Jesus Christ is Destroying Loree McBride's Google (Brain-to-Brain Communications)

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If you work for Google and what I’m hearing brain to brain is true, you may want to quit and contact my men at and help them retake control of Google. We might be able to create a Google clone version that honors Jesus, where you can stay alive, while we work on destroying the part of Google under Loree’s control.

UPDATE: Hearing brain-to-brain that some Google workers who are Loree McBride Jesuits are trying to defect and go to my men, and leave Google (currently operating off of Loree’s spaceship), but she’s holding them hostage and won’t let them go. LESSON LEARNED: It doesn’t pay to serve Loree McBride! If you defect from Loree, she will show you NO MERCY.

At Church of Gail we take no hostages. We just execute Loree McBride Jesuits after they leave us. We don’t force anyone to follow us.

Hearing brain to brain that Jesus is doing a number on Google, as punishment for YouTube taking down Jesus Christ’s children’s audio video based on my book. Apparently Loree McBride has taken over Google from her space fleet, and Jesus is using my Gail Shield to knock out the Jesuits at Google, but Loree keeps replacing them with clones from her cloning labs.

YouTube Protects Jesuit Rape5

Brent tells me brain to brain that Loree was laughing her head off over the email I just got from YouTube saying that Jesus Christ’s video that they took down violates their community guidelines and they plan to keep it down permanently. Loree doesn’t even care that Jesus is taking out her Loree McBride Jesuits at Google. The Google workers who serve Loree are begging her to reinstate the video, cuz they all are dying. For your information, YouTube is part of Google. I hear the Google CEO has been replaced with his Jesuit clone and he’s pissed about this. Jack Dorsey has the same problem at Twitter. And Loree just laughs and says, all the world can go to hell, but that video will remain down.

Brent tells me brain to brain that YouTube tried to take down more of my videos, but when they do so, all of Google goes down, so they can’t do it without losing all their functionality and without losing their total online presence. Jesus seems to be protecting my YouTube channel.

Loree McBride reminds me of Pharoah who kept resisting Moses and God in the book of Exodus. I predict it won’t be long before she and her followers will all drown in the Red Sea. Of course, it won’t be a literal drowning in the Red Sea, but something to that effect.

I hear the other social media giants (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are observing what’s happening at Google and are a bit scared. They hope Loree won’t completely take them over, like she has Google. I hear my men are working with the other social media giants to try and prevent Loree from totally taking them over. They are also trying to wrest control of Google away from Loree McBride. This bitch has literally gone MAD. She’s so full of herself, she doesn’t care if the whole universe is destroyed to pacify her ego.

Believe me, it’s no fun to mess with Jesus when He’s pissed!

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