Loree McBride Video Editing to Make Clone Look Like Brent Spiner

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UPDATE June 2021: Looks like Loree deleted the top video. But I’ll leave this post up any ways.

In this top video, the real Brent’s nose appears larger than it is and it looks a little strange in the top video, like the video has been doctored. His voice sounds strange, too. It definitely appears this top video has been edited heavily. I’m not sure what Loree McBride’s doing here, but I’m pretty sure Brent did not have gray hair in 1994, too; so why has she doctored this video? What’s she trying to prove? He looks like he’s in his fifties in this top video, though the video’s title indicates it was made in 1994 (Brent had brown hair in 1994). The second video shows what Brent looked like in the 1990s. He was really cute and had a velvet tenor voice. I know, cuz I heard his voice on my phone! Whereas in the 1990s, he was in his forties. The Brent Spiner clone never went public until around 2011. Brent was thinner in the 1990s and his voice was more tenor. You could tell just by listening to Brent talk in the 1990s, that his voice was melodious and that he could sing. I know, cuz I heard his voice on the phone! I think the clone’s voice is a little deeper.

In this video, the Brent Spiner clone’s nose has been minimized and on close inspection of the video, it appears the nose area has been edited. They don’t quite have it down, so there are a lot of sections in the video where the camera gets out of focus and I think this is deliberate. Also, the clone can’t sing like the real Brent, so all he does is talk about singing, but we never see him actually sing. They don’t feel confident enough with the editing to show a close up of the Brent Spiner clone’s face, so he’s far away in all the scenes, which is kind of strange, cuz it’s a simple matter to make the camera go close up. This person didn’t care about getting Brent close up?

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