new pair of dish washing gloves. I ordered some first aid supplies free through my health insurance and they arrived very quickly. Until they arrived, I used what I had in my first aid kit.